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Thread: SEXY French girl/girl foot smelling

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    SEXY French girl/girl foot smelling

    This dominant girl is very pretty!

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    I missed this vid! Glad you found it again.

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    account terminated

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    ^ Fuck people who report it. I DON'T UNDERSTAND THE THOUGHT BEHIND IT.

    Even if it was hardcore pornography. What good does it do to remove it from YouTube? Not to mention even if one gets deleted, it's still there anyway. What's the goal? Trying to get rid of pornography? Trying to keep children from seeing it? Newsflash, most kids know more about computers than most adults. Not to mention... They've all seen it. They know where to get it. Etc.

    The only good deleting videos does is to be a complete dick.

    I can understand only if it's to take a copyrighted video of yours off. Other than that.

    Pardon the rage. But the whole thing seems pointless as it is annoying.

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