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29-01-2012, 01:06 PM
Nancy had a conference to go to yesterday, Saturday. I was hanging out with her husband when she came home mid-day. She wore a black business suit, with new high heeled closed pointy-toe shinny black pumps, over silky nude sandalfoot nylons. She sat on the other couch, crossed her legs, talked a little bit about the conference, then read some materials from it. We were snacking, watching television on the other couch, at an angle to hers. She slowly pops a shoe off of her crossed leg, and starts wiggling and dangling the shoe, twirling it, bouncing it, while reading. I kid you not, there was a distinct, strong, bold, deep female tangy foot smell in the room, and she knew it, and knew what she was doing. We are glancing at her, as she reads and completely ignores us. The leg bounces, rises up and down, the shoe is being flopped up and down, but we can't see her pretty toes at all, a little peak at her sole, and her reddish, round soft heel is all we can view. The tangy smell was a very sweaty salty and vinegar twang, musky, stinky, and it mixed with the new leather from the shoe. We were about 6 feet away, yet, the smell was like my face was brushing against her sweaty moist nylon sole. Her friend, also a mother, and somewhat submissive Miriam pops over, she lives a few houses down. She was in a black turtleneck, and blue jeans, and had sneakers on over bare feet, she has pretty wavy brown hair, and is about Nancy's height. She sits next to Nancy, and notices the shoe show too, but Nancy smiles at her. Nancy then placed her papers down, and swung her legs and pumps up on to Miriam's lap, sitting back and really smiling at her. Miriam, without one exchanged word, slips Nancy's pumps off her feet, the loose one, and popped the other one off too. They talk, again, completely ignoring her husband and me, like we aren't even there! Miriam starts rubbing, and massaging her tired, sweaty, absolutely red, and smelling feet. Nancy tells her that her toes are painted with a pinkish-red color called, fittingly for the sexy and dominant Nancy.....A-LIST! Miriam tells her she likes the name and really likes the color. Mom Miriam, rubs her toes, twists them within the nylons, and takes a closer look, sneaking a deep smell, of her hosed toes. Nancy pushes her nylon foot to her lips, and over her nose, and Miriam kisses her silky, stinky toes, right in front of us, then kisses the toes on the other foot, and deeply inhaling it too. She continues the massage, they talk, and we are loving the show. Possibly to torment us further, Nancy wiggles her toes, creating more of a smell in the room. Then Nancy gets up, grabs her pumps, and tells Miriam to come upstairs, leaving us there, too high and dry, with huge blue balls, wondering what else is going to go on, and not being able to find out, or know, then, or ever!

02-02-2012, 12:37 AM
Well done......and we do know what happened upstairs, don't we.