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    Drunk Mature Roxana Stripped and Handled


    Mature Roxana comes home and enters her bedroom visibly drunk; she can barely stand, ans soon passes out laying randomly on her bed.
    A creep sneaks in, and makes sure she is properly out; then he begins rolling and undressing her limp body, until she is completely naked for him to handle and see.
    Emphasis is on the feet with foot worship, rubbing, slapping, flopping. But there is also face play, hand play, rolling and making fun of milf Roxana's limp body.
    When she wakes up later, he is gone; she finds herself naked, but she's confused and can't remember things well. She will never know what really happened to her body!

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    Worshipping Lucia's feet


    Lucia lays sleeping on her bed, when a man appears and starts handling and worshipping her sleeping feet. This is a very amateurish clip and the image quality is rather poor, but her feet look quite yummy!

    Lesbian Sleepyfeet Worship


    She never would have dreamt that her friend lusted after her feet. And she definitely would have said "no" if her friend propositioned her for some kinky foot fun. Good thing her friend didn't ask and sneaked up behind her with some trusty chloroform. Who needs to ask when a little chloroform knocked her out and made her a perfect little sex toy? Her devious friend gently lays her down on her bed and begins to devour her soft soles. After satisfying her foot lust, she then begins feverishly stripping her helpless friend naked before going another round with her delicious feet. What a breach of friendship!
    Plenty of foot close ups and a myriad of delicate, passionate sole worship!

    KO'd and solefucked by burglar


    A young woman gets knocked out by a sucker punch to the face while answering the door and drops knocked out to the floor. The burglar drags her lifeless body to the sofa, slips her flip flops and immediately gets to work worshipping her feet. He then puts her on the ground and fucks her soles giving himself a footjob (simulated) with her defenseless toes. Once he’s done, he leaves the KOd woman there.

    Sleeping Ivy sole fucking and cum-shot


    Ivy finds a burglar in her home and faints. The guy finds himself holding the limp woman in his arms, and decides to drop her on the bed, take off her high heels and stockings and have a good time with her feet - Handling them, masturbating as he worships her soles, and finally ending with a (REAL) cum shot on her senseless soles.
    This is the most explicit clip posted up to now, and it's also very long, so don't miss it!!

    Girls foot stripped after a party


    After dancing all night long at a party, three girls lay asleep on a bed, very tired and probably drunk. There the foot man comes, takes their feet in his hands one by one, stripping the shoes off and revealing the soles and toes to the camera.

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    REAL mother and daughter body inspection and footabuse


    UNIQUE: These beautiful women actually ARE mother and daughter! A girl introduces her new boyfriend to her mom. He thinks that she is almost as hot as her daughter and really wants to see them both naked so he surreptitiously drugs them both and waits patiently until they pass out. Once they become his unwilling playthings he lays them both down on the carpet, partially strips them and compares the hot bodies part by part. Then he drags both them on the bed and performs an unforgettable sole worship on their four sexy bare soles. Finally, he poses them on the bed. This is a HOT, unique video that must not be missed!

    Kidnapped, hooded and foot fucked


    A hooded and tied up girl kneels powerless on a bed; a guy enters the room and puts her to sleep, careless of her begging. He begins stripping her body, starting from the feet, and performs some general inspection and fondling before starting a good sole worship. He then pulls out his dick and begin slapping it on her cute palms, before moving back to the feet and start a good sole fuck, at the end of which he cums all over her toes and soles... This is a very realistic clip, offering lots of POV shots and a great sequence showing the foot fuck with the camera resting on the girl's thighs!

    Girl put to sleep and foot abused - Part 1


    A young girl is sitting on a couch reading a book when a couple of burglars assault her and put her to sleep; once alone with her body, one of them takes off her shoes and stockings and begins to worship her bare feet. He also asks his friend to grab her legs and drive her feet on his face, while he can just kneel there and enjoy the touch of her soles on his face. To be continued...

    Girl put to sleep and foot abused - Part 2


    Continued from Part 1, the sleeping girl is now carried to the bedroom and dumped on the bed, face down. It's time for the other burglar to enjoy her cute soles and toes, so he performs a long worship on them. Finally, the two burglars get the money and run away, leaving the girl barefoot on the bed

    Heavy sleeper footfucked and cumshot


    A young redhead is so tired that she falls asleep like no one is there; a man gets her sleepy body and strips her naked; he oils her soles and legs up and begins fondling her feet and worshiping her toes and soles. Finally, he starts fucking her feet and stroking his dick, until he shoots (real) cum on her left foot. Then he abandons her body there..

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    Her daughter for rent!


    An evil mother puts her daughter to sleep and calls a boy, with the aim of asking money to let him having fun with her body. He accepts, and she remains there watching him having fun with her daughter's soles. NOTE: these two women are mother and daughter in REAL life!

    Sleepyfeet Roleplay and Footabuse


    Pepper Kester plays the part of a girl who teases a big man, for getting his money after letting him play with her dirty dusty feet. After some sleepy simulation and foot play, he puts her to sleep for real and has a long fun with her, carrying her in the bedroom, worshipping her feet and stripping her body naked!

    Multigirl body and foot inspection - Bonus scene


    In this last part, we see each one of the eight sleepy girls being lifted from the pile, brought in the center of the room, being rolled on back and tummy and having their feet quickly inspected and worshiped, then back to the pile. The video ends with some pans on different body pile configurations!!

    The Sleepy Therapy POV - Allie James


    Allie James goes to a special clinic which offers a unique therapy for shy girls. Basically, they put the patient to sleep and let a stranger do whatever he wants with her body. They capture everything with a video camera, and later on the girl can see what has been done with her and experience a tremendous embarrassment, causing her to react less ashamed in future situations. In this case we see the camera footage of Allie James being handled by a foot fetishist neighbor, who refers to the POV camera as if he's speaking to Allie, since she's supposed to watch the video later! This is an innovative video from us, don't miss it!

    Raft Footabuse Party!


    Four girls and a guy are partying on a raft, drinking beer - lots of it. The sun is beating down, it's midday, and shortly after they all chugged a can of beer, their bodies give in to the sun and the alcohol and they start collapsing, unable to further realize what's going on. Two guys approach the raft and once they realize that the girls really don't have any perception of reality, they jump up on to the raft and start worshipping their feet, freely, having their way with them! They also touch them all over, having lots of fun with the situation.
    We are proud to offer you such an unusual video due to the exceptionally difficult and expensive shoot. Thank you for supporting us!

