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27-01-2012, 03:38 PM
Brooke was a bit nervous and yet excited while driving to her Kickboxing class Tuesday night, this would be her first time full contact sparing. Brooke was wearing a red tank top with a black sports bra underneath, and black yoga pants from Victoria Secret. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and her sexy toes were painted cherry red. Her sparring partner Karen wore a black tank-top, black shorts and her toes were also painted black. The women meet each other in the center of the training mat, and despite their lack of actual sparring experience, both girls looked formidable, not to mention Brooke looked incredible as always. The trainer rings the bell for the first of two, 2 minute rounds. The two women start to circle slowly around the mat feeling each other out. Brooke strikes first by throwing a left jab, followed by a quick right cross, just as she’d practiced on the heavy-bag many times before.*Karen blocked both and countered with a hard haymaker that barreled into Brooke's right shoulder.*Brooke used that as an opportunity to snap a quick front kick into Karen’s midsection.*Brooke backed up a few steps and began to bounce on her feet, Karen stepped aggressively towards Brooke landing a low leg kick above her left knee.*Brooke took the blow in stride and quickly fired a roundhouse kick which was placed squarely on Karen’s left temple. Karen has her guard up, but Brooke is able to throw a front kick between the guard, Brooke's soft silky white sole connected flush on the face of Karen. As Karen shakes off the hard face kick Brooke's confidence increases realizing Karen is not on her skill level. Brooke bounces from side to side on her cute red toes she sees that Karen is still dazed and throws a side kick, her right heel sinks into Karen's stomach. Brooke follows through with a left hook connecting on Karen's temple, dropping the tired and beaten woman to one knee. The bell rings signaling the end of the round.

The 2nd round begins as Brooke looks to continue her dominance over the weaker woman Karen. She wastes no time and quickly moves across the mat towards Karen, Brooke throws a left, right combo followed by a perfectly executed right leg kick, which landed squarely on Karen's thigh. She could see the pain on Karen's face, Karen tries a few punches and kicks to but her attempts were sloppy and weak. Brooke saw an opening and launched a straight right kick that smacked into Karen's mouth and nose hard! Karen staggered losing her balance, and Brooke connects with a hard round house kick hard, her sexy toes smacking the left cheek of Karen. Brooke saw this as an opportunity to finish Karen off. She rolls to the left and delivers a spinning back kick, as Brooke's bare right foot slaps across Karen's face! The trainer quickly steps in ending the sparing session, as Karen slumped to the mat.

When Brooke returned home from Kickboxing she was so excited to tell me about how her domination over Karen in the sparring match. She got so much pleasure out of kicking Karen in her head, and face repeatedly with her sexy feet and looks forward to dominating more women with her deadly feet!!

27-01-2012, 09:17 PM
WOW! BROOKE is AMAZING! She was able to get all those kicks through? Really connecting on this poor girls face? Had Brooke ever really kicked a female in the face before, or was this her first time? How did it feel to her? Did it turn her on? Did she talk to this other woman before and/or after the spar fight? I wonder what that other woman was thinking and feeling? I bet she got to taste and smell Brooke's gorgeous feet! SO CRAZY HOT! I LOVE THIS! I WANT TO HEAR SO MUCH MORE! THANKS!!!!!