View Full Version : Nancy dominates a young little girl with her feet! TRUE STORY...not for everyone!

06-11-2011, 04:29 AM
I have written several stories about my friends sexy wife NANCY dominating young girls and young boys with her feet. Many of the girls are aged 18 to 28, but she had a few with young girls between the ages of six to ten. You probably had read some of them on here at some point. There is a recent true story, that happened at the end of August that I didn't share on here. The reason was because the young girl was only five years old, and I thought it was a little too young, risque, to write about. I know some people may not like this because of the young age of the girl. I know this is sensitive. So if that bothers you, please do not read any further. Nancy was wearing her white gladiator sandals, and her feet were painted blue, very similar to the picture I posted on this board. If you didn't see that picture, it is in two of her threads on this board, in the pictures section , and in the poll section. The young girl is the younger sister of Nancy's son's friend. The five year old girl is named Stacy, and she was in a pink dress. It was at Nancy's house. We were hanging out in the backyard, it was a total of about twenty people, five families, including mine. Nancy was sitting at the outdoor picnic table. The little girl was playing a hide and seek game, and hid under the table. The table had a large vinyl table cloth on it. It was long, but not too long. I saw the little girl hide under the table, and she sat right at Nancy's feet. People were talking, and busy watching their kids. Nancy's husband and I were sitting together at the table. She looked at us and smiled a devilish smile, and a cat like grin. We knew exactly what she was going to do. Nobody else was aware of what was going to happen! Nancy slipped her right sandal off, and placed her bare foot right on the little girls belly, on top of her pink dress. She pushed the little girl down on to her back. She tickled her belly with her sexy toes. I glanced under the table, watching her foot take up most of the little girls body. The girl didn't want to make any sound, because she didn't want to be found. She started giggling lightly, so Nancy moved her sexy right foot so it covered her little mouth completely! Her foot was across her mouth and nose! The little girl was smelling her foot. Nancy slipped her other shoe off, and tickled her belly with her left foot, while the right bare foot was still on her face! If the girls mother saw this she would go nuts! She didn't. The girl started giggling into Nancy's bare sweaty sole. When her mouth was open, Nancy placed her toes into her little mouth! I saw this, I couldn't believe it, though with Nancy this does happen a lot, but this was a five year old girl! The girl didn't cry, yell, nothing, she let Nancy stick her toes in and out of her little mouth! Nancy was like dominating her mouth with her foot! The little girl started sucking, and licking her toes. IT WAS CRAZY HOT! Nancy laughed a little, smiling at us. Her husband got so horny, as did I. She let the girl lick and suck her foot for a good five to six minutes, moving it in and out of her little mouth, and then stopped. The girl just stayed there, a little dazed and confused. Nancy tickled her belly some more, and more, until the girl laughed loudly, and then ran out from under there! I LOVED IT! If you were there, it would have made you very horny too, I AM SURE!!!!

15-11-2011, 09:30 PM
wow. so hot the little girl enjoyed her feet!

16-11-2011, 12:21 AM
That little girl was dazed by her potent foot smell, and it subdued and it confused her. She did seem to both really like it, and hate it at the same time. Her little face turned red from smelling Nancy's stinky feet, and her face was moist with her foot sweat too. She was very friendly with Nancy after this event. One possible problem is that I think her mother would be able to detect a smell on her daughters face too, and she would be angry.

16-11-2011, 02:49 PM
Gee a 5 yo girl that is human .......... imagine that and some people actually believe children are some sort of human that is unable to know what they like and dislike.

16-11-2011, 03:36 PM
Children do know what they like and dislike from a very early age. They don't always have the faculties to articulate it well, or express it properly. They know what feels right and what feels wrong, but they don't always know what to do, who to tell it to, or if they should do nothing at all. Sometimes it is confusion, or embarassment, or uncertainty, and that is where age, and maturity come into question. Look at the PENN state horror! Ten year old boys were being violated by this COACH CREEP, and they didn't know what to do, if they should say something or not. They were affraid more of embarrasment and ridicule, then they were of the sexual violation! Each circumstance has to stand on it's own. In Nancy's case, she has to be careful not to go too far, and cross lines. She is mostly playful with children, and goofy, but she can be dominant too. In this particular case, the little girl came back to Nancy ten minutes after this happened. She was laughing, giggling, and even sat on Nancy's lap. The event confused her a little, but she apparantly DID LIKE IT, and LIKES NANCY a lot! They were very playful with each other. This was not a trauma for this little girl, but obviously something that she enjoyed. Her actions, AND body language with Nancy after proves it. ADULTS must be careful with any interactions that they have with minors, particularly in this current world of ours!

19-11-2011, 02:58 PM
ROYALS22262 i couldnt agree with you more and im glad that Nancy has a positive interaction with a child in this current polliticaly correct negitive time.Children need to be looked at more as humans and less as property the only thing there learning from todays age is fear,paranoia and to much big brother involvement in every day life.

20-11-2011, 12:45 AM
PONYBOY....Right on, and thank you! We as a society have gone almost too far the other way. Yes, it is a crazy world, there are bad people, there are murderers, rapists, kidnappers, molesters, all of it, but that doesn't mean we have to go so far as lock our children up in cages, or put a security device on them! We need to be careful, intelligent, and aware, but not hyper paranoid! Political correctness is not correct most of the time, it is an over reaction. Anything too extreme is no good, too much of anything is no good, the most powerful word for life is.................BALANCE, in regard to anything!

20-11-2011, 11:48 PM
Sorry, I don't become sexually aroused by a woman "dominating" a 5 year old with her feet. Nancy sounds like she has issues.

21-11-2011, 04:20 AM
IFEET, I appreciate your honesty, and straight foward response. I did not post this story after I saw it happen, because I thought many people would think the same way you do. The scenario excited me, but, I knew it wasn't for everyone. The little girl was not hurt, not devastated or traumatized, and was affectionate, friendly and playful with Nancy after. I know that does not excuse the behavior, but it made it less of an issue for me. I often try to think about why these off-beat actions excite me so much, but it may be just that, that it is risque, and outside the norm, and pushes limits a little. Some view it as sexy, some see it as dominant, some see it as goofy, playful fun, some think she is a little crazy, and others think it is plain wrong. It is funny how we can all look at the same situation, and see it, and perceive it so differently!

