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19-11-2011, 02:34 AM
I was in the 5th grade and my class was called to another room, for a so called talk or conference, We all sat down in available desks. The teacher told us that were going to have a meeting with are principal Ms.Curtis, she wanted to go over discipline for our grade. About a couple of minutes pass and more students started to fill the room. Then I hear the clocking noise of a pair tan high heel pumps making their way into the classroom. Ms.Curtis steps in and greets us, she goes into detail about how some behavior problems are getting out of hand and threaten more severe punishment such as longer detentions.

When she starts getting detailed about detentions she kicked both of her tan heels off and began walking around the class. You could see she was wearing those sugar brown sheer pantyhose. Ms.Curtis was about 5' 5" with those heels on 5'7". Her feet looked like a good size 8, with her smooth looking stocking clad brown sugar texture. Ms.Curtis gave every on a good sharp look into their eyes when she began talking about grades as well. She express that we could be doing better than the other schools in the district. Once Ms.Curtis made her way down my row, I began to smell and faint smell. It started to progress, and the smell reminded me of a peanut brittle smell, it got really strong, and I kept wondering was it that Ms.Curtis feet was smelling of this scent.

She was not shy about showing her feet, as she made it back to the front of the class and relaxed by leaning on the desk, she began twirling her toes wiggling them, as if she's trying to find out who in the class notices the smell in the class that could be from her feet. It was perhaps a small punishment of how powerful Ms.Curtis can be when she's in her punishing mood. I was always nervous around Ms.Curtis, if I was sent to her office I would expect to see her feet. On one an occasion of visiting her office Ms.Curtis arranged a meeting for me about some issues I was having with another student. Behind her desk I knew her shoes were off and I knew she was wiggling her toes while talking with me.

Her desk is elevated just enough to kinda catch a glimpse of her feet but she once again not shy about showing her feet got up from her desk and walked to her file drawer shoe less with those brown sugar stockings on twirling her toes again. Ms.Curtis was often sighted playing with her shoes rather she was wearing heels ore flats, the old lady flats with the little bow on the front. She would talk to one of the other teachers during a Auditorium show and I would observe her playing with her shoes. I wonder a lot about how often does she wears the same stockings.

I bet she has many well worn pairs of stockings and pantyhose, as I don't recall seeing her not wearing stockings, even when its a field trip and she would wear those thick white socks with white sneakers over some barely there black stockings. WOW! Astounding that if it's her outwear or perhaps her casual wear it's involves stockings. Ms.Curtis puts me in the mind of a Generation of women from the 90's that seem to love wearing business apparel, it was a professional look, even if you weren't working in the office, it was attractive to me and I must say that I wish this generation would have kept that era going.

21-11-2011, 10:28 AM
I love true stories like that. Thanks for writing. Popcorn

21-11-2011, 11:30 PM
Thanks mate! I usually get reminded of similar situations of other post that prompts me to compose my experiences.

13-12-2011, 12:54 AM
This was interesting to me. I enjoyed hearing about how she flexed her foot in front of the class, with no second thoughts.