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Suzi: Day 3 (Conclusion)

I had a restless, fitful night.

Time and again I woke in pain, sometimes agony as my limbs tried to stretch or turn or simply change position in the normal movements of sleep. That of course was pretty much impossible. Suzi had seen to that.

I was on the floor beside my very own bed, lying mostly on my stomach on the cold and dirty carpet that, after a short time came to feel just a bit softer than the hard wood floor that it covered. In itself, that would have been bearable, but to complicate things I was bound hand and foot. Cold steel handcuffs encircled my wrists, tightening them together with just a few short inches of slack. Adding to that discomfort was a thin leather cord binding my elbows as closely as my body would allow, tightly and almost touching. The thin, hard leather bit into my skin and burned if I tried to move too much, cutting into the numbness that had crept along my arms and hands due to lack of circulation. My legs were similarly trussed, a leather cord biting into my legs fiercely, knotted just above my knees, and a strong nylon rope wound about my ankles to keep them together. Finally, and as an extra measure, my legs had been folded back so that the cord holding my ankles bound could be lashed to the short chain of my handcuffs, which pulled simultaneously against my arms and legs with a continual pressure. In effect, I was hog-tied, though it did not stop there.

To complete my bondage ensemble, my mouth had been packed with a pair of well-worn socks that had at first smelled of old leather and a nasty foot scent. There had been the grease and grime blending with the stale reek of old sweat and I knew that the socks in question had not been washed in a few days of wearing, AND that they had been worn over a series of long hard days of almost continual walking. As bad as the smell was however, the taste had been worse. I say ‘had been’ because for the last few hours they had been stuffed in my mouth and I had been sucking them clean of their crusty filth. I was forced to swallow all of the lint and grime and every drop of sweat that I suckled from the socks as they had been locked into my mouth by a swath of silver duct tape wrapped around and around my face and head. I had been effectively gagged, unable to do little more than grunt, barely breathe, and suck.

And I remained that way all through the night. I woke time and again, my tightly bound body screaming for release, a scream that turned into a muffled moan when it reached my thoroughly gagged mouth. And it was more than muscle cramps simply making my straining limbs sore. My nose still stung from the rolled up newspaper that had been used to punish me. My groin still felt the lingering pain of having a tennis shoe dangling from it for hours, the shoe’s weight making my balls ache and stretching the sack to its limits. But maybe the worst was the ghostly pain of the cigarette burn that still flashed through my butt if my bound hands happened to brush over the fresh scar. I could barely breathe through my nose from the dried and crusted clog of snot from all the crying and whimpering that I had done in the last day and a half…


I thumped my head to the floor, instantly regretting that stupidity as my breathing started to labor. I had been bound and gagged for over thirty hours as near as I could calculate, though I wondered just how delusional I might be at that point. Granted, the bondage and the foot sniffing and worship were something that normally excited me and turned me on, at least as some sexual foreplay and fun. My girlfriend had loved me enough to indulge my little perversions for years, and while the bondage always made her a little nervous for my safety, she found that she had actually come to enjoy having me lick and massage her feet. She passed away however, almost a year ago, and now I found myself at the mercy of someone else…

I strained, craning my neck after another rousing bout of muscle spasms, looking up at the clock. I saw through bleary eyes that it was almost six in the morning, a fact proven by the filmy gray light just starting to seep through the window blinds. I shifted my gaze to the bed hovering over me (actually two single mattresses and boxes stacked one atop the other) and saw the shadowy, shapely outline of my captor and warden. She was pretty in sleep, her slightly golden skin looking smooth and soft with one slender arm hanging slightly over the edge of the makeshift bed. Her hair was tousled and aswirl about her head, raven black and gossamer strands cast about her face like a spider’s web. Her soft, full lips were pursed and slightly open, her round cheeks puffing slightly with every calm and casual breath, her breasts rising and falling in steady rhythm. She shifted as I watched, jealous of her freedom to do so and I saw a smile cross her lips as she rolled onto her back. Her head turned away, ignoring my helplessness even in slumber. I sighed, feeling the rise of pressure trapped beneath me.

