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Thread: Goddess Jolene's Stinky toe sock and barefeet smelling

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    Goddess Jolene's Stinky toe sock and barefeet smelling

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    Who loves stinky toe socks?? Goddess Jolene punishes Ninja with her super sweaty toe socks and bare fee tin this smoking hot clip! She makes him crawl to her sexy socked feet and grips his nose with her smelly toes, encasing all the sweat and toejam as he deeply inhales the stink. She makes him suck on them and breathe in her perfect feet. After removing the wet socks she rubs her slimy sweaty soles all over his face and makes him lick them off. Her dominating bratty control leaves him with no choice but utter foot slavery.

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    Toe socks are by far the sexiest things a girl can wear on her feet. So thanks for the post!

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