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24-11-2011, 09:56 AM
Hello all

A few weeks ago, I wrote a story about my first date with an absolute goddess. Since then, she and I have had clashing schedules but I had a date with another woman tonight which still has me shaking my head.

I had my first date with a woman named Tia who is a college woman but in her thirties. Italian woman, long dark hair, dark eyes, fantastic legs and feet. She has total knowledge that I am a total footman and seems at ease about it. Back to the date. I met her at a really packed bar and while attempting to chat, I observed that she's wearing cowboy boots which is really frustrating to me cause I can't see her freshly pedicured toes! Damn! Tia decides that she wants to go to a bar with live music so we can sit and get to know each other better. As we sit down at the bar, I observed two drunk ass bleach blondes with huge breasts, tight ass dresses and platform open toed sandals to our right. While talking to Tia, I can see the feet of one of the blondes to our right and they are gorgeous with a french manicure and white tips. I asked Tia to shift her position slightly to the right or left because I was distracted. I pointed out my distraction to Tia who said, Wow, she does have really attractive feet. Tia then reaches down and grabs the womans ankle and raised the blondes foot directly in front of my face. The woman is so drunk, she doesn't even acknowledge what's going on. Tia then tells the woman that I liked her pedicure and shoes and wanted to get a closer look. The blonde spreads her toes and I stuck my tongue right in between the sole of her shoe and her toes and licked between all of her toes. They were extremely sweaty but didn't really have any smell. Tia just laughed and the blonde put her foot back down on the floor and didn't say anything. UNREAL!

I then finish my date with Tia and drive her home. Upon entering the house, she sits down and asks me to remove her boots from her feet. After some difficulty, I got them off with her ankle socks still stuck inside. I immediately grabbed the socks from her boots and covered my nose and inhaled as deeply as possible and Tia just laughed about it. They were very damp with hardly any smell. Double Damn! Tia wiggled her toes in front of me to show off her freshly pedicured pastel Blue toes and asked for a massage. I spent the next forty five minutes with one planted on my face and the other getting massaged. These dates just keep on getting better!

24-11-2011, 03:18 PM
Wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

25-11-2011, 06:16 AM
Awesome story. I really enjoyed it. I love how open you are with these women about your love for sexy female feet. It seems to pay off. That is something I have preached about on this board. Be who you are, don't be affraid or ashamed, and tell these women what you like. Most of them will enjoy a good foot massage, and then go slowly from there. You are living proof that it REALLY, REALLY works! Please share more! THANKS!

27-11-2011, 04:42 AM
Great story! I love the real life stuff! Tia sounds like a cool chick, good luck with her dude!