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23-11-2011, 12:04 PM
Has any one ever had someone smell their wife's/GF's feet or socks and been turned on by it?

23-11-2011, 01:46 PM
Oh yeah, it absolutely drives me crazy knowing that some other guy is getting off because of my wife's feet. I've got many stories I could share, and probably should when I have a chance. My wife's got the cutest feet and toes that you'll ever see, and the smell they produce after being in shoes all day is just plain amazing. And for a reason I can't really explain, I get so turned on thinking about some other guy getting to enjoy the smell of her feet. When I have friends over the house I'll stategically leave a pair or two of her most worn shoes in places where someone can sneek a sniff, like in the guest bathroom. I'll place them in such a way that I'll know if they've been moved at all. After one of our male guests uses the bathroom I'll go in and check, and in most times I'll see that her shoes have been handled, obviously smelled. One time I actually caught one of our son's friends, who was about 12, sneeking a sniff of her shoes when he thought no one was around. And then there's Kenny, a guy who works with my wife. It's a long story but while we were in San Diego for a few days attending a conference for the company my wife works for, I happened to notice that Kenny had an obvious attraction to my wife's feet. One night during a company gathering of drinking and dancing and watching Kenny drool every time my wife would dangle a shoe, I decided I wanted nothing more than to know that for one night, her feet were all his. So I told my wife about Kenny's obvious attraction to her feet, which really seemed to turn her on, and we planned how they could be alone. I left the party early and she eventually asked him if he would mind messaging her feet in his room. I'll leave the details for another time, but they ended up spending the night together with him smelling and licking her sweet smelling feet while she gave him several handjobs until he was completely drained.

23-11-2011, 02:45 PM
That was a very hot story, I loved it, and would want to hear more of those experiences! Could you please describe your wife to us, roughly, how tall is she, weight, hair color, eye color, foot size and shape, painted toes or not, etc? I would love to think about her! My friend loves when his sexy wife NANCY teases me, and dominates me with her feet. He loves to watch me smell her feet! He loves to watch her dominate other women with her feet, and other guys and even kids too! It really turns him on to watch her do that, and he says they have the best sex ever after it happens! The fact that his wife is so sexy, and has power over others with her gorgeous feet, drives him crazy! I get to really enjoy her foot smell, which turns me on like crazy too! It is win/win all around, because Nancy gets hot turning him and me on like that, with her feet! I have shared many stories about her. So yes this stuff can, and does happen, sometimes all you have to do is ask!!!

24-11-2011, 12:02 AM
Damn freebird, you been holding out on us tell us more. Can you post a pic of her feet for us to enjoy? I'd rather have a sniff though:-)

28-11-2011, 05:58 PM
OK, I posted some pics of her in the Pictures - nothing but feet section, thread is named My Wife Donna. Hope you like.

29-11-2011, 12:44 AM
Donna is hot! Great pictures! Her feet are very sexy, and shapely too! I would love to kiss and deeply smell them also! Thanks!

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01-12-2011, 07:04 PM
MME, THAT IS awesome! Can I call you friend? Better yet, when can i come over? I LOVE that she does that! What a sexy tease! Could you please describe what she looks like, and how her feet look, size, shape, polished or not? Would she do that to another woman too, a woman friend? How long does she place her feet in their faces, a few seconds or much longer? I would love to hear more details about her, and her teasing feet! SO HOT! GREAT STUFF! THANKS!!!!