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    My Limp Christmas Doll


    It's Christmas, time for me to pull my limp Christmas doll out of the wardrobe where I use to keep her. She's limp, she's gorgeous: her mannequin, plastic face opposite to her fleshy, limp body dressed in a sexy red Christmas outfit and white stockings.
    I pull her out, toss her on the bed, where I start ragdolling and manipulating and groping the body, with emphasis on soles, legs and ass. It's a long job, which keeps me entertained and excited, until I'm temporarily satisfied and leave her on the bed for later.

    Cute redhead foot worshipped in her sleep


    Niki is having a deep sleep in her bedroom, when suddenly the evil footman appears; after making sure she's really out, he takes off the bed's blankets uncovering her body. At that point he begins fondling her legs and admiring her bare soles, kissing her feet all over. He goes on doing some limb flopping, sole slapping, foot worship, and rolls her on her belly - But, at some point he hears someone entering the house and he realizes he's in serious troubles and has to run away. Later, Niki wakes up a bit confused about the dreams she had, but of course she has no idea about what really happened to her feet

    Training Miss John


    A young lady comes home and gets captured, put to sleep and hooded by a cute evil redhead: it's Miss John, trained by the evil Mr. John, who simply sits on a chair and looks up everything in a test mood. Miss John starts stripping the sleeping girl naked, until only the hood is left on her. She asks Mr. John if she's doing good, and she starts performing some rolling, limb play and foot worship on the poor unaware girl, who lays there as a kind of doll toy. Finally Mr. John joins them, and starts fondling the cute body, playing together with Miss John. Then he moves behind her and, unexpectedly, puts her to sleep too! Now it's time to strip her and enjoy both the sleeping girls at once! So he starts handling them, posing them, slapping their butts and worshipping their delicious feet. Before leaving, he decides to pose the girls in a 69-like position and starts rubbing the first victim's feet on Miss John's sleepy face, also sliding the toes inside her mouth, enjoying her powerless condition...

    Foot Theft Series - Niki footabused by her housemate


    Niki is depressed because she doesn't find a job. On the contrary, her housemate Ammalia just comes back home from a dreamland, as she works as a sexy hostess for a flight company: that makes Niki feeling depressed even more, so she decides to go bed. Later that night, Ammalia steps into her bedroom, silently, and kneels down at her bed. She gently raises up the sheets, uncovering her housemate's sleeping feet, and begins performing a passionate worship on them... Niki doesn't wake up, but, instead, moans in her sleep, as this feeling probably helps her in making sexier dreams. Ammalia goes on worshipping Niki's soles, always keeping an eye on her housemate's status, as she doesn't want to get caught. At some point, the phone rings and she has to escape: someone is calling Niki offering her a job!

    Niki Sleepwalker


    After watching a movie, Niki and her friend take a nap. Once she is sleeping, her friend reveals his foot fetish by taking advantage of the situation. He takes off her boots and socks, grabs her sleeping feet in his hands, begins sniffing and kissing her soles... Suddenly she opens her eyes wide and bounces up unexpectedly like a spring... CAUGHT! He is paralyzed, he doesn't know how to explain what he was doing. He apologizes, ashamed and anxious, but Niki seems not to be there: actually, her eyes are lost into emptiness, and she keeps whispering meaningless things... She's not there, she's a sleepwalker!! The guy realizes she is not seeing him; he touches her feet, and she's not feeling him! He has fun trying to interact with her meaningless sentences, until he realizes he can actually drive her dreaming a little bit. At that point he makes her believe she's riding a bicycle, so her legs move and her feet rub on his face. It's a nice long play, during which Niki keeps dreaming totally unaware of what's going on! Later, once they both wake up, she doesn't remember a thing, making his experience even more thrilling.

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    Foot Theft Series - Valerie


    Young Valerie lays sleeping on her bed; her housemate Eleonore sneaks in, very silently moves closer. It's dark. Eleonore wants her feet so badly, but doesn't want to be discovered; fortunately Valerie is probably drunk, as she moves and moans in her sleep, but never wakes up. However, Eleonore has to be careful, so she moves slowly, and slowly slides her fishnets off, until her sleepy feet lay bare for her mouth to enjoy...
    (Please note that Valerie has psoriasis on her legs)

    Lucy Clones Assault


    In this third episode we have 4 scenes in which 4 Lucy clones get knocked out by agent Ammalia, who then performs a lot of limp play on her with some good focus on feet. Plenty of feet, legs and ass views... You're not going to see a better ass than this, by the way!

    The Sleepy Feet and the Horny Redhead


    Ammalia is tired and confused and drops down on the bed falling deeply asleep. Neve gets in and finds her. At first, she begins worshipping her bare foot in a very passionate way, keeping the other one inside her pants. She also rubs Ammalia's wet limp foot against her bare tits, squeezing them together, moving sensually... Then Neve takes her pants off and begins masturbating, rubbing Ammalia's soles against her bare pussy, and fingering herself using her limp toes...

    Massage Assault and Footabuse


    Neve has pain in her leg; she goes to a therapist, who performs a massage on her, oiling her legs up and investigating the problem. But, after some time, he begins moving down to her feet, fondling her soles a bit too much; at that point, Neve protests because she thinks he's not behaving professionally. The therapist apologizes and goes back massaging her calves - But, unexpectedly, he takes something else and puts her to sleep after a fight. Now her body lays limp on the massage table, and he can do whatever he wants with her: he fondles her legs, performs some limb play and ragdolling, and sinks his face down between her soft soles, worshipping them as he wanted to. She can no longer protest, but she would be quite disappointed if she could know how unprofessional he is now... When she wakes up later, she is confused and does not remember anything, but her legs are fine now: she's invited to come back anytime

    Niki And Ammalia Sleepy Footplay In Bed


    Lesbians Niki and Ammalia go sleeping together in their bed, and soon Mr. John appears, making their sleep even deeper. At that point, he removes the sheets, exposing their bodies, legs and feet, and starts playing with their 4 smooth young soles, occasionally rolling their bodies and performing some limp play. They are nothing but his dolls now...
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    Merry XMas from Sleepyfeet and Babbo John!


    This is a very quick video sketch to say Merry XMas and thank you to all our customers who have helped us to grow up and stay on the top of the foot fetish chart over this year. The second half of the video contains some funny out takes raw scenes.

    Snow White footfucked by the Evil Footman!


