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  1. wilkins, I forget the specifics. I believe you need to have at least 5 posts on the forums before you are allowed to PM.

    Then when you visit someone's profile, there will be a "Send Private Message" button.
  2. Finally, i find all 5 parts of the stepmom story . I can share with you if you want.

    Sorry to bother you from here. Can you tell me again how can i send you private message. I will erase these messages from here after that.

  3. Also, these "Visitor Messages" are quite annoying (1000 character limit). I believe you can get access to PMs if you reach at least 5 posts.

    I suspect you could easily pass this limit by placing a few appreciation posts in various topics. You would be able to reach 2 very easily just by posting in "The Barn" and "Teenage Femdom Stories Archive".

    Please make the posts meaningful though, and not useless single-word answers.
  4. >>> I also found first two parts [...]

    I never even knew there were other parts. If you ever do come across them, please pass them in my direction. I try to combine different parts of stories into one when I can.

    >>> [...] could you post it to the forum??

    If you looked through my post history, you would see that there are over 100 stories posted in "Teenage Femdom Stories Archive".

    I also began a thread called "Abel's Stories Archive", where I was reviving all of the stories from Abel's site (also copyedited)óbut I have gotten distracted by "real life"/other obligations.

    I have done minor editing of the texts to clean up typos, and did some other minor copyediting to make the texts easier to read.

    I also have thousands of other stories sitting in my archives that I have gathered over the years from various places that are either in their unedited original form, or in the process of being copyedited. I hope to return to these projects when I get more free time.
  5. No problem. I thought, I would wait at least two weeks at that time. So actually you replied early . I also found first two parts and I wanted to try my chance .

    Is there a good forum or website, which you suggest, includes trample stories??

    Lastly, if you have good trample stories like the barn, could you post it to the forum?? I will really appreciate that

    Thank you for your care.
  6. Sorry it took so long to message back.

    I do have Part 1 and Part 2 of that story. They were posted on the old FreeFootStories website.
  7. Hi DArchivist,

    I guess you have a large number of trample stories in your archive. I am looking for a story about a boy who wants her stepmom to trample him to prove his strength. her stepmom also brings her friend debbie to trample her stepson. I think the story has 5 parts and it was written by Danza. The title of the story is "Stepmom. Do you have it?? If you have it, could you share it with me.

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