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Ok well this is penguito from the old DOSF and I'll upload my popular story series "2 Soccer Girls" here for your enjoyment. New additions to the story coming sometime soon.

Sorry that I don't have part 1 saved on my computer, but the other chapters are all saved.:)

Part 2

As Kayla got out of her bed she thought of the events that transpired between her and Shannon last night. She was not lesbian, she just liked girl's feet and socks and that was it. She texted Shannon and it turned out she was the same way, too. Kayla was relieved; because they could worship each other's feet while still dating guys.
After Kayla showered and brushed her teeth, she chose her outfit. She picked a a black blouse, a stylish blue coat with overlapping blue diamonds and dark skinny jeans. She finished off her out fit with a pair of tight white socks with blue dots along the top and her old, smelly, gray-and-blue sneakers.
When Kayla got to school she talked to Shannon before the bell rang and she had to go to her first class. They talked about regular stuff, with no mention of feet for the duration of the conversation. Kayla looked down at Shannon's shoes and saw she had on a pair sexy flip-flops, with her perfect long toes exposed, still painted with the bright blue polish. Shannon noticed Kayla marveling at her perfect peds and smiled.
"Trust me, they smell especially bad!" Shannon said, quietly, so no one nearby would hear them.
"Can't wait!" Kayla replied.
Soon that bell rang and they both went off to their classes. Shannon's first class was P.E. She went to the locker room, got dressed, and went up to the gymnasium for the class. She noticed another girl Vanessa, ask the teacher if she could go back down to the locker room real quick. She said she forgot her running shoes, because she came up in boots and didn't notice.
Vanessa was tall and skinny and had light blond hair. Shannon and Vanessa were friends, but weren't too close. Shannon realized she had forgotten to close and secure her gym locker, leaving her clothes and phone easy to take. She went back down to the locker room, opened the door and crept in. She walked pass the showers and stalls and into the rows of lockers. Shannon turned the corner to the nook were her locker is and saw something shocking. Vanessa had taken Shannon’s sexy flip-flops and had her face buried in it. She had her eyes closed, sniffing and licking away, without her even noticing Shannon was there. Vanessa sniffed for about 30 more seconds until she briefly opened her eyes to grab the other flip-flop. She saw Shannon’s tall figure instantly. She stared on in horror. She dropped Shannon’s shoe.
Vanessa thought of some sort of excuse, but her mind was blank. Shannon’s expression was unreadable. After of what seemed like days to Vanessa of awkward silence, Shannon finally spoke.
“Get on the ground” Shannon said softly. Vanessa obeyed. She laid on the ground facing up as Shannon sat on the seat of the area below the lockers where her stuff was. Shannon unlaced her shoes. Shannon could sense Vanessa’s apprehension as she took off her shoes mere inches from Vanessa’s poor little pretty face. Shannon ripped her size 11 running shoe of her right foot and shoved it onto Vanessa’s awaiting nose. Vanessa moaned with pleasure as Shannon’s shoes were truly one of the worst smells imaginable. Vanessa enjoyed every minute of it. Shannon realized that the teacher would send someone down to get them if they didn’t come back soon, so she put her shoe back on.
‘More for later” Shannon said softly.

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Part 3

Shannon and Vanessa went back up to their P.E. class and the rest of class was perfectly normal. The bell was going to ring for second period in about 5 minutes, so the teacher called for all the kids to go back to the locker rooms and get dressed. Shannon got back into her regular clothes and went off to French, her second period class.
After French, Shannon had Algebra II. She was excited for this because Vanessa sat right behind her in this class. As class dragged on, she slipped her perfect size 11 feet out of her flip-flops and flashed her huge, smelly, moist soles back from under her chair. She sensed that Vanessa was staring at her feet. Shannon really enjoyed having people at her feet. She loved it when Kayla sucked her toes, and having someone admiring her beautiful soles in class was also very amusing. She had developed the keen skill of manipulating guys with her amazing, fit body, and now was developing the skill of manipulating with her big, smelly feet.
Vanessa was staring intently down from her textbook at Shannon’s huge feet. She had spent years quietly hiding her fetish; staring at feet and sniffing shoes when no one was around, but now she felt the need to feed her growing fetish. It was obvious to Shannon she had a fetish, and whatever was “for later”, Vanessa couldn’t wait for it. Soon the class ended and they both went their separate ways.
At lunch, Shannon took Vanessa downstairs to the storage room on the ground floor. No one ever went into that room. The storage room was a fairly large room that had boxes stacked on one end and was mostly deserted except for piles of miscellaneous items.
Shannon took one of the spare chairs and pulled it over to one side of the room. Shannon motioned for Vanessa to get on the ground. Shannon took off her brown flip-flops and forced them onto Vanessa’s face. Vanessa took several deep sniffs for the next 5 or so minutes. Shannon took the other shoe off and Vanessa again smelled the stinky shoe. Vanessa then licked the shoes clean, getting all the dirt of the bottom of the shoe.
Shannon then put her huge size 11 feet on Vanessa’s face. Vanessa intensely sniffed Shannon’s moist feet. They smelled of foot sweat and an indescribable odor that overwhelmingly filled the area. The odor stung Vanessa’s nose and was like vinegar but stronger and less sour. Vanessa was swept away by Shannon’s sexy foot odor and sniffed both feet for at least 15 minutes. Shannon was aroused by Vanessa smelling her barefeet. She then forced her toes into Vanessa’s mouth. Both girls let out moans of pleasure. Vanessa sucked on each of Shannon’s 10 long toes and was practically orgasming just by sucking and smelling Shannon’s feet. During the intense toe-sucking the bell rang and both girls reluctantly left to go to their next classes. Shannon quickly gave Vanessa her gym socks, still wet, from that morning.