    Like everybody knows, Snow White bites a poisoned apple and falls in a deep sleep; only the Prince's kiss will wake her up. But, instead of the Prince, here comes the Evil Footman! He's determined to leave her in her sleep state, and would rather kiss her elsewhere... He begins fondling her body, exposing her breasts and white-stockinged legs, and then takes her shoes off. He starts handling her hot feet and kisses and worships them before removing the white stockings; then he removes them, one by one, and licks her soles even more, while Snow White keeps dreaming in her deep sleep. At some point the Evil Footman grabs her ankles and begins fucking her feet, taking his time, until in the end he cums right all over Snow White's bare feet! And, before leaving, he decides to clean his cum off her legs and feet because, if the Prince comes and finds her like that, he's probably not going to marry her!

    Yoga Trance foot play and cumshot


    A young lady gets in at her individual yoga course; today she's going to try the big thing with her instructor: she will be tranced by him! After some stretching exercises, he orders her to relax and starts a countdown: once he reaches zero she is tranced, her mind goes away and she can no longer know what happens. After performing eye inspection on her, he makes sure she's out and starts fondling her bare feet; he goes on worshipping them and, finally, takes his dick out and begins rubbing it on her tranced soles. After some time going on like that, he freely cums on her feet... It's time to clean them with a towel, and finally wake her back up. One more countdown and she opens her eyes, confused; she has no idea of what happened, but she's happy that the experiment succeeded.

    Limp girl in heavy clothing is stripped naked looking for a memory card


    In a very cold winter day a girl comes back home fully dressed in any kind of heavy clothing; suddenly a burglar rushes in and puts her to sleep. He's looking for a memory card. He begins inspecting her bag, but can't find it; so he starts taking off her jacket, gloves, and any piece of clothing she is wearing, inspecting each piece carefully, until her limp body is fully naked. It appears there is no trace of the memory card, unfortunately. The girl can't tell anything right now: she can just be rolled, fondled and inspected.

    Lilli body stripping and inspection looking for a key


    Burglar Ammalia gets caught by spy Lilli after she got the key from Mary's body in the previous episode; at first Lilli puts Ammalia to sleep and strips her to underwear until she recovers the key; but, unexpectedly, Ammalia recovers and puts Lilli to sleep, getting the key back. It's now time to strip Lilli completely naked, and consider that she is wearing something like 18 pieces of clothing! It's a really long job, during which Lilli's body gets handles, rolled and moved in a delight of limp fetish and body handling content!

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    Best clips ever. Love sleepy feet

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    Foot Theft Series - Lilli


    Lilli lays sleeping in bed while an unknown man steps into the dark room, approaches the bed and starts raising the sheets, uncovering her feet, legs and naked figure. He is filming everything with his camera, sharing his point of view with us. Lilli doesn't wake up: she can barely move her toes occasionally, when he pushes too hard during his foot game. He worships her soles, lets the feet fall limp on the mattress, slaps the soles with his hands and with his dick... Getting hard as he rubs it on her wet soles... and, ends with a real cumshot on her toes and soles; everything is filmed on camera. Finally he cleans up his mess and steps out of the room. She will never know anything about this..

    Lilli Stockings Ripping And Sleepy Foot Worship


    Lilli is reading a book on her bed when she starts feeling tired and falls asleep; at some point, a villain sneaks in and attacks her, putting her to sleep even more. It's a nice long fight, with a lot of legs kicking before she goes totally limp. At that point, the intruder rips her stockings off exposing her bare soles. he starts having his way with them, worshipping and licking them as she is unable to wake up...

    Lilli Body Stripping


    This is just an amateur clip shot by the actors on a tripod (so details and quality are not the best!) showing a guy stripping Lilli while she sleeps totally limp.

    Sleepyfeet abuse under the table


    A young secretary is working at her desk, when a burglar comes from under the table and puts her to sleep using a mysterious spray. She drops down limp, and he starts taking off her shoes; he worships her feet and then tears off one of her stockings, so that he can have her bare sole on his face while the other one rests on his dick. It's a long worship with a lot of legs/feet handling, then he leaves taking away her precious Macbook laptop and her shoes...

    Burglar VS Burglar


    A cute female burglar is stealing things from a house, when suddenly another burglar appears and puts her to sleep, so that he can steal things too. Before he leaves, he stops by inspecting and worshipping her feet, but someone walks in and he has to run away. The poor girl is the only one who's going to get discovered!

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    Sacked up and Foot Abused


    Here we see some rare candid footage of a kidnapped woman being inspected to see if she is fit to be sold into slavery. She has been heavily sedated and wrapped in a sack. The kidnapper removes her sexy high heels and stockings and thoroughly inspects her toned legs and flawless feet. She then appears to have passed the preliminary inspection as he then drags her off for further processing. Grade A!

    Chloroformed, packed up, fondled and footabused


    Watch this 19 year old girl's sexy feet twitch and her toes struggle as she gets chloroformed by a kidnapper. Once she is out, he packs up her head and torso. He then fondles her body and worships her soft soles, ensuring that everything is top quality before he carries her away to sell her into slavery. This young specimen will fetch a huge bounty!

    Bathroom Assault


    A young girl is preparing herself for the night, when an evil guy suddenly appears and puts her to sleep; he lays her body in the bathtub; with her ass up and legs exposed, and starts fondling them. Also, he takes her bare feet and worships her soles and toes. Finally, he puts a hood on her head, ties her hands behind her back and drags her body out of the room. He got her!

    TV assault and foot play


    A cute girl is enjoying a quiet evening in front of the tv when a burglar comes from behind and puts her to sleep with a hood on her head. She struggles for a VERY long time, but eventually she falls asleep and her body goes limp. After she is out, he ties her wrists behind her back, takes off her socks and starts a long handling and worship of her beautiful smooth soles.

    In the house of the Sleeping Beauties


    This is a parody of the novel "House of the Sleeping Beauties" by Yasunari Kawabata A boy pretends to be an old impotent man and gets access to a room where one of the girls is deeply sleeping. Once alone, he has a lot of fun with her, turned on even more by the fact that she will never know!

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    Bedroom Sleepyfeet Worship


    A young girl is sleeping heavily on her bed, when a burglar enters. He raises the sheets up uncovering her legs and feet, and begins a long worship using them, pleasing himself and finally leaving.

    Putting Her to Sleep


    This is a very long scene about a woman fighting while being put to sleep that is shot with 2 cameras, one showing her upper torso, one showing her soles and legs kicking. Slowly during the fight, she gets weaker, until she is finally limp and gets rolled onto her belly.