08-02-2012, 12:06 PM
Some members wanted to read about Nancy's foot experiences with younger kids, so I am bumping this up for them to see.

09-02-2012, 02:39 AM
Royal, I know this sounds jerky and I don't mean for it to, but I have to honestly just say this: I do not for a second, in any way shape or form, believe "some members wanted to read about Nancy's foot experiences..." I think you have an obsession with this Nancy and feel a compulsion to occasionally flood the two story sections with material about her. That's fine, but you routinely dig up ancient posts about her doing this or that, and it's kind of annoying. I think you do this because you like hearing other people's responses to your stories about Nancy. I'm not here to question whether this person exists or if they do, whether she resembles her portrayals here. But you know what? I guess I do question your stories about her. They read like foot fiction. And believe me, I know foot fiction. They're interesting and fun, but just come across as the fictional fantasy of someone that you have a huge crush on. But, I'm manly expressing a little annoyance at how many freaking times I log in looking for new stories and whatnot, only to see the section bombarded with Nancy stories, stories that are old. If readers want to here about Nancy and her exploits, they can go through the story sections themselves and find them. Again, sorry. Perhaps I'm in a bad mood.

09-02-2012, 08:54 PM
JAY, Two new members and an old one sent me PM's within the last week about these stories. I bumped them up for them. The stories are TRUE, you can believe what you want, or not. I write a lot of fiction too, sometimes my writing style may lack the phrasing, wording, or styling to make it seem legit, I can only do what I do. There is very, very, very little good quality of stories on this board, true or not. My bumping OLD stories HAS NO effect on ANYTHING, I can come here for weeks and see maybe ONE GOOD STORY. MAYBE if there were MANY NEW GOOD STORIES, I could ALMOST AGREE WITH YOU, I would be taking up VALUABLE SPACE. I and NANCY do enjoy getting comments and feedback ON HER REAL exploits, it is a BIG reason why she does what she does, and WHY I LOVE to SHARE and WRITE about it on here. We DO get a LOT OF PLEASURE with the responses, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. When this BOARD shows me LOTS of DIFFERENT GOOD QUALITY STORIES posted on it, I will REFRAIN from BUMPING, and TAKING UP that space. UNTIL that time, if I get a request for a story, or someone expresses interest in her, I WILL SURELY POST IT, and I DON'T CARE if it BOTHERS YOU one single bit!!!!!!.......OH SORRY, SO SORRY, MAYBE I AM JUST IN A BAD MOOD!!!!!!

09-02-2012, 11:50 PM
Jay has summed up my feelings about this so entirely its not even true.

I THINK one of THE biggest ISSUE'S I have with NANCY and your STORIES about her, is that SHE loves to HEAR about our FEEDBACK and wants us to COMPLIMENT her to make HER feel good... This is fair ENOUGH however YOU have only showed us TWO very grainy crappy TOP down PICTURES of some MYSTERIOUS foot which is MENT to be HER. You CLAIM she DIGS this FORUM and loves the FEEDBACK, but every single PERSON who TOOK an interest has AT one point OR another ASKED too SEE her SOLES, or SOMETHING apart from two PICTURES which where not of good quality and did not make me BELIEVE one thing you wrote.

I dont BELIEVE anything you SAY about NANCY and the fact that JAY's HONEST response to this thread has clearly PISSED you off MADE me CHUCKLE.

TWO side notes to GO along with THIS.

ONE - I reallly HATE people WHO use CAPITALS as if CAPS LOCK is the CRUISE CONTROL for COOL.

TWO - I think THAT involving anyone under the age OF 16 in our common FETISH is WRONG and causes ALOT of HATE from people who dont understand US so well. The fact YOU think INVOLVING a 5 year old in ACTIVITIES you find SEXUALLY APPEALING is OKAY, and its just THIS crazy world BEING too STRICK, is TOTAL BULLSHIT. Making a 5 year OLD girl smell someone FEET is not that WRONG, however DOING so BECAUSE IT is turning you and YOUR IMAGINARY friends ON is completely WRONG, MORALLY WRONG... WRONG. Even if THE GIRL and NANCY are about as real AS a UNICORN.

If you HAD a 5 YEAR old DUAGHTER how would YOU like SOMEONE JACKING OFF whilst SMELLING her DIRTY panties. She wouldnt KNOW about it and IT WOULDNT hurt her, BUT would you BE happy WITH someone CUMMING over the SCENT of your 5 YEAR old DAUGHTER'S pussy SCENT? The ARGUEMENT that SHE dosnt KNOW better AND is NOT being HURT directly IS TOTAL BULLSHIT.

THE fact YOU responded to SOMEONE saying this stuff reasonably LIKE this, let ME know you wanted a UNREASONABLE response.

10-02-2012, 01:39 AM
CHEESEMAN, I WILL let all YOUR stupid SPELLING mistakes speak for you and your INTELLIGENCE! I am GLAD it PISSED you OFF more than I could EVER say, IN CAPS or OTHERWISE!

10-02-2012, 06:59 PM
Just to add my opinion; I like Nancy's stories, especially when she dominates younger kids. Any more in the future, Royals? :)

10-02-2012, 07:24 PM
Just to add my opinion; I like Nancy's stories, especially when she dominates younger kids. Any more in the future, Royals? :)

I'm gonna add my voice to the positives as well Royals.... Please keep posting the true stories of Nancy foot smothering other women!!! those are my personal faves!!! Also. don't let the negativity or nay-sayers get you or Nancy down. I still think from the pics you posted in the past that Nancy has very sexy feet!

