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03-09-2011, 07:23 AM
Nancy versus beautiful Indian girl Sue - true story - The 3rd match between these two............
I am so wildly hot and excited, that I don't know if i am typing straight. I am sorry for any grammar or spelling or punctuation mistakes. It finally happened Nancy VERSUS Sue. Sue came to Nancy's house with one girlfriend, and I joined Nancy and her husband. Sue looked amazing, better than ever! Sue is now about 26 years old, she is a tall and fit 5'9 and roughly 130 pounds. Her long shinny black hair was down, not tied up, her skin was smoothe, her smile amazingly white. So beautiful. She wore a printed sun dress, orange with blue and white flowers, and she had high heeled strappy white sandals on, her toes and fingers were painted a bright orange to match her dress. She slipped her shoes off, and slowly lifted her sundress off, and her tight body was in a white bikini, her breasts were barely contained. Nancy did not want to be upstaged. She had on a pink one piece bathing suit, and her fingers and toes were painted a deep bright pink to match. Her make-up was flawless, and her pink lipstick was so moist and sexy. She looked great, at 5'8 135 pounds, short blonde wavy hair, blue eyes, and was fit and ready to go. There was a lot of trash talk, and banter, the women sat, sizing each other up, crossing their sexy legs, adjusting their bathing suits. Then it was time. They both walked barefoot to the center of the very large blue wrestling mats. NO INTERFERING WAS ALLOWED, and NO PUNCHING, everything else goes. FOOT WORSHIP will happen for the loser, how long, is up to the winner. The women circled, slapped at each others hands, then they grabbed for hair. Nancy's hair is shorter, but full enough for grabbing. Sue got a foot behind Nancy tripping her to the mat, surprizing the dominant Nancy. Sue stomped on Nancy's breasts, two, three times. Nancy grabbed her foot and twisted her ankle tripping Sue to the mat. Sue was able to kick Nancy right in the face with her sexy long left foot. Nancy got real angry. Sue kicked her in her now sore breasts with her right foot. Sue was very determined and agressive, more so than before. Nancy got hold of her thigh, and dug her finger nails in. Sue screamed. Nancy freed her right bare foot and kicked Sue in her exposed stomache, and then lifted that foot nailing Sue in her temple with her bare heel. That hurt Sue. Sue on instinct kicked Nancy in her chin. Nancy rolled to the side, positioned her legs and got Sue in a tight body scissor. Sue grabbed Nancy's breasts, but Nancy grabbed her hands, pushing them off. Nancy squeased really hard, then rolled and got her legs to travel to Sue's neck and head. Sue grabbed Nancy's thigh, but Nancy was able to remove her hand, and somehow got her other hand too. She pulled her arms while squeasing her neck and head. Nancy had her in trouble, but she wanted to punish her more, for hurting her. She freed her top leg, and stomped on Sue's face with that foot, then she rubbed the foot on her face. Sue screamed, tried to twist away, Nancy extended herself so she could get her foot flush on her face. Sue bucked and kicked, but Nancy was able to get the foot on her face! Sue yelled, Nancy maneuvered her body so that she could sit between Sue's long legs. She still had both of her arms. Nancy wiggled, and twisted and got on top of Sue. Nancy was able to lift her sexy, sweaty bare right foot, and hovered it over Sue's face. She told her to stop resisting, or she will stomp on her face again. Sue couldn't believe that this older woman was dominating her again. Nancy rested her bare heel on her chin, Sue looked right at and into her bare foot sole. Nancy told her to lay still, or she will really hurt her! Sue thought about resisting, she didn't want this woman's feet on her face again. Nancy got her other foot on her neck, choking her a little. Sue moved her head, trying to get away from the dominant and smelly foot. She couldn't, and after almost five minutes gave up! Nancy smiled brightly, loving this. She adjusted herself, got more comfortable, and gently placed her right bare foot completely on her face. She told the younger girl to deeply smell her foot, and looked at her husband and me. Sue's friend looked disgusted, but just sat there. Nancy laughed as Sue started to cough from the strong sour vinegar, moist sweat and leather smell. Nancy wore closed toe brown loafers with bare feet for hours before the match. She got her feet very sweaty and smelly! Sue choked, as Nancy slowly rubbed that stinky foot all over her face for a good ten minutes. Now for the other foot, Nancy stated. She pinched her nose with her toes, then rubbed that foot over her mouth and nose as Sue kicked her legs in disgust. Nancy laughed, and sat on her like a Queen. Then Nancy rested both feet together on her face for a good five minutes. She removed them, Sue's face was wet from her foot sweat, her eyes were glazed and she was truly dizzy. Nancy kissed her, she said she could smell her feet on her face! She kissed her again, really smelling her own feet on the girls lips. Nancy sat back and relaxed. She told Sue to roll over so she could lick and kiss her toes! Sue gently licked each smelly toe, and planted deep kisses on Nancy's sexy feet! Smell my toes, Nancy ordered, and Sue placed her nose on her toes, one foot at a time. Nancy stood up, kicked her over on to her back, and stepped on her face with each bare foot one at a time. Nancy posed for us. She stepped on her firm shapely breasts, crushing them under her soles, she wiggled her toes on her crotch for a few minutes more. She then forced her right foot in her mouth gagging her. She deeply pushed it in. Then choked her mouth and tongue with her other foot. She made her suck her toes and lick up and down both bare soles, driving her husband and I wild with desire. Then planted her sexy right foot flush on her face, pressing it in, leaving it there for several minutes, wiggling her pretty bare toes, smothering the poor girl. Nancy laughed, you really are getting to know me and my feet quite well! SO HOT! I LOVED IT!

05-09-2011, 04:34 PM
Great story as ever, Royals!

You'll have to refresh my memory: is Sue the Indian girl whom Nancy has crushed twice before? You've got to give her credit for repeatedly trying (and failing)! Nancy must be wondering if she likes it, considering how many times she's lost!

In all honesty, I hoped that Sue would win, because as much as I love stories where one girl is dominated by another and forced to worship her feet, I find it even more awesome when the tables are turned!

For that reason, you're going to have to convince Sue and Nancy to fight again.;)

05-09-2011, 09:55 PM
Thanks for the nice reply. I would LOVE to see these women fight again. Nancy really felt like she was done with this stuff, but she really felt that she could beat Sue easily, she beat her twice before badly. So, she was game for her. Sue, really wanted to get Nancy back. In her culture, showing someone the bottom of your feet is a real insult, let alone putting their foot on your face! Sue wanted to get her so badly! She was so angry that she lost again. I think that Sue is really submissive, and in secret, really likes this. If that is TRUE, then maybe there is a chance to get them to do this again. I LOVE watching it! I HOPE it can happen. Sue acted like she never wants to see or deal with Nancy and her stinky dominant feet again. I am hoping that that was more of an act than the truth. Time will tell. I really want to see them do this again so badly, so, maybe good responses here will help that cause!!!

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