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    Ragdoll Ex Girlfriend - Part I


    Karma is a young co-ed that loves to experiment. She met an older professional Chris and enjoyed him for a few weeks, then dumped him for some new redneck boyfriends. He shows up as she is reading a magazine in her new sundress and flip flops, having come straight from the pedicurist with fresh polish. Chris sneaks up and puts her to sleep. She falls face down flat and Chris starts right away playing with her body, arms, feet, legs, and worshipping her perfect feet. He rolls her over, unzips the dress, plays with her ass and legs, then her pussy through her panties. He is amazed by her limp body and the way he can manipulate and rag doll her. He gets her dress down playing with her tiny tits and then sucking on her toes. He curls her up in a ball, sitting her lifting her and flopping her limbs back to the floor. He does this in many ways, sensually, with no regrets. To be continued...

    Ragdoll Ex Girlfriend - Part II


    Continued from Part 1, after putting his ex girlfriend to sleep, Chris brings her to the bedroom for a long foot fuck, and some rag dolling... She is his toy for the next few hours, so he has some things in mind that he loved to do with her when she was proud to be his rag doll girl with the most perfect feet he has ever seen, tasted, licked, and definitely fucked. He rubs oil on her body, kneading her ass like bread dough. He oils her up good, especially her ass, pussy, and feet. As Chris fucks her soles he tries some new positions, and her limp body is making him rock hard. After a long foot screw, he shoots his load on her soles. Then, he leaves her there for a sec while he grabs some towels to wipe her feet clean.

    Obsessed Intruder


    Chris is obsessed with his sexy neighbor Baby Red, he sees her everyday when she get's home, and today is her day off. He takes the opportunity to visit her, but not announced, in fact he sneaks in as she is doing laundry and puts her to sleep. He starts to undress her, tosses her on the bed, oils up her ass, legs, and feet. The feet are so sexy, glazed with oil, ready to be fondled and fucked. He gets obsessed and has his way with her sexy feet, then ejaculates on her soles and leaves.

    Pretending To Be Out!


    Here we have a great lesbian scene featuring porn star Trinity St. Clair! A girl rushes in her house, looking scared, and pretends to faint. She is actually a burglar and expects Trinity to run away calling for help, so that she can steal something from her house. But, actually she ends trapped up in Trinity's hands, as she's a lesbian who wants to take advantage of the situation: she drags the girl on the bed, starts fondling her all over, and begins worshiping her feet for a long time, while the other one cannot do nothing but keep pretending to be out! Actually we can "hear" her thoughts, and she actually enjoys the worship very much! At some point Trinity begins fingering herself while worshiping her feet, until she orgasms... But, unexpectedly, the other girl wakes up angry with the kinky lesbian, who faints; at that point the burglar takes off all her precious jewellery and runs away. She won!

    Business Analysis in Molvania - The making of a Robomeat


    A very important, highly ranking consultant flies to Molvania to analyse the business operation of a client. After some smalltalk with the owner, she tells him his business is not doing well and his best plan of action would be to sell it as soon as possible. Offended by this, he gets angry and starts telling her that she's not doing a good job, the reason he called her in the first place was to save his beloved business. She gets offended as well, but before she can explain her recommendation the owner calls for Igor, his bizarre assistant who only makes creepy sounds. Igor tells her she's going to be turned into a Robomeat, a kind of robot doll for cleaning the house, and other things one could think of... He ties her arms behind her back, ignoring her loud protesting, and puts her to sleep. He then proceeds to carry her to another room where he drops her down on a bed, taking off her high heel shoes and fondling/inspecting her limp body.
    There is no explicit foot fetish content here, but a lot of great foot views and closeups of her soles!

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    Tina Kay's Sleepyfeet and face play


    This is a set of scenes in which Tina Kay gets knocked out by a guy in some various silly ways. Once she's down she starts to snore soundly, as the creep plays with her face and grabs her limp feet and starts rubbing and playing with them. This is probably the highest definition review of her soles and toes you can find around.

    FULL VERSION in FULL HD 1080p -->
    Part 1 only (HD 720p) -->
    Part 2 only (HD 720p) -->

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    Dakota Charms repeatedly goes down


    Shy Dakota Charms has a problem with falling limp every time she gets scared or nervous! Psymon yells, "Boo!" and down she flops onto the bed. He snickers and uses this as an opportunity to strip all her clothes off and play with her lovely smooth feet. He plays with the rest of her body, too - her limp arms and legs, her face and her pussy, posing and positioning her however he wants her. She wakes up naked and confused, which of course just makes her fall limp again! He comes back in and starts worshipping and licking her sleepy feet and then dresses them up with pretty black stockings and black heels. She wakes up again wondering what happened, but then falls limp AGAIN. Hehe. Then Psymon comes back and has his way with her, fucking her hard in her heels and then taking them off so that her pantyhose feet flop with each thrust!

    Foot Theft Series - Jerking off at her feet while she dreams


    Another one amateurish clip professionally made: someone steps into a girl's bedroom in the night, undoes the bed's sheets and exposes her legs and feet. There he gently takes off her socks and starts sniffing and licking her soles, always paying attention at her movements and breathing, as she could wake up anytime and catch him! But she doesn't, and so he begins masturbating, also rubbing his dick on those sleeping soles, getting a forbidden pleasure moment before leaving the room. Will she ever know about all this?

    Business girl gets hooded and foot assaulted


    A girl (Calula) is doing her business sitting at a table, when a burglar rushes in and puts her to sleep; he places a hood over her head, lays her down upon the table and cuts her pantyhose off using a pair of scissors; he exposes her bare legs, takes off her high heel shoes and starts worshipping her limp feet, occasionally slapping her soles with his dick. Once he's done, he leaves her there.