10-02-2012, 07:26 PM
THANKS BRAVESFAN, BIGMAN2257, I APPRECIATE your nice comments very much. It seems for EVERY NEGATIVE comment I get about NANCY, the TRUTH of her stories, her PICTURES, My BUMPING stuff up, I get at least 3 POSITIVE COMMENTS back. So for The 25% THAT DISLIKE HER, ME, THESE STORIES, there are 75% who DO LIKE IT! So thanks to those of you who are friends, and who are supportive! Who knows, with more NICE COMMENTS.....there may be MORE TO COME!

10-02-2012, 08:00 PM
Hey, do what you want, Royal. You've always been extremely sensitive to the slightest criticism, so your responses aren't surprising. And, for the record, buddy, us old timers that have been reading and writing foot fetish fiction since the late 90s can tell immediately what reads as fiction vs. nonfiction. Your accounts of Nancy have all the hallmark traits of a fanboy hurriedly writing a fictional account to get rid of their horny urges. It's situational and reads as such. You see her on a given day, get horny, and write a made-up account of one her exploits. I respect that, as there's nothing wrong with it. But, again, us old timers get sick and tired of author's like you desperately defending their fiction as "true." So long as you know that some of us realize the truth, we can agree to disagree about the "awesomeness" of Nancy's exploits. And for what it's worth, I happen to believe a woman named Nancy does exist. I just think you've made just about everything else up about her. She's probably your friend's wife and you obviously are deeply/disturbingly attracted to her. I've done the same thing with girls from my life whose feet attract me. I write little fantasy episodes about being dominated by their feet. However, I don't pass these off as true. I write them for myself. And if I did post them, I'd be upfront and say that they're fictional attempts by me to deal with my fantasy in a way that is safe and fun.

You have to use your head and realize that most of us have heads with brains, too. The chance that this 50 year old woman spends her days wrestling women and finding opportunities to inflict her feet on small children, WHILE at the same time, doing so to make sure you and her husband are suitably aroused during this, is simply too much to take seriously. You have your defenders because for many, it doesn't matter whether it's true or not, they just like a good story-wankfest. That said, if writing fictional accounts of this lady and her hobby of challenging women to wrestling/foot fetish matches helps keep you from acting on your obvious obsessions towards this woman, by all means, continue to do so. Because, while you don't realize this, the way you respond and go about conducting yourself here and elsewhere (Yes, when people tire of your Nancy bit here, you tend to seek attention about her at forums) comes across as someone with obsessive personality issues. I'm not the first to see how pathologically fast you latch onto new female posters or to newbies, begging for details on how this or that girl looks, etc... And then, lo and behold, you bludgeon them with "Hey, I know this lady that's married to my friend. She likes to..." This is my opinion but I've refrained for years from saying what I feel. Lastly, using all caps comes is just one more indication that you have an unstable, obsessive personality. I almost feel bad for whoever Nancy is, as she likely has no clue that her husband's buddy is pretty much a Lifetime Channel movie fruitcake when it comes to her and her feet. Oh, and while it would no doubt be you behind the personality, why not humor us and at least ask Nancy to create an account and mingle with us here? If she's able to hold down a full-time job, wrestle women for you and her husband's entertainment, tease and humiliate small children with her feet, and "get off" having you tell her what we say here, she certainly has time to create a user account here. Don't tell me someone with these qualities is squeamish about this. But, as I said, it would no doubt be your behind the identity, anyhow.

10-02-2012, 08:43 PM
In the end, Royal, I guess it comes down to what annoys certain people. Perhaps you could simply email these ancient tales of Nancy to newbies that express an interest in her and her exploits. Or, better yet, how about you just let newbies come to these stories on their own? The new forum here isn't so old and long that it's hard to do so. It just seems like you don't let people get their bearings or breath here before bombing them with Nancy stories and such.

10-02-2012, 10:23 PM
JAY, At least you come across as someone who is experienced and intelligent. You obviously have a lot to offer, and I am not being facetious, but in fact real. You are correct that I have an obseesive personality, that I come across here and in real life like a dude who just wants to get his rocks off, and that is more true than not. Some of your characterizations of me, may be quite accurate and on point. I do have a crush on this woman Nancy, that is why her exploits excite me. I also write FICTIONAL stories about her, and others, many of which were posted on this board and the old board. Where you are DEAD WRONG, is, not only does NANCY exist, she does do these acts, matches, fights as I say she does. It would be easy for me to say it is FICTION, but it isn't, the stories are TRUE. I least respect someone, particularly someone of intelligence and a higher reasoning mind, when they call me A LIAR, A FRAUD! You DON'T KNOW ME, and YOU HAVE NO IDEA, except what you claim is a GOOD idea, that what I say is TRUE....ISN'T. I HAVE NO REASON TO LIE.....I AM NOT A LIAR. I AM....A LOUDMOUTH, OBSESSIVE, PUSHY, DOMINANT...sort of person, BUT....I AM NOT A LIAR! SO......believe what you want, you can say what you will, you have some VALID POINTS, I AM FAR FROM PERFECT........BUT....YOU DON'T KNOW ME......and you REALLY HAVE NO RIGHT or KNOWLEDGE in CALLING ME A LIAR!

10-02-2012, 10:27 PM
i'd like to read about nancy as a stinky feet giantes terrorizing a city

10-02-2012, 10:31 PM
I prefer TRUE STORIES, but SNIFFGUY your request may be something that I would consider writing, AND I would MAKE SURE IT SAYS FICTION....because I wouldn't want JAY, or anyone else thinking it was TRUE!