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Part 4

Kayla had heard what happened at lunch that day and was upset that she was not included. After their afternoon classes, Shannon and Kayla went back to Kayla’s house. They got to their house and sat on the couch. Kayla immediately commanded for Shannon to get on the ground. Shannon obeyed, though a little shock at Kayla’s sudden aggression. Kayla ripped of her sneakers. The smell hit Shannon immediately. Her feet were especially ripe today. Kayla’s white socks with the blue dots on top landed right beside Shannon’s poor little brunette head. The bottoms of Kayla’s socks were dark gray and the top were a fainted white. They had been well worn throughout the day, staying in their stink size 9 chamber for the last 8 hours. Kayla was relieved to finally take her shoes off.
Shannon sniffed hard at Kayla’s feet nearby her head. Kayla heard this and plopped her huge feet on Shannon’s head. One foot covered her eyes and forehead, gently massaging, while the other rubbed her nose and mouth. Shannon was overwhelmed by Kayla’s powerful foot smell. Shannon moaned trance-like and took deep sniffs for a long, long time.
Kayla was in heaven as she felt Shannon’s head under her gorgeous feet. Her moist socks became wetter with Shannon’s passionate licks. Kayla continued rubbing her feet over Shannon’s head for most of the afternoon.
After their session was finally over, Kayla told Shannon that she would be right back and then got off the couch and walked down a hallway. Shannon heard a couple doors open and close, and after a couple minutes Kayla returned with a pair of large, worn-out running shoes.
“These are the shoes I used in Maine for track practice the last couple of summers. Two hours twice a week.” Kayla told Shannon. Not even giving her time to think, Kayla shoved the shoe onto Shannon’s face. Her nose went into the shoe’s opening. Shannon sniffed for several minutes. She loved the strong, sweaty smell mixed with the perfume aroma. The smell was absolutely magnificent, but the thing that really made it different from just sniffing Kayla’s feet directly was the fact that it had the dry, worn quality; instead of the moist and ripe-ness of Kayla’s feet that afternoon.
Kayla gave Shannon the shoes and she went home. They had made up an excuse that Shannon was tutoring Kayla in their Physics and Literature classes, so they had an excuse to meet in their basement twice a week now.

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Part 5

Kayla had an idea while she was doing her homework the day after Shannon left. Why not invite Shannon and Vanessa over for a sleepover? Her parents would say yes, because they were the ones worrying so much about her not making new friends at her school. They could hang out in their basement, talk, and indulge in each other’s feet.
Her parents said yes and the sleepover was planned for Friday night, which was tomorrow. Shannon and Vanessa both were allowed to go. After school the next day, Shannon and Kayla went to soccer practice in the soccer field outside the school, and Vanessa went to the basement gymnasium for her volleyball practice. Both sports would be done at about 6:00, giving them two full hours of sweaty practice. All the girls practiced hard, the soccer coach made the girls run 10 laps and then an intense scrimmage, while Vanessa’s coach made them do a variety of hard training exercises and then a match of scrimmage. After their practices, the girls met in front of the school and walked the two blocks to Kayla’s house.
When they got their the girls retreated to the basement. Kayla’s basement consisted of a small entrance room where a bunch of book were held, a laundry room off the side, a storage room on the other side, a small office for Kayla’s parents to work, and a larger room with a TV, chair, large couch, a table, and a mini-fridge. This is where Kayla’s little brother Tyler, an 8th grader that Kayla though was really annoying, usually played video games and watched TV.
Kayla, Shannon, and Vanessa laid down on the couch and talked and laughed. After about 20 minutes or so, Tyler came into the room to play video games. When he saw Kayla and her friends there, he looked a little angry. Kayla had an idea. She invited Tyler to play video games and just ignore us. As Tyler was just about to start playing his favorite game, Kayla grabbed Tyler and forced one of her sweaty soccer socks into his face. Shannon and Vanessa held him down while he was forced to breath in Kayla’s sock stench. He resisted as much as he could, but the girl’s were to strong for him to break free from.
“Let me go!” Tyler screamed. “This is disgusting!”. Kayla shoved her sock into Tyler’s mouth and taped his mouth shut. She took her other soccer sock and tied it around his head, with the stinky sole facing inward to his nose. They held him there for ten minutes and then they took they socks away.
“Let me go!!!” He screamed again. This time Kayla took her two bare soles and placed them over his mouth and nose. Tyler had always known Kayla’s feet were stinky, but had never experienced it so vividly. Kayla’s feet absolutely reeked. The girls took turns placing their feet over Tyler’s face. Each pair of them smelled absolutely terrible. Shannon’s size 11 feet dominated his entire face. Vanessa’s beautiful, petite size 6 feet were rubbed over his nose and cheeks.
Kayla once again had her feet on her annoying little brother’s face. She then told Tyler that if he kissed her feet she would let him go. Tyler struggled, but after about five minutes, he kneeled at the ground, kissing her older sister’s feet. Kayla then switched places with Vanessa. Tyler kissed at Vanessa’s beautifully pedicured feet. Even Tyler admitted her feet looked great. He kissed at her feet for the next 10 minutes. Then Shannon took the place. She decided she would make the kid suck her toes. Tyler refused to at first, but when he realized he would be let free, he started sucking each of Shannon’s beautiful long toes individually.
Right before Kayla let him go, she told him that if he told their parents their will be a lot more of where that came from.