Her name was Suzi, and I had actually known her casually for several years. She worked at a deli just a couple blocks from my Manhattan studio apartment, and was a regular stop for me on my way home from work every night. Over our acquaintance we had learned each other’s name, and a bit about ourselves; that we shared a common occupation for one. I worked in a supermarket in Brooklyn, which gave us something to talk about. I learned too that she was married, had a son and lived with her mother somewhere in Queens. Her husband had been called away to Korea to serve his stint in the military there, and was not due home for almost two years at least. I learned that like me, Suzi was lonely – not for a relationship mind, but for some companionship and maybe a little ‘harmless’ fun.

One thing led to another and I eventually asked Suzi out, that being just to ‘hang out’ one night after her work shift. She agreed, and we did hang, watching some television, drinking beer, chatting. It was what was on the TV that led to my demise.

By coincidence, or fate, the movie Shallow Grave was on, and when the foot-kissing scene came on Suzi had laughed saying that she ‘liked’ that. She explained that her husband used to enjoy being at her feet, and that was one of the things she missed the most, the care and pampering that he had always lavished upon her peds. I of course spilled my guts, confessing to being a devoted worshipper of feet, and things rapidly progressed – or declined I suppose, depending on your point of view.

It did not take long, no urging or convincing on Suzi’s part to have me licking the dirt from the soles of her filthy sneakers. On my knees, then on my belly, groveling for her pleasure and amusement, as well as mine I admit. I was hard as a rock throughout, and even when Suzi put me into some casual bondage, treating me like a dog. It got bad when Suzi decided that she had had enough for the night. What had been a fun evening became quickly terrifying for me as she left me bound and gagged in my metal folding chair, one of her sneakers dangling painfully between my legs with the other taped to my face so that I could enjoy her special scent throughout the night. She had taken my wallet and money, my keys and credit cards and left me trapped and helpless over night, returning the next morning with a wide smile only to start in on me again for a bit.

She left me alone for most of yesterday – Saturday – bound and gagged to my chair while she went to work. Then returned again that night. It was a torture in itself, her teasing ways and the freedom that she flaunted being able to come and go at will while I patiently had to endure and wait. I was her prisoner while she was out, and her slave when she deigned to return, then becoming her plaything and victim. I learned quickly that Suzi liked it a little rougher than I was used to. Not that I could complain, mind.

Suzi had spent the night, just another form of playful torture I learned, staring at her peacefully slumbering form up and above me, and out of reach. As I said, she looked gorgeous, and I ached for her touch almost as much as I did for release. I was afraid of what might become of me now, as she controlled virtually every aspect of my life at the moment. I was her prisoner. She had my money, such as it was, and my apartment too. She could easily just walk out the door and never return, leaving me to die a slow and painful death of starvation and no one would ever know. I seriously doubted that the police would find her, even though she had left her mark on my home. If she had no criminal record, fingerprints and DNA were useless. Maybe someone had seen her come into my building, but there were so many people moving in and out that it was impossible to keep up with residents, let alone guests. And who would pay attention anyway? She was a cute, average young Korean woman. Who would think her capable of murder?

I shuddered, trying to rein in my imagination. I turned my head away from Suzi and was immediately struck by the smell still seeping out of the openings of the cowboy boots that Suzi had worn the day before. They had been my girlfriend’s and Suzi had taken them to wear (along with a pair of my own tube socks) after she had tied her own Nikes to my face and groin. Now they smelled of Suzi’s feet, mixed in with the smell of the worn real leather. Gagged as I was there was little to do but take that breath. Truly, now it was not as bad as it had been as the boots had aired a bit over the course of the night. It was almost pleasant, and in an odd way comforting. The smell calmed me as I breathed again and again, deeper each time. It made me think that it was all still just a game.

I woke with a start and immediately, unconsciously started squirming much to my regret. Fiery pain shot through my limbs as I writhed, firmly stuck in place, my bondage preventing me from doing little more than shuddering and flexing. Even through my pain though I could feel the weight planted in between my shoulder blades, heavy enough to hold me down and icy cold. It took me a moment to calm, and another heartbeat to realize what was happening.

