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08-12-2011, 05:00 AM
Nancy's first deadly foot victim!

Nancy is the wife of one of my friends. When she started dating Marc about 16 years ago, he was still dating a woman named Janice. Janice was tall and thin, about 5'10, had long black hair and dark brown eyes, and was about 120 lbs. Nancy was 5'8 125 lbs, short blonde hair and blue eyes. Janice looked tougher, while Nancy looks sexy feminine, but looks can be deceiving, as Janice found out. It was a lazy Sunday when Marc and I were hanging out watching football and having a few beers, taking it easy. The door bell rings and it's Nancy surprising him with a visit, not knowing I was there. She played it off that it was alright for me to stay, she would watch the games too. She didn't know a lot about football, but she was willing to watch and learn. No more than 30 minutes goes by, and now it's Janice showing up also by surprise. At first she thought Nancy was with me, but that wasn't the case! Now Marc has explaining to do, but both women are at each other right away. Marc had a typical bachelor living room, one big couch, one leather chair, a television, and end table and a bookcase and carpeting and that was it. It was very spacious and wide open. The girls start to get physical, and we back off and let them go at each other. It was a late September day and still warm outside, both women were in cotton tops and shorts, and both had flat sandals on. Nancy's feet are a size 8, and looked gorgeous. She had her long toes painted bright pink, and they decended perfectly. Janice had longer size 10 feet with unpainted toenails. The girls started with hair pulling and then traded slaps evenly for about 5 minutes or so. Nancy was able to land a kick with her white sandal into Janice's left knee. Janice limped backwards a little hurt, when Nancy lifted a vicious right sandal into the left side of Janice's face, dazing her badly. Nancy then followed with a right kick flush into her stomache, pushing her down onto her back. Nancy wasted no time and stomped on Janice's neck, chest and stomache with repeated kicks. Janice was hurt badly, and was now crying. Nancy started to slowly crush her neck under the sole of her right white sandaled foot. Janice choked and was begging her to stop. Please , please you're choking me, I give, please stop! Nancy gave a victory pose wiggling her toes in the sandal on her victims neck. Is Mark all mine, and will you do everything I say? Yesssss, I will, please stop! Will you smell and kiss my feet, till I tell you to stop? Janice didn't answer. Nancy pressed her foot into her neck, bulging her eyes out with fear all over her face. Yessss, I'll do it. Good, because I thought I'd have to hurt you even more! My feet are really sweaty today, I'm sure you're gonna really enjoy them! She removed her very sweaty right foot from the shoe, and lowered the stinky foot right on Janice's tearful losing face. Don't move, I want you to take big deep breaths, get all my pretty foot smell in your big stupid nose! Marc and I watched incredibly turned on, he never saw her act like this before, and he was shocked. She slowly rubbed her stinky foot into Janice's face, and Janice kicked and stomped her legs, and shook her body, like she was being tortured beyond her wildest dreams. She was screaming under the very stinky assault, and Nancy was visibly turned on, loving her victims torment. I was at least 10 feet away and I could smell the stinkyness of her foot. Janice described it after as the worst smell ever, like rotten eggs and blue cheese, and very salty too! It had a leathery fishy vinegar smell to me, but it wasn't right in my face! Nancy switched feet, and sat on the poor girl, so that she could be more comfortable while stepping on her face. We watched the sexy pink toenailed foot rub all over this poor girl's face, smothering her completely, while she screamed. The girl had to lick up and down both reddish but smoothe soles, and then suck on every toe one at a time. This is a ritual that Nancy would repeat over and over again, both then and in future encounters. Nancy stood when her feet felt all clean and refreshed by Janice's poor sore mouth. She slipped her right foot under her shirt, and stepped on her bare stomache, and squashed her breasts under that bare foot, and rubbed her nipples too. Janice just looked at her conqueror with teary eyes and a smudged face, and pleaded with her to stop. Nancy just sat in the leather chair, and crossed her sexy legs, and told Janice to crawl to her, which she did. Now look at my sexy toes while you kiss them and thank me for stepping on your face! Janice kissed, and kissed some more. Marc looked at me with excitement. Stop crying Nancy said to her, my other smelly foot is still waiting for you!!!

09-12-2011, 01:05 AM
NANCY LOVES doing this kind of stuff. Would any of you like to see her do something like this to your wife, girlfriend or woman that you know? If you are a female, would you want to experience her doing this to you? Is this type of action exciting to you, could you sit there and watch this? Offer your oppinion thoughts and feelings!

10-12-2011, 03:49 AM
i want her to do it to me:rolleyes:

10-12-2011, 06:19 AM
She would LOVE to do it to you. She would probably enjoy doing it to your wife, girlfriend, female friend, or female aquaintance even more! She particularly likes females at and under her smelly, sexy, feet!