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Part 6

“Well that was fun”, Kayla thought in her head. Torturing her brother with her stinky feet was very exciting for her and Shannon and Vanessa. The three girls continued talking and giggling for the next hour and a half or so. Around 10:00—when Kayla’s brother and parents went to bed—they decided that they could get down to business because there would be no one to interrupt their footfest. It started first with Vanessa gently grabbing Kayla’s leg and holding her soft, tight, smelly pink socks up to her face.
Vanessa was again enjoying her fetish she had hid for several years. Gone were the days of simply staring and girl’s feet and sniffing shoes and socks without them knowing, now she had female counterparts willing to let her indulge in their feet and to endulge in her own.
Kayla’s bright pink socks had dirty blackish-gray stains covering the heels and toes and parts of the soles. Her size 9 feet were moist and hot, as usual. Vanessa was extremely turned on a sniffed curiously at Kayla’s gorgeous socks for the next 15 minutes.
Meanwhile, Kayla was pulling off Shannon’s slippers and getting ready to shove her face into Shannon’s extremely moist, hot, big, sweaty, and absolutely fantastic socked feet. She was wearing white socks, covered in yellow sweat stains completely on the bottom. She had said that she hadn’t washed these socks and had been wearing them under her soccer socks for the last two weeks of practice and under her boots or converse during school.
Just about that time Vanessa felt someone tugging at her long leather boots. She adjusted her foot so that Shannon could unzip and pull off her two boots. Once the boots were off, Shannon shoved her face into Vanessa’s knee high striped candy cane socks. Vanessa’s small feet smelled overwhelmingly of corn chips and sweat. The three girls were each passionately sniffing in a triangle off foot fetishism; Vanessa sniffing curiously at Kayla’s feet, exploring her fetish as she had longed to for years; Kayla massaging and smelling Shannon’s beautifully sized, shaped, and smelled feet; and Shannon exploring Vanessa’s small feet with her face and hands.
After about 30 minutes of the girls intensely smelling at one another’s feet, Shannon began to feel Kayla’s wet tongue lap her super sweaty and smelly feet. Shannon began to do the same to Vanessa’s small candy-cane colored socks, and Vanessa also licked Kayla’s pink socked-feet.
Kayla thought to herself just how lucky she was to have a hot brunette girl’s huge, size 11, sweaty, smelly socked feet in her face. Shannon had by far the best feet in the group and any foot fetishist will have an unforgettable experience just looking at her feet, let alone sucking or smelling them. Her feet’s appearance could very from a red, sweaty looking foot to a perfectly pedicured and polished foot. Her long toes were usually painted a dark blue or a light red, though occasionally she painted them a pretty purple color. Her soles were long, dark, and sweaty, while her heels and balls of her feet were even darker and dirtier. The tops of her feet are light and look quite pedicured. They usually fool someone into thinking she has nice feet, until they see her dirty, sweaty soles and heels.
Shannon’s magnificent shape and size of her feet were nothing compared to the smell. Many of her friend’s and boyfriend’s constantly tease her about her stinky feet. The smell was sweat and pollen, with a hint of vinegar near the heels and toes. The smell was strong and pungent and could be smelled easily from head-height if Shannon had her shoes taken off. If someone’s nose was right next to Shannon with shoes on you could also smell her feet—though not as strongly.
Shannon, her face digging into Vanessa’s size 6 soles, noticed how Vanessa’s feet were. Vanessa had small, beautifully crafted feet. She always had her nails painted and looked pedicured all the time. Her feet smelled of a strong perfume, which can be equally turning-on as a sweat- smelling foot. They also smelled like sweat and perfume after she worked out or played sports.
Kayla’s size 9 feet, explored by Vanessa,, were sort-of a mix between Shannon and Vanessa’s feet. They smelled strongly of sweat and of perfume, with an overpowering essence of corn chips also. Her feet were mildly dirty and looked like pretty much an average (though sexy) foot. Dark soles, lighter tops, average toes.

The three girls pleasantly licked each other’s socks for about twenty minutes until they each tugged off their socks. Kayla and Shannon usually more enjoyed socked-feet then bare, though extremely satisfied by bare feet, too. They liked the generally stronger smell and softer touch. Vanessa, however, loved feet the most in their naked, bare form. She liked the more fresh, ripe smell instead of the more worn smell of socked feet.
The girls’ sucked on each other’s beautiful toes and swept their tongues across the other girl’s soles for about an hour. They had been in the same position for about 2 and a half hours before they were all done pleasuring themselves. After their session ended it was a little before 1:00 A.M. and they spent most of the remaining night talking about their feet and their lives in general. In the morning they “swapped socks”—that is they gave each other their sweaty, stinky socks to enjoy at their homes.

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Part 7

Vanessa went to bed on Sunday night and reflected on the foot orgy the night before. She thought of how amazing it was to suck on Kayla’s dirty and smelly toes and use her tongue to explore through her pretty size 9 feet. She shoved the blond beauty’s socks into her face and sniffed them while she though of all the sleepovers they would have in the future and also thinking of how great it would be to have one of them put their big, sexy feet into her face and make her smells and lick and kiss them forever.

Vanessa wished she could do that every day for the rest of her life; just be one of the gorgeous girl’s personal foot slaves. She would love to greet them after they came home after a jog or a workout and kiss the tops and soles of their running shoes. She would then tug their shoes off to reveal their incredibly sexy and big feet. They would be covered in dark marks on the bottom of their tight white socks that the had worn for the last week. She would have them rub their sweaty, socked, and dirty socked feet in her face for hours until she had their permission to take of their smelly, smelly socks. She would have them shove their socks into her mouth and duct tape it shut and them she would smell their feet for hours and hours until she got the pleasure to have the tape off so she can suck on their sweaty toes and lick their tired soles forever. Vanessa dosed off as these fantasies went through her head.

