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13-11-2011, 06:06 PM

A day before yesterday she came from dancing tango. She danced two hours and a half in her dancing class, walked like for an hour, and then came home.

She loves foot massage. I gave her one and I started kissing her feet as I usually do (she likes it!); so I lay on the other side of the bed, with her feet on my face, and starting massaging one of her feet while I kissed the other one.

I had already kissed her feet many times - but usually clean (or maybe dirty but when she didn't know they were dirty).

This time I tried something different, and while I was kissing her feet I said "Jane, your feet are dirty..." (I changed her name for this story). She looked at me a bit surprised... and she said "Do you like that?". And I said "Nooooo..." (but in a way that she knew i was lying), and she said again "Are you sure you don't like that? Cleaning my dirty feet?".

And I said "They are smelly.."... and she said "Clean them!". And I took my tongue out and she started rubbing all her feet on my tongue making it all clean.
Then she said something completely unexpected that made me CUM in 2 seconds.... she said "Oh I love this.. so after I go dancing I can come back with all my feet sweety, I can rub them on your face and make you clean them all...". And she said that while she was rubbing one feet on my tongue and passing it all through my tongue, and touching my dick (through my pants) with her other feet. I instantly cummed! haha.. I use to last like 30 min or more when having sex with her... and she made me cum like in 1 min... I strated laughting / super happy while she kept rubbing all her dirty feet on my face and making me clean them... ! WOW!

It was like better than my imagination! Guys do you understand how many years I dreamt of something like this to happen to me?
Too bad I cummed too early.. but I couldn't hold it... it was too unexpected... anyways. it was AMAZING.

She didn't stop there. Now she nows I really like cleaning her dirty feet (and yes I love it! And I have directly said it to her "I love when you make me clean your dirty feet....").

She loves it. She likes having me as her sex slave :D. And I fucking love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know you guys will understand me! : D

Yesterday she went to the gym for the first time. She came back after 2 hours of gym.. wearing sneakers and some socks... I threw her to the bed and wanted to have sex with her.. and she said.. "I am all smelly for you. All sweaty."...."You want to clean my shoes?".

I nodded... she put her sneakers on my face.. and I told her i couldn't do it... that i wanted her to do it (which turns me on much more)... and I took my tongue out and she passed all the bottom of her shoes on my tongue making me clean all the dirty bottom of her shoes.. whowahhh.... what a BITCH! I love it! :D

Then she took out her sneakers... and made me smell her super wet and smelly socks and I told her I wanted her to rub them on my face... and she did! and she made me lick all her socks.... and I cummed! :D

All this is sooo soo good for me to be true that seems like a dream. I had these fantasies for such a long time... and this girll.. wow.... When I knew that she was going to the gym I stayed hours thinking about that possibility.. and it happened!

She LOVES being a dom and having me as a slave. That's the best part of it. She damn enjoys it! :D

Today morning.. she surprised me...... we hugged and kissed a bit after waking up (she is very cute)... and then out of the blue she said... "My feet are dirty... I want you to clean them... it will be your breakfast"... And I started licking them as she put her feet in my mouth.. and she said "You will become my slave and you will clean my feeet everyday.... when I work you will be on the floor and you will not talk.. and you will only clean my shoes, my socks, and my feet.. and you'll be horny all day..."

She even said to me that she will wear the same socks and never clean them except by placing them in my mouth.. and that I will have to clean her feet everytime she goes to the gym.. and clean all her body...

I told her "I will do everything you tell me, no matter what you ask me I will do it" (and that's what excites her the most! She gets all wet)

WOW.... this is like heaven....

I can't believe it's happening. So much time all this was all in my head.. and this girl like knows what I want to hear..

However I have to be honest I am bit scared it might get out of control.. hope not... Like I don't want to be only her slave (or why not :D?)... anyways now she has her period.. so we cant make love. I can't wait to clean her feet and then get inside her. I like having control sometimes too.

I'll keep you guys informed if you like :)

14-11-2011, 01:14 AM
I wouldn't recommend cleaning the bottom of the shoes. Otherwise the dream sounds pretty great. Licking off her sweat is awesome and generally safe. But the bottom of shoes could contain some nasty things. I hope my advice doesn't ruin your fantasy and it sounds like you have a real winner here. Maybe you should sit down and have a serious talk with her about this and how you can both explore each other needs a little better.

15-11-2011, 02:28 PM
Did anyone enjoy me telling my experience? Should I write again?

15-11-2011, 03:29 PM
Great story!thank you. Hopefully she will want to make her feet very smelly and tell you how she will do it.

15-11-2011, 10:21 PM
It was a very good story, I enjoyed it. I would love to know if she would enjoy dominating a girl with her feet? Is there a girl she dislikes, or would, or could enjoy forcing to smell, lick and kiss her feet? I would love to hear her thoughts and feelings about that. Thanks!

17-11-2011, 08:33 PM

WOW.... Today SHE cummed while I was telling her how I will clean her feet after she comes dancing. I was amazed... we started talking about that she will make me clean all her feet after she comes home from dancing, and that she would get all her feet really smelly and then make me smell them, kiss them, and clean them all.