    The gas mask trip


    Jessica is curious about a new kind of mind trip her friend invented: basically, she has to put a gas mask on, lay down and inhale some stuff coming from a mysterious box. Her body will remain there, limp for a few hours, while her mind experiences some kind of trip - But, once she has been put to sleep, the guy takes advantage of the situation and removes her high heel shoes and stockings, to enjoy her soles in a long worship. Later, once she wakes up, she's satisfied about the experience and has no idea of what happened to her physical shape in the meantime...

    Footcuffed Policewoman


    A policewoman catches a burglar in her house; she's going to arrest him, but he unexpectedly puts her to sleep. Then, instead of going on stealing, he decides to inspect her focusing on her feet: he takes her boots off, starts massaging and kissing her soles, exposes them to the camera. At some point, he decides to take the handcuffs she was going to use on him, and use them to handcuff her ankles instead! Then he restarts worshipping her soles, jerking until he's done, and finally leaves her there, footcuffed... She's going to have a very bad time once she wakes up!

    Gisy tricked with a drink and foot molested


    This is a very softcore clip, where Gisy falls asleep after drinking an unknown drink... She is posed on the sofa and has her shoes and pantyhose removed. The guy then performs some handling of her senseless feet.

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    Worship and REAL cumshot on the neighbour's soles!


    We see a girl practicing her walk in high heels, when suddenly the bell rings - it's her nerdy neighbor, a girl who spends her whole life just studying. She complains about the noise, but unexpectedly she is invited to come in for a drink and accepts, surprised by the kind offer. In the meantime, the boyfriend arrives back home and joins them - but suddenly the nerdy neighbor surprisingly falls asleep, and the evil couple quickly decide to see what's "under the hood": they lay the girls body on the table and strip her naked, discovering some sexy underwear under the nerdy clothing! They make a lot of comments and the girl makes fun of the situation by taking a lot of pics of the neighbor's body... Then she leaves, her boyfriend is now alone with the limp neighbor girl still lying unconsciously on the table... He can't resist and begins worshipping her soles, soon standing up masturbating, ending with a real cumshot on her amazing, soft soles!

    Limp Inspection Casting - Fiona and Carley


    I'm behind the camera in a room with blonde Fiona and my blonde assistant Carley. Fiona is a model interested in joining us, so she willingly agrees to get put to sleep and let us inspect her body for this limp casting. After an introductory discussion about the procedure, I invite her to lay down on the bed and let Carley putting her to sleep; Fiona is willing, but of course this takes time during which we see her gently trying to break free, while her beautiful legs kick in a gentle way. It takes more than one minute, but finally Fiona is all ours, totally gone. Carley is going to handle her while I stay at the camera. She begins with some face play, which also involves some head raising and dropping; she then performs some body rolling, and then she takes off her high heels shoes, shirt and bra, leaving her feet and breasts exposed. She performs some face play as well, and then moves down to the hands, performing some limp play and limb flopping. Finally she moves down to her feet, and spends a LONG time touching her soles and toes, while Fiona lays both on her back and then on her belly. Her soles are a bit dirty actually. At first Carley rubs and slaps the feet together, letting us know the exciting sound of it. Then she starts massaging the model's sexy feet, at the point that her toes get more relaxed and appear for the first time in all their beauty! She goes on and on, and the video fades out. We then see Fiona waking up later, finding herself tossed like that, partially stripped and topless, and being not happy for that.

    Fiona and Emma limp tricked by evil friend


    Fiona and Emma are spending the night partying with their evil female friend (nearly pov, not quite visible). They are really drunk and want more drinks, but there is nothing left; they decide to order something from outside, but in the meantime the evil friend uses a syringe to put Fiona to sleep, not seen by the others. Fiona is so drunk that she doesn't even notice it, but soon she fall asleep as Emma protests as she wants to keep having fun... But Emma is naughty, so the two awake friends start making fun of her body, posing her, resting stuff on her head, tickling her, taking pictures with their cellphones to put online later. That is the way to have fun with a sleepy friend!
    But, while doing so, the evil friend secretly does the same thing to Emma, who soon feels weaker, rolls her eyes and falls down limp. Now the evil friend is alone with her firneds' limp bodies, and the room is finally silent. The party is over for them, but a new way of fun has started for the evil friend: she starts inspecting the bodies, making fun of them, posing them in several ways, handling the limp feet and finally taking their bra off exposing their breasts, and also running their hands on their own breasts as if they were caressing themselves.

    Foot Theft Series - Emma


    As usual, I sneak in the bedroom where Emma is sleeping, bringing my camera, and I start molesting her body and feet, while she continues to sleep without waking up. I take my time, touch and inspect her bare feet and red toenails, but also her hands and pretty face... She keeps moving and moaning a bit in her sleep, but doesn't wake up at all, so I go on showing to you how a pair of sleepy feet look like...

    Limp Inspection Casting - Emma


    This time we show you Emma, she is a real beauty, she needs to loosen up a bit but this was her first time, so there is a lot of potential. She does not do nudity, so we couldn't take her clothes off, but anyway this video provides a good show of her whole figure, feet, hands and face play.

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    Secretary chloroformed, stripped and inspected for a memory card


    A cute secretary is working at her pc when a burglar comes from behind and chloroforms her. He is looking for an important memory card but he can't find it in her bag. He thinks it might be on her, so he drags her body on the table and begins undressing her, showing us her naked figure as she slumbers. Once done he leaves her exposed, a thank you note posted on her chest. He is a gentleman after all!

    Kidnapped daughter foot abuse


    Two bandits hold a young girl they ; they need to move her to a secret place, so they have to put her to sleep; one of the guys leaves for getting a car, and the other one remains alone with her. He soon realizes he can use that senseless doll to please himself, so he takes the body and starts undressing the legs and feet for a good sole worship. She wakes up and he needs to put her to sleep again, but, unfortunately, after some time the other guy comes back, so he must redress the body to make things looking intact. Nobody will ever know, anyway

    Sleepyfeet under the sun


    A girl lays asleep under the sun, when a guy approaches her feet and starts touching and kissing them. There are a lot of body and feet pans in this video!

