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14-12-2011, 03:03 PM
Nancy Vs Marie-old True Story
This is another old true Nancy story that was posted on another board shortly after it happened. It was one of Nancy's best conquests, and one of her most dominant performances, IT IS FROM A FEW YEARS AGO, dedicated for my friends BIGMAN, MARKUS, SOLELVR, FOOT TOONS and many others............................................ .................
Marie lives in the same condo complex as Nancy, and they were at the pool together there this past summer. Nancy's love of fighting came up, and Marie was intrigued and wanted to take her on. Marie thought it was going to be a fun test of strength, but Nancy had other ideas. I was invited to come watch the fight on the following weekend, Nancy's husband was the only other person there to view it. Marie wore a tight white tee shirt and jean shorts with sexy size 7 bare feet, her toes decended evenly and were bright red. Marie is in her mid 40's too, 5'6 125 pounds with long brown hair and brown eyes, and she is fit from aerobics and swimming. Nancy, 5'8 140 pounds with short blonde hair and blue eyes, came down in a black bikini and black strappy sandals, and her toes were painted hot pink. Nancy pointed to her feet, and told Marie she would kiss and smell them when she lost, and slipped out of the sexy shoes, and as she did so she commented on how much Marie was going to enjoy their really stinky sweaty smell. Marie told her no way, and replied her butt was gonna get kissed when she won. The battle started slow as they circled each other, Marie threw a left slap that connected to Nancy's ear, and Marie then dove at Nancy's feet. Nancy slipped away like a cat, and shot her left foot into Marie's side while she was on all fours. Marie tried to gather herself and get up, and Nancy shot a front kick into Marie's nose, that hurt her. Marie was very upset, as the kick was more fierce than she expected. Marie charged at Nancy's feet trying to tackle her. Nancy backed up and shot an axe kick down hitting Marie on the top of her head with the heel of her foot. This really dazed Marie, and Nancy followed with a flush side kick with her left foot into Marie's right cheek. Marie tried to punch back, but her attempts were nothing more than wild misses. Nancy saw another oppening and launched a straight right kick that smacked into Marie's mouth hard. Marie slumped on to the mat, Nancy kicked her in the face again, then Nancy grabbed her arms and stepped on her back with her sexy left foot and got her in a surf board hold, and stretched her arms. Marie fell flat on her face and screamed in pain. Nancy kicked her over on to her back, grabbed her arms, and planted her smelly sexy right bare foot flush in Marie's face. Marie tried to scream and breathe, but the sexy size 8 stinky foot really smothered her. Nancy stood there smiling, as Marie struggled beneath the very moist and sweaty blonde's foot. Her legs kicked and body quivered, but Nancy made sure that she saw nothing, and smelled nothing but her sexy foot. Marie rocked her face from side to side, but she couldn't get Nancy's foot off her face. Marie started to really weaken, and you could see that Nancy's foot was hurting and really dazing her badly, and she slowly passed out under the smell and pressure. When she awoke, Nancy sat swinging her sandaled right foot over her left leg and called Marie over. Marie crawled over, and without a word or resistance kissed Nancy's sexy wiggling hot pink toes. Nancy made her kneel at her feet taking deep sniffs of their strong vinegar and sweaty leather smell. Watching this woman bow at Nancy's feet, smell her toes, smell her sweaty foot sole, and then lick each of her sandaled toes was such an amazing turn on for me. Nancy just smiled and sat there like the queen she is, watching her sexy feet get slowly worshipped and adored!!!

14-12-2011, 04:41 PM
OMG that was HOT!!!! Thanks for sharing and please keep the awesome stories coming!!!

14-12-2011, 04:53 PM
Thanks BIGMAN! Glad you liked it. I have a lot more that were posted in the past, that many of the NEW members haven't seen. The OLD TIMERS may be getting sick of them, but, I hope more enjoy her exploits than not!

02-01-2012, 06:19 AM
Moved up for NEW members to see, and hopefully comment on! Does anyone else know of a real foot fighting sexy woman? I would love to hear about her!

03-01-2012, 12:37 AM
nancy would make an awesome stinky feet giantess dominating smaller women:swoon: (just an idea)

03-01-2012, 03:28 AM
Thanks very much for the idea sniffguy. Most of what I write and have written about Nancy is true stories. I may start writing some fiction about her in the future, and your idea would be at the top of that list.

10-02-2012, 09:14 PM
i loved this story because its a woman dominating another woman. I would love to me see more stories about women being dominated against their will and forced to smell socks, shoes, and of course smelly feet.

11-02-2012, 05:09 AM
i loved this story because its a woman dominating another woman. I would love to me see more stories about women being dominated against their will and forced to smell socks, shoes, and of course smelly feet.

Not just to shamelessly promote it, but if that's the case I'd think you'd like my story: http://www.footsniffing.com/showthread.php?1026-Wife-Gets-Dominated-By-Phoenix

25-07-2012, 08:01 AM
nnnnn I LOVED your story too, it is exactly what I like. I hope to read more FEM/FEM stuff from you. Thank you also for sending me sexy FEM/FEM pictures featuring foot domination as well. I hope others enjoy each of our stories. I want to see and read more FEM/FEM foot domination fiction and non-fiction!!!!

06-09-2012, 05:54 AM
I got a request about a Nancy fighting story from a new member, so I am bumping this up for him. Hope others like it too!