10-02-2012, 10:47 PM
JAY, At least you come across as someone who is experienced and intelligent. You obviously have a lot to offer, and I am not being facetious, but in fact real. You are correct that I have an obseesive personality, that I come across here and in real life like a dude who just wants to get his rocks off, and that is more true than not. Some of your characterizations of me, may be quite accurate and on point. I do have a crush on this woman Nancy, that is why her exploits excite me. I also write FICTIONAL stories about her, and others, many of which were posted on this board and the old board. Where you are DEAD WRONG, is, not only does NANCY exist, she does do these acts, matches, fights as I say she does. It would be easy for me to say it is FICTION, but it isn't, the stories are TRUE. I least respect someone, particularly someone of intelligence and a higher reasoning mind, when they call me A LIAR, A FRAUD! You DON'T KNOW ME, and YOU HAVE NO IDEA, except what you claim is a GOOD idea, that what I say is TRUE....ISN'T. I HAVE NO REASON TO LIE.....I AM NOT A LIAR. I AM....A LOUDMOUTH, OBSESSIVE, PUSHY, DOMINANT...sort of person, BUT....I AM NOT A LIAR! SO......believe what you want, you can say what you will, you have some VALID POINTS, I AM FAR FROM PERFECT........BUT....YOU DON'T KNOW ME......and you REALLY HAVE NO RIGHT or KNOWLEDGE in CALLING ME A LIAR!

you tell him royals!!!!!

10-02-2012, 10:58 PM
You know this could all be resolved by just taking a picture of Nancy. If she likes this place so much and enjoys showing off her feet, then it seems to me that she'd be pretty open minded about it. Have her hold up a little note saying 'Hey DOSF!' or something.

10-02-2012, 11:08 PM
I have posted DOZENS of pictures of NANCY'S feet on this board, some of her feet trampling her husbands face. I have contributed dozens of TRUE stories about NANCY. I DO IT, because it does excite me, first and foremost, excites her, and hopefully excites many readers here. I HATE being called A LIAR, particularly by guys like JAY, who I always thought was A REAL GREAT GUY, SUPER SMART, and OFFERED A LOT HERE. It HURTS when I get critisized by HIM. There are others who try and CALL ME OUT, BUT I have MUCH LESS RESPECT for them! BOTTOM LINE.......I HOPE these pictures of NANCY , the TRUE STORIES about NANCY, EXCITE you somewhat, NOW, in THE PAST, maybe THE FUTURE. I am not going to explain, defend myself any further. You can BELIEVE who and what you want, I tried to be A GOOD GUY, an HONEST, STRAIGHT UP GUY, BUT.......PEOPLE will still say, and do what they want. I PROBABLY will NOT ADD anything NEW, pictures, stories ABOUT HER, because IT maybe RAN IT'S COURSE. IT was A BLAST while it lasted. I DON'T OWE ANYONE HERE ANYTHING....NOTHING MORE.....EXCEPT TO SAY.........IF.......I SAID THE STORY WAS TRUE.......IT.....WAS....TRUE!!!!!!!!!

10-02-2012, 11:20 PM
All right Royal, let's stop this tiff before it gets stupid. I admit, I was harsh on you. I've been busy and stressed lately and was annoyed at yet another Nancy story. I am sorry for calling you a liar. I do stand by my views that you need to chill out about her and how you approach newbies here. Honestly, when you're not talking about Nancy, I like your posts. So, I am offering a sincere apology for calling your honesty into question. We're all human and can and do go off the cuff occasionally. That said, you have to admit, the stories you've told about Nancy, the ones labeled as true, are a bit hard to take seriously. This is understandable, is it not? How many 50 year old women with a husband and kid, regularly just so happen to do everything we here at the Den love? You have to grant our skepticism at least a little respect, no? Take it easy and let's just call a truce on this whole thing.

10-02-2012, 11:30 PM
JAY, I have said it here, and I will say it again. I have always respected YOU. You come across as a very smart, clever, knowledgeable person. I don't take critisism or attacks too well, but I hate them from people like you, who is someone I can honestly really like, and absolutely respect. I GET CRITISIZED ALL THE TIME, FINGER POINTED AT ALL THE TIME, AND I may get abusive or loud in return. When finger pointing comes from someone like YOU, it REALLY HURTS, because of who you are, or at least who I think you are. Like you have a sense of me.......SOME OF IT IS WRONG, I have a SENSE OF YOU, most of it highly, highly positive. SO, I respect your words as I ALWAYS HAVE, and I am MORE THAN HAPPY to have a TRUCE. You still may not believe me, you still may HATE the NANCY stuff, I am SORRY about that too. I will CHILL with NANCY for a while. I am GLAD not to have to fight about her, or my HONESTY. I will continue to RESPECT YOU....JAY...you are more than worthy. Just please know,,,FOR THE OFFICIAL RECORD........her pictures may not be the best, her TRUE stories are far from the best offered........BUT........IF I SAY A STORY IS TRUE.......like me, hate me, be sick of me, it is hard to believe, ........THE STORY.......IS....TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!

11-02-2012, 12:26 AM
Liar liar pants on fire.

11-02-2012, 12:34 AM
I will believe you a liar until you actually address the solutions we have offered to prove your crediblity.

A couple of things that would make me post a proper apology and believe your stories (They are well written, Its just the whole Nancy thing now).

1) She should make an account here, she is aware of this forum from what you have mentioned so this would not be an issue?

2) Proper pictures, with time stamps? I have seen two top down pictures of a female foot, and thats all you have put forth as this women. How can I not think that its possibly some rent girl posing for two quick snaps?

Those are the two main things which could sway me really, not saying she has too do both. Untill these possibilities are not addressed how can I in my right mind believe a word you say about this woman Royals.

I will also apologize for my original capital inspired post in this thread, I was also feeling the worst for wear (bad review at work :( ) and I as such I was acting like a child. I was trying to express frustration that the single most active person on this forum, who posts the most original content was giving me such conflicting information.

I would just be able to enjoy all the stories and stuff you post a hell of a lot more should there be some validity to it.

I think you are a excellent story writer for what its worth, and I sincerely hope you can give us something to go on so that I can start saying sorry for not believing in you :)

11-02-2012, 03:16 AM
CHEESEMAN, I will say SORRY for acting like a child, and for being nasty to you. I will regret that I acted that way. I will not be pressured in having to prove myself to anyone here at any time. It should NOT be necessary. I POSTED what I could, I shared way, way more than enough, here, and elsewhere. To have my TRUTHFULLNESS and INTEGRITY, HONESTY challenged, makes me ANGRY, and frankly, NONE of you deserve TWO MORE SECONDS of my efforts! I HAVE GIVEN, AND GIVEN, AND GIVEN, AND GIVEN........AND THIS IS WHAT I GET?????? You will be VERY, VERY, VERY LUCKY to see ANY CONTRIBUTION FROM ME AGAIN!!!!!! I MAY JUST COME AND LURK AND TAKE, TAKE, TAKE........LIKE MOST EVERYONE ELSE HERE!!!!!!! MAYBE YOU WILL MISS MY CAPS RESPONSES TOO!!!!! I WILL STILL VISIT HERE.........BUT......I DOUBT I WILL EVER POST ANYTHING AGAIN...........OH....AND BY THE WAY.....THE NANCY STORIES ARE...........TRUE!!!!!!!!!!