    Ellie Footjob Assault


    Ellie gets approached in the streets by a creep who has been following her for some time; he introduces himself and offers her some money for taking pictures of her feet. Embarrassed, she gently refuses and walks away.
    When she arrives home, later, that same creep rushes in and chloroforms her; he brings her body in the bedroom, handcuffs her and ties her ankles up. He waits for her to wake up, terrified by finding herself bound in her house with a stranger.
    He approaches her feet, takes off her shoes and socks as she protests helplessly; he gropes and worships her beautiful soles, and soon takes his dick out and starts rubbing it on them. Powerless, Ellie tries to protest but at the same time is rather resigned as she knows there's nothing she can do, but leaving the creep cumming all over her soles and finally taking snaps of the mess he made.
    After this part, there is some bonus content showing Ellie limp and asleep again, getting undressed, ragdolled, groped and exposed including her open legged genitals. Finally, the creep leaves

    Doll HandFuck - Ellie


    Doll Ellie lays limp on a bed; she is barefoot but fully clothed. A guy is there, and he starts to play with her body, also taking some video footage with a handicam (footage included in the clip). Groping, rolling, handling, stripping, face and limp play included.

    Once Ellie is naked, the guy takes his dick out and starts to rub it on her limp hands, sliding it on her palms, wrapping her fingers around it and getting a passive handjob from her. He cums all over her palms, and leaves her there still wet.

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    Double Trouble


    A guy comes back in his room and finds an unknown naked girl (Elise Graves) completely limp and gone on his bed; he is scared at first, but then he calms down and starts inspecting her body. He gets a call: his girlfriend (Ammalia) is coming there, so he panics again because he needs to hide the unknown limp girl immediately! He drags her around but doesn't find a place. Fortunately, Ammalia calls again saying she is late, so he can relax and restart playing with the limp girl, focusing on face play and foot views/soles rub.
    When finally Ammalia comes, he decides to knock her out and do the same things with her, laying her body next to the unknown girl's one on the bed. Later the unknown girl wakes up totally dazed and embarrassed, and runs away apologizing.

    Elise Graves Limp Audition


    Elise is attending an audition for a limp fetish movie; she is asked to play a chloro scene, believing it's just a clean rag, but there is actually chloroform in it. She starts protesting and struggling, but it's too late, and the pervert makes her unconscious. he starts carrying and ragdolling her limp body around the room and on the bed, until Elise wakes up and gets chloroformed again, so that he can go on ragdolling the body undisturbed.

    Elise and Dixon POV Inspection


    Elise Graves and Dixon Mason have got a pendrive containing some embarrassing material which could ruin a man. They're now in a hotel room discussing about it. Unfortunately for them, this man sent two italian agents to collect that data back.
    While the chicks are chatting, some gas gets in the room; they start to smell something strange, but it's too late: they cough, panic, squirm and finally they're completely limp and asleep.

    Ammalia and another italian moron rush in the room where the two limp bodies are: Ammalia does the inspection while the other holds the POV camera, allowing you to experience the scene (NO cuts, amateur style to make it look more realistic).
    The bodies are handled, searched, stripped naked, rolled, posed and piled up.

    Once they found what they wanted, Ammalia has a short fun with the bodies and finally piles them up. The two evil agents leave them like this.

    Body Fun on the Massage Table


    Elen goes to a professional to get a relaxing massage and after a brief talk he begins his work, oiling her body up. After some time, she complains that he's touching her in an unprofessional way. He tries to apologize at first, but unexpectedly, he puts her to sleep... Once alone, he decides to have some fun with the situation by getting acquainted with her whole body. He fondles her legs, slaps her butt, and kisses and sucks her feet, all while performing a lot of limp flopping and body shaking. This clip is HOT!

    The Sunbathing Lady and the Burglar


    A beautiful brunette is sunbathing on her terrace, reading a paper. So much relaxation soon makes her tired, so she falls asleep. At some point a burglar arrives, sprays something over her and goes stealing things in the house. Once he comes back and he's about to leave, he stops at the sleeping lady and decides it's a pity to leave so soon. He starts fondling her body, kisses and worships her feet, having total power over her nearly naked body... He goes on for some time, but suddenly he hears a door opening in the house, so he has to run and leave her there.

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    The Freezing Vintage Fridge


    Elen is having a cup of coffee at her friend's new flat when notices he has two fridges, one of which look quite old. He tells her it's no longer a fridge and asks her to get inside. Curious, she gets in and he closes the door; when he opens it back she is in a trance, paralyzed and unable to realize what's going on. He is now free to do what he wants as he pulls out her legs and begins to worship her soles and toes. Her eyes remain straight and unfocused, unaware of what he is doing to her. After some time, he puts her back in and reverses the trance. When he opens the door again, she comes out happy, as if she was only inside for a few seconds. The time where he played with her will never exist in her mind!

    Best Friends Party: the beginning of a love story


    A guy and a girl are talking together at a home party, alone, as the other people are partying in other rooms. He's her best friend, but they're both and she soon falls down; he remains alone with her body, and he's now free to put his hands wherever he wants. He has a long time worshipping and sucking her soles and toes, but also licking her legs. Finally, he embraces her and start kissing her on the mouth, deeply, and this brings her back a little... She complains he's he best friend, but at the same time accepts the kiss and gives it back: it's the beginning of a new love story!

    The foot fetish hypnotist


    A business woman goes to a therapist because she needs to quit smoking; the guy offers her a trance therapy and she gladly accepts. Her mind gets soon put to sleep, and at that point the therapist begins having fun with her body, laying her on the table, fondling all over her and focusing on her legs and feet. While the world seems to go mad outside, the guy calmly takes his freedom with the business girl's feet, leaving her stockings on for a while, and then taking them off to taste her bare soles and toes as well... When time is running out, he redresses her puts her back on the chair and brings her mind out of her tranced state: of course she does not have any idea of what happened, and also he orders her to come back 5 times a week for the therapy, as he needs daily fun with her body!

    Elen Job Interview Gone Wrong


    During a job interview, Elen grabs a drink and falls asleep. The guy carries her on his table, and starts inspecting her legs and feet, which are the most interesting and important part of the interview. Once she wakes up, she doesn't remember anything but he tells her they are probably going to hire her. NOTE: this clip has been shot by the actors directly, using tripods and cameras of different kinds.

    Elen Yoga Trance


    One more tripod clip featuring Elen, this time getting tranced during a yoga session. The teacher then starts inspecting and worshipping her feet while her mind is travelling somewhere else. When she wakes up, in the end, she doesn't remember a thing.

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    Elen and the special package


    Elen receives a perfume from a secret admirer; unfortunately, that perfume puts her to sleep, and the secret admirer turns out to be an evil guy who has been stalking her. He gets in the room and enjoys her limp body, worshipping her feet and playing with them all the time.