Shannon got up and did her usual morning rituals: showering, brushing her teeth, etc. until it was time to pick her outfit. She choose a black mini skirt with long nylons and a pretty purple top and finished it off with leather boots that went up to her calf. It was early September in Southern California and people will think she’s crazy for wearing nylons and boots. But she, obviously, had something in store at lunch, and she wanted her feet to be as soaked and smelly as possible. While on the bus, she texted Kayla and Vanessa her plan. They responded quickly and said it was a great idea and they would do it at lunch.
The morning went by pretty fast; Shannon met up with Kayla and Vanessa and a couple other friends before their first period classes started and talked for a bit. Kayla had on sandals and Vanessa had a pair of sporty tennis shoes and white socks she used for volleyball practice. She had originally planned to wear flip-flops, but had switched quickly to a more sweat-and stink-producing choice of foot wear after she received Shannon’s text right when she was about to go to the bus. She also ran to the hamper and pulled out the white socks that she had used for volleyball practice the night before to wear.
At lunch they commenced with their plan. They grabbed this popular girl who they all thought was a real bitch and took her downstairs to the small storage room. That had a couple chairs in it. The girls name was Abby and she was 5’8 (about the same height as Shannon) had big green eyes and medium length light brown. Her face was pretty, but most guys wanted her because she had big boobs and a reputation of being a slut. Thinking she was superior than everyone else because more guys wanted her than any other girl in the school, she was a bitch to just about everyone.
When they got to the storage room, Shannon pulled out a length of rope and started binding Abby’s ankles, upper legs, and wrists together tightly while Vanessa and Kayla held the struggling Abby in their arms. Finally, Shannon ripped a piece of duct tape and put it over Abby’s mouth. The girls then pushed Abby down infront of three folding chairs. Her legs went under the middle chair, while two other chairs were positioned to the right and left of her. Shannon took the middle chair while Vanessa sat on the left and Kayla on the right. Shannon propped her feet up on Vanessa’s lap and told her to take of her big, black leather boots. Vanessa had a huge urge to rip off her boots and start to worship her feet, but she knew she had to stick to the plan. She did as she was told, she took off Shannon’s sexy boots and put them on the ground. Vanessa gave them to Shannon, and she shoved one into Abby’s poor little face.
“Like that, you bitch!” Shannon yelled down. Abby made no reaction. Shannon made her smell her boots for a few minutes, until she took them away and placed her soaking, sweaty, extremely smelly nylon-clad feet on Abby’s face. Shannon’s huge, size 11 feet covered all of Abby’s face. The damp nylons tortured Abby for several minutes. Abby was forced to smell the soles and toes of Shannon’s gorgeous feet. The smell was sweat mixed with pollen and a tang of corn chip and vinegar. It stung her nose and almost made her pass out.
Shannon then moved over and let Kayla prop her bare size 9 feet onto Abby’s face. Kayla’s feet smelled like popcorn and corn chips mixed with sweat. After Kayla rubbed her 9’s all over Abby’s contoured face, she let Vanessa take over. She had smaller size 6 feet, but they had been cooped up in her volleyball shoes with the same socks she had on the night before. The socks had dark stains by her toes, balls, and heels and smelled absolutely fantastic. They had an overpowering smell of beautiful perfume with a sharp smell of sweat and vinegar mixed in. She rubbed her socked feet onto Abby’s poor face. She used the ridge or her nose to massage her tired and aching feet as she leaned back pleasantly.
Shannon, after Vanessa was done, ripped off the piece of duct tape and then shoved her toes into her mouth. The sweet taste of her nylon clad feet was forced upon to Abby. Vanessa and Kayla rubbed their stinky feet on each one of Abby’s cheeks. They didn’t cease until the bell rung. Right after it rang, Shannon whispered into Abby’s ear “tell anyone and we’ll do this again, except worse!”

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New addition to the story. This chapter a lot longer and I hope it was worth the wait. I'll try to post additional chapters on a more regular basis. Thanks for your patience you guys are the best :)

Shannon loved to have people at her feet. She loved the way people reacted when they smelled her feet. It turned her on to have someone rub, kiss, lick, or smell her feet. Sometimes during class she would take off her shoes and waft around the stench of her feet through the room. Her socks would always be very dirty on the bottom and her huge size 11 feet would be sweaty and wet. Everyone around her would cringe and cover their noses. They would try to locate the source of the smell and find out it was the horrid stench of Shannon’s big feet covered in dirty white ankle socks. They would see her big tennis shoes on the ground and look up to see Shannon grinning and giggling at their torture. Most of the time people did not confront her about her smelly feet and just tried to ignore it.

During Shannon’s science class the teacher had left the room to go copy some papers and it was just the students in the room. Shannon used the toe part of her right shoe to pry the left tennis shoe off her foot and vice-versa for the other foot. She wiggled her toes and raised her feet to the crossbar of her desk and waited for the smell to spread. Only a few seconds later the smell hit her and everyone around her. The girl sitting across from her, Julia, looked around the room and then under her desk and saw two huge feet covered in filthy socks that had been worn for several days in front of her. She looked up angrily at Shannon. Shannon just smiled back.

“Your feet stink! Put your shoes back on!” Julia whispered harshly. Shannon did not reply, she just raised her foot onto Julia’s lap.

“Get your disgusting foot off my leg!” she said. Shannon lifted her other foot on her lap and rubbed both of them around. Julia shoved Shannon’s feet from her lap and then tried to continue with her work. She found it impossible to work without fainting from the terrible, acrid smell from under her desk.
She crawled off her chair and went under her desk. She held her breath as she picked up Shannon’s huge tennis shoe and tried to manually put her shoes back on her feet. Shannon used her dirty feet to cover all of Julia’s face and suffocate her. Julia could no longer hold her breath and all she inhaled was hot, musky air. She was in a trance, controlled by Shannon’s feet. She couldn’t find the energy to get back up to her desk and was still there under the desk with another girl’s big sweaty foot covering her entire face. Julia looked pathetic under the desk, as if she was Shannon’s slave forced to smell her feet. The entire class was now pointing and laughing at Julia.
Shannon had mercy and removed her foot from Julia’s face. Julia then crawled back up on her chair. She dared not to look up and spent the rest of class submissively staring at her desk.