    Rilynn Foot Abused By Stranger while Drunk


    Rilynn Rae went out partying, flirting with Steve, and hanging with friends, but she made a mistake; when she got home and fell asleep, she forgot to lock her door! Steve's friend, Rock, decided he would follow her home and sneak in and play with her sleeping body and massage her feet and sniff them. During all the time, she can't do anything but snoring

    Solara Falls Asleep and is Handled by an Evil Guy


    Solara is very drunk and can barely stand up. She soon falls down on the beds, sound asleep and snoring. She is later discovered by a guy, who begins to strip her naked and then handles, rolls, and flops her limp body. He's also a foot fetishist so he pays special attention to her limp soles, along with her face, hands, arms, and legs. As he enjoys himself playing with her body, Solara keeps snoring, completely unaware of what is happening

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    Roomate Ragdoll Footfuck


    Karma owns a house, she rents rooms to people and her roommate Chris she wants to move out because he creeps her out. She is rude to him trying to hurry him, but unexpectedly he puts her to sleep. Chris ragdolls her hard, playing with the body for a while, in different positions, crunching her into a ball, then dropping her limp hand. He does all kinds of flopping, bending, undressing, worshipping the feet, then carrying and more extreme ragdolling. He is so strong and vigorous that her body seems to have no weight at all, as he drops and tosses her around! This is just the beginning, but hey, it's 23 minutes of pure limp fetish! After a very long time kissing, sucking, fucking her pussy (simusex but looking great), and rubbing his dick on her feet, he gets the idea to fuck her feet. He flips her around, and over the arm of the couch fucking her wet pussy hard before doing her feet. This excites him so much, he spends lots of time fucking her soles, and her feet. He fucks them in many different positions before cumming on her oiled up feet, and finally tosses her down.

    Foot Theft Series - Kelly and Desiree


    I sneak into Kelly's bedroom, who is snoring soundly, but this time I'm not alone: fabulous Desiree is with me, interested to try out the foot theft experience in a lesbian approach, so I'm mostly filming in a POV style while she does most of the foot play on sleeping Kelly's soles. Occasionally I join her in the foot worship, and at one point I start driving Kelly's sleeping foot into Desiree's mouth, until we have to run out because it seems like Kelly is going to wake up...

    Limp Foot Fetish Casting - Desiree and Kelly


    Me and my assistant Kelly are running our usual foot fetish casting on Desiree, who willing accepts to be put to sleep. So she goes, and Kelly starts handling and inspecting her limp feet, showing them off to the camera. She also ties her ankles up and performs some limb flopping marionette style.
    But, at some point, I lose control; I suddenly put my assistant to sleep too. It is the end of the casting, and the beginning of my fun. I'm alone now. I start inspecting the 4 limp feet, all for me, and show them off to the camera for you all to enjoy!

    A monster behind the curtain


    Sianaev Scott approaches a curtain, as she's hearing some strange noises behind. She kneels down and suddenly gets grabbed by something - a monster - which powerlessly starts to drag her in. It is a desperate fight, during which she screams and her legs kick, her bare feet trying to grasp the ground... But the monster is strong, and at some point she gets it, and instantly she's out. We see her legs going limp, suddenly, and at that point the monster can slowly drag her behind the curtain with no effort, as her limp figure has stopped fighting.

    Limp hooded girl is stripped naked inspected and foot worshipped


    A hooded girl is laying limp in a dirty place, in the hands of a burglar. He decides to strip her naked, so he goes on, freeing up her wrists, taking off one clothing piece at a time, enjoying the sight of her beautiful young body getting naked and exposed before him... Plenty of rollings and body fondling. Once she is completely naked and the hood is the only thing left on her, the criminal starts to masturbate while worshipping her beautiful soles, but before he can cum his phone rings. His gang mates are approaching to pick her up, it is too late, he has to give it up. What a pity, as the sleeping girl didn't mind at all about being naked and enjoyed!

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    Cute girl footabused and cumshot while unconscious


    Chris is waiting for this new girl to show up and shoot some stick. She comes in and starts to put her cue together while asking what the stakes are, because the ad he has up on "Ed’s list" is vague. He says, "$100 a game of 8 ball", she immediately starts to put her cue back in the case and arrogantly says that she is from Vegas and they only shoot for a thousand or more. She packs up and starts to leave, but Chris surprises her from behind and knocks her out. Now the real game can begin!

    Chris dumps her body on the pool table. He moves her around posing her, fingers her, plays with her tits, and performs a lot of body manipulation. He lays her there, face down, and rubs her with coconut oil. After lots of foot play and sole worship, he rubs his cock on her feet and fucks them busting a huge (REAL) creamy load on her feet, then wipes himself off on her feet. After some more intimacy with the feet, he cleans her off and flips her onto her back, legs spread, and leaves her there, with her unconscious pussy and tits exposed for the world to see. I wonder if they do that in Vegas as well?

    Foot Theft Series - Denny


    I sneak into Denny's bedroom where she is sleeping naked. I make sure she is really out: she is! So I take my time, touch and handle her juicy bare feet while she has no idea of what's going on... She keeps moving and moaning a bit in her sleep, but doesn't wake up at all, so I go on touching and kissing her soles, until looks like she starts to come back and I have to run away to avoid getting caught.

    Vigorous Assault


    A petite redhead is vigorously assaulted and immediately out to sleep by a burglar, who then tosses her limp body on the couch and rips her pantyhose off her feet and thighs, pulling her shirt up. He begins worshipping her limp bare soles in ecstasy, and keeps doing that for several minutes. Soon he can't resist the urge any more and fucks her, showing us her dangling feet next to his shoulders

    Inspecting and enjoying Yulia's body


    We see two guys carrying a sleeping girl onto a dungeon table. While making comments about her, they begin fondling, inspecting and stripping her naked. One of the guys spends a long time worshipping her bare, limp soles. Then he starts fucking her, and the camera shows us her feet dangling at each stroke...

    Creepy Foot Fucker - Full Movie


    Two girls are hanging out by the river and a creepy dude just keeps staring, not even talking, just staring at the girls. They head home and when they arrive it's time to put things away and get cleaned up. They forget to close the door all the way and as they are attending to things the Creepy dude shows up, sneaks in and waits for Lilith to come around the corner. He grabs her quickly from behind and puts her to sleep; he heads up the steps to get the blonde. He sees her tending to her stuff and he puts her to sleep too. The creep heads down steps and starts in with the short haired gal with the perfect bare feet. He molests her body playing with her feet, checking out her up-skirt and tits, then he scoops her up and carries her to the bed with the other chick. He tosses her down, rag-dolling them both for a bit. He is very interested in getting them mostly naked, and then fucking their feet. He sees that the blonde is wearing pantyhose, WOW, VARIETY!! The creep is excited so he undresses himself and starts to fondle, sniff, suck, and then fuck the limp girls' feet ending up slapping them with his cock and fucking the soles hard until he unloads himself all over both feet, making sure he gets every bit there. After he cums he gets dressed and heads to make a sandwich, while the cum soaked feet are viewed and panned

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    Sleeping girl has pantyhose ripped off and feet worshipped


    A young girl is put to sleep in her living room; once alone with her body, he begins to handle and touch her everywhere, paying most of the attention to her cute feet. He tears off her pantyhose exposing her vagina, bare legs and soles, and continues worshiping them. He rolls her multiple times on the couch. Finally, he escapes leaving her there, exposed.

