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20-12-2011, 08:55 PM
Heres a story i may have posted on the old den but may have been lost in the shuffle.

This was shortly after highschool, one of my friends girlfriend i always had a crush on the day i seen her with her shoes off. My friend was one lucky prick i always thought ha. She had incredible feet, not to large and not too petite. She had these wide soles and long spreadable toes, when me and my friend would hang out and she came over she would always kick off her shoes and seemingly give me a foot tease by rubbing her soles together and spreading her toes always would drive me nuts which lead do me running home to reliave myself while my damn lucky friend probably had all the glory!

This foot show tease she gave me would happen for years all throughout highschool ! She must have caught on and seen me looking because she would constantly take off her shoes around me and rub them together as the 3 of us watched tv- and daaamn did they stink! Highschoool was a nightmare knowing i couldnt have the real thing - i could only watch and get teased from a distance while she and my friend dated..

It didnt Help my highschool hormones that was pretty hot ontop of it! In real good shape, came from a rich family so she was that stuck up white girl type- which i thought made her even hotter.. Short blond hair and long legs - total package .. So teasing would go on and on to point where i couldnt even b near them for awhile so long story short he and her had a bad falling out after highschool so he pleaded for me to keep away from her ... I tried for a month ha but i just couldnt take it..

I contacted take her and remained friends until one night out of the blue she needed a place to stay after a bad fight and her parents kicked her out- i said come on by myplace but she had to keep quiet since my folks didnt allow females over yeah even after highschool - sheltered!

She snuck in through window and since it was super late middle of night she wanted a place
To crash until morning - i gave her my bed and i took the floor she thanked me and nearly fell asleep
asleep instantly! She was in shorts and a sweatshirt, with long furry boots on so i knew her feet would reeeeek even more than normal!

As the night wore on and it was like 2 am i was wide awake looking up from the floor
at her boots and long white legs that hover just above me - my lips got dry, palms sweaty- i knew i needed
to take advtantage of this situation and all that waiting and teasing was about to pay off ..

Here was my friends hot blond, stuck up ex girlfriend laying in my own bed- i kept thinking its my time now!

I turned on a dim light so i could see better, sat up, hesitant i kept looking over to see if her eyes
were still shut, trembling and horny as could be and began to reach for her long, furry boots..

END PART 1 of 2

21-12-2011, 12:44 AM

The time was now and the anticpation of all the years of teasing and buildup had finally come to an end..

I slowly began to pull her furry boot off one at a time - i didnt get far until I heard her speak which startled me and i froze ..

"you gunna give me a foot rub? I could use one.. Helps me fall asleep faster .."

I didnt know how to replay as this was music to my ears! I wasted no time yanking off her next boot and out popped two
Pink bare soles right in my face. No socks! I expected at least ankle socks but they were bare under those boots.

The smell was almost unbareable at first! I expected them to smell of course but not in my wildest dreams this much!!
Her bare fleshy pink soles were moist, warm and letting off this major stench enough to almost knock me backwards.

I waited this long though and had to endure so much tension and anxiety for this moment to actually happen that i knew i had to enjoy every last whiff of the sweaty aroma no matter how pungent..

Hands still trembling in buildup and axiety i lifted them towards her feet and pressed my fingers into her sweaty pink sole. They were super moist and i could still feel the heat coming off them fresh from her sweaty, furry boots which trapped in all the sweat, heat and moisture especially without socks!

She lay on my bed on her back looking up at the ceiling with her arms relaxed behind her head, enjoying the foot rub.
It wasnt much of a foot rub at all as i could barly concentrate from the lack of oxygen and fresh air. The smell was relentless and kept hitting me like a stack of bricks. Once the moaning began i knew i would nearly lose it.

She began moaning the more i pressed into her soles not a loud moan since she was still half asleep but under her breath. The more her toes wiggled around he more the smell would waft up my nostrils.

She noticed me cringe every so often as i would lean foward and open my nostrils as i keep massaging her sweaty feet.

"so you dont mind my stinky feet do ya?". She questioned while a smile.

Stunned i stopped rubbing and looked up at her, she had this big grin on her face she knew i was loving every second of this.

Turned on beyond belief i responded, "i been waiting patientally for 3 years for this to happen!"

She smiled even bigger than before still looking tired though and
And pressed her soles against my face. My nose went crazy sniffing every inch of those warm, pink, meaty soles. It didnt sink in at first how lucky i was, i was too caught up in the moment as all i could do was snort and sniff like crazy.