At lunch that day Shannon, Vanessa, and Kayla found Julia crying in the bathroom. They grabbed her and put duct tape that Shannon kept in the storage room around her mouth and dragged her down to the storage room that was almost never used. They then tied ropes around her ankles, arms, and wrists and took places on the three seats that formed a half-circle around their victim. Shannon had on her big size 11 well-worn gray and blue tennis shoes, while Kayla had a fashionable black pair of tall boots that went up to about 3 inches from her knee. Vanessa had running shoes that were very moist from all the jogging she had done in the same shoes and socks.
Shannon was the first to torture their new foot slave. She lifted her feet to her chair and untied both of her big smelly shoes and used Julia’s face to pry them off her heels and slip them off of her feet. Her big feet were covered in white socks that had the imprint of her foot on the bottom. This was her eight straight day of wearing them.
She put her feet to the side of Julia’s head and raised one of her sneakers to Julia’s nose. Shannon watched as Julia recoiled in horror once she couldn’t avoid the stench. The strong sweaty smell spread throughout the room. The insoles of Shannon’s shoes were beaten and tattered and had soaked up so much sweat that they had lost most of their bright blue color and now were a gloomy gray.
After a few more minutes of sneaker torture Shannon put the shoe to her side and lifted her sweaty, stinky feet to Julia’s face. There were two big imprints of sweat to the side of Julia’s head where Shannon’s feet had been. Shannon took her enormous feet of her face and the sweat glistened from the fluorescent light on her face. Julia had an expression of terror and dread on her face as Shannon placed her feet back on Julia’s face. She rubbed them around her face, humiliating her. The stench was overwhelming and Julia was started to lose a bit of her consciousness. It was like she was on anesthesia before a dental surgery.
Shannon took off her old, grimy white socks and ripped the duct tape on Julia’s mouth halfway off. Shannon shoved the two, sweaty stinky socks in Julia’s mouth as she gasped for air. She swished around the big stinky socks in her mouth and her face darkened with horror as the bitter taste contaminated her senses. Shannon, mercilessly, giggled as she put her huge, sexy feet back on Julia’s face. They soles of her feet covered her entire face easily, from chin to forehead. She had very high arched feet and her toenails were painted a deep red. She rubbed her sexy, large soles on her face, letting the sweat and dirt cover her face. The sweaty feet played with her victim’s face, violating her sense of smell with Shannon’s stinky, sweaty feet. The taste of the socks combined with the immense foot odor made Julia want to pass out. Shannon tormented her with her big, cute feet for several more minutes before she removed her feet from Julia’s face and ripped open the duct tape to remove her socks that were now covered in saliva.
Julia was far too intimidated to speak and Shannon and Kayla switched places so Kayla could have her turn forcing Julia to worship her beautiful size 9 feet. She started by having Julia lick the bottoms of her black boots and suck on the 3-inch heels. The boots had a layer of dirt on them and Julia used her tongue to obediently clean each boot. She licked and licked as her tormentor smiled at her servitude.
Kayla reached down and pulled off her right boot and held the opening over Julia’s nose. The smell of Kayla’s sweaty feet diffused across the room from her socks and boots. Julia’s face looked disgusted, but she inhaled the strong odor of Kayla’s feet. It was like sweat mixed with a strong perfume that gave an undeniably feminine, sexy smell. She removed her other boot and forced Julia to breathe the smell from it also.
Meanwhile, Shannon had sat on the floor by where Julia’s feet where and lifted her leg. She had gotten very turned on by having her feet worshipped and watching Kayla tease Julia, so she wanted to remove their slave’s feet and take advantage of them. Julia had Asics running shoes that were grayish white and pink. She removed the first one and checked the tag for the size, which was 7. She looked at the shoe and noticed that the insoles were battered and dirty. She lifted the shoe to her nose and sniffed deeply. It was a hot, in-your-face sweaty smell. She sniffed more and then removed her other shoe.
Shannon then examined the two sock-covered feet in front of her. Julia had on white socks with a red design on the top. The soles were very dirty and looked quite moist from perspiration. She lifted the two feet and buried her face in the dirty soles of their slave. She sniffed hard at the sexy socks and kissed passionately. She then removed the two socks and again dove her face down into Julia’s soles. They were a little dirty at the balls, heels, and toes. She licked down her sole and used her tongue to reap her feet of all the dirt and grime. She sucked on her toes vigorously.
Meanwhile, Kayla had used Julia’s face as a personal footrest for her smelly feet covered in dirty white socks. She let Julia fully experience the horrid odor that Kayla’s feet could produce after a few hours in her black boots. Julia squirmed, no longer being obedient and tried to escape from the torture of Kayla’s big, sweaty feet.
Kayla sadistically rubbed her feet around more and tried to numb Julia again by making her feel dizzy with the smell. Kayla reached down and removed the two sweaty, dirty socks that she had worn all week and shoved into Julia’s mouth and taped it shut again. She now used her bare soles to cover Julia’s face, and Julia now felt much weaker and no longer squirmed. Kayla used Julia’s nose as a tool to massage her tired feet and teased and punished Julia with her white skinned sexy feet until it was Vanessa’s turn to torment their slave.
Vanessa kicked Julia’s head a little and then unlaced both her shoes. She removed the tape and socks from her mouth and gave Julia a little challenged. She dared her to use only her tongue and teeth to take the shoes of Vanessa’s sweaty feet. Vanessa obeyed silently and struggled for minutes to take the shoes off. She eventually got a hold on the both of one of the running shoes with her jaw and tugged it off, only to be greeted with an immensely stinky, high-arched foot. She did the same with the other shoe and was tired out. She gave in to Vanessa’s torture easily, letting her be tortured and teased by Vanessa’s sweaty black socks. She let the sweat soak from Vanessa’s feet onto her face. Vanessa rubbed aggressively at Julia’s nose, forcing her to sniff more of the agitating, sharp smell of Vanessa’s sexy feet.
Vanessa took off her long black socks and put them back into Julia’s mouth. They tasted rancid and made Julia want to throw up again. Vanessa rubbed her bare feet all over Julia’s poor, abused face until Shannon and Kayla stopped from worshipping their slave’s feet to all rub their feet on Julia’s face. They covered every part of her face and each of the six feet could easily stink up a room, but now they were all together and produced a very, very strong smell that made Julia almost unconscious. They shoved the other two pairs of socks down Julia’s throat and tormented their new slave until the bell rang that signaled the end of lunch.
The three girls parted ways and left their slave lying there, passed out by now, on the floor of the storage room.