    This clip has been shot by the actors using tripods and quality is lower than our standards; therefore, we used the lowest price possible. It's anyway a nice clip if you like Elen and her feet.

    Blonde Intruder


    A woman gets hooded and put to sleep by a hot blonde in her bedroom. The blonde begins fondling her body and strips her feet and begins to have a good time touching and worshiping them in a super hot lesbian action. The poor woman occasionally comes back a little to protest, but she quickly gets put to sleep again. She gets rolled on her back and onto her belly, to give us a full view of her body and feet. After a great sole worship and leg fondling, the blonde puts her high heels back at the woman's feet and abandons her there...

    Desiree Foot Assaulted


    A blonde is working in her kitchen, when suddenly a burglar rushes in and puts her to sleep; he takes off her shoes and begins licking her toes, then drags her into the bedroom and dumps her on the bed. There he goes on fondling her body and worshiping her feet, putting her back to sleep whenever she moans and tries to wake up. He begins stripping her and undresses himself, as well, and he goes on worshiping Desiree's soles, knocking her out as needed. Soon he pulls out his dick and begins rubbing it on her feet, fucking them in many positions. It takes too much time for him to cum and he can't make it: suddenly a car approaches and he has to run away, naked, only the hood left on him. The girl's body remains there on the bed, naked and used, as a gift for someone else...

    Desiree foot abused by the ugliest burglar of all times


    Desiree is standing in her bedroom wearing sexy lingerie, when the ugliest burglar of all times appears and assaults her from behind, putting her to sleep after a struggle. He lays her body on the bed, takes her shoes off and begins tearing her stockings off, exposing her bare feet and calves. He worships her feet while masturbating, and she occasionally starts waking up, so he has to put her to sleep again. He slaps his dick on her soles, soundly, and rubs it on them for a long time until he finally cums all over them. He goes away, leaving her soles wet for some nice pans and closeups.

    Desiree Bad Wedding Day


    Bride Desiree is super excited about her wedding; she's waiting to be picked up, but unfortunately a burglar rushes in and puts her to sleep. Once she's out, he pulls her gown up, exposing her legs and takes off her high heels, exposing her feet. He begins performing some limp hand flopping and play, causing her beautiful hand to caress her butts and soundly slap them. It is a very long and sensual slapping, you can clearly hear the sound of her butts during the process!

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    Return of the ugliest burglar of all times


    Desiree is sleeping on her bed when the ugliest burglar of all times appears from under her bed. He silently takes off her high heels, and begins fondling her feet, and worshipping her soles and toes for a long time as he rolls her body multiple times on the bed. At some point he also takes his dick out, begins masturbating and slapping it on Desiree's sleepy soles. He goes on jerking, and, once he's done, he puts the shoes back in place and leaves sleeping Desiree there.

    The shocked nun's feet


    A guy needs a priest to confess his sins, but only a young nun is available; she accepts to listen to him, and so he starts talking about the bad things he did. Foot fetish is one of his sins. It's actually too much for the young nun, who at some point faints. The young guy is worried at first, but then realizes this is a great chance to take off her ugly shoes and discover the beauty and untouched youth of her smooth soles... So he sets her bare legs upon a stool and starts a long, passionate worship of her delicate feet.

    Foot Theft Series - Chloe


    Please welcome this new series, bringing the sleepyfeet fetish to a more realistic, amateurish style! Let's step into the sleeping girl's dark bedroom, and silently pull the sheets up, uncovering her legs. Be gentle and soft, or she may wake up anytime. If she doesn't, we can gently take off her socks and start licking her sleeping feet, while she dreams...

    Sleeping Chloe is foot molested by boyfriend


    Chloe comes home after a party with her boyfriend; she feels really tired, and barely has the time to lay down on the bed and she's gone. Once the boyfriend realizes that, he decides to have some limp and foot play with her; he starts by taking off her sexy sandals, handling her like a toy doll, kissing and worshipping her lovely smooth feet the way he likes: she cannot complain at the moment. He rolls her body on the back and on the belly, going on licking her soles and toes, while she keeps dreaming something, unaware of what's happening.

    Coco Footfuck II


    Coco is enjoying a male massaging her body when she slides into a horny trance as the man is oiling her up, massaging every inch of her flesh, giving her intense sexual pleasure. But at some point, he decides to put her to sleep because he wants to concentrate on her heavenly feet. As she lies limp on the floor he plays with her oiled up body, then turns her over to worship her perfect ass, lick her pussy and enjoy some fetish play with her feet, ending in an epic cumshot over her lovely oiled soles. After he finishes, he cleans her feet up as if it had never happened.

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    Coco Footfuck and Cumshot


    This cute secretary is having PC problems and calls the tech guy. Once he arrives he gets turned by the sight of her stunning legs and puts her to sleep. Once she is out, he begins undressing and fondling her before laying her face down on the desk and fucking her sexy feet. Finally, he deposits a hot load on her helpless bare soles, and then covers his tracks.

    Cassandra Chloroformed and Searched for Pendrive


    Sexy Cassandra is in her bedroom when a burglar rushes in and puts a hood on her head to have her blind and unable to react. He's looking for a memory card but she claims she doesn't know anything about it; he then chloroforms her and begins searching for it on her body. he takes off her high heels shoes, stockings, ragdolls and pats her, and finally the card comes out!
    Defeated, Cassandra's limp body gets used for some foot fetish entertainment, before the burglar leaves

    Lovely Cassandra's Sleepyfeet


    I come back home and find a sleeping girl on my bed! I have never seen her before and have no idea how she got there, but looks like she's totally out and unresponsive, so I start handling her head for some good limp face play, before moving to her legs and feet and perform some foot rub, showing off her young smooth soles in brilliant clear definition, right in front of the camera, rolling her body on the back and on the belly.

    Business Wife Comes Home


    After a full day of work in management, Cassandra comes back home and finds her lazy husband there, doing nothing as usual. She complains but being too tired, she falls asleep on the bed. He thinks it's nice to arrange her for the night, so he takes her high heels off, drags and rolls her body on the bed, and before putting a sheet over her, he handles and sniffs her feet for some time, first with pantyhose on and then taking it off, leaving her legs and soles exposed. Please be aware that Cassandra's face is not visible in this video!

