View Full Version : My awesome experience sniffing a middle eastern strippers feet!!!

05-11-2011, 01:23 AM
I went to a local strip club to celebrate my birthday a month and a half ago.

All of the strippers looked sexy as hell, but one, a Stripper named Dina, caught my eye. She was a gorgeous Middle Eastern girl, and her feet were sexy as hell!! She was wearing a pair of clear heels, and her toenails were painted red!! Anyways, when she got on the main stage, I took a seat front and center and watched her do her thing. Halfway through her stage show, I pulled out a 5 dollar bill, and put it at her feet. She leaned over to thank me, and I told her I wanted to take it to the private area (it's $75 for 3 songs in the private area). She told me she'd come see me after her stage show.

Her stage show finished, she came and got me, and off we were to the private area. We get there, she takes off her clear heels to reveal her sexy feet in all their glory. She starts the private dance for me. She did a HELL of a job!! She really know how to grind her ass on my cock through my pants!!! Halfway through, I got the balls to compliment her on her feet, she thanked me, then say down on a little bench across from me and start to wave her feet and scrunch her toes in front of my face. I was about to explode in my pants!! Her soles were so SEXY!!! She then told me I could touch her feet, I then proceded to massage her beautiful feet!!! She said I did a great job!! At this point, I figured it's now or never, I asked her if I could sniff her feet, she said "Sure, but I bet they smell really bad!!" I told her "That's how I like them!!", She giggled and shoved her sexy size 7 in my face!!!

They smelled so HEAVENLY!!! They had a very cheddary odor to them!! I'm surprised I didn't cum in my pants!!! She said she enjoyed having me sniff her feet!!!

Later in the night I took her in the private area again, and she knew exactly what I wanted. As soon as we got in there, she shoved her feet in my face, and I got 3 songs worth of sexy Middel Eastern feet in my face!! PURE HEAVEN!!

I've been saving up to go back again!! She said she is there on Fridays and Saturdays!!!

05-11-2011, 06:05 PM
Awesome experience! How did she look like? Middle eastern women are so hot. I would know, I married one! :p

05-11-2011, 07:08 PM
I LOVE this TRUE real experience. That is the kind of thing that I love to see and read about on this board! FANTASTIC! Please share more details about her, how she looked, how her feet looked, what she said to you, what you talked about with her, etc. SO HOT! It brings back a lot of great memories that I have had doing similar things with different sexy strippers! I hope you visit there again soon, and share more with us! THANKS!!!

06-11-2011, 01:51 AM
Well, her name was Dina. She was like 5 feet tall, her boobs were like C cup size. She had a VERY nice plump, juicy ass. She has a very cute smile, nice brown eyes. Her feet were a sexy size 7, her toenails were painted red, her feet smelled kind of like cheddar cheese, her feet were also a bit sweaty, which I LOVED!!!

She said she really liked having me sniff her feet since she didn't have to move around much, she liked the foot massage I gave her. She said if I ever went back, she'd gladly shove her feet in my face again. I've been saving up to go back again, she says she is there every Thursday and Friday. And this all happened at the Admiral Theatre in Chicago, IL.

06-11-2011, 01:52 AM
I'm sorry, she said she is there every Friday AND Saturday. Just in case any of you are in the Chicago area and wanted to check her out. Sorry about that, :)