05-04-2012, 06:08 PM
New addition to my story. This chapter is somewhat long and in my opinion a better written piece than many previous chapters. I decided that it was best to not include Vanessa in this chapter so I could focus on just two instances of foot worship and not have to rush and skip detail to include a third. Enjoy.

Part 10 involving Kayla's date will be next. I really can't guarantee it will be released soon, but I already have a good idea of where I'm going with it so look for it on this forum. Since Part 1 is missing (didn't save on computer I suppose), I will write a quick summary to people not on the old den who didn't read it before of forgot it.

Part 1 summary. Basically, Kayla moves across the country to Southern California. She is a sophomore in high school and plays soccer. After one of the team's first practices, she is invited to Shannon's house. Shannon is a girl on the team in the same grade and is nice to Kayla because she knows what it is like to be new to a school. They have talked before and have become friends. On the way to Shannon's house, Kayla mentions that her feet hurt and Shannon says that she can rest at her house. When they get their, Kayla is shy and embarrassed to take off her shoes because her feet smell. Shannon tells Kayla that her own feet smell worse, and Shannon demonstrates by taking off her soccer cleats and giving the shoe to Kayla. Shannon then takes off Kayla's cleats and smell her feet, perhaps too eagerly and long, and both seem interested in one another's feet. It is then revealed thy both have foot fetishes, Kayla's previously unknown to her. Foot worship ensues.

Now onto the story.

Part 9

Kayla was looking forward to her date with her boyfriend Adam on Saturday. They were going to go out to a movie and later have dinner at a restaurant near the theater. It was now Thursday morning and there was still two long days of school in between Kayla and her date. She was picking out her footwear for that day. She, after a long hesitation, decided on wearing her old worn navy converse. The insides were falling apart and the insole was blackened and beaten beyond belief. On the outside there were specks of dirt and mud along the white sides. The shoelaces were grayish and the navy had faded and lost some of its colour. She wore the once white socks that she had been wearing since Sunday.

Kayla leaned her head down and sniffed at her foot. The smell of her dirty, sweaty socks filled her nose. Even Shannon would be impressed at the odor.

Thursday dragged on uneventfully. Kayla was bored throughout her classes. The only excitement was watching Shannon dangle her feet in and out of her black flats. She exposed her soles and Kayla could see the gleam of sweat reflect off her soles from the bright fluorescent lights. She was transfixed at the sight and the smell of footsweat combined with a sharp pollen smell and perfume wafted throughout the room. The people in the area around Shannon looked uncomfortable. No one dared to tell her to stop because she could have a very defensive attitude and she was really pretty and the guys didn’t want to offend her.

At lunch that day, Kayla and Shannon rushed downstairs to the old storage room they converted into a private room for foot worship. As soon as they got their, they got into a foot smelling formation. Kayla was very turned on by Shannon’s shoeplay and desperately wanted to worship her feet. Kayla’s feet in her old converse lay in Shannon’s lap.

Kayla removed Shannon’s shoe and lifted the huge size 11 foot to her face. The smell was pungent and strong, a perfect mix between a sharp acrid smell of pollen and vinegar, the warm scent of footsweat, and the pleasurable, feminine smell of perfume. Kayla remembered that Shannon had gym class the period before and her feet were sweating in her gym shoes. She took the foot away from her face after a few deep sniffs and examined it. Her toes were painted a delicious dark red. Her soles were a tanned brown with a thin layer of dirt. The tops of her feet were also tanned and even darker than the soles.

Kayla removed Shannon’s other flat and held the shoe up to her nose. She breathed in and the smell of Shannon’s feet hit again. The smell was a variation of her normal scent, the mix was balanced differently with more of the smell of footsweat and less of the smell of perfume. The shiny silvery insoles had visible black prints on the toes and heels that were a sign of heavy use. Kayla lifted both of Shannon’s large feet to her face and breathed in. Her nose was wedged right between Shannon’s sexy soles. The moisture of her feet made Kayla’s face wet and she enjoyed every minute of it. Kayla breathed in very deeply and slowly as the smell of Shannon’s amazing feet hit her full-force. Kayla was in a trance and nothing could stop her now.

After many minutes of this heavy footsniffing, Kayla sticks her tongue out and delicately licks Shannon’s soles. After a few more curious licks she starts use her tongue to clean the sweat off the soles. She licked heel to toe and uses her tongue to feel every curve of Shannon’s highly arched feet. The taste is just as strong as the smell. It was a little salty but also had a slight sweet taste to it. Kayla wrapped her lips around Shannon’s big toe and sucked like a pacifier. She did the same for each toe on both of Shannon’s beautiful feet.

During Kayla’s intense foot worship, Shannon was also enjoying Kayla’s feet. She began by licking the soles of Kayla’s converse and kissing the tops and toe area of the shoes. She cleaned each shoe and made it look newer than before. After that, she used her teeth to unlace each shoe. She removed Kayla’s right size navy blue converse shoe and smelled the inside. It was an overpowering smell and was thick and cheesy. Shannon removed the other shoe and shoved her face in the two soles covered in white socks that had turned gray and black from being worn almost all week.