11-02-2012, 04:51 PM
Most people whose claims come into question jump at the chance to prove themselves right, and given how tremendously easy it would be for you to do so, I can only regard it as suspicious that you won't. Hell, if I had a Nancy in my life, I would be on my knees like a dog begging her to model her feet (and a whole lot more besides). There are hundreds of thousands of pictures of just feet out there that could belong to anybody and could have been taken at anytime. Fact is, unless you prove it decisively, then you'll always be regarded by some as at least a fantasist, at worst a liar. Can you live with that?

12-02-2012, 01:06 AM
The deal, arrangement that I have always had with NANCY is as follows, these are her rules and her requests of me, I MAY post pictures of JUST her feet, nothing else, she won't allow anything else to be seen, that is what she wanted. She would allow me to take pictures of her stepping on her husbands face, to prove that she does this kind of thing, it is not made up, it is not fantasy. I posted those. I am NOT ALLOWED to take pictures of ANY of her matches, or anyone being foot smothered, she doesn't want that out on the net. She does NOT WANT the publicity. She is affraid that it can get back to her, and she didn't want it. She has a very, very good job, and makes lots of money, she wants to keep the rest private. I HAVE PUSHED FOR MORE.....BUT, she DID NOT WANT IT. I UNDERSTAND HER. She is 100% OK with me POSTING true stories, true matches, true circumstances about her, because they still allow her to keep her distance. Her view is that she is sharing a lot, I am sharing a lot, it should be sufficient, entertaining, and hopefully exciting. WE LOVE the positive feedback and comments, it fuels her to do more, absolutely made me want to post more because of it,.....as long as it was within her limits. We are trying to be NICE by sharing these pictures and stories with like minded people. We hope it does make many of you happy. HOWEVER.....LIKE MOST THINGS.....whatever you do....even giving this stuff away for free......IS NEVER GOOD ENOUGH! PEOPLE ARE PIGS!!! You try to SHARE.....THEY KEEP WANTING MORE AND MORE....till like now, we just get completely sick of you! YOU CALL US LIARS, NAMES, ALL KINDS OF CRAP........WHY?.....BECAUSE WE SHARED SOMETHING TO TRY AND MAKE YOU HAPPY!!!! I have repeated OVER AND OVER AND OVER.....THAT.....THESE PICS AND STORIES ARE REAL.....AND THEY ARE....THAT'S IT......YOU DON'T LIKE IT..........F.......YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12-02-2012, 02:27 AM
You talk about you giving us something as if this is a one way street. You have made it very clear from your manner that you are gaining the most from this, both the feed back and approval you have been begging for far more than we beg for any of these stories. We may be ass holes for calling you out so publically but you needed this much more than I or by the sounds of it many others did.

12-02-2012, 04:12 AM
We deffinitely got something out of it. We hope that others got some enjoyment and real pleasure out of it too. It was a good run. Like most things, they eventually have to come to an end. We are both tired of the finger pointing and name calling. There is nothing more to be said. Those that believe us, thank you, those that don't, so what? I will be much more of a LURKER than a POSTER going foward. It is much easier to JUDGE than to DO, I will be more of a JUDGE. Let someone else STEP UP, and ACTUALLY POST SOMETHING HERE, STORIES, PICTURES, and I will sit back and LET THEM WORK for ME!!!!!!!!!!!

12-02-2012, 02:47 PM
All I hear is bitching, whining and excuses. "Why won't anyone believe that my crazy, unbelievable stories are true?! Why does nobody believe in the existence of somebody they've never seen?! Why won't anybody trust my word even though I'm just a random nobody from the internet like everybody else?"

Nobody has got a problem with you posting stories. The problem is with you passing them off as true when they obviously aren't. Asking for just one picture of a middle-aged woman holding a sign saying DOSF is hardly an unreasonable request or "constantly demanding more." Then again , if you did, it would probably just be some random person off the street that you paid, wouldn't it? Nah, you're full of shit man.

12-02-2012, 03:06 PM
LOVESTINKYFEET, I would LOVE to kick the absolute shit out of you so bad, that it hurts me!!!!! Take your BIG WORDS, YOUR BIG STUPID MOUTH, and YOUR KNOW FROM SHIT face, and go FIND SOMEONE ELSE, SOME OTHER RANDOM ASS to COMPLAIN ABOUT! EVERYTHING IS A CONSPIRACY and a LIE to this ASSHOLE!!!! ANOTHER EXAMPLE to another POSTER on this BOARD: You want good advice? Stop pretending to be a girl on the internet and get a job. He is probably an UNDERSEXED GAY TRANSVESTITE who has NOTHING better to do than BITCH, COMPLAIN, ACUSE, FINGER POINT at OTHERS, because HE is so fuck'n TOUGH behind HIS COMPUTER, IF I got a WHIFF of this ASSHOLE in REAL LIFE, I GUARANTEE I could kick the ABSOLUTE and COMPLETE SHIT OUT OF HIM!!!! I WOULD ENJOY DOING IT TOO!!!!!!!

12-02-2012, 07:12 PM
Y'see, most people would have just relented and posted some proof by now instead of crying like a baby. Seriously, you would prefer to risk either assaultng me and spending a year in prison or getting your ass fucking killed by someone you know nothing about rather than just simply posting one measly picture. It is intensely funny to me that you are so upset about this when you yourself have the power to resolve the whole thing in one second.