"i love your stinky feet .." i managed to mumble as i was still being smothered. "i have waited for this moment to happen for soooo looong you have no idea!" i managed to ramble off still with her feet rubbing up and down my face.

"oh i think ive known ... Youve always looked at my feet throughout highschool .." she said to my amazement with a evil smirk.

"damn girl - they are so damn stinky! I cant believe this is finally happening!". I tried keeping my voice down to not wake anyone up but i was at my breaking point this girl was driving me crazy..

She let out a few giggles as she could tell how insane she was making me -

"yeah your buddy loved how bad my feet would stink when we were dating he wouldnt let me take a shower after school or work most of the times - he couldnt wait for you to go home so he could dive into my feet like a crazy person - just like your doing now hahah!"

I was stunned that lucky sob! "is that why u would tease me all those years with your feet?!"

"hahah yah i was really teasing him but i noticed you staring at them also so i had all kinds of fun torturing you! Hahhaha"

Still pressing my face into her feet as we continued on the discussion ...

My face was feeling numb either from her rubbing too hard for long or because all te blood was now making its way to my crouch!

"i cant belueve you put me through torture all these years! Your evil!" i joked aloud

She got a real kick out of this and now seemed wide awake ..

"haha it was fun teasing you though! Ypud run home trying to hide your boner but i was noticed it haha i knew i had you under my spell!"

"oh thats it! You owe me now!! All the years of torture you owe me!" i half joked but half was being serious ... The moment was there i had my window .. I needed more than just her smelly feet in my face i was done running home i wanted the real thing this time!

"yeah so many guys would love to be in your position right now.." she said with a grin

She didnt really take the bait so i continued sniffing inbetween her toes, that swere most of the stench was coming from- her long toes which were non-painted.

Sniffing between each toe and her giggling and mOaning aloud i knew it was time!

"girl.. All the tears of torture you owe me like a foot job or something ...". I cleared my throat still not really believing i actually said it aloud to her ..

She gave me this curious look which had me sweating not knowing if she was about to run out of my house screaming ..

She began to smile again and then shrugged her shoulders - "yeah sure why not! Its the least i can do for yah! Ahah"

I almost lost it right then and there! "wait you serious?!?" i needed to know if she joking or if she was really tht down to earth nd cool about it ..

"yeah i mean would be sort of fun for both of us haha'!"

I frantically ripped off my pants and exposed myhuge erection i didnt waste anytime i didnt want to give her time to reconsider it!

Her eyes got wide "dammmn you sure were in the mood werent you! Haha" she giggled again as she could see i was as ready as id ever be!

"damn.. I dont got lube though .." i said frantically trying to find some before she changed her mind or nefore someone woke up and caught us ..

"oh its ok just lick my feet like a dog - use your saliva.". She said non-chalantly like shes done this before ...

"damn! Your the best! Wow .."

I franctically began licking up and down her soles and all inbetween her toes her toes and heels were so salty and moist i could hardl control myself from slobbering all over my bed..

Once her soles were nice and moist with saliva she didnt think twice and began rubbing my shift gently and gradually harder and harder. She barly moved from her original position still on her back as i sat at the end of my bed where her feet were resting.

The smell was still quite strong as i gripped my sheets trying not to blow so quick.

She was like a pro massaging my shaft with her long stinky toes.

I was rock hard and after hearing her moan i sat up a little grabbing her inner legs to prop me up i leaned foward ao i could still smell her feet or at least be close enough to them as she rubbed away like a champ.

Her soles were so soft annd moist and the smell kept wafting towards me that i quickly blew so hard that the first squirt had to have hit my ceiling wall!

Her mouth lunged open in astonshment. She was either surprised how quickly it happened or how far i shot my first load but it kept coming and coming , no pun on words ..

Those smelly feet drained me dry! She giggled got up to clean off her feet came back in my room said "ok now were even!" and rolled over to go back to bed - leaving me in a mess and trying to still catch my breath ...

21-12-2011, 02:29 AM
Nice Story!!!

21-12-2011, 03:42 PM
Great story! I really enjoyed it. Nice detail and well written. I love a sexy female tease! I hope she does that to girls too!

22-12-2011, 01:39 AM
Glad that something finally happened after all those years for you, must have been tortuous, I know I have been in the same situation too!!! Well written too, good details, thanks!

11-01-2012, 11:43 PM
Wow.... That is an awesome story man xD

02-02-2012, 06:44 AM
Great read, must have been an even better experience haha