The socked feet were hot from lots of perspiration and were visibly wet. Shannon breathed in heavily and deeply and was even more turned on at each sniff. Shannon briefly leaned back and opened her eyes. Kayla’s socks had black toe prints and heel prints. Shannon dove her head back in for a few more minutes before removing the socks from Kayla’s feet. The socks clung to the feet and were hard to remove. Kayla’s soles were orangish and very sweaty. Shannon sniffed longer and, after feeling Kayla licked Shannon’s own feet, decided to lick also. She kissed, licked, and sucked on Kayla’s toes for many more minutes until they had to both go back up for their next class. Kayla decided to keep her socks off and gave them to Shannon to smell at home. Kayla’s feet would become even stinkier and sweatier being in converse with barefeet.

05-04-2012, 09:14 PM
My favorite chapter was the one where Tyler was tortured.

06-04-2012, 02:42 PM
My favorite chapter was the one where Tyler was tortured.

If you want, I will add a chapter torturing Tyler. The next chapter, the one I'm working on now, is torturing for the most part but with someone besides Tyler.

06-04-2012, 04:53 PM
Looking forward to the next installment as well as seeing who is the next victim to be tortured under their feet!! Please continue soon! this is AWESOME so far!!!

06-04-2012, 11:51 PM
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE include new chapter fully about tyler being forced to smell and worship all three girls feet also i think the three girls should force tylers freind who was called annoying to smell their feet at the same time thankyou and please include what i have asked. thankyou.

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Part 10

It was now Saturday afternoon, and Kayla was getting ready for her movie date with Adam. Kayla wore a red top along with a short gray skirt and long brown boots. She wore long black socks that were very tight on her feet. She looked very flirty and cute as she waited for Adam to pick her up.

Adam drove in front of Kaylaís house and honked. Kayla came outside and joined him in the car. Adam was around 6í2 with short brown hair. He was a typical football jock and acted as such. On the way to the theater, Adam stopped and announced that he had to drop off his homework at a nerdís house. He bullied the nerd to make him do all his school work. He dropped off his physics packet, algebra worksheet, and American Lit paper while he went on a date with a cute girl.

Adam left his phone in his car while he dropped off the homework. Kayla picked it up and started reading through his texts, as many people probably would do. It seemed pretty normal: she saw their convos, some with his football buddies, but something caught her eye. She noticed a convo with Daniella, a junior girl that was known for being a slut. Kayla read through the thread and saw that her boyfriend was flirting with this slut. They exchanged dirty pics and messages for at least a month before this moment. Kayla was horrified, but she had a plan.

Kayla heard Adam exit the house, so she placed his phone down and acted normal. She texted Vanessa and Shannon to meet at her house at 10:00. She then texted her mother to let the two girls in if they knocked, and to direct them to the basement. Kayla detailed her plan to the two girls so they would be ready on time.
Kayla pretended to be oblivious to the fact that Adam was cheating on her. She acted extra flirty and was touching his inner thigh quite sensually during the film. It was obvious that he was getting hornier and hornier throughout the movie. Towards the end of the movie, Kayla whispered in his ear.

ďHey babe, why donít we go back to my place? I donít think my parents are home, we could have some fun.Ē

Adam grunted his assurance and they rushed to his car to leave. By now it was past 10:00, and the girls should be ready in her basement. Kayla and Adam arrived at her house. Thankfully Adam was too horny to notice that Kaylaís parents were home. The house was dark and quiet enough for him to think that they were alone as they snuck to the basement.

As soon as they reached the couch, Kayla lightly pushed Adam so that he landed on his back. He was very horny and was barely in control of his own body.

Shannon and Vanessa appeared with rope and duct tape from behind the couch. Kayla stroked Adamís cock through his pants so that he was barely paying attention. Vanessa duct taped his mouth quickly as Shannon tied his hands and arms behind his back. Kayla and Vanessa then began to tie his legs together tautly so that his movement was severely restricted. In less than 30 seconds, he was their slave, at their control.
Adam opened his eyes and looked confusedly at Kayla, and then at Vanessa and Shannon. He grunted but his voice was muffled through the duct tape gag. The girls pushed him to the floor of the basement as all three of them took seats on the couch.
Kaylaís feet had grown sweaty and they were trapped in her tall brown boots all night. Her black socks were tight enough that they captured all of her foot sweat inside them.

Shannon was in her soccer cleats and blue soccer socks from the team practice that morning. She had a habit of not changing them all week. She loved to smell her own socks or have Kayla or Vanessa sniff them.

Vanessa was wearing her volleyball sneakers and calf length white athletic socks. She as well did not change her sports socks frequently. She loved the faces of her teammates as they tried to locate the source of the smell in the locker room when she took her shoes off.

All three girls sat on the couch, looking at Adam, the pathetic loser. Kayla wanted more than to break up with Adam, she wanted revenge.
It was natural that Kayla would go first. She placed her long brown boots on Adamís chest and pushed lightly. Then she moved the soles over his face as he tried to squirm out of his bonds. It was useless: the ropes were too tight and he forced to let Kayla and the girls dominate him. Kayla loved the way his face felt under her dusty boot soles. She pressed hard onto his face, with each boot sole covering one half of his face. The pressure of her boots pressing down on Adam started to hurt his face. He was still confused but figured that Kayla had found out about Daniella.
Kayla lifted her right boot of the jockís face and unzipped it down to her ankle. A subtle aroma filled the room as she paused to waft it in. She then removed her shoe fully and held it over Adamís nose. He was forced to breathe in the moist boot because of the duct tape gag over his mouth. The smell was very strong in the boot because her feet were caged in them all night.