12-02-2012, 08:13 PM
It is OVER dude. NANCY wants nothing more to do with this FORUM. She enjoyed herself, she enjoyed the great feedback and comments over the years, and she enjoyed the idea of people getting a kick out of her exploits, and getting excited by her too. We GAVE A LOT of time, information, pictures, and we got a lot of gratification back too. Lately, we have been getting way more NEGATIVE responses than ever before, getting critisized, being called LIARS and FRAUDS, and IT ISN'T FAIR or RIGHT. IT IS NOT FUN FOR EITHER OF US ANY MORE. We fully understand now, that some people are LONELY, HURTING, MISERABLE, and that there is NO PLEASING them, NO MATTER what you do or say. IT NEVER ENDS. You can't PLEASE EVERYONE. Just like it has been said, that how can we say things about people who we really don't know, well.....how can people say stuff about us, do ANY OF YOU REALLY KNOW US? NO......YOU DON'T......and you know what.....NANCY wants to KEEP IT THAT WAY.......SHE DOESN'T want or need to be known by any of you. WE OWE THE PEOPLE OF THIS BOARD.....NOTHING! The GREAT PEOPLE HERE, who have been KIND, CONSIDERATE, CARING and FRIENDS, WE THANK YOU for you TIME, and YOUR KIND WORDS. FOR the CONSPIRACY THEORISTS.......WHO CONTINUE......TO CALL both NANCY and ME LIARS, EXAGERATORS........YOUR MINDS ARE MADE UP.......SO ENJOY the results, information, and sharing OF OTHER PEOPLE NOW, who you can acuse, and finger point at.....UNTIL THEY GET TOTALLY SICK OF YOU TOO! I will continue to come here and LURK, and watch OTHERS WORK for me. NANCY, is probably DONE WITH WRESTLING, BUT she will CONTINUE to have FOOT FUN, in private, and WILL ENJOY HERSELF, with HER HUSBAND and ME from time to time. IN THE END.......we still think in total, MORE GOOD came from these TRUE postings than BAD, SO NO REGRETS for that. ONLY REGRETS for how this ENDED, FEELING ANGRY, AND DISAPPOINTED, IT COULD HAVE BEEN NICER, BETTER, SMOOTHER, AND MORE FUN! WELL......YOU....CAN'T......ALWAYS....GET....WHAT. ...YOU....WANT!!!!!!! You can TRY SOMETIMES THOUGH!!!!!!!

12-02-2012, 08:23 PM
take care Royals.... I for one hate to see you go. Your pictures have been nothing short of awesome and i can't believe it's come to this... but please keep in touch and know that even though we know each other only through this board, you've got a friend in me... - bigman

12-02-2012, 08:30 PM
You feel you don't owe us anything, yet you expect us to afford you unquestioning trust based on nothing. Few men gladly pay that price for anying but God. Your demand that we should believe everything you say with no evidence is unreasonable. Whatever. It seems we've lost ourselves a mediocre fiction writer. Will we survive? I think so.

12-02-2012, 08:55 PM
THANKS BIGMAN, we both appreciated all your great FEEDBACK and COMMENTS over the years. You are a true gentleman and kind sole. Thankfully there are more people here more like you than not. For LOVESTINKYFEET, someone who has given NOTHING to this board, a person who is a complete waste of space, just look at his contributions here, check them out, what positives if any, what enjoyment has he given anyone here? Does he write anything that is interesting or stimulating? Has he posted ANY PICTURES of note or interest? What has he SHARED, or DONE? ALL he does is sit in his little DARK ROOM, come here, ACT AS IF HE KNOWS IT ALL, and HE JUDGES!!! He HAS IT ALL FIGURED OUT! He is the SMARTEST and WISEST of them all. IT is PEOPLE like LOVESTINKYFEET that make me SO SICK! They CONTRIBUTE.....NOTHING!!!!! THEY ARE WORTHLESS!!!! He just ACUSES and TAKES, the WORLD is FULL of LOSERS like him!!!! ME........I HAVE GIVEN THIS BOARD.....POSTINGS of THOUSANDS of PICTURES, FICTION STORIES, TRUE STORIES, NANCY, GOOD ADVICE, FRIENDSHIP.........I.....ME........NOT LOVESTINKYFEET! Look at the FACTS, LOOK AT THE POSTS......THEN......MAYBE.....YOU START TO THINK..........WHO DO I BELIEVE??????? SOMEONE...WHO GAVE HIS HEART, MIND, BODY, SOLE/SOUL , PICTURES, STORIES, TIME, ENERGY.....LIKE ROYALS22262,,,,,,,OR........SOMEONE.......COMPLETE LY WORTHLESS, A BIG DO NOTHING, SELFISH, STUPID, FINGERPOINTING ACUSITORY JERK......LIKE LOVESTINKYFEET! The TRUTH and EVIDENCE is ALL HERE....RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU........SEARCH ROYALS22262....SEE THE CONTRIBUTIONS, NOW SEARCH LOVESTINKYFEET and ENJOY ALL HIS.......GREAT POSTS.......YOU WILL HAVE MUCH, MUCH MORE OF HIM, AND MUCH LESS OF ME!!!!!!! I BET YOU WILL MISSSSSS.....LOVESTINKYFEET......WHEN HE IS GONE..........HE HAS GIVEN THIS BOARD, AND YOU....SO MUCH!!!!!! I will STILL BE HERE, to look for ANOTHER GREAT RESPONSE from LOVESTINKYFEET, and LOOK FOWARD to ALL HIS OTHER AWESOME UPCOMING POSTS too!!!!!!

12-02-2012, 09:24 PM
You give us so much... except for an itsy bitsy, teensy weency, tiny little bit of proof. You've posted thousands of pictures, except the one people actually ask for.

13-02-2012, 12:23 AM
I would like the person who may not contribute stories but can string a word together without feeling the need to cry like a baby.

Also, man you are bat shit crazy Royalz, I mean we all knew this... But... Woah.

