View Full Version : Grocery workers feet part 1

21-11-2011, 10:04 AM
I had just turned 19 and was working in a grocery store in Arizona as a clerk and bagger. I worked in a college town with a lot of beautiful college girls who worked the checkstands. I always have loved stinky feet for as long as I can remember. I used to really like a particular girl named Paula who was very pretty with dark hair and about 5'5 tall. She always wore black flats without socks while working and would complain about her feet being hot or hurting. I would get turned on just hearing her say anything about her feet. She would slip her feet in and out of shoes and make me crazy. Her feet were a size 7.5 and she had medium long toes with chipping varnish. I loved to watch her feet.
Well I will never forget this one day when I was collecting carts from the parking lot because I was getting ready for my lunch when my buddy pulled up in his truck and offered me a joint to share. I took a couple hits and was feeling good. I went back in the store and was going to the break room to clock out for my break and ran into Paula getting ready to istart her break too. I asked her to go out for lunch but she no thanks and that she wanted to hang out in the breakrom and get off her aching feet. I saw an oppurtunity to possibly touch her feet so I asked her if she would like a footrub. She said that she would love it but her feet were smelly and sweaty. I told her that wouldn't bother me and to please let me do it. She hesitantly agreed and we sat at the break table together.