    Remote-controlled foot fetish on domestic robot cutie


    A guy comes back home and sits down on the couch where his domestic robot is sitting in standby mode; he starts doing some tv zapping, but there's nothing interesting, so he soon turns the television off. Bored, he turns towards his robomeat, and activates her using another remote: the body animates up, awaiting for further orders. Using the remote he first orders her to "tease", and the robot starts moving her legs and feet in front of the camera in a very provocative way... But, soon he wants more, so he kneels down and fires the order "bicycle": at that point the robot starts moving the legs right before his face, rubbing her smooth soles right on it, while he has to do nothing but enjoy that touch...

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    Cassie's Sleepyfeet Play #3


    Cassie is back in a blondish version! You know she has some of the sexiest feet on the net, but not only that! This clip features a long handling and rubbing and show off of her limp sexy feet, but also face play and body posing. She is put off twice by a load of 8 punches in a row (in a comic approach)
    This clip comes in brilliant Full HD format!

    Cassie's Sleepyfeet Play #2


    You know Cassie has some of the sexiest feet on the net, but not only that! This clip features a long handling and rubbing and show off of her limp sexy feet, but also face play and body posing. She is put off twice by a load of 8 punches in a row (in a comic approach)

    Cassie Tickling Torture and Sleepyfeet Abuse


    My friend Cassie comes home with me after a party; she's drunk and could not drive home, so I offer her to sleep at my place. She thanks me so much before falling to sleep, but at that point I tie her up to the bed, face down. I wake her up and reveal her my true bad side. I take off her shoes and start fondling her feet, tickling them while she can't do nothing but swear at me. I tear off her stockings, going on tickle torturing her, and she goes on protesting unsuccessfully.
    After a long while, when I'm tired of her noise and kicking, I chloroform her and go back to her feet; they're not limp, relaxed, all for me to worship. She cannot feel me right now, and her feet are mine. I go on fondling and worshipping her perfect soles for several minutes.

    Cassie and Ammalia Silly KO Foot Play


    Cassie and Ammalia come home from a party, laughing; they begin undressing, and Ammalia accidentally hits Cassie on the head. She starts seeing stars, crosses eyes and falls down, floppy, ass up. Ammalia laughs and starts worshipping Cassie's perfect feet as she is out, until she wakes up, and then it's Cassie who bonks Ammalia in the head putting her to sleep; she plays with her feet (but doesn't worship them).
    The whole thing is repeated multiple times, until there is a final simultaneous punch which causes both the girls to fall down limp, their asses up and exposed.

    Cassie's sleepyfeet deep inspection


    Cassie is in her living room, reading a book, when I rush in and punch her in the face, putting her to sleep in a silly way; alone with her sexy limp body, I try to drag her to the bedroom but I'm a weak man and have troubles doing it, and she cannot help me in any way. When I finally manage to have her body on the bed, I start a long and deep inspection of her prefect feet and soles. I massage them , wrinkle and squeeze them, sniff and kiss them, pose and flex them, let them flop on the bed and a lot more! The camera provides Full HD closeup of such immense beauty. In the meantime, Cassie goes on sleeping, and at some time she starts moaning as I even started to fondle her legs and ass more. It is a very long process, but I can't stop.
    Later, we see Cassie has waken up and is having a phone call to a friend, explaining her that something happened but she doesn't remember much. Was it just a dream? Or maybe someone really inspected her feet so deeply?

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    Foot Theft Briony - GoPro Handicam


    Do you really want to get in the scene? This time I sneak in the bedroom where super sexy Briony is sleeping. I have a GoPro on my head giving an absolute POV view, and a handicam in my hand ready to provide some clearer closeups of these luscious soles. I alternate cameras always providing the best camera view, and sometimes I overlap the clips so you can get two angles in one shot. This is EPIC EPIC EPIC! Get at Briony's feet like never before!

    Briony GoPro POV chloro assault!


    Two cameras: one on tripod getting a brilliant sight of Briony's legs and feet, and a GoPro on my chest providing a POV, wide angle view of the action, as if you're looking through the bad guy's eyes!
    The cameras are continuously swapped in the clip, providing the best view possible all the time but, when the footage is good on both cameras, both are included in the same screen: one full screen, the other smaller in a spot where the two images do not interfere with each other.
    Yes, we are definitely bringing realism and involvement in all this; you will not find this stuff elsewhere!

    Briony is sleeping on her bed; I sneak in, slowly, and put her to sleep in a struggle. She's limp now, and I move and roll her body until she suddenly wakes up again. It happens all the time along the video, and we see her limp body, legs and feet being ragdolled, but also a lot of struggling, kicking and defeat!

    Limp Casting FAIL - Briony


    You know the limp casting series is supposed to look real, authentic and amateurish, nearly uncut. But it this case it was a fail, as Briony didn't manage to get into the limp part and frequently laughed.

    Candle Boxxx Masturbates over Ammalia's Sleepy Feet


    Like a tornado, naked Candle Boxxx is playing with Ammalia's feet while she sleeps: she rubs her pussy on the toes, and worship the soles with sounding involvement and passion.
    Ammalia wakes up and she starts to protest and try to break free, but Candle chloroforms her, so she can continue playing with her feet undisturbed. In her sleep, Ammalia moans as the worship feeling causes her to dream about something exciting.
    In the end she wakes up again, and she sounds even more disappointed, but there's no way, Candle goes on pleasing herself with her feet!

    Sleepy Candle Boxxx foot abused by Ammalia in the bathtub


    Candle Boxxx is sad because of a love story ended badly as usual... She's having a bath and her housemate Ammalia comforts her with a drink, but this drink puts her to sleep and Ammalia is free to play with her body and feet while she lays sleeping in the bathtub...

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    Sleeping Candle Boxxx gets foot molested


    After a party, Candle Boxxx is visibly tired; her friend helps her to get to bed, but she soon falls asleep. At that point, he decides to arrange her a little bit, covering her up and taking her high heels off. But, as soon as he realizes she's really out, he decides to have a good time with her limp soles...

    Carissa Montgomery Limp Play and Exposure


    Carissa is getting a neck and shoulders massage by Ammalia; it's a sensual one, but Ammalia slowly starts to squeeze her neck more, but still gently and sensually, until Carissa lays totally limp and unconscious in her hands. At that point, Ammalia begins fondling her, playing with her face, exposing her neck to the camera. She moves to her feet, worships them a little, then drives them in front of the camera, rubbing them, delivering some stunning closeup of her delicious limp soles for us all to see!