    Vivian Jade sleepy toy for rent - HARDCORE FOOTAGE #1


    Vivian is short on her rent again, the landlord wants it as soon as possible! Her housemate makes her an unusual offer... he gives her the chance to be put to sleep and used as a sex toy by a very wealthy man (whom she will never meet consciously) who would pay her handsomely, but in return can and will do anything he wants with her body. The housemate promises to remain on the scene and film everything on tape, so that she can later watch what happened. Vivian is hesitant at first, but then gets thrilled by the idea and agrees. Once she is out, the rich guy arrives and they start inspecting, fondling and undressing the unconscious, limp Vivian, focusing on her perfect soles and also on her legs, ass, breasts and face. Soon they oil her body up and he starts jerking off by using her, slapping his dick on her soles, breasts and face, sliding it into her mouth as well! Meanwhile, the camera records everything in a very realistic, amateurish style... Finally, he ends with a (real!) cumshot on her feet...
    You do not want to miss this one, this is EPIC! Vivian's feet are some of the greatest ones we've ever seen and this is really long, uncensored footage - nothing is simulated here, all real!

    Vivian Jade sleepy toy for rent - HARDCORE FOOTAGE #2


    In this final part of Vivian's way to pay her rent, we see the rich guy cleaning his cum off from Vivian's feet and leaving her to his buddy, Vivian's housemate. It's his turn, so he oils up her ass, legs and feet and proceeds masturbating on her soles again! He cums even more on them, he can't get enough of her delicious soles! Finally her feet get cleaned once again, and her housemate redresses her limp body... Time for him to stop the camera and wait for her to wake up, so she can watch what has been done to her...

    Anesthetized and foot abused at the dentist


    A sexy, young girl goes to the dentist complaining that her tooth hurts. He says that he is really swamped at the moment but can anesthetize her and keep her in his office so she doesn't have to wait in agonizing pain. She naively accepts and soon the dentist finds himself alone with the girl's defenseless body. He cancels all upcoming appointments, strips the poor unconscious girl from the waist down and begins a very thorough examination of his patient. After enjoying her perky breasts and feet he get an idea. He rolls her on her stomach, fucks her delectable soles and after cumming all over them, he rubs her feet together, distributing his cum and letting it dry on her naive little soles

    Inspecting a hooded body looking for a memory card


    A man enters carrying a sleeping hooded girl in his arms. He drops her on the bed and starts searching a memory card on her. The body gets rolled multiple times, inspected and progressively stripped naked, until only the hood remains: we never see the girl's face, but her full nudity is revealed as the inspection goes on. Once the man finds what he's looking for, he leaves the sleeping girl there.
    This high-resolution video features multiple rollings, handling, and LOTS of foot closeups!

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    Tina Kay Dream Footfuck and Handjob


    Housemate Tina Kay loves to party, and to get home at dawn; she enters her bedroom, totally drunk, and barely has the time to drop limp on her bed, without undressing herself. At about lunchtime I knock on her door and enter her room: she's still sleeping and I try to wake her up, but instead she keeps dreaming and moaning, totally confused. So I understand the situation and take the freedom to take off her shoes and start worshipping her feet: she's not here with her mind, so I can do whatever... But her body can feel the worship anyway, so the feeling of my tongue under her feet causes her to dream about something hotter, and she starts moaning more soundly. At that point I realize she's horny asleep, and I move up, laying down beside her. I put her hand on my cock, and in her sleep she grabs is and starts giving me a sleeping handjob... Wondering what she's dreaming about?? She's visibly dreaming about something hot, probably giving a handjob to her boyfriend, but it's me instead and she will never know!
    After some time I move back down to her feet, and start slapping my hard dick on them: she keeps moaning, as her dream goes on. I keep taking advantage of her sleepy feet in the meantime, masturbating over them, until I cum all over her soles, and she keeps dreaming soundly! I love my partying housemate!
    Then I clean her feet with a towel, but she unexpectedly wakes up, catching me. I'm quite embarrassed, but fortunately she's still too drunk to realize I probably did something to her, so I manage to make her believe all is right and she can go on having a nap.

    Trisha gives herself as a gift


    It's a boring evening and there's nothing to do: Trisha and her boyfriend are quite bore, but at some point Trisha willingly drinks something which puts her to sleep, so her boyfriend can perform a lot of limp play, lift and carry, foot worship and handling while she's out.
    At some point she seems to wake up, but he puts her to sleep again, and goes on lifting her body around the room and playing with her.

    Sleepygirl mind control - Part I


    Viva lays asleep on her bed, when a guy approaches and uncovers her legs; as her mind is lost in some kind of dream, he starts handling her feet, which someway react to him even if the girl's mind is not there. He then pulls out his dick and starts rubbing it on her soles; finally, he bends down and sinks his face on her feet, sniffing and kissing them. To be continued in Part II and III...

    Sleepygirl mind control - Part II


    Continued from Part I, the girl wakes up in a kind of sleepwalking trance and lays on the guy in a sexual mood. He can control her by simply pronouncing words such as "bang", "sleep", "struggle", "life": the girl will fall senseless or wake up depending on the word. He plays with her fondling her body, especially when limp, and ends rubbing his dick on her soles while she lays asleep on her belly.

    Sleepygirl mind control - Part III


    The thrilling conclusion of our series starts with the guy offering a foot massage to the mind controlled girl which soon makes her tremble and then fall into a deep trance once again and he is free to turn the innocent massage into a hot foot worship session as she's unable to realize what is happening. Soon after that she comes back to consciousness and is going to leave, but the guy decides that he is not done and trances her again making her unconscious for a final dragging and sole worship on the bed.

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    Tiffany has to smell her feet and faints because of bad smell


    Tiffany comes back home from a long day of work, when suddenly a female burglar rushes in and forces her to take off her shoes and smell her own feet; Tiffany tries to resist because she knows how stinky her feet are, but she has to do it. The smell is too much, so she soon falls down limp. At that point the burglar goes on and keeps driving Tiffany's foot on her face; unable to react, she can only moan in her sleep, protesting, but this keeps her out. Finally, the burglar strips her up to the underwear. Please note that the dialogues in this video are in italian language!

