08-12-2011, 12:15 AM
Nancy And Donna Fight Again- True Story!....from a few years ago......................
Nancy ( 5'8, 140 pounds, short blonde hair, blue eyes, size 8 feet ) and Donna ( 5'7, 135 pounds, long blonde hair, blue-green eyes, size 8.5 feet ) had their match at Nancy's home in her basement. It was pre-aranged, and it happened this past Sunday. Nancy's husband, myself, Donna's boyfriend and one girlfriend were there. The women agreed to fight in bikini bathing suits, Nancy wore navy blue and she had her hands and feet painted a pinkish maroon color. Donna wore red, and had her hands and feet painted a dark purple shade. The women circled each other for awhile, both were tentative, and it was a little boring at first. Donna dove at Nancy's legs but Nancy dove out of the way. Nancy connected on a couple of kicks to Donna's legs. Donna missed many slaps, but then caught Nancy in the face with a loud thud with a right hand. Donna then pulled her short blonde hair, and gave her a knee to the stomache. Donna had Nancy defensive, and she slapped her to the side of the face, and landed a right kick to Nancy's left thigh. Nancy backed off, Donna followed her, Donna missed a wild left, Nancy countered with a right kick flush in her stomache, and used the same foot to kick her in the left shoulder-trying to hit her face. Donna got in close and landed a knee to Nancy's stomache, Nancy landed a double slap to Donna's head with her right hand. Nancy then grabbed her long blonde hair and tugged on it hard. Nancy got her left foot behind her and tripped her to her knees. Nancy took a step back and kicked her in her chest with her bare right foot. Donna tried to grab her leg and foot but could not get it. Nancy stepped to the side and landed a hard left kick to the side of Donna's face. Donna was stunned a little and was knocked to her side on the blue mat. Nancy then became a kicking machine, landing a right foot to her side, a left foot to her stomache, another left foot right in her face, and again in her face with her other foot. Donna tried to cover up, she punched at Nancy's legs and feet connecting but not stopping the deadly Nancy. Nancy knew she had her, she sensed Donna was desperate, Nancy's bare right heel caught her on the chin knocking Donna flat. Nancy then kicked her in the ribs, two,three hard kicks, then the other foot, three, four kicks, Donna grunted from the assault. Nancy saw her cover up , protecting her face, so she stomped on her bare stomache with her right foot. Donna was really hurt now, Nancy then stepped on her chest, pressing her flat to the floor. Do you give, or do I keep kicking you? Donna didn't answer right away, so Nancy stomped on her chest hard, three more times! Donna cried for her to stop, enough, enough! Do you give, Nancy fiercely demanded? YESSSS, STOP,NO MORE! Well just lay still with your face up-you know the penalty! Donna cried please no, come on, enough, enough! Nancy said, you know what our rules are- don't you? Donna looked at us, tears in her eyes, and then looked up. Nancy stood over her, she lifted her size 8 right bare foot, and slowly lowered it on to Donna's crying face. Nancy placed it on her face slowly, and sensualy. Nancy's heel was on her chin, her sole over her mouth and nose, and her toes over her eyes and eyebrows. Smell my foot loser, I want to hear deep sniffs!!! Donna smelled her sweaty, stinky bare foot right in front of us. Donna choked and coughed, grunted and her tears flowed. Nancy rubbed her foot into her face, up and down, side to side, wiggling her sexy toes all over her features. Donna cried, and Nancy switched feet, wiped the sweat off her other foot sole on Donna's beaten face. Lick my soles bitch, and Donna licked up and down her foot. Now suck on my toes, nice and hard. Donna was forced to suck on her real enemies bare foot! Smell my foot some more, get my foot stink up your stupid nose! Nancy posed her foot on her face, looking at the poor woman while she did it, and really turning herself on! This bitch is really smelling and kissing my feet, I know they really smell, and she touched herself, laughing, and exciting herself almost as much as she was exciting me!!!

08-12-2011, 01:05 AM
Great Story to the Den Royal...your wife and you are the best yet..by the way, I really like seeing Nancy's leather strappy sandals
after she's worn them with deep dark imprints would really make me drool to smell and lick them..yummmm. toejamboy (TJB).

08-12-2011, 01:09 AM
THANKS TOEJAMBOY! NANCY is my best friends wife, not mine. She loves her feet smelled, licked and kissed, and would love your tongue between her toes. She wants you smelling, and worshipping her feet, more than her shoes. After you worship her feet, you can sleep with a sexy closed toe stinky mule of hers over your nose, or one of her high heeled leather pumps!