    Caroline Hypnotized and Turned into a Foot Slave


    Caroline goes to hypnotist Ashleigh to try giving up smoking; after a brief discussion, Ashleigh gets the usual watch and swings it before her eyes, causing Caroline to fall into a deep trance. At that point she's entirely under her control, and Ashleigh decides to watch her stripping, enjoys ordering her to worship her own feet, and then goes on giving her feet as well to get a rub and some more worship.
    Once she comes back, of course she doesn't remember anything, and makes sure to set another appointment with the evil hypnotist!

    Caroline provides an excellent trance face and acting, and there are NO blinks!

    Limp Foot Fetish Casting - Ashleigh McKenzie


    This is the top of the foot fetish castings we have ever made. Two professional cameras, two sexy legends, one bed. Caroline Pierce is my assistant, Ashleigh McKenzie is the sleepyfeet model wannabe. I'm behind one of the cameras, while the other one is on tripod. Ashleigh willingly agrees to be put to sleep by my assistant, so that we can strip her body naked and reveal it to you, with focus on her feet. We are professionals, so she trusts us, and she definitely wants to get more work from us, so she definitely lets Caroline putting her to sleep. Once she's gone, Caroline begins undressing her body, enjoying it really much. We talk like two accomplices, as Ashleigh can no longer hear us. As Caroline keeps discovering and showing off, we make comments on her, and the cameras swap all the times to provide you the best view at all times. It is not a staged clip, but rather amateurish and authentic footage. You can see all the gear, and experience the feeling of being on the scene! Her body is revealed to you including the genitals with some open leg shots, and also her feet get inspected and enjoyed by both us, in a non-professional way, as the other one keeps filming. Caroline goes mad for Ashleigh's feet, she really cannot stop making comments, fondle and worship them. Those arches and soles are amazing, and in the end we decide to end the casting and keep having fun with Ashleigh before she wakes up.

    Ashleigh McKenzie masturbates on Caroline Pierce's sleepy feet


    Caroline Pierce is a foot slut who gave a footjob to Ashleigh's boyfriend, and for this reason she's upset with her. Caroline is deeply sleeping on the bed, Ashleigh enters and starts writing "foot slut" on both her soles; then she gets turned on by her feet and starts worshipping them passionately, as Caroline goes on sleeping. She gets turned even more, so she mounts on her feet and starts masturbating by rubbing her naked pussy on her friend's sleeping feet, until she climaxes after a long rub!

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    Sleepy Foot Worship Massage - Anna Darling


    Business woman Anna Darling is on her feet all days and desperately needs a massage for relief. The problem is that she's so ticklish that she needs to be put under anesthesia in order to receive it.
    She goes to a therapist and they agree about the sleep part; the doctor also offers himself to perform a new technique which consists in massaging the soles using his mouth. Anna gladly agrees, the only important thing is that she gets relief, and she doesn't care much since she is not going to be there.
    The doctor puts a medical mask on her nose and mouth and gas starts flowing; they keep talking and she describes how she feels. Soon she is gone, and the doctor starts his job - In a not too polite way, as he gropes her body, exposes her vagina spread open, and seems to enjoy it.
    It's a long and intense worship work, during which Anna Darling's feet are shown to the camera in crystal clear quality, as never before!

    Foot Fetish Voyeur - Ariel Anderssen


    This is a more artistic/mild clip showing blonde Ariel Anderssen's body and bare feet as she sleeps peacefully. The clip is shot in a POV style which reminds about voyeurism. Ariel dreams and moves during her sleep.

    Limp Casting: Ariel Anderssen


    Here we are back with another limp foot fetish casting, this time starring stunning Ariel Anderssen as the victim and Ammalia as my assistant. Ariel gets willingly chloroformed on a massage bed and Ammalia starts to inspect her body, stripping her naked, as the cameras show off her naked body and exposed feet!
    From behind the camera I discuss with Ammalia, making comments, inviting her to do things on Ariel, feeling myself her juicy feet in my hands, and even offering one to Ammalia to worship, sliding Ariel's sleeping toes into her mouth and rubbing her sleeping sole onto her face, as we go on talking and making fun of the situation having a lot of fun with Ariel's body all for us!

    Shot in a POV amateurish style in one realistic take, using two cameras, this clip will give you the feeling of being in the scene, close to Ariel's limp sleeping feet, available for you to play with!

    Hypnotized Ariel Anderssen shows off her feet on command


    Ariel Anderssen goes to a therapist to try quit smoking. She doesn't believe much in the therapy, as she speaks to the therapist (POV), but at some point looks like her body can obey him and move regardless of her will! She's still totally in herself, able to speak and understand everything, but her body obeys to the therapist's orders.
    That's when he turns out to be a pervert: he orders her to strip before his eyes, and she can not do anything but obey, even if she doesn't want to do that at all. She swears at him, says that he's going to end in serious trouble, but he goes on ordering her body to show off, and especially her bare feet, which are ordered to stay exposed to the camera, powerlessly teasing.
    Once the therapist is done, he starts ending the therapy, by ordering her body to redress; she says she's going to ruin him once she's out of there, but, as soon as the therapy has ended, looks like she doesn't remember anything! She's just happy, feels better and believes he is a true professional.
    Hypnotized Ariel Anderssen shows off her feet on command

    Sleepy Foot Worship Massage - Ava Dalush


    Business woman Ava Dalush is on her feet all days and desperately needs a massage for relief. The problem is that she's so ticklish that she needs to be put under anesthesia in order to receive it.
    Referred by a friend, she goes to a therapist and they agree about the sleep part; the doctor also offers himself to perform a new technique which consists in massaging the soles using his mouth. Ava gladly agrees, the only important thing is that she gets relief, and she doesn't care much since she is not going to be there.
    The doctor puts a medical mask on her nose and mouth and gas starts flowing; they keep talking and she describes how she feels. Soon she is gone, and the doctor starts his job - In a not too polite way, as he gropes her body, exposes her vagina spread open, and seems to enjoy it.
    It's a long and intense worship work, during which Ava's feet are shown to the camera in crystal clear quality!

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    Paralyzed fucking and foot abuse


    After a wild party, Ava is brought to the hospital because she seems to be tranced. She is totally unresponsive, but the doctor can tell that she had been given a trance-pill by mistake... luckily, it's not a risk to her health and in a few hours she'll feel like this never happend! But in the meanwhile, the doctor decides to take advantage of the situation and begins stripping her body naked. He enjoys a long foot worship while masturbating and in the end, pulls her limp body closer to him and fucks her tranced pussy right on the stretcher's edge. Finally he redresses the body and leaves her to wake up with no memory of the night.

    Drawing class model body lease


    A professional drawing class model makes a deal with an art school director - instead of spending boring, exhausting hours keeping the same pose, she suggests the new sleepy method: she signs a contract in which she agrees to be put to sleep and lease her body for 4 hours, to be used exclusively for drawing class lessons. Once the contract is signed signed she updates her facebook status, shuts down her phone and calmly lets the director put her to sleep. But once he's done, the director can't resist the urge to use the body for fullfilling his foot fetish desires before bringing her to the class... so he lays her face down on a table, takes off her shoes and begins a passionate, wet foot worship. This was surely not in the contract statement, but if you don't tell her we certainly won't either...

    Body fondling and sole worship on a timestopped business woman


    A regular guy is having a formal talk with a female co-worker at her desk - what she doesn't know and never will know is that this guy has a watch which can stop time, while he himself is able to act and do whatever he desires, undisturbed! He freezes the girl in the middle of her talk and he begins playing with her face and mouth. For now he puts back everything in place and unfreezes her - she goes on with her previous sentence as if nothing had happened! Having made sure that everything works he freezes her again, stands up, lifts her body and lays her face down on her desk. He pulls up her dress and uncovers her gorgeous ass, at which point he can't resist and starts smacking her butt and tattooed legs for a long time! Then he takes her shoes off and sits down for a long worship of her soles, while she still doesn't have the slightest idea of what's going on! Finally he redresses her, sits her back in her chair, puts everything back in place and unfreezes her - again, she goes on with her sentence just as if nothing had happened. Not knowing how much time has passed, she's very surprised when she notices that it's much later than she thought and suddenly she's in a hurry! She unable explain that, but there is no time to think about it, she has to run! So she formally apologizes for having to leave in such a hurry, but not before making another appointment with the guy.

    Adreena Sleepy Body Fondling, Handjob and Footjob


    Adreena willingly agrees to be put to sleep (off screen) to have her body used for pleasure. We see her laying on a massage table, completely out, as the evil doctor comes in and starts stripping her body, groping her. He pulls his dick out and uses her her limp hands to masturbate, and moves back and forth to her limp feet, worshipping her soles, slapping his dick on them, and then back using her hands and groping her ass and breasts while she cannot know what's going on!
    In the end he fucks her limp soles, in a sleepy footjob, and coms all over them! Finally he cleans his cum off the limp soles, and redressed the body leaving her there.

    The Meddler


    Big boobed Adriana is looking at our production website when suddenly an old friend appears from behind, scaring her. She tries to hide the website, but he notices something suspect and keeps asking what she was looking at, while she keeps trying changing the topic. Unexpectedly he attacks her from behind and puts her to sleep. He pulls her big boobs out of her dress, lays her legs on the chair and strips her feet. He fucks them. Not satisfied, after that he performs limp and face play with her body, ragdolling her floppy arms, making her caress her own boobs. Finally, he leaves her there, her feet still wet and a nice message written on her boobs!

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    The Dentist III - Foot play with a sleepy business woman


    A business-like lady comes into a dentists practice complaining about her tonsils, which are swollen and cause her to make a disturbing sound while she sleeps at night. Her husband can't sleep because of the noise she makes and is asking for divorce, so she desperately asks the dentist if he can do something to solve the problem and save her marriage. He examines her mouth, then calms her down by telling her that he can reduce their size with laser therapy. But he will have to put her to sleep. She gladly accepts and let him go ahead. Once the lady passes out from the anesthesia and he is alone with her body, he decides to take off her pants, stockings and high heels before proceeding with the operation. He starts playing with her sexy body to relax himself, eventually masturbating while worshipping her bare, smooth soles. She can have no idea what is going on, thinking that the professional doctor is taking care of her tonsils. Meanwhile, the doctor is enjoying her amazing body and soles without her ever finding out.

    Hooded and tranced


    A guy walks in to the room carrying a limp senseless female over his shoulder. After lying her on the bed he runs his hands all over her, looking excited and very happy that he caught her. He removes her clothes except for the hood, and he leaves her shoes on - at first. After playing with her beautiful breasts for a while, he starts to slowly remove her shoes. He begins sniffing and worshiping her feet, getting more and more excited and moving up her body. He removes her hood and we discover that she is tranced. He plays with her face by opening her mouth and widening her already open eyes - she remains completely still and unresponsive, totally somewhere else. He then gets even more excited and positions himself in the modified missionary position with her feet dangling on his shoulders, and starts having sex with her. The kidnapper vigorously sniffs and worships her feet as he is fucking her harder and harder, eventually finishing.

    Sleepy AltSiren Stinky Socks POV


    AltSiren comes home after a party, so messed up that she collapses asleep on the ground. In a POV style I get in, approach her body and make sure she is out. I go at her feet and I start taking off her shoes, stinky socks and nylon socks. I sniff it all. At some point she starts waking up and I hide behind the couch, still POV spying her, but she is so confused and messed up that she doesn't realize a thing and soon falls asleep again. Finally I leave, carrying her stinky socks away with me.

    The Kinky Servant


    Ammalia is the servant of a very rich woman, Tasha; she helps her undressing and getting prepared for a bath. She leads her to the warm bathtub, and begins washing her body using a sponge. When it comes to her legs and feet, she gets a little bit too involved, and this alarms Tasha, who orders her servant to leave immediately.
    Ammalia leaves, but soon sneaks back in again and brutally chloroforms her mistress in a struggle. Finally she can worship her feet undisturbed, and, after having pulled her limp body out of the tub, she goes on worshipping the soles and toes, pleasing herself, and also gropes and worships limp Tasha's breasts and body. Then she moves between her legs, and starts licking her pussy (implied), which causes sleepy Tasha to sensually moan in her sleep... She now totally belongs to her kinky servant!

    In the making of a trash metal videoclip


    Addie Juniper is shooting a very amateurish scene with a friend, for a very amateurish trash metal videoclip they want to make. In the scene she should fall limp backwards, into his arms, but it looks like they don't manage to get it right. She also complains that he's touching her in a too confident way. Sick of it, he decides to put her to sleep and do the scene in a much more realistic way. After he's done with the videoclip, he drags her to the bedroom and lays her down on a type of bed... He strips her naked, playing with her bare feet for a little bit, lifting up her legs and dropping them down on the couch a few times. He flips her over on to her stomach, showing off a lovely view of both her feet and her ass. He gets in front of her face and slides his dick in and out of her limp mouth [simulated]! He fucks her mouth hard and fast, causing her body and feet to limply flop back and forth the entire time...

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