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15-01-2012, 01:14 PM
Yesterday I was meeting a friend in the city,and as I had some time to kill,I dropped in to a nearby adult club and had a couple of beers.Several of the dancers would stop and talk to me and other customers,hoping to bring them upstairs to the VIP rooms.I was talking to this one girl and she asked if I wanted to go upstairs and have some fun and as she put it..."put some boobies in my face."I told her I wasn't ready yet and she left.When she returned a few minutes later after her set,I told her what she could put in my face.When I asked if she'd put her feet in my face,she said "Feet?Hell,why not!"

We went upstairs and into a booth and she slipped off her platform heels and lifted her feet into my lap.I started massaging her feet and she really liked that and then I asked if I could smell her feet and she said she let me.Her feet were a size 61/2,a bit wide and small toes,but with very smooth soles.She would press her soles into my face,flexing her toes against my nose as I smelled her feet.She had never been with a foot fetishist before,and asked me how her feet smelled.I told her her feet smelled great,like a fine cheese.Sometimes she would lower one foot down to my crotch and stroke my cock through my jeans,before bring them back to my face and telling me to smell her feet.

I had to meet my friend,so I had to cut the session short,but it was a wonderful experience.I had been to this club many times before and have had plenty of foot smelling experiences there,but was almost 10 years ago.Well after my friend and I parted ways,I decided to go back again and she was still there.When she saw me sitting at a table,she came over,kissed me on the cheek and asked if I was back for more of her feet.I told her I would love to smell them again,so we went upstairs and had another foot smelling session.Her feet were a bit sweaty again,but so soft and I really liked the smell of them.I liked it when she would tell me to smell them and press both of them against my face.As the session ended,I told her I would love to come back sometime and smell her feet again.She said she won't change the smell of her feet and I was welcome to smell them anytime.She repeated that I was the first foot fetishist she had met and really enjoyed the experience...I'll be back again,hopefully before 10 years passes.;)

15-01-2012, 03:10 PM
thats awesome.