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    Is it me or do Asians have the cutest feet?

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    soooo true sniffguy, by miles =)
    Love & Light

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    = )
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    Took a short trip to taiwan and kept hearing things about Asian girls being opened in front of the camera. This gave me a whole new perspective towards Asian girls in Taiwan. Girls are usually not shy and are very curious towards foreigners. This is my first experience with asking girls to show their feet in public and i tell ya, six girls I asked and 4 of them were willing to take off their shoes and show me their soles. What's even better is that they don't even ask what is the purpose of this is for. Another way to fish I heard is offer them for a foot shot and give them a souvenir from the west/north America, for example a key chain or something cheap. These girls would love that kind of trade off and pose their feet for you.

    asia station: Laura's size 7.5 soles from hong kong " what is this?lol"

    Heather introduced me to her new buddy laura, healther influenced her to model her feet and so she did. Found it a little bit weird but she understands that art is art. Had a great time with these two girls as i filmed, each of us shared our experiences in taiwan. Enjoy these delicious soles.

    asia station: mew mew's size 8 slim soles "any pose you want!"

    Mew mew is a student at college studying chemistry. I saw her sitting at the park bench waiting for her friends so I decided to give it a try. I told her the same story to other models that I am looking for street models. She was surprised and said "ah today is your lucky day" She was well dressed in nice skirt and long boots! she was planning to attend a banquet party at night and thank god she had the time for her to model those slim soles. Check out these slim soles! enjoy!

    asia station: Gwen's size 8 soles " tourist? feet pose like this?"

    Gwen was having her lunch break at a park, it was some sort of carnival happening there. I saw her eating her bun and playing with her cell phone. I approached her and told her I came to taiwan other than to have fun but also looking for street models. She thought it was a cool and fun idea and an honour for her to be infront of a tourist camera. I felt bad that she had to pose for so long and with such an uncomfy position. After filming I gave her a keychain from north america and she was so happy. I did hear that asian girls love western souvenirs, so even a buck keychain they would simply offer posing their feet infront of the camera for you.

    asia station: Heather's size 7 soles "Oh you're a visitor? here are my feet!"

    Took a visit in taiwan, heard most girls over there love western tourist and are very open minded to be infront of the camera. Also heard that taiwanese girls love selfies, nail art and being barefooted. I was walking around and trying to look for my first model. I noticed a girl sitting and having a smoke break. I approached her and started a conversation to her that I am a tourist and looking for street modelling themes. She was surprised and asked what kind of poses I need. I showed her and she thought it is very interesting that taking pics with being barefeet. This definitely boosted up my confidence in asia and I will sure hunt some more during the next few remainder of my days left in Taiwan. Enjoy.

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    As always, great sole pictures.

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