I looked up at the now familiar laughter, a sweetly silver sound of bells laced with cruelty and mischief. I saw Suzi smiling down at me, almost warmly as the corners of her lips tilted higher. Her dark, almond eyes sparkled in the dim, and a quick glance at the clock showed that it was now almost eight. Too I saw my socks draped over the edge of the bed and realized that Suzi had extended her legs and planted her cold feet into my back to playfully wake me. It had worked.

“Good morning…” she said innocently in a singsong voice. She smiled happily as she casually rubbed her feet on my bare back as though waking to have a human mat beside her bed was nothing strange. Maybe it wasn’t, for her.

“Did you sleep well, puppy?” she asked, using her pet name for me while she flexed her toes, her nails scratching and tickling all at once. I shivered and grunted into my gag, finally nodding when she cocked her head to the side in confusion. “Me too,” she continued. “You have a soft bed. I like it.”

Suzi leaned back a bit, her arms straight and I felt her cross her ankles. The pressure changed for the worse as now her heel dug into my back. She lazily rocked her feet from side to side, knowingly it seemed as she grinned at my wince of pain.

She kept me that way for a few minutes as she turned on the television and flipped to the news channel. She watched for a bit, ignoring me and my moans as she continued to move her feet about; recrossing her ankles or planting her feet flat again. At one point she shifted her left foot up to my neck, applying pressure until I squirmed into the position that she wanted me in. straining I eased my face to the side, then to the floor so that she could rest her feet on my head and neck. It hurt, and it was harder to breathe, but she did not seem concerned in the least as she listened to the weather report.

“It’s gonna be a nice day,” she said merrily, finally removing her cold feet and letting me get a good, deep breath. I gasped, long and hard as I snuffled through my nose, blinking away the gray spots that had started to dance through my vision. I had almost passed out under her feet.

“Good.” She stood and I screamed into my gag as she stepped fully onto my back. She wiggled about a bit, sliding her tiny feet into the small triangle of space allowed by my bound arms. I felt the pressure in my ribs and back alike and immediately found myself laboring for breath again as she shifted about for a stable position.

I heard her laughter again as I breathed, almost sobbing as I tried to endure her weight. She was not fat, just a bit plump, but after the hours I had spent tied hand and foot I was soon in agony. I whimpered to her delight as she shifted her stance and planted her foot on my head again, forcing it down.

“Such a baby,” she mused, applying more pressure. “You think I’m fat, hunh? Is that it?”

“Nnnnh…” I moaned. I could not move to shake my head and hoped that she understood that I was saying a frantic ‘NO’.

Whether she did or not, or whether she was simply moving on did not matter as with a final press, the ball of her foot against my ear, she stepped off of me and headed for the bathroom. I blinked back tears, snuffling again as I looked up following her short but shapely legs as they disappeared into the hem of my undershirt that was an over-sized nightgown for her the previous night. She cocked a pose, crossing her legs at the ankles and causing me to glance quickly up to find her staring down at me with an amused smirk. She was leaning against the jamb, one hand perched on her cocked hip while the other played at the tail of the shirt. I saw that her nipples were hard and jutting against the fabric, showing that she was just as excited as I was as she teased me, showing me a little more leg.

“You like?” she asked, stopping her tease just short of showing me her crotch. I could see the edges of her black, silky panties, just a glimpse before she let the shirt fall back into place. “If you’re a good doggy… If you beg nice for mommy, maybe later you’ll get a sniff, hmmmn?” She giggled as I whimpered in frustration.

“I’m gonna take a shower,” she said after a moment. I could sense that she was still watching me, waiting so I looked up again. She leaned out over me, placing her hands on her knees as she stared down, smiling at my helplessness. Her hair cascaded about her shoulders, dangling over me as she cocked her head, taking me all in. “I’ll try not to clean my feet though, puppy,” she added with a wink. “I’ll save that pleasure for you.”

With that she turned and strode into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. I heard the little portable TV go on after a moment, and not too long after that smelled the odor of cigarette smoke drifting under the door. I rocked fruitlessly in my bonds again, cursing and screaming, trying to escape once more. In the end I simply tipped over onto my side and continued to struggle for breath, still hopelessly trapped.