13-02-2012, 01:26 AM
I'm not crying, just telling it like it is. CHEESEMAN, you are deffinitely an authority on CRAZY, your posts speak for themselves! I will now try and take the HIGHER ROAD, and just leave it there!

13-02-2012, 04:59 AM
So much trolling in a single place. Why clutter his thread with such talk? Don't like? Don't post. No one is forcing anyone to believe anything. All these replies to Royal are rude and uncalled for. We can't force him to get proof and that is fine with me. Some people believe it or not would actually be into doing things like Nancy. I had a ex who was like this and a few other girls I've met would probably be into this as well. All of these girls loved to fight and dominate and they've all had extremely stinky feet.

13-02-2012, 06:48 PM
So much trolling in a single place. Why clutter his thread with such talk? Don't like? Don't post. No one is forcing anyone to believe anything. All these replies to Royal are rude and uncalled for. We can't force him to get proof and that is fine with me. Some people believe it or not would actually be into doing things like Nancy.

This. I could go on and on defending Royals, but I won't. I will say this and a few other things. YOU'RE NOT THE JESUS CHRIST OF THIS FORUM. So, take the proof you want, and stick it right up your ass. Keep doing what you do, Royals. Don't buy into what the trolls are selling.

13-02-2012, 07:16 PM
Hey at least the pent up few who had enough of his constant bullshit kept it too one thread.

He pushes his crap into every single thread in this forum, I think the people who dare to not love his obsession should be allowed to fill just one thread with there hatorade.

I am aware that its kind of hypocritical to point the finger when I dont contribute, before the restart of this forum I did a TINY little bit, and I didnt like how it worked out all that much (No fault of the den) so I stopped posting original content here.

Royalz, I think this thread is the sum of a lot of people who have grown tired of the same crap just letting off some steam. Yes it is directed at you, however being such a big personality like you are, this is going too happen.

I personally will find someone asking for my blind faith irritating and stupid, and I think that is a sensible logical conclusion for anyone on the internet. On the other hands, you are also right and reasonably (reasonably) logical, you do owe us nothing and definatly dont have to prove anything. However, part of not proving anything, is understanding this means a lot of people wont be able to come to the logical conclusion that you are telling the truth. This is the internet, it does not matter if it is true or not... But I understand for you it would be nice to believed.

Well this ramble was fantastic, however I will round it off with yet another sorry to Royals.

Sorry Royalz I have acted like a child, I have attacked you and I have said things I shouldnt have said in a way that I shouldnt have said them. Voicing my opinion like this was not the way, I should have remained silent as that was the only decent thing to do. I would very much like for your stories, and posts and general happy demenear to continue.... and should my actions change that.... Well that would be a pile of shit to live with, even if this is the internet I didnt have the write to piss on anyones fire.

I hope this means something too you Royalz, and you can tell from reading this post from top down that I post very much as my mind reads, which is a pretty naff way of doing things.

Dont stop just because some people are none believers, and trust me on this I would not soil another thread of yours with this kind of garbage, I think my moral opposition to the premise of this thread pushed me over the edge! Again, not something you should stop on my account...

13-02-2012, 08:04 PM
CHEESEMAN66, THANK YOU....that was very nice, and very big of you, to offer those words. It certainly is unexpected, yet it is deeply appreciated. I will continue to visit this forum, but more as a lurker than a poster. I will not give anywhere near what I did going foward. Your words help, it doesn't change things though, Nancy is still angry and furious, and wants nothing to do with this board any longer. The non-believers I am sure are thrilled, the believers may be disappointed, and will miss out on more interesting pictures and stories. Things happen for a reason, and so it is. I like the thought that we can be friends, and at least cool with each other going foward, for whatever that is worth.

13-02-2012, 08:16 PM
I think... Mmm Humble pie.

I realised something after ranting and raving and backing Royalz into a corner like an ass hole. I had not stopped to properly think about my opinions or who I was talking too.

Royalz, posts in a way that made it easy for me not too listen to him or pay him the attention... Yes I am apparently blinded by capitals... However if everyone here, who is hating, stops and takes 5 minutes to attempt to talk to royalz in a less public way you will realise that he is a good, honest person. Regardless of what is the truth, I know what I want to believe... and its very easy to start believing once you stop hatin.

Dear Nancy,

I have eaten my words, and back tracked in front of everyone because I was an ass hole.

I hope you can forgive or forget what I have said in this thread, and that you can ignore what others say.


18-02-2012, 02:41 AM
All's well that ends well, though, right? It was me who started this off, and I took responsibility in making amends. Royal and I communicated privately. I also apologized on the forum itself. Furthermore, a few others that jumped him also apologized. What began as an unfortunate eruption on my part ended up with everyone bonding and realizing our collective worth and importance. And Ergle, as you said yourself, you and Royal had quite an epic battle a year or so ago. Things became stronger between you two as well. I would like to sincerely suggest that, rather than seeing this as a terrible incident, see the positive that came from it. It shouldn't have happened but it did. And as a mod, you should take some solace that MOST everyone came around and acted like a decent human beings and became closer to Royal, all without moderator input. And, by the way, nice seeing you around. Hope all's well.

