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Thread: Loser must kiss the top's of the Winner's feet - Sister vs Sister - F/F

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    Loser must kiss the top's of the Winner's feet - Sister vs Sister - F/F

    Video Story 9: Electra Jamison vs Monroe Jamison - Enter Electra
    (Competitive Female vs Female Wrestling Action)

    Monroe Jamison has won consecutive matches against Savannah Scissors, Haley Davidson, and London Rain.

    Haley is still fuming over her loss and is trying to find someone who can:

    1. Defeat Monroe
    2. Put her in her place until the other girls get up to speed training wise.
    3. Humiliate her.

    Enter Electra.

    The older sister of Monroe Jamison. She is someone that has never gotten along with her little sister Monroe. Electra learns that Monroe has embarked on a possible wrestling career and is relishing the idea of stopping her younger sister dead in her tracks and supplanting herself as the star of this new promotion.

    Will success be hers?

    This is the first best of 5 falls competitive matchup we have had here at the Female Wrestling Channel.

    The action is real and these two really go at it! The loser of this match has to KISS the tops of the loser's feet and

    Will Electra bust onto the scene and upset her younger sister?

    Or will the Monroe Jamison train keep rolling right along?

    Scroll down and see the 5 minute video preview on this page:
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