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    Carla the Babysitter

    When I was about 8 or 9 it seems that everybody knew I had a foot fetish before I even knew what it was. I knew I had a desire to play with girls' feet, but I didn't connect it to my sexuality until later on. My father was a truck driver and always on the road, so it was just my mom, my two sisters, and me. One was 4 years older than me and the other was 8 years older. My mom would always joke with me about it and say that it was cute. She used to tell me about when I was younger how I would always crawl around under the table whenever her friends or co-workers would come to the house. My sister, who was 12, was cool about it. I mean she never made me feel weird. Now my oldest sister, who always seemed like she hated me, would always embarrass me about it every chance she got. Every time her friends came over and I was in the room she would tell everybody to watch their feet.

    Anyway, when the school year started, both of my sisters had extra curricular activities after school, so my mom decided that I needed a babysitter. She couldn't find anybody so she asked my sisters do they know anyone. My oldest sister said one of her friends can do it. She said that her friend Carla gets out of school early, so she can be here when I got home. My mom was happy because she liked Carla and always felt that she was a good influence on my sister. She hired her immediately and gave her a key. Normally, I would be happy about a babysitter because I could try to get in her shoes, but this was different. Carla had been around our house before and always laughed when my sister embarrassed me about my facination with feet. If it was a babysitter I didn't know I could be sneaky about it, but with Carla she already knew I loved feet, so not only would I not be able to play with her feet but she might make fun of me just like my sister. Before I went to bed I begged and begged my mom to find someone else but she said that it was too late!

    The next day when I got home Carla was already in the living room sitting on the couch doing her homework. She had on a pink sweater, blue jeans, white stockings, and some loafer style black flats. We spoke to each other and I went right to the television. For a while it was quiet. She was obviously studying hard, and I was busy sitting on the floor watching cartoons. I got up to go to the kitchen to fix me a sandwich and when I get back I notice she is finishing up her homework and putting her books up. While I'm finishing my snack I glace back to see that she is watching TV. Any minute I'm thinking she is going to make me turn the channel, but she didn't. When I get up to put my plate in the kitchen she asked me to bring her something to drink. I brought her a coke and she thanked me, then she gave me a very strange look. So I got back to watching my cartoons when I hear her shoes popping off. When I look back, she has her feet on the coffee table wiggling her toes like they have been trapped in those shoes. The bottoms of her stockings weren't dirty, they just looked like they were wet from sweat. I quickly turned my head back to the TV so she doesn't notice me staring, but inside I'm going crazy. I can't really enjoy my cartoons because I was thinking about her feet. Every time I glace back to see what she's doing, she is looking right at me. Before long I smelled a funny scent in the air but couldn't figure out what it was. It smelled really sour and strong like soy sauce or worstershire sauce. Finally I put 2 and 2 together and realized it was her feet. Now I'm feeling really strange because before this day I never imagined feet could smell that strong. I mean I would just play with feet, I never paid attention to the smell. What was even stranger was the fact that I still wanted to play with her feet. So I get up to go to bathroom (so I can stare at them without her noticing) and while I'm coming back in the living room the smell hit me. Just as I'm about to sit back down she asked "don't you want to play with my feet?" I said "no", and she called me a liar. She kept asking and asking like she didn't believe me, so finally I told her that I did want to play with them but I was scared that she would tell my sister and they would make fun of me when she got home. She started smiling and apologized for laughing at me. She said at first she thought that I didn't mess with her feet because they smelled bad. Then she told me how much she appreciated how I behaved and said that she won't tell my sister if I won't. She told me not to tickle them because she hated that.

    By now I was kind of nervous, but I felt a strong sense of relief come over me. I still wondered why she was so nice about it, and I kind of felt like it was a trap, but I didn't care because it was worth the risk. So I sat next to her on the couch and she swung her feet from the coffee table straight to my lap, bringing a whole new wave of concentrated foot odor. They smelled really, really bad, but I couldn't stop sniffing. I just wanted to put my nose closer and closer. She immediately asked me how they smelled and I told her like soy sauce and she started laughing. She said she was sorry about that, then she explained how she has to walk 1.5mi. from the high school to my house. I told her it was okay, and assured her by taking her foot and putting it right up to my nose. It was still wet and completely covered my face. The smell was a lot stronger. I kept it there inhaling all of the intoxicating stench for about a minute and put it back in my lap. She looked at me and said "you must really like my feet", I just looked at her and smiled. After she turned the channel to MTV, we both just sat on the couch while I massaged her feet. I could tell she really liked it because of the noises she was making. After a while I stopped massaging them and grabbed both of ankles and put her feet right beside each other, making a little footbed. Then I laid my face on the surface and proceeded to rub my face all over the bottoms of her feet. They were a little dryer now, but the smell was still intense. She adjusted herself in her seat as her moaning grew louder.

    Next, I put her feet back down into my lap and lightly tickled them. At first, she jumped and told me to stop, but as I continued to do it she started liking it and told me how relaxing it felt. So for the rest of the evening we watched TV while I had fun with her feet. Everyday after that (up until the time when I no longer needed a babysitter)when I got home I would go directly to her feet and continue my ritual, and no matter what kind of footware she had on the smell would always be intense!

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    nice story. is it true?

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    Awesome story! It's my ultimate fantasy to go back in time and have a babysitter like that. Oh well, maybe if I'm a good person and go to heaven I can have that.


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    I LOVE TRUE stories like that. What a great girl, and what an awesome story! I would love to hear more! THANKS!

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