18-02-2012, 06:46 AM
ERGLE, this FORUMS DARKEST HOUR is when WE almost lost you as the MODERATOR, and SANE VOICE, of this FORUM. YOU are the deffinition of what a real man, real leader, should be. We had some disagreements in the past, but through that, and since, my respect, admiration, has grown for you, and continues to grow. YOU, give so much, you hold everything together, you are the straw that stirs the drink, you are the TRUE SUPERSTAR here, and you do it ALL, for what? CHUCKLES and GIGGLES. Your words to me here, mean so much, not just for what they said, BUT because it was you who said it. When someone you respect so much, comes to your defense, and praises you in the way that you did, makes me almost cry and breakdown with happiness. I can be OVERLY SENSITIVE at times, sort of like MIKE TYSON, a BIG BULLY, TOUGHASS with a SENSITIVE SIDE. Sometimes I am wrongly OVER-SENSITIVE. If my WRONG choice of words and actions put me in a bad light, I once again SAY SORRY! To hear the wonderful things said about me, by such an AMAZING MAN, and PHENOMINAL MODERATOR as ERGLE, made ALL this CRAZINESS WORTH IT! I have spoken on here, and in PRIVATE to JAY, and CHEESEMAN, and the CRAZY THING IS, these are two of the NICEST, WELL SPOKEN, DECENT GUYS that you could ever meet. Like ME, they are both going through some difficult crap at the moment, and their mindset was occupied by that. When you get to talk to these guys, and get to know them, their intelligence, candor, honesty and pure class, can BLOW YOU AWAY. They are truly two great guys, and awesome people. If it took all this BS for me to SEE THAT, and GET THAT, then it was, in a really sick way, worth it. So thank you ERGLE, and thank you JAY, and CHEESEMAN in particular. In private, I told those two guys how much I respect them, and will continue to do so. For THE REST OF THE MEMBERSHIP, you may LIKE or DISLIKE my NANCY stories and pictures, though I do hope MORE of you LIKE IT. SHE IS REAL......AND WHEN I SAY IT IS TRUE or REAL......IT IS! SHE, UNFORTUNATELY.....IS REALLY UPSET and PISSED, AND REFUSES to do ANYTHING MORE, and WILL NO LONGER BE INVOLVED HERE AT ALL! That is THE WORST PART! Our relationship is STRAINED, and NOT MUCH FUN NOW! We TALK, BUT NOTHING ELSE!!!! SO.....THERE WAS A COST TO THIS! ERGLE'S AMAZING WORDS.........HELPS A LOT THOUGH. I will still BE HERE, BUT.......I will not POST as much as I had in the past. I enjoy it here, but I will step back a little. I still WILL TRY to be A GOOD MEMBER, GOOD PERSON, and VERY SUPPORTIVE TO ALL. THANKS AGAIN, DAVE.......the CRAZY.......CAPS NUT......ROYAL DUDE!

19-02-2012, 02:29 AM
"has me in tears; tears of sadness that you'd do such a thing,"

HAHA what a faggot

19-02-2012, 02:30 AM
I'm glad your imaginary relationship is ruined, your tears make me laugh BOO HOO HOO LOL

19-02-2012, 02:38 AM
lovestinkyfeet, come on, man. If you would have tried to speak to Ergle and work things out, perhaps you would be allowed back without incident. Too many people go down the road you are, and I really want you to be different.

19-02-2012, 03:10 PM
Not to be insensitive to the topic at hand......but, Royals, when do you think the next story will be posted? Possibly about Nancy dominating young children again? I'm not sure why, I guess I just kinda like those.

19-02-2012, 09:32 PM
Id enjoy another one of those too :3

19-02-2012, 09:45 PM
Actually, iFeet started it with some pontificating accusations about pedophilia.

Royal said "If you were there, it would have made you very horny too, I AM SURE". I simply posted, in November of last year mind you, that I don't become aroused by the domination of children. Nothing about pedophilia was mentioned. Whatever conversation came about after the thread was bumped 3 months later by Royal had nothing to do with me. So, no, I didn't start anything.

21-02-2012, 10:16 PM
Abusing moderating powers for the sole purpose of continuing an argument is really childish, even for you.

I said I don't get turned on when a child is "dominated" by a woman getting off on it. You're deliberately being obtuse if you think Nancy and Royal weren't getting turned on by the act of Nancy rubbing her feet on the child, since Royal specifically said the child sucking her toes "WAS CRAZY HOT!" and questioned the reason he is turned on by it.

I merely acknowledged that you had brought negativity to the discussion and that it was most likely your needlessly accusational post and Royal's subsequent response in defense that "inspired", if you like, the rest of the onslaught. Talk about revisionist history, you very clearly stated
iFeet started it with some pontificating accusations about pedophilia. I've seen you refer to those that enjoy recording and watching recordings of women's candid feet as "morally bankrupt". How you can defend somebody when they are not only aroused by involving 5 year old for their sexual gratification, but actually post a story about it here, is beyond me.

I am almost certain you will ban me now, as that is what you do to those that dare do anything but kiss your ass, but in the very off chance that you don't, I am done with this thread.

28-02-2012, 07:40 PM
"and I bring back the post to teach them a valuable lesson"

Therein lies the abuse of power. It's not for you to decide what constitutes a 'valuable' lesson, or who needs one. The internet is not a primary school. You are a nobody just like everybody else in the grand scheme of things, and no one is going to change their opinion or behaviour based on what some anonymous fuck says.

Moderation should involve the removal of spam and illegal material (ironic then that this crappy pedophile story is still up), and the general upkeep of the forum. Personal disputes, that will inevitability arise whenever.more than one human being is present, are exactly that - personal. If they threaten to spill onto several areas of the forum in a mire of spam and shit, then fine. clean it up, but otherwise, let it resolve itself or respectfully ask for it to be conducted in private. Hell, this situation was already sputtering out anyway were it not for the meddling of an obvious troll.

Most people see moderators as janitors. Cleaners. Servants. Wrench monkeys. And nobody wants to be talked down to by a guy that cleans up shit. The best thing really is to moderate while using an anonymous, nondescript profile and post as an active user with a personal account separately, so that no one associates - or blames - anybody in particular for forum moderation. A bit late for you, admittedly, since you are so well known to the forum. But it's never too late to remember you place.

By the way, this whole forum is pretty shit. It's hard to get enthusiastic about anything that happens here. It's basically just a big ass directory to other, better fetish sites, with the occasional shitty story thrown in. Whatever sense of comraderie one may find here is merely an inevitable result of people hanging around each other for a long while, which can happen anywhere. Sure it's based around a rather unique little subject, but I don't think that's relevant. You know what I did when I found out I had a foot fetish? I jacked off to a picture of feet then thought about something else. I hardly think it necessary to talk with like-minded individuals incessantly about it for years.

PPS. Nancy is a horses name.

28-02-2012, 07:55 PM
OH do shut up...

Everyone else has made there peace or let the topic go... more personal insults being thrown around helps noone.