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26-11-2011, 03:26 PM
For me, getting kicked in the face by a sexy barefoot female opponent had become a full-blown phobia, because you didn’t just get hurt physically. You also got shamed. Your face pressed into another girl's clammy smelly foot sole, your whole physical identity flattened by a cheesy foot, and all of this combined with the public embarrassment of spectators watching you involuntarily face-hump her bare foot.

They’d see your eyebrows shoot up in shock at the smell and taste and feel of this naked foot you’d only seen from across the room suddenly rearranging your face. They'd know you never thought you’d be face-fucking some other girl’s foot like this.

How could the ego withstand it? How could you look your opponent in the eye ever again if you passed her in the hall between classes. I mean, you’d both know. She’d know what your pretty nose and lips had felt like crushed against the sole of her foot just like she knew the feeling of sand between her toes, and whether you’d slobbered on her heel or if your nose had been pushed back like a pig’s snout, her sole wrinkles pressed up inside your nostrils.

And you’d remember that shapely sole growing huge in your vision until suddenly you were in her foot, your world soft and dark. And the smell, of course. You’d never be able to forget that. That intimate sweaty vinegary tang that even her boyfriends hadn’t savored.

You could talk tough, but you’d been beaten up by her feet, you'd smelled them against your will. You knew it, she knew it, everyone knew it, your black eye or fat lip was like a scarlet letter "F". In their eyes you’d lost your dignity the moment your face was enveloped in those moist smelly creamy wrinkles.

Worse, if you were videotaped taking a foot to the face like that you’d never live it down. They’d replay it endlessly in slow motion to catch that precise moment of impact, when it finally registered on whatever part of your features was still visible under that big smelly face smacker that you were eating a sweaty foot sandwich and eating it hard in front of everyone. The moment when you felt so degraded by this girl fucking up your face with her pretty foot that it was almost sexual. Thankfully this particular time another girl got owned by female feet, and it was not me.

Emily, one of the other girls in my class, had foolishly dropped her guard in a moment of inattention and had experienced and eaten Maria's sexy pretty pink toed pedicured stinker, and eaten it hard. At the moment of impact there was a deep, fleshy SMACK, like someone's ass being flattened by a paddle, and Emily's face was totally swallowed by that sexy shapely foot, like her face had been caved in. Her cheeks looked like silly putty, compressed back to the edges of her face and wrinkled into rolls like somebody in a wind-tunnel; it looked hilarious. She made a loud, embarrassing "mmoooooggff" sound as she flew backwards, as if the foot had made her retarded as well as ugly. She slammed down onto the mat, almost unconscious and seizing. Maria then walked up to her and planted her right smelly, sweaty bare foot flush on her face for more humiliation and amusement. Emily had her own spit all over her face, black eyes; fat, split lips; and a sweaty red footprint on her face from the force of the blow, and from Maria's sexy foot on face pose. She looked like a clown.

I wondered what it must have felt like. What did it feel like to have your face kicked in by a sweaty bare foot? Would she have been able to taste it? And what was the smell like when it pressed on to her beaten face?

How did it feel sniffing Maria's foot in front of all those people, the sudden shock of foot odor in her nose, the shame of getting knocked down by a foot...and…well, this might sound strange…but what if it smelled good? What if she actually liked taking that foot to the face...getting rocked by a stinky foot in front of God and everyone, being owned by beautiful girl-feet publicly?

Later, in the locker room with all the girls changing after class, I waited until it got quiet. Emily was at her locker getting out of her gi.

“So how did it smell?” I casually asked her. Everyone stopped moving. All eyes were on her.


”Maria's beautiful foot. What did it smell like?”

Her face turned bright crimson and she looked down at the floor in shame.

“C’mon Emily, it’s a simple question. You remember Maria's pretty foot, right? That shapely pretty pink toed sledghammer you kissed earlier? So what does her foot smell like? I mean, she hit you so hard you can probably still smell it. She practically shoved it up your nose after, right? She posed it, and rubbed it slowly on your face. So you’re the foremost expert on Maria's foot now…how does it smell?”

She tried to ignore me but I kept at it.

“Maybe you liked it. Maybe she doesn’t want to say because she likes how Maria's foot smells!”

The other girls laughed and made comments of their own as tears began streaming silently down Emily's foot-battered face, her fat lower lip trembling with shame.

“I’ve never seen someone kiss and smell a foot so hard. She must have a foot fetish!”

“No, no! She just used her face to block the kick.”

“Next time why don’t your face and her feet get a room before they fuck like that!”

“It’s like her face got penetrated or something, like Maria's foot-cock fucked her in the face.”

“Her breath will smell like Maria's pretty feet for a week.”

“Yeah, nice job, Foot Breath!”

She buried her face in her hands, screamed, and ran out of the locker room sobbing. Emily was known from then on as Foot Breath.

When she tried to start dating a guy she’d had a crush on, some of the girls made fun of her in front of him, saying things like, “I hope Derron likes the smell of Maria's feet, otherwise how will he be able to stand kissing you, Foot Breath?” They teased him so much about dating Emily because he had a thing for the smell of Maria's sexy feet that he dumped Emily shortly after they got together. She was devastated but we didn’t let up.

Later that Spring we got a pair of Maria's unwashed and reworn athletic socks from a month’s worth of track and karate practices. The morning of Emily's birthday we broke into her locker and left her a present.

When she opened it later that day after her post-practice shower, her locker was filled with stink from Maria's sweaty, reeking gym socks. The odor of her sexy sweaty dominant feet was so powerful as it washed over her that she let out a moan and her knees buckled. We’d put a note in there that said, “Happy Birthday, Foot Breath! We know this smell will bring back fond memories of your face’s date with Maria's beautiful foot, but try not to cream your panties when you smell these.”

27-11-2011, 06:32 AM
This is AMAZING! This idea of not just the pain, but humilation of getting kicked in the face is one of my fav things, its almost like it was written just for me. Thanks for sharing.

27-11-2011, 11:48 AM
I LOVE stories about kicking and dominant female feet as well. I felt the same way, about this story. It was like it was written just for me. The idea of one female dominating and humiliating another female with her bare foot, is so exciting to me. I am happy you enjoyed this too. I would love to see and read about other experiences just like this!

30-11-2011, 06:36 AM
Anybody else like fighting female feet? Would you have liked to see this particular fight in person? WOULD IT HAVE REALLY EXCITED YOU?

30-11-2011, 11:03 PM
I seem to love F/F fighting. There was a series of pics I found about 3 computer crashes ago: the aggressor jumping on the back of her prey, chloroforming her. Both were barefoot I think, but I loved that the Top was forcing the other woman to submit.

Another was a YouTube find that has since been removed: 2 young women, one straddling the other and holding her down. it was B&W and both wearing socks as I recall. Very hot!!!

Would love to see more of this.


01-12-2011, 04:30 AM
I would LOVE to see more of this too! Anyone have any TRUE experiences with fighting females?