    Lesbian Foot Worship on a Gas-masked Girl


    Tiffany comes in carrying the limp body of a cute girl, a gas mask wrapping her head; she dumps her on the bed and starts inspecting her body. She's immediately attracted by her feet, so she takes off the high heels shoes, discovering a pair of limp sexy juicy feet.
    Tiffany fondles the nameless girl's soles, inspecting them carefully, enjoying the contact of such smooth flesh. Soon she gets more excited and involved, and she starts kissing and worshipping the limp soles and toes... She squeezes those sleepy soles with passion, as her tongue runs up and down on them, wetting them with saliva. The gas-masked girl remains still and limp, unaware that her hot feet are being used like that by another girl!
    Later Tiffany rolls her to the belly, takes off the girl's jeans exposing her legs as well, and goes on worshipping these stunning feet...

    Captured secretaries get footabused


    Just taken out of the van, asleep with their hands tied behind their backs, two young secretaries are brought to a bandit who has the secret place to hide them waiting for the ransom to be paid (they have just been captured in a bank robbery). Once alone, before carrying them to the secret place, the guy wants to take off their shoes and have some good time with their smooth soles, worshiping and fucking them for several minutes, as the girls cannot have any idea of what's going on...

    After party body play and humiliation


    A lovely girl got loaded at a party and is now passed out drunk. Instead of carrying her back home, her friends (two guys and one cute girl) bring her to the kitchen and place her on a prep table where they begin stripping her naked making fun of her powerless situation. They’re making a video of the whole session, so that they can show it to her tomorrow and she can be humiliated by their prank… Their harmless prank quickly becomes much more serious as they give into their lust and inspect her body, all her holes, worship her feet, slap her ass and fuck her mouth. The other girl fingers herself while licking the victims sleeping soles, and they even make fun of her by moving her lips in front of the camera! There is a lot of action, humiliation and fun in this video!

    Tranced Tessa Footabused


    A guy goes to a female friend's house to fix her computer. Once there, he sees her friend, Tessa, sitting on a chair mumbling with her eyes fixed forward into nothingness. He asks what happened to her, and the other girl replies she took some drugs and will be in a hypnotized state for at least a couple of hours...Her eyes are open, but she is oblivious to the world! She gets bored and leaves them alone in her room. Before getting to work on the computer, he gets to work on Tessa! There are so many fringe benefits to being a hot girl's nerdy friend!

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    Captured Daughter


    The Chief of Police's daughter has been captured and chloroformed by two Mafia henchmen. Once alone with her, one of them strips her bottomless and plays with her tender womanhood. He saves her pillowy soft soles for last and then begins pleasing himself using her soft smooth soles to pass the time until the Chief pays. Lets see the chief continue to crack down on the Syndicate after this!

    Making fun of him


    Alex is spying Juliette and Tessa who are sitting on a sofa, joking about his foot fetish; they believe he is a weirdo and keep laughing. He enters the room offering them a strange drink, and they shortly fall asleep; now he has their bodies and soles to have fun with, so he strips them naked and kneels down to worship their four bare feet. Finally, as a revenge, he lays one girl on the other upside-down, and starts making fun of them by doing some foot game with them: sliding toes in mouth, rubbing and slapping the soles on the other girl’s face, and so on…

    Anesthetized and foot abused by dentist II


    The dentist strikes again! This time we have a cute girl who needs to have her tooth drilled. She's really anxious, scared by the pain, she really wants to escape. The dentist is unable to work like that, so he offers her the chance to get an injection on her neck that will paralyze her brain for a couple of hours, turning her into a vegetable so that he can finish his work. This appears as a good deal to her, so she gladly accepts. The dentist completes his job on her, and then decides to have a good time using her bare feet as pleasure toys. After he's done, he redresses the body and drags her away, and he's ready for the next one.

    The cleaner's footabuse


    The work day is over and the night cleaning girl begins her rounds. Suddenly a thief sneaks up behind her and chloroforms her. He brushes aside the office equipment and drags her body on the desk. He exposes her perky breasts, strips off her stockings and gets to work worshiping her delicious, sexy soles! Once he satisfies his foot lust, he places the keyboard and mouse and starts stealing all the corporate secrets. Once done he takes his disk and places a nice thank you note on the helpless cleaning girl's body.

    Foot Theft Series - Syndari


    This time I snuck into the bedroom I found Syndari in bed, lost in a deep sleep. So I decided as usual to raise the sheets up and have a good time with the girl's feet, while my camera I grab an uncut version to show you how her feet look, and let you imagine how they taste like... Until she starts to wake up, and I have to run away! Syndari's feet are so soft and smooth that they are calling for more!

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    The Teacher Goes Down


    Ms. Jones is sitting at her desk grading papers when a student sneaks in and puts her to sleep. Before her lights go out, she slurs her speech in a funny, sexy way - then her head falls back. The student becomes bold and vigorous as he sees the condition of Ms Jones. He caresses her and moves her body, grabbing her legs so that her high-heeled feet are propped up on the desk were he can worship them. After playing with her magnificent soles and feet, he moves her around in different poses, handling her body in a rude way, always keeping the soles quite visible. For each pose he takes pics of her, probably to post them somewhere or to keep them for personal use. Once he's done, he puts her back in her chair with her feet propped up on her desk, but not before grading her feet by writing an A on her sole, using her own lip stick.

    Foot Theft Series - Neve


    I sneak into Neve's bedroom where she is sleeping in sexy underwear. I take my time, touch and handle her juicy bare feet while she has no idea of what's going on... She keeps moving in her sleep, but doesn't wake up at all, so I go on touching and kissing her soles, jerking and slapping my dick on her unconscious feet.

    Please note that there are no face shots in this clip!

    Jewell Marceau tucks drunk Stacey to bed


    Stacey has partied all night long; she's extremely tired and drunk when she gets back home, at the point that her house mate Jewell has to tuck her into bed. But, as soon as Stacey lays on the bed, she instantly falls in a deep sleep, leaving Jewell to do all the heavy work with her limp body.
    Soon Jewell will get turned on by that limp body and feet, beginning to undress Stacey completely, worshipping her soles, sucking her toes, using her as her own doll, before actually relaxing down together...

    Stella's Sleepyfeet Play


    I come back home and I find an unknown girl totally limp on my bed; I get no response, so I start groping and inspecting her limp feet, showing them off to the camera.

    Stella is amazing in playing limp and also has an amazing body and feet!

