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Thread: Smell My Feet, Lesbian (Part 2) - F/F

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    Smell My Feet, Lesbian (Part 2) - F/F

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    Length: 33mins


    Mistress Xena visits lucy, once again.. her lesbian foot-sniffer. Mistress is wearing fine beige nylons, fur and a red dress. Mistress states, "Where is My money! you owe Me money, so I do not tell the whole world that you are a foot-sniffing-lesbian." Lucy gives Mistress the cash, $500 of it, to keep Xena quiet from gossiping. "I must go now", Mistress states.
    "Please.. PLEASE do not leave", Lucy states. "I want to smell your stockings", Lucy begs. "It is $200 EXTRA, to smell My stinky foot scent." Mistress states. Lucy leaves the room, to collect more money for Mistress.
    Mistress begins to caress Her nylon feet. Then, Lucy enters, and continues to beg to smell Xena's beautiful feet. Lucy removes Xena's shoes, while Xena teases Lucy with Her gorgeous toes. Mistress commands Lucy to SMELL !
    "Does My scent make you horny?" Mistress asks. "SMELL MY FEET!" Mistress demands.
    Mistress keeps Her feet in Lucy's face, watching Lucy sniff every inch of Mistress' feet.
    "Can I touch myself?" Lucy quietly asks. "NO NO NO. your only duty right now is to smell My stinky aroma", Mistress states.
    Lucy continues to smell Xena's feet. Pleasing Xena. Making Xena relaxed.
    "I want you to rub yourself, lucy. Do NOT cum, just yet", Mistress commands.
    Lucy rubs her clit, keeping her clothing on, and sniffing Xena's feet at the same time. "My foot scent is a scent you will NEVER forget", Xena tells lucy.
    "It's time for Me to go now. Each time I visit you at the office, I will collect the $700 from you . Once I have the money from you, I will not tell everyone you are a foot-sniffing lesbian!" Mistress tells Lucy.

    Categories: Foot Fetish, Blackmail Fantasy, Lesbian, Masturbation Instruction, Stocking Fetish, Femdom

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    NICE! I LOVE sexy fem/fem foot domination and forced foot smelling action! Very hot! I would really enjoy watching her dominate the other female with her sexy bare feet too! THANKS!

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    Great clip! Thank you mistress Xena!

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