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28-10-2011, 03:41 PM
Just a short story (true story), but it’s the first time I’ve ever written one so here goes…

A couple of months ago, I had a friend come to stay at my place for a few nights. She’s from a town four hours away and was looking to move to my city. She’s a metalhead girl around the mid 20’s with quite a few tatts and piercings, a little bit chubby but not too much, and about 6 ft. So after she had hung out with some friends for a couple of days, I went to pick her up from the main train station and she looked pretty exhausted. She hadn’t had a proper shower and change of clothes in three days, I took this to mean her socks included, which naturally I enjoyed the thought of. I glanced at her feet every so often (it came out another time, that they’re size 13US!!!) and aside from the band t-shirts, she was wearing very thin grey ankle socks inside Nike sneakers.

We caught up during the car ride back to my place, then when we got there I told her to dump her stuff in my room which she did later. Having never stayed with her before I didn’t know what to expect with that all… imagine my delight and excitement when she walked out of my room barefoot. I played it pretty cool for twenty minutes as she met my housemates, then decided to call it a night.

I strolled casually into my room and saw the holy grail, her quite dirty-looking socks rolled up inside those sneakers. I picked one up and sadly, the smell was just a little disappointing for three day unwashed socks. It was a damp kind of smell, pretty thick but nothing to knock you out – not the cheese and vinegar style smell I was hoping for. It didn’t quite look as though it fit the state of her socks, because they were fairly sweaty and dirty on the bottoms. Still, with opportunities rare as they are for me I took the chance to smell them for a while longer. I did shoot a load over them (but not into her shoes or anything) so that was certainly something, it’s nice to have the real thing!
She put the same pair of socks back on the next day, but even though she stayed a couple more nights, unfortunately I never got the chance to smell them again. Who knows what can happen though?

Hope you got something out of this :)

19-11-2011, 11:37 PM
Over 400 views and nobody can even be bothered to tell me if they liked it or not. Well, fuck story writing at this place.

20-11-2011, 06:06 AM
Yes, the Den has a lot of "read only" members, thats well known.

But dont give up, maybe this first story-experience didnt got to much atencion because it aint so good.
Imagine that someone writes a true sexual experience (no foot fetish) where the girl looks really good, but later when he hides inside the bathroom and manages to see her naked, she is not so atractive as he was expecting. The guy dosnt get to do anything with the girl and the story ends. Thats a story not to many people will talk about