    Creep Intruder - Sonya


    Sonya is reading newspapers in her living room when a creep sneaks in and puts her to sleep. Actually she's more dazed and confused, as she's still able to talk and move a bit, but she's totally in his hands.
    He's looking for a pendrive hidden on her clothing but she doesn't confess, so he starts searching for it by himself; once he finds it he decides to have his way with the dazed powerless lady's feet, and in the end she seems to enjoy it even if he has just taken the pendrive away from her!

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    Sonya Captured and Mistreated


    Two burglars lead tied up Sonya in a room; they examine her, discuss about their cute prisoner, and at some point they put her to sleep and the main guy starts inspecting her limp body and feet in front of the POV camera.

    Never Seen a Naked Girl II


    After the success of our old first clip on the topic, we thought it was nice to make a second one. This time we see a really unfortunate geek being molested by a punky tattooed girl, who deiced to willingly put herself to sleep using a pill, so he can have a look at her body undisturbed, without being scared by her judgement. Once she's out, he starts to handle the limp body in a hilarious way, undressing her, getting scared at the sight of her nakedness. Once she's naked he unexpectedly focuses on her feet, sniffing and worshipping them, as he's evidently into that. It is probably his first and only intercourse with real feet, and soon he ends up touching himself in a ridiculous way - Unfortunately that's when the girls wakes up, catching him in the act at her feet... Humiliated and terrified, the geek pushes himself in the corner in total shame, apologizing, trying to convince her that he was just having a look.

    Ryanne footabused on the massage table


    Ryanne goes to a famous masseur looking to have some tension released... he lets her strip and lay face down on the table, then begins massaging while having some smalltalk with her. Soon she feels so tired and relaxed that she falls in a very deep sleep and, at that point, we see the guy inspecting her oiled body, focusing on her delicious soles that he craves so much... He uses her limp hand to boost his boner and then begins masturbating, slapping his dick on her oiled up soles and sliding it between them, until he cums (for real!) on them! Finally, he takes a towel and cleans the mess off her feet before she wakes up...

    Drunk Mature Roxana Stripped and Handled


    Mature Roxana comes home and enters her bedroom visibly drunk; she can barely stand, ans soon passes out laying randomly on her bed.
    A creep sneaks in, and makes sure she is properly out; then he begins rolling and undressing her limp body, until she is completely naked for him to handle and see.
    Emphasis is on the feet with foot worship, rubbing, slapping, flopping. But there is also face play, hand play, rolling and making fun of milf Roxana's limp body.
    When she wakes up later, he is gone; she finds herself naked, but she's confused and can't remember things well. She will never know what really happened to her body!

    Mum Roxana Mature Feet and Body


    After 10 years, I went to visit my old friend, but only her mom is at home. She is quite mature now, but still stunning as she was when I was young, the subject of my earliest sexual fantasies. She lets me in, just for some small talk about how we've been in 10 years, and at some point we get a glass of wine, and that puts her to sleep. At that point, I'm alone. I start undressing her body, exploring my friend's mom like I never had the chance to, worshipping her mature but hot feet for the first time. I undress her completely naked, and finally I lay her down on the couch, worshipping her feet as I jerk off. That is definitely not what I was expecting when going to visit my old friend!

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    Portia's Job Interview Fail


    Portia is having a very good job interview, and she gets confirmed. The boss wants to celebrate the event by offering her a very fine drink; she's not very good with drinks and she knows that it's going to put her to sleep, but she accepts it anyway as she doesn't want to ruin the magic. Useless to say it happens, and she unexpectedly flops down after performing a set of silly and astonished faces: she now lays on the ground, snoring soundly. Even more surprisingly, there the boss takes off her shoes and begins a long handling of her feet, performing a lot of limp foot play, massaging, rubbing and a little worship, showing off her soles while she keeps snoring soundly.
    When she wakes up, later, she's super embarrassed but the boss tells her she's going to get the job anyway, but no more drinks for her!

    Getting his sister's sleepyfeet


    A girl comes back home late at night. She is coming back from a great party and drank and smoked way too much. Her brother is still awake and tries talking to her but it is evident that she is done for the night. Being the great brother that he is he helps her reach her bed, but as soon as she get there, she passes out. He tries to wake her up so that she can at least take of her jacket and shoes and get herself under the sheets, but there's no response at all, so he decides to do it all himself before leaving. However, once alone with her body, he realizes that this could be his one shot to have her feet that he has lusted after all these years. It's good to have such a supportive family.

    The Stolen Body of Snow White


    Snow White has been kidnapped! She is hand delivered to an evil Prince. He is instructed that she will remain forever asleep and that he can do whatever he wants to her unresistant body, however, one kiss on her lips will awaken her and make her become his love slave. Our Prince has a ball slowly exploring her ivory body. He thoroughly enjoys her delectable feet, her soft ass and perky breasts.
    But then he goes a little too far...

    Dominating a hooded secretary's body and feet


    Some women just don't understand when to stop being such a tease. This particular piece of meat is the head secretary. Always wearing high heels and showing generous cleavage was all it took for her intrepid coworker to teach her a lesson. A little chloroform and a dark parking lot made it all too easy to capture this delicate beauty. She is hooded and unceremoniously deposited on his bed. He takes his time stripping her piece by piece and enjoying her body. He pays special attention to her perky breasts, full ass and perfectly shaped feet. He keeps the hood on his captive the entire time and there is a huge amount of fondling, rolling and foot play in this video!

    Two friends tricked and foot abused


    Proper timing ensures you're never late, ensures success and in this case ensures that you get two knocked out gullible women to play with! The guy mixes a little sleeping medication in one of the girls drink and a lot in the others. This has the fascinating effect of knocking one out first. Once she's out the guy and the girl take advantage of the K.O.'ed captive. The girl runs her hands over the unconscious girl, exposes her breasts and sucks sweetly on her perky nipples. She then- well that's all she does because that's when her drink kicks in and knocks her out as well! The guy, now alone with two knocked out babes, undresses them, carries them to a bed where he poses them and rubs his dick over their four exposed soles. He then has even more fun by manipulating their bodies, making them kiss, posing them in the 69 position, rubbing their feet all over their faces and then leaves them that way to slowly come to and discover themselves in that compromising situation! Timing is everything. ..

