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Thread: Confession of a Childhood Experience

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    Confession of a Childhood Experience

    Before I begin, I feel obligated to preface this story with a warning. The following true story is about a young boy’s feet, or to be precise, the smell of his feet. You can decide if you want to read on.
    Let me begin by saying I am not, and never have been gay. I do not like guy’s feet whatsoever. However, many years ago when I was about 10 years old, my first foot smelling experience involved my best childhood friend. To this day, the thought of it turns me on to the point that I need to JO.
    My friend Bob and I were best friends. We went to school together, and hung around together after school. We were about 10 years old at the time. It all started one day after school at my house. Bob and I were in my room watching TV and playing games. I remember we were both lying on the floor. Bob had his shoes off and was wearing dark colored socks. He was lying on his stomach and the bottoms of his feet faced up. I’m sure there had been many times before this that he laid in that same position with his shoes off, but today was different. Maybe it was because I was laying not far from his feet, I’m not really sure, but for some strange reason I couldn’t help but notice that his socks looked moist from being in his school shoes all day. As I laid there staring at his socked feet the urge to know what they smelled like was becoming too much for me. I soon found myself thinking of nothing but the smell of his feet and socks. I couldn’t fight the urge. The TV controller was on the floor on the other side of him and I realized that if I reached over his legs for it my face would be right over his feet. I leaned over until my nose was almost touching his foot and inhaled deeply. The smell was amazing, even better than I could have imagined. I couldn’t take it any longer. I wanted that smell more than anything. Suddenly I didn’t care that he knew, I leaned over and began smelling his feet. He turned back and asked what I was doing. Without moving my head from his feet I told him that his feet smelled good and asked if it was OK to keep smelling them. He probably thought I was weird but he said OK. I laid there for the next hour with my face pressed up against his socks enjoying the wonderful scent of his feet. After he went home, I ran to the bathroom had the most incredible orgasm of my 10 years.
    Nearly every day after that we would spend the afternoon after school in my room. Bob would take off his shoes, lay on his stomach on the bed and let me smell his socked feet. And after he would leave I would JO like crazy. Then one day before he left I asked him if he would leave his socks with me so I could smell them after he left. It was so nice having his socks to smell and taste while I JO’d. Each day he would leave me the socks he wore that day and take back the pair from the day before.

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    Thanks for the story freebird.

    That's really nice that he even left his socks for you. It just goes to show how non-judgmental we are as kids. I'm sure your friend was thinking "I don't really get it...but it makes my friend happy ". Shame we can't all be like that even into adulthood...

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