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29-11-2011, 10:10 PM

I guess this has been done before, and even probably by me, I hope I have the right area to post this stuff.

Real life experiences.

Am excluding professional visits and things like that, but so far:

At probably a pre-pubescent age I was round a friends (a girl), and for some reason I had her tie me up, and go get her hot sister to come look, but her sister wasn't really that interested, just small kids playing silly games is the impression I got.

Not long after that, I was hanging about round a multi-story car park with 2 girls, one the aforementioned friend and a much younger girl, it was in the very early eighties, we were experimenting with smoking and the like, for some reason I wrote on one of the pillars “I want to kiss ##### feet”, ##### being the older girl, but as I recall I did this in full view and blatantly in front of the other girl. I was still very young and didn’t really know about any of this then. But as I look back on it now I was obviously being manipulative, I can recall having to point out to the young girl that she knew a secret about it, and asking her not to tell, then going on to suggest that I were her slave, that I had to do whatever she said. She let me lead, but I do remember suggesting that I would have to kiss her feet 100 times, she let me, but to be honest can’t recall much about it. What I do remember was later that day back at hers, she was from “the bad” family of the neighbourhood, I was sat in their sitting room and urged the girl to tell her mother that I was her slave, but again it was just reactions in regard to silly kid stuff.

Many years then passed, I was a pretty boy and had many vanilla relationships, with no foot or submissive attributes, all the way through school, early career, then going back to college and the first few years of university.

In the final year of university, I was really getting desperate for submission. I came up with an answer, which was to find a landlady to live with, then play the poor student card, and ask for household work instead of rent or at least partly so, it didn’t work though, the lady I found took me in, and me do some housework, but always wanted the rent, and I had overshot my budget with the plan.

After graduating uni I moved back into my parents, couldn’t stand that for long after the freedom I had had, so again looked for digs, I found a single mother that was looking for a lodger, she already had one, but he was a bit of a twat, she was kicking him out, which was why the room was available, I hadn’t met him on the first night of my stay there, I had moved into his old room, for some reason best known to her, she let him stay in her sons room, her son had to sleep in her room with her, anyway when this idiot got in he was banging about making food in the kitchen, I had been told that he was leaving because he didn’t have any money, so after a while I went down and yep he was tucking into all the food I had just stocked the fridge with, after a little barney he left, but she and her kids were apparently listening and hoping I would spark him out. I turned into a bit of a hero in their eyes. I did end up with the lady, and stayed with her for about 3 years, and was honest (ish) about my fetish, I kissed her feet in foreplay many times, but I was still young and stupid, and the whole family thing got a bit heavy for me.
She is my first real regret, she was accepting of me, even as someone that wanted to kiss her feet and slave for her, but I was too selfish,

Only about half way through, but am hungry need to eat, so will continue with my sad life story another time if you like?

This is all true btw, lol no one would make up this boring shite!

29-11-2011, 10:46 PM
This is great....I LOVE real, true life experiences. I hope there is at least one female that helped satisfy your fetish and fantasies with regard to her feet! I would LOVE to read about that, and everything about her and her feet! THANKS!

30-11-2011, 07:58 PM
Sorry Royal, I wish there were someone like that too, but unfortunately so far I have failed to find such a goddess, but the great thing is, the story is not over, it is still being added to every day :-) If I had found that do you think I would be here writing to you guys about it – no offence ;-)

After that relationship, I was back at home for a while with my parents, I signed up with informed consent (a UK BDSM personals site) or at least I think it was IC, but when I have checked my membership start date there it doesn’t add up, maybe I had another membership back then or maybe it was a different site (I drank too much back then, well and now really), wasn’t long before I had found a lady looking for a weekend slave/mistress relationship.
Her thing was (and as far as I know still is) Corporal Punishment (CP), she especially liked caning, I was still quite young (or immature at least), was mid twenties, she on the other hand was late 40’s maybe early 50’s, married with a child. The child in question was a teenage girl, I never met her, she had a weekend job, and I only ever went there when she was at work. But I was always desperately worried that she would come home early for some reason.
The ladies husband was supposed to always be present, he put up with it all because he wasn’t into it, but she had a need, he was very understanding and laid back, I think there was a rule between them in regard to nothing sexual with her and her slaves, but whenever he wasn’t about she used my tongue to the full, which have to admit disgusted me at the time, not because of the betrayal to him, that was her bag, my job was to do as I was told, but because in my eyes at the time she was an old and not very attractive woman.
Anyway, she was understanding of my foot fetish, and although not her thing, she did embrace it, even my penchant for smelly feet, she didn’t really have smelly feet, but on the last occasion I saw her she had made a real effort in that regard, she had worn sneakers without socks for the whole morning before I got there, her feet were smellier than usual, but still the overwhelming smell was soap :-( But then she gave me the best experience that I had had, and thinking back probably one of the highlights of my submissive experience to date:

(This really happened, keeping this real, but this bit might sound like pure fantasy, but I promise it is not)

After I had worshipped her feet (that had been in trainers with no socks all morning) she said she was going for a bath, she led me to the cupboard under the stairs, I had to kneel there and wait for her, she did go up stairs, and she did have time to have a bath and get changed, but I really couldn’t say how long I was waiting, maybe 20 minutes, maybe more, remember it being dark and not very sexy, I was amongst coats, a hover and lots of boxes, normal sort of stuff you would find in a utility cupboard.
The door bell rang, I cant remember if she was on her way down, or if she come down to answer it, but when she did I heard two new voices (male and female), and to my shock she brought them into the house, I heard them all going into the lounge opposite. I was being silly by this stage, I was imagining it was someone I knew, my parents only lived about 7 miles down the road.
I wasn’t left to stew for long though (guess I might have been if she had realised), she came and led me through to the lounge (now when I have told this story before I have embellished it here by saying I was blindfolded and had to do the next things without ever seeing the lady, but as I said am keeping it real), I remember being relieved that I didn’t know either the lady or her partner, they were a couple in their early 30’s I guess.
I was led straight to the lady who was sitting on the couch on her own, her partner was in an arm chair opposite can’t remember where my mistresses husband was, but he was present, so there were four of them there, and me kneeling on the floor naked.
The new lady was blonde, not thin, but not fat either, very curvaceous, she was wearing a leopard print tight blouse, a skirt reaching just below the knees (can’t recall the colour) bare legs and a pair of old worn sensible flats.
My Mistress made me great her friend by licking her shoes, It was humiliating, but the smell, I have not experienced anything like it wince, I swear I could smell her feet through her shoes, it was the most erotic smell I have ever smelt, she obviously either had bad personal hygiene, or had come prepared for someone who like smelly feet.
That was the last day I spent there, still can’t answer why, apart from I was young and stupid.

Wow that was a big update, all real though.

More to come …

01-12-2011, 01:51 PM
Great. I love reading about real experiences. Thank you

02-12-2011, 07:55 AM
I miss being a kid. You could get away with so much foot-related stuff, like kissing or smelling a girl's feet or socks or shoes or whatever, and the adults who were watching you would probably just dismiss it as kids being kids and think nothing more of it. Those were the days.