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Thread: Looking for a Foot Fetish Friend :)

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    Looking for a Foot Fetish Friend :)

    Hey everyone out there on The Den! Just wanted to post my Kik username on here and see if there was anyone who wanted to chat about anything foot fetish related. My username is MrLefty115. I haven't told any of my friends about my foot fetish and I even if I did, they'd would just accept and move on. I'm looking for someone that I can converse with about feet and this fetish of mine that truly understands it. I'd like to talk about stories, experiences, fantasies, random other topics, etc. I just really need someone that I can converse with about it since I don't have anyone like that in my life. I'm a 23 year old male near Charlotte, NC. If there are any others nearby, I'd love to try and meet in person as well and maybe indulge in a little foot fun! Obviously, talking is the primary goal here though haha! Anyway, if anyone would like to be my foot fetish friend, I'd really appreciate it Thanks!

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    Id love to chat. PM me.

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    What kind of foot fetish do you have?

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    Sorry, wrong topic

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