The musky scent spread throughout the room. Shannon and Vanessa couldnít help being turned on as they watched Kayla torturing Adam. The submissive side of Vanessa wanted to be the one tortured under Kaylaís feet, instead of Adam. Kayla placed her size 9 socked foot on Adamís poor face. The black socked foot covered his entire face. The heel went past his chin and the sweaty toes were in his face. Kayla rubbed the sweaty foot around his face as he was forced to breathe in the musky, cheesy aroma of her socks. The bottom of the sock was grayed from dirt and dust, and an outline of her heel and toes appeared on the bottom. Kayla removed her other boot and continued the torture of Adam. She placed both moist socks on his face and squeezed his nose between her smelly soles. She then cupped his nose with the toes of her right foot as she rubbed the left foot over his forehead. Kayla could see the look of desperation in his eyes as he was being dominated by Kaylaís powerful size 9 feet.

After several minutes of this humiliation, Kayla removed her long black socks. Her toes were painted a light blue. The smell of her bare feet was even stronger. The odor was like musky, old cheese. Kayla could tell that Adam hated the smell, as she rubbed her sweaty feet over his face. Her soles were orange and wrinkled on the bottom, with very soft and smooth skin. Her toes were proportional in length, with the big toe being the longest, and the second being second longest, and so on. She had truly beautiful feet that anyone could admire.
The sweat of Kaylaís feet now covered Adamís face. He was barely conscious due to the extreme aroma of Kaylaís bare feet. He was overpowered and truly dominated by her. Kayla cupped the toes of both her feet around Adamís nose and forced him to breathe in her foul foot smell. She was enjoying every second of it, as Adamís breath tickled her toes. She held Adam like this for several minutes, until he was practically passed out and weakened.

Kayla removed the duct tape bond. Adam was to dazed to react. Kayla grabbed one of her long black socks (still moist and sweaty) and shoved it in Adamís mouth, so that the sole of the sock rested on his tongue. She then resealed his mouth with the duct tape. Now Kayla covered his face with her feet again. Adam was now being completely subjected to Kaylaís feet. He was forced to smell her foot odor, feel her sweaty skin on his face, see her bare soles covering his eyes, and taste the sweat her feet produced that night. Kayla had absolute control over him and it drove her crazy with euphoria. She loved having that kind of power over someone, especially Adam.
Kaylaís turn was finished after using Adam as a footrest for another 30 minutes. She removed her sock (which was now much cleaner) and put the tape back on his mouth.

Shannon was ready. She was turned on immensely by watching Kayla torture Adam, and now it was her turn to do the same. Her blue soccer socks were incredibly sweaty in her old, beaten pair of soccer cleats that she used for three seasons straight. They were incredibly worn out and dirty. She placed her cleated feet on Adamís poor, reluctant face. They were practically falling apart, but Shannon humiliated Adam with them by lightly rubbing them across his face.

Next, she removed the size 11 cleats. As soon as they came off, the incredible stench from her feet spread across the basement. Her foot smell was even stronger and had a habit of agitating the noses of anyone experiencing it. It had a sharp, acrid smell like pollen along with the muskiness of cheese similar to Kaylaís smell. Her blue soccer socks had been used for each of her two hour soccer practices all week, and they were very dirty and sweaty. They were blackened and worn out on the soles, with a visible imprint of her toes and the outlines of her heel. They were hot and moist because she had worn them all day. She couldnít wait to release her feet from their sweaty, smelly prison.

She placed them on Adamís face. He was awakened from his sub-conscious state by the sharp smell, and recoiled out of disgust. The smell was unbearable to non-foot lovers, and it showed in this case. Shannon rubbed her huge socked feet over his face. Her size 11 feet made Adamís face look puny. Her entire heel hung off his chin while her toes were digging into the top of his air. The wetness of her sweat created and easy surface for Shannon to slide her sweaty feet along his face. Her dirty blue soles encompassed his face and she sensually rubbed her sweaty socked soles against his nose. She used this to massage her feet while Adam was being tortured. The horror in his eyes was amplified when Shannon clamped her smelly socked toes over his nose. She closed her toes around his nostrils so that he had to struggle to breathe. He was forced to take huge whiffs to get enough air to breathe. That meant that he had to inhale Shannonís powerful foot odor as he did so. It was absolute torture to him.

Shannon removed her long soccer socks and immediately placed her bare feet on his non awaiting face. Her feet were exactly what one would think of when picturing beautiful feet. They were a foot fetishistís dream: Flawless toes (painted with dark red nail polish), Pale tops free of blemishes, and long wrinkly soles that were soft to the touch. It almost felt good to have her feet rub across oneís face because of their softness. Despite the angelic appearance of her feet, the smell was brutal. She forced Adam to smell her huge feet for half an hour, rubbing her wrinkling soles all over his face. She was very playful with her soles because she enjoyed having her feet worshipped. Dominating someone turned her on even more than worshipping feet. She loved the feeling of cool air as it passed between her toes and as it tickled the sensitive skin on her soles. Her feet were perfect and made to be worshipped.

Kaylaís mother called from upstairs just as Shannon was finishing dominating Adam. It was going to be Vanessaís turn as Kaylaís mom told Kayla from upstairs that her friends had to leave, because it was now past midnight. They quietly smuggled Adam to his car. They told him they would blackmail him by saying he raped Vanessa if he told anyone about this. Kayla officially broke up with him as the three girls separated, being extremely horny. Before they left, they traded socks to relieve themselves with before they went to bed that night.

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WOW!!!!!!!!! This is one AWESOME story!!!!!! Please continue soon!!

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I would love for this story to be continued it's very hot and I love all the foot worship and torture there should most definitely be a chapter where the girls torture Tyler

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This is absolutely hot! Thanks.

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