Finally I heard the sound of the shower.

I jerked awake to the harsh trill of the ‘1812 Overture’ in digital. It took me a curious moment of thrashing about to realize that it must be Suzi’s cell phone, and by the muffled, far off sound I decided that it was in her purse lying near the bed.

I did not hear the shower anymore, but did not see Suzi either so started grunting and yelling into my gag, hoping that she would hear me. The cell phone just kept ringing, oddly, and I was surprised that the Voice Mail had not picked up the call, not that it was my business.

Whatever, I gasped when the bathroom door flew open and Suzi stepped out to tower over me. “What?” she demanded as I turned my attention up her body. She was wrapped in a towel tucked in at the breasts and I could see that her skin still glistened with droplets of water. Her hair was dry for the most part, maybe a bit damp at the fringes and framing a face that looked down on me with apparent anger. I moaned hard, shrugging towards her purse and the cell, and after a moment she finally caught on.

“Dammit!” she cursed and thankfully stepped completely over me as she jogged the couple steps to the bed. I turned to watch as best as I could and saw her hoist her over-sized leather bag with one hand while digging through its depths with the other, soon producing her cell phone. Suzi dropped her purse to the bed and flipped the phone open as she struck a casual pose.

“Hello?” she said, then, “Ah…” and quickly shifted to Korean as she saw me watching. I stared at her longingly, again affected by the sweet chime of her voice and accent. She cocked a hip as she folded her arms, talking, rocking her weight from foot to foot. I was getting hard watching her and realized that she was looking all too much as though she had stepped off of Star Trek; her short blue towel and the communicator to her ear. The only thing missing were the boots.

The call did not last long, and Suzi finally snapped her phone shut and tossed it aside onto the bed. She stepped up to me and raised her foot. I felt the cool, soft sole as she rubbed along my arm, caressing me gently, almost lovingly. I tingled with excitement at her touch, whimpering again as I started to hurt for release in more ways than one.

“I have to get ready for work, puppy,” she said as she shifted her foot to my face. Despite her promise to not wash her feet I could instantly tell that she had, just a bit. There was no stale odors of leather or sweat, but an almost sweet smell of what I assumed to be my shampoo. Her toes wiggled, grabbing at my nose and she giggled to my sniffing, snuffling sounds as I started to buck on the floor. When she realized just what I was doing she quickly slipped her foot away and slapped me in the face with a kick.

I stopped my pitiful motions and looked up at her towering over me. She was trying to look stern, frowning and hands on hips but I could see the faint trace of a smirk playing at the corner of her lips. She pointed a finger at me, shaking it in disapproval.

“Bad dog!” she scolded, repeating. “Bad dog.”

My eyes went wide as Suzi cocked a leg back at the knee and suddenly kicked out. I screamed as her foot rammed me in the balls and I saw a wash of red as pain swallowed me. I was gasping for air and starting to retch into my gag, though luckily my stomach was empty of food. I barely heard Suzi’s mocking laugh as she stepped over me and disappeared into the bathroom again.

I simply lay there moaning until she returned. After awhile the pain eased to a dull throb, but my erection had shriveled away into nothing, my member almost swallowed into my sack. I don’t know how long, an eternity of agony made all the worse as I rolled about, straining my bound and aching arms and legs all the more. Finally though the bathroom door opened and Suzi emerged.

She was all smiles as she stepped over me again and then to the folding chair, which she turned to face me before sitting down. She was dressed in her raggedy blue jeans again, but she had changed her shirt from the day before. Now she was wearing one of mine, a dark blue tee shirt that had the red, white and blue shield of CAPTAIN AMERICA emblazoned on the chest. Over that she wore one of my faded, black dress shirts that I wore to work, the long sleeves floppy loose on her and rolled to the elbows. It annoyed me that she was wearing the T-shirt, as that had been a Christmas gift from my girlfriend a few years ago. Why that bothered me, and not Suzi wearing my girlfriend’s cowboy boots the day before I couldn’t say, but I was getting mad as I watched her slipping her feet into a fresh pair of my socks.

She coