To be honest, my first real experience with a girl came pretty late. That was my first girlfriend. Dark hair, blue eyes, fair skin, curvy and featherweight. I really don't want to exaggerate, but she was very beautiful and sexy. Actually, although both of us were nineteen, she was much more experienced than myself and incredibly good at sex. In fact, I came to realize rather late why she seldom had serious relationships.

She hadn't had a very happy adolescence, and I guess that's why she grew to be a rather quirky woman, which was reflected for one thing in her short temper and her kinky character. Deep inside, she was the kind of girl they call 'histrionic', not really knowing how to control her desires. So she loved softcore 'dirty' sex, such as loud, noisy kisses, 'food transfer' kisses, and things of the like, and she was a sadist too, looking for every possible way to make you feel meaningless or ridiculous.

One day I gave her a big surprise, though. Possibly the biggest in a way. I was at her place with friends. I'd been pampering her black-nyloned feet all that evening. A first approach that she seemed to like, and good move as she had been complaining about my not calling her very often. So it got late and the other guests would stay so they went to bed. We stayed alone on a couch in the living room. A dim natural light allowed me to see her skin and her bright eyes in the dark. She loved to dress "like whores", as she used to say, with black short dresses, stockings and fancy shoes or boots. And since it was summer, apart from her black nylons, she was wearing light clothes.

Although I was very shy - probably the perfect complement for a sadist -, I took initiative. Until then we'd only had the chance to make out for some minutes, with me kissing her or masturbating her for a while at some party. We lived rather far, across the city, so this time I had been restraining myself for days, and the arousal led us quickly to undressing. She wasn't that aroused, actually, but her impulsiveness had her already kissing me 'loudly' and shaking affectedly. I know I said that she had a big surprise, but to be exact, I had my own first! Her feet were way stinkier than I thought! I have to say that the stench was particularly shocking for a first-time worshiper. It was the typical cheese smell, very intense. Now I do enjoy collecting foot smells from different girls (vinegar-like, beer-like, etc.), but back then I didn't know how such a reek hadn't come out through the nylons before considering I had been rubbing them for hours before! But I was already there, and I thought that rejecting her feet or 'withdrawing' at that point would be offensive to her, so I stuck to the plan that was somehow taking form no matter what. So I brought her left foot to my mouth, and started roving with my lips until I reached her toes, kissing them one by one very softly. There was an extreme, sudden reaction. Her body twitched and she reminded me how ticklish she was. "Just stay still", I replied, and then I stuck her salty big toe into my mouth, just to confirm how sweaty her feet were. Three times were enough, in-out, in-out, in-out, for her ticklish twitching and squealing to turn into a brief silence, and two more thrusts, in-out, in-out, for a light moan to begin. Yeah, I had discovered that the girl who had been fucking with many different guys since she was fourteen was actually what I call "a foot virgin". Then I touched her soles and found they were too rough for a beautiful girl her age! "Stinky, rough... Ugh!", I thought in disappointment. But my fetish proved stronger: I started licking and nibbling on those soles nonetheless, dead-dry skin and all. Her sole wasn't that sensitive to my tongue, despite her extreme ticklishness, probably because of the thick dead skin layers, so I moved back to her 'cheetoes'. This time I put them all into my mouth a couple of times and started to lick between them, following circular patterns and splitting them with my tongue, to clean all the shit off her neglected feet. Her response was immediate arousal, which I could tell from her panting and the naughty mouth sucking noises she couldn't stop making. She obviously knew how unclean her feet were, and that anyone would have been embarrassed, but she was already losing control, and her own being able to impose or submit other to her uncleanliness or impurity was clearly adding to her pleasure. She didn't want to recognize it that easily, though, so she covered part of her face with one hand before I could see her eyeballs nodding behind their lids in ecstasy. Once the nasty, smelly coat of dust, sweat, etc. was taken care of, her foot was moist and ready to be gradually inserted in my mouth. No sooner had I done this than she arched back in pleasure and placed her other hand in her crotch to start fingering. The pleasure coming from the nerves of her toes needed to be discharged somewhere, so she couldn't help stimulating the clitoris, whose nerves are connected to those of the toes. Her small foot fit almost completely in my mouth so I thrust it in while closing my mouth tighter and tighter around the extreme of her flesh. Women just want to be eaten, and they feel as if this were about to begin when their feet are wrapped as the extreme of their bodies in this way. I moved to her right foot to repeat the process while she was fingering herself until we got tired.

It was only after this event that she learned about my foot fetish. Of course, she hated me because of that, just like the many things she hated about me. In fact, this never happened again. We had so many conflicts that we ended up splitting two months later. I couldn't stand anymore her hating herself through ridiculing me and not allowing me to comfort her while being myself. However, I'm sure these memories and different new sensations are still stored somewhere in her unconscious.