To make it even better she has been wearing the SAME (now disguisting) socks since like one week.... and I noticed that (i haven't tasted them yet). I asked if I looked well, and she asnwered "Yes, I am wearing the same socks everyday since you asked me to do so..". YUM!!!! And I told her I wanted her to think of how smelly they were and how she would make me clean them... and she told me that everytime she puts them on she imagines how stinky they will get and how much she will enjoy making me clean them..

WOW... I think I've made a dom ;)

Pretty cool... SHE gets turned on by doing all this.. amazing. I never thought this existed. I thought it was porn websites, or fantasies that didn't exist in reality.
I repeat it guys... SHE cummed today while imagning how bitch she would be with me and make her clean her all... . WOW.

If you like I will keep you updated.

Hope to be lucky to clean her feet tonight!


Thanks guys for the replies.. that makes me want to keep sharing! :D

17-11-2011, 08:35 PM
It was a very good story, I enjoyed it. I would love to know if she would enjoy dominating a girl with her feet? Is there a girl she dislikes, or would, or could enjoy forcing to smell, lick and kiss her feet? I would love to hear her thoughts and feelings about that. Thanks!

I don't think so... she is not bi-sexual. Plus, she didn't know she liked this. That's the coolest part ;).
I introduced her to this... and she kind of enjoyed it...first she felt it a bit strange... and then she discovered she actually enjoyed being a bitch... and they she discovered she enjoyed it EVEN more.... and it's great! Like I can suck her feet and clean them.. and I am not the only one having fun... WOW.

17-11-2011, 10:10 PM
She seems to like this more and more....which is awesome! I HOPE you share lots of stories about her, and maybe some pictures of this sexy woman as well! She does not have to be BI to enjoy dominating another woman with her beautiful, dominant feet! Ask her, maybe she would like it, and you could watch. Then you can have four feet to play with after! Keep exploring all different kinds of fantasies and scenarios with her! It will only get better and better!!!

18-11-2011, 05:28 AM
Wow.... dream like.

This is what happened. I stayed later at home and I actually arrived late to my salsa class... but it was worth it ! :D

Jane arrived home after two hours of gym class on a VERY hot day... wow....

She had been wearing the SAME socks all week -even for gym and for work!. I received her... she was ALL sweaty... we kissed and she told me she had to get a shower since she was all sweaty... to which i said "I don't really care that you are sweaty". And she answered "oh yes.. I remember you like it! *grin smile*I think you've been waiting for me to come back!"

And she made me kiss her sweaty boobs and asked me if they were salty... yum

Then after some kissing and as she grabbed my dick and we talked that I had to clean her before she had a shower..... yum.
She was on top of the kitchen, sitting on the kitchen desk (mesada - however you call it).. and I was kissing her... I started to kneel down so i had my knees on the floor and she was still sitting.. yum.. She continued kissing me while I was on the floor by knealing her head down. Then she looked at me in the eyes and after a pause then looked at her feet -like giving me a message. Wow!

I pretended I didn't understand... until she finally said "Clean my shoes!"... wow. I grabbed her hand and put it on my hair, and she finally got it... and she grabbed me softly by the head and pushed me down until my mouth reached her smelly sneakers.... wow

SHe took half her sneaker off (only the heel), enough for me to put my nose inside, and she told me to smell. I asked her if I had to like that smell and she said to me "You should not just like it.. you should LOVE it!"

She made me smell both of her sneakers in the same way... wow.

She took her sneakers out after she made me give some kisses to the top of her sneakers and soon as she took them out, she quickly took out her socks. And I said noooo don't do that.. but she said "No.. they are extremelly dirty". And yes they were. They were black with dirt. And I said "I don't care." - and she says "But I do care. And my feet are completely stinky and disguisting".. And she was right.. so I didn't complain any more :D

I saw her feet... wow.. they had the sneaker marks.. they were ALL wet... and SUPER smelly... SUPER smelly. Yuck and WOW.. and love it.
She put her feet on my face and I asked her if she would make me clean them and she said "Yes, you'll have to clena them all". And I said.. "Put them on my face, make me smell them and kiss them". And she put them on my face... and asked me to smell them...

And Wow... what a bitch.. as I was smelling them I told her they were super smelly and she said "Close your eyes".
And I closed my eyes.. and she pressed her feet on my nose and asked me to smell...

I CUMMED!!!!!!!!!!!. hahhaa....

I didn't even get to lick them... but it was great anyways... WOW it was too much. This is all soooo crazy.. It's like fantasy in real life.. yummmm.. I love it.

I think I'll have to get used to this so I don't cum so fast... but anyuwas.... i am enjoying it like crazy!!! :DDDDDDDDDD

Should i keep you guys updatd?

18-11-2011, 05:31 AM
I can't believe I am writing all this!! haha.. I used to be the one who always read all these amazing stories and thought they were impossible!!!!!!!

22-11-2011, 12:57 AM
..........no replies? :(

22-11-2011, 01:22 AM
Lucky guy!Congratulations.

23-11-2011, 05:56 AM
Lucky guy!Congratulations.

Thanks for the reply.

If more people are interested I can keep sharing my experiences.

23-11-2011, 09:57 PM
It's all awesome buddy, keep it coming, enjoying it so far! My own gf is just getting into it a bit herself but it's hard to keep reminding her about keeping smelly socks on and such. Maybe one day I'll be in a similar position.