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Thread: ^^Forced Foot Smother Bondage Party^^

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    Cool ^^Forced Foot Smother Bondage Party^^

    Ruin and Lux think they are going to have a great time at Ramon's party. Spinnerella tries to warn them but it's no use; they have to find out for themselves. The party is going great until the girls start to get woozy and pass out. When they wake up, Lux finds she is hogtied and poor Ruin has her face tied to Lux's huge size 11 soles! They both struggle to be free of this awkward position but the more Lux and Ruin struggle, the more her long, huge feet mash into Ruin's face making them sweaty and smelly. Spinnerella finds them in this predicament and they think they are saved...boy...are they ever so wrong...

    Ramon's Smelly Feet Adventures
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