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    The Dentist 4


    In this episode of our successful dentist-series, we see a cute business woman go to the dentist because her teeth hurt and she can't sleep well, and this is a real problem because she needs to always be on top of things at her job. As usual, he tells her he has to put her to sleep, and she agrees without hesitation. But once he has her to himself, he puts her legs on a stool, takes her high heel shoes and stockings off and begins sniffing and worshipping her bare soles... then he lays her face down on a medical bed and begins dripping oil on her cute legs and feet, spreading it wide with his hands. He goes on and on as we see her beautiful caves, heels and soles getting all shiny and soft because of the oil... he takes out a dildo, this time he slides the dildo between her slippery moist soles and slaps it on them so that we can hear the sound of her perfect, youthful feet. It looks just like a sleepy footjob, only with a dildo. Then he moves up and... is he fucking her mouth? We can't tell, the camera remains showing us her soles, legs and bare ass bouncing limply at each stroke. Once he's done he cleans his cum off her mouth, rolls her on the back and begins working at her teeth as if this simply didn't happen... but he certainly won't forget!

    A sleepygirl on the carpet


    We have a sleeping girl on the carpet; our guy enters the room and drags her on the bed, where he begins stripping her body naked. After some fondling, licking and a real good sole worship, he begins fucking her showing us her pretty bare feet dangling in the air everytime he strikes. He then lays her back down on the carpet, wraps her body into it and drags it away.

    Military body-toy lesbian foot worship


    We find a hot handcuffed and hooded girl who has been put to sleep in a dungeon, when an army soldier enters and strips the body naked, leaving only the hood on. He leaves right after that, clearing the room for a girl dressed in military apparel. She starts fondling the body, kissing and licking her sensually, before moving down to the beautiful bare soles. She sits down and starts worshipping them while pleasuring herself until she orgasms. Then, overwhelmed by shame, she runs away. Soon the soldier comes back and starts fucking the unconscious prisoner, we can see her cute feet dangling at every stroke. Once he's done, he leaves the body behind and returns to his business.

    Bandits Inspect Hooded Body Looking for a Memory Card


    Continuing our "memory card" series, here we see a couple of bandits (a man and a woman) pulling in a lovely lady in stockings and high heels, who's handcuffed and hooded. She claims she doesn't know anything about the memory card they're looking for, so they go and put her to sleep, intending to strip her body naked and inspect her everywhere. So they begin their task, handling and rolling her around like an object, stripping her until only the hood remains... But, finally they remove it as well, inspecting her face, mouth and hair... Will they find what they're looking for? Please note there is no explicit foot fetish practice in this video, but some lovely sole shots and a lot of limp play

    The Psycho Psychologist


    Olive has been having a hard time lately, so she calls her friend and gets the number to a psychologist. She sets up and appointment and when she reveals she has been having these dreams about giving blowjobs to everyone, the doctor goes mad and decides to try her on the spot. He has a way about him that isn't quite right as Olive starts to get excited about the whole deal... At some point he bends her over the desk and starts to fuck her from behind, and, in the middle of the fuck, he puts her to sleep and goes on with her body. Then, since he is a foot man also, he lays her face down on his desk and strips her legs and feet naked; he begins sniffing and worshipping her soles, wetting them up with a lot of saliva, and then starts slapping his dick on them, soundly! He masturbates with those sexy feet, and finally cums all over her sweet soles... Please note that either the blowjob and the fucking are REAL, and quite HOT!

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    Snoring Olive foot molested


    Olive has had too much to party, she returns home and stumbles around before dropping down. Her roommate, Alex comes in and see's Olive gone, so he takes advantage of it being the sick pervert he is. He strips her down and starts massaging her feet, flopping her arms and legs around as he does, then he messes with her face, squishing her cheeks together. On the very end Olive wakes up very confused and he gets caught.

    Sleeping Nyxon gets foot abused


    "This pill will make you have the most lucid dreams and make you feel like a new woman upon waking but it will make you stay unconscious for one day" Addie says to her friend Nyxon about a new drug… Needless to say that Nyxon is super excited to try it and begs Addie to look after her body while she tries it immediately.

    Fortunately for us, as soon as she’s out, Addie decides to profit from her friend’s sleeping body. She calls a man who is willing to pay for some fun, and asks him what does he want to see. He says he wants to see her soles, so Addie begins stripping her unconscious friend’s legs and shows him her sexy sleeping feet. Then he wants to see her soles being worshipped by her friend, so Addie begins performing a very sensual worship on those sleeping toes and soles.

    After a long worship, the guy asks Addie to strip Nyxon’s completely and show him all her tattoos. After a full inspection, seizes Addie from behind and chloroforms her. He removes her high heel shoes and her stockings, inspecting her unresisting bare feet, and drags her face down upon her sleeping friend, leaving them there with their bare soles exposed and dead to the world…

    Lots of ragdolling in this one!

    Nyxon Autograph Assault


    Nyxon is a famous wrestler, whom Ammalia keeps asking her for an autograph. However, Nyxon is always denying her. As she's super busy training herself, Ammalia takes her from behind and puts the famous star to sleep. At that point she begins stripping her, and it's a LONG job, as she is wearing more than 15 pieces of clothing! Ammalia has to move, drag, and roll Nyxon's body until she's fully naked and exposed. She also has to put her to sleep once again when at some point she recovers. Once naked, Ammalia performs some foot play, limb flopping and face play before leaving the champion naked and defeated for not having given her an autograph...

    Foot Theft Series - Nyxon Wakes Up, Catches Me, Humiliates Me


    You know I like to sneak in the bedroom when there is a cute girl sleeping, to play with her feet and enjoy them secretly... Well, this time Nyxon was in bed, all naked with her brand new breasts, and I turned on the camcorder as usual, to show you the footage in POV style. I started to handle her bare feet, flopping them, sniffing, and worshipping them as she slept. I moved the camera in different positions to be able to document the theft. But, in the middle of the video, Nyxon suddenly woke up and I'm caught, speechless. The camera remained on, recording everything. Nyxon sounded shocked, disgusted, and started to humiliate me while the camera kept recording. She ordered me to smell her feet, put them in my mouth, almost gagged me; she said she would put the footage on youtube, to show the world the pervert I am. At some point, the camera missed the scene, but you can hear all my humiliation; everything else is quite visible. This is real-looking footage, nothing has been staged.

    Nyxon tricked into the vintage freezing fridge!


    Nyxon is visiting my attic when she gets attracted by my vintage fridge; I show her the inside is empty, and tell her I often go inside, it's a secret place. I invite her to try fitting inside, and she agrees, even if she doesn't see why. But, once she's in and I close the door, I take the special remote which turns the freezing fridge on!

    This instantly stops time for Nyxon, so once I open back the door, her she is just a timestopped doll to play with, as she can not perceive time is passing and things are happening! Her face is lost in a still expression, her eyes are fixed (NO BLINKS! We do things seriously!) and I just fondle her body, expose her breasts and pull her legs out of the fridge. There I start playing with her bare feet, and even taking pictures of them with my cellphone, while Nyxon stares timestopped at me, unable to see or feel anything!

    Once I'm done, I put her back in the fridge, close the door, take the remote again and unfreeze her; she comes out as if time has not passed and nothing has happened, because in fact her mind could not perceive what I did with her!

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    Niky Dazed by Burglar


    Niky is laying on her bed, when suddenly a burglar rushes in and forces her to get dazed. She's only half asleep, she can barely raise her head up and protest while he begins taking off her shoes and worshipping her feet... And, everytime he puts her to sleep a little more, getting her weaker, until the last time she finally falls limp and unresponsive. After that, he also performs some good face play with her limp head.

    NikyH Foot Assault - German Language!


    NikyH is reading a book when a burglar rushes in and puts her to sleep. He takes off her shoes, tears her fishnets open and begins worshipping her feet. Later she starts waking up and the burglar puts her to sleep once again. She's limp again, and now the burglar performs some face play on her.

    The dialogues in this video are in german language, as a thank you to all out customers from Germany. I actually have no idea about what the actors are saying, but I hope that's something hot!

    Bride foot assaulted on her wedding day


    A happy bride is arranging herself in the bathroom, in her wedding dress, dreaming about the new life she's going to start today with her husband... But, suddenly a burglar rushes in and puts her to sleep, laying her on the floor. Disprespectfully, he puts his hands on her and pulls her gown up, revealing her bare sexy legs; he then has her high heel shoes off fly away and we can see her limp soles in front of us. He performs some good limb flopping loud legs and soles slappings. Still keeping her soles in full screen view, he begins worshipping and sucking those soles, jerking a little bit and, once he is done, he leaves her there on the floor with legs exposed and feet used. Let's hope her wedding day has not been ruined!

    Sacked up limp body toy stockings ripping and foot play


    Nikita is dragged into the scene; her sleeping body is limp and a sack covers up her torso. Only her sexy legs come out, and the evil footman takes advantage of the situation: he takes her high heels shoes off, and performs limb flopping with her limp legs. He tears off her stockings, exposing her naked calves and soles. By holding up the damaged stockings, he raises up her legs and makes her feet dangle, marionette style; he slaps the soles, worships them, and has total fun with her limp figure. He rolls her on her belly and goes on. Finally he drags her out of the scene.

    Legs and feet inspection on a sleeping girl - PART 2 of 2


    Continued from Part 1, the doctor goes on inspecting the limp college girl's legs and feet, this time focusing more on ankles and feet; he wants to feel her muscular tensions and release them through a deep massage. The college girl is super limp all the time, as she's been taken and put to sleep after a party, and now her body is nothing but a demo object for the aim. Finally, the doctor bends down and totally focuses on the soles and toes: he performs a final massage using his tongue, worshipping the limp feet and growing excited, until he decides to close the tutorial and remain alone with her...

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    Foot Theft Series - My sister Nikita


    Here we can see the point of view of a boy who steps into her sister's bedroom on saturday night, after she partied for hours and is now totally gone. He takes his freedom with her cute feet, worshipping and fucking them, considering she will never know anything about it. The style here is absolutely realistic and genuine: no cuts, the camera goes from hand held, moved on a tripod, or rested right upon the bed!

    My Sister Nikita Comes Home


    You all know Nikita and her soles, after I showed them off in the successful Foot Theft Series episode. But this time I'm showing more of her... She comes home really confused, after a night spent partying. I come home too, and find her asleep on the sofa; I try to wake her up, and once I realize she's really heavily sleeping, I decide to take off her high heels and enjoy her soles with plenty of limb play, foot worship, and masturbation with a real ending cumshot! Do not miss this one!

    My Sister Nikita And The Martini


    You already know Nikita, and the way she parties every Saturday night... and the usual way I find her, completely out cold, once I come home. This time, as usual, I found her deeply sleeping, and I turned on my camera to show you what I did with her feet. In her hands, there was a bottle of Martini which wass nearly empty... How vicious she is! So I take off her shoes and start worshipping her soft soles, always keeping an eye on the recording camera to give you a clean POV view of my secret experience. I pulled my dick out and started jerking, slapping it soundly on her soles and toes. Then I get an idea: I could wet them with the remaining Martini, staring at the drips running down her soles, and lick it off with my tongue as I run it up and down on my sister's feet! I did that a lot, and I even put the bottle between the two arches, in a kind of footjob, and I go on slapping my dick on her wet lucid soles and jerking. In the end it's a really big mess: the feet exposed, the couch soaked and the pavement wet. Nikita, messy as usual...

    Sister Nikita Day Nap Footplay


    You know sister Nikita, one of the most sexy and demanded feet of this store! Shot in POV style, with absolutely NO CUTS, in this clip I show you Nikita laying down on her bed late in the morning, still completely gone after a night spent partying and dancing; she's still dressed in a sexy outfit and high heels, as she was probably too exhausted to undress when she came at home at dawn. So, I turn on the camera and begin handling her legs and feet while recording everything for you to see: I take off her high heel shoes, start inspecting and fondling her smooth and stunning soles, while she occasionally moves in her sleep, but just involuntarily. I show off her soles in EXTREME CLOSEUPS, filling all the HD frame with her soles. I worship her feet, ragdoll them, slap them together, and slap my dick on them, while moving the camera around to provide different angles for you to see. If you like Nikita's arches (and you surely do) don't miss this clip!

    Drugged Sister Nikita Ass Groping and Foot Fuck


    You know how hot sister Nikita is, when I find her totally limp and asleep in the house... Usually after a night spent partying, but this time exhausted after the gym. However, I drug her down through an injection into her bum, just to make sure she doesn't wake up too soon. At that point her body is for all us to see, and I decide to hood her to be able to move her around with more freedom, as her face cannot be shown. I show to you how floppy she is, dropping her arms and legs. I grope her ass and thighs in front of the camera, then I expose her feet by taking off her shoes and socks, and the usual limp foot play delight begins. You can see me worshipping her limp soles, slapping and rubbing them together, jerking, slapping and rubbing my dick on them, until I cum all over them (cum is simulated!). Once again I'm here to show you off sister Nikita's body and feet, and I know how much you like her!

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