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22-11-2011, 03:00 PM
It was a New Years eve more than several years ago. My wife and I visted and stayed at the large house of her childhood friend Dr Andrea, and her husband. The party was over, the other couples had left, and we were going to stay the night in their guest bedroom. We all had been drinking, and it was almost nearly morning, when we started to crash. Dr Andrea's husband went to bed, but she was still feeling frisky, goofy, and silly. Dr Andrea is a very pretty woman. At that time she was about 5'9 130 pounds, had her long wavy light brown hair highlighted with blonde streaks. She had gotten into a black silky nightgown, and looked so pretty. She knew I had a foot fetish, and she has teased me many times before. The year before she sat on a hammock with me on the opposite end, and tortured me with her long slim sexy feet, a story that I wrote here previously on the Old DEN. So on this night she comes in and sits on our bed. We talked a few minutes about that night and other people. Dr Andrea then stretches her long bare leg out, with my wife there next to me, and places her long, slim sexy foot by my pillow, and asks, "so do you like this color on my toes? " She had painted them black, which was a new color for her, she normally went with pinks and reds. My wife rolls her eyes, as I look, and tell her I love it. " Makes me look like a tough bitch, doesn't it? " I laugh, no....I think it makes you look more like a sexy bitch! " I can be tough you know", she says. You are a doctor, how tough are doctors anyway, I say. Then I take the opportunity to say....You know who is tough, Nancy is tough! Dr Andrea laughs. " Nancy, she is a corporate vice president, she isn't tough! She is a cream puff!" About a year ago, I go on to say, she beat your friend over here, and made her smell her feet! " NO WAY, get out of here! " Dr Andrea looks at my wife, laughs, and says, " I know he likes feet, but not you! You really smelled her feet? " My wife gets pissed, and starts yelling that this is stupid, and she doesn't want to talk about it. Dr Andrea sees her get worked up, " WOW, she really made you smell her feet, that is awesome!" My wife makes the huge mistake of kicking Dr Andrea two or three times in her sexy silky butt and thigh! Dr Andrea got sassy back. " OW! That hurts, maybe you should smell my feet too!" She climbs on my wife on the bed! " I think he is going to enjoy this!" YES, A CATFIGHT, I yell. Dr Andrea wrestles with my wife who is in Flannel Pajamas, a stark contrast to Dr Andrea's sexy silky black lingerie. Dr Andrea pulls my wifes arms, and gets her long bare right foot into position. I watch her long slim foot maneuver, twist, bend, to get into my wife's face! She then plants it over my wife's mouth and nose. " STOP RESISTING AND SMELL! " Dr Andrea commands. Her long toes painted black looks so hot and sexy. She was in black strappy leather sandals all night, dancing, running around, and her foot had a sweaty leather smell to it, which I could smell about three feet away from the action. Dr Andrea rubbed her foot into my wifes face! I would LOVE to say that she did it for twenty minutes or thirty minutes, but the truth is that it only lasted about three minutes! YET, it was sexy as hell! My wife fought her at first, but for the last minute just laid there and smelled her foot with her head still. That image turned me on so much! Dr Andrea removed her foot, and kissed my wifes face! " I'm SORRY, I'm SORRY!" she kept saying, " I think the wine got to me!" Dr Andrea went on, " You better wash up, your face smells like my foot!" Dr Andrea kissed her again, they are really good friends, despite this bit of aggression. My wife is slightly friendly with Nancy, but she really likes Dr Andrea. So even though my wife hates feet, I have gotten to see her smell Nancy's feet, Donna's feet, and on this night Dr Andreas feet, in the fifteen years of our marriage. My wife goes to wash up, and to make this one of the best days ever, Dr Andrea sticks that foot right in my face! " I bet you want to kiss the winning foot, and maybe smell it too," she says. I get that sexy moist wet leather, musky, smelling foot in my face for a good three minutes too! GOD, It smelled so good, and I was already so horny from the foot smother of my wife! You are amazing I say, simply amazing! Dr Andrea looks at me and smiles brightly, " AND TOUGH TOO!" she said, and laughed tossing her hair!

22-11-2011, 03:11 PM
Taken the year before this story, many years ago!

23-06-2013, 04:49 PM
I had to write that I saw Dr Andrea yesterday. Just her and I met for lunch. She looked amazing. She was tan, had on a floral multi-colored sun dress, yellow, orange, pink, very frilly, girly, and gorgeous. She wore strappy flat white sandals, and her feet looked unbelievably long and sexy, her toes were painted pink. We are both happily married, but, that did not stop her or me, from flirting with each other. It started slow, but after catching up and some small talk, I feel her sandaled foot tickle my leg, and move up and down. It did not take me long to get very excited. She smiled, ran her hand through her long, wavy, soft light brown hair, with natural red and blonde highlights. I looked under the table, and observed her sexy foot a little. She just came out and said....remember when I made her ( my wife ) smell my foot? OF COURSE, I loved it, you know that.....I am ridiculous, but I can't stop thinking of it. She goes on to say, that she has to admit, and is very surprised at the fact, that she still thinks about doing that, and it really turns her on! I don't really know why, she says, but feeling her face under my soles, feeling her breath on them, feeling her struggle a little, I just felt so powerful, so sexy, so dominant....her words....not mine! WOW! I say, this is my fantasy come to life...I hate to say, I would love to see you do it again! I WANT TO, she says. I then hear her sexy sandal flop on the ground, and her long, moist, sweaty bare sole, is pressing on my leg, moving up, her toes tickling my thighs, really wiggling and rubbing. I wanted her to touch my member with her sexy feet so badly, but.....the sexy, bitchy tease that she is, didn't ever get there! She got close, then went down my leg. Then the other foot lost it's sandal, and she alternated feet on my bare legs, slowly stroking my legs up and down, as I had jean shorts on. I was busting in those short pants. You know you are driving me crazy I said....she smiled, laughed....and said good........maybe you will think of me more....than your wife........or NANCY for that matter! I have to say, at least for the rest of yesterday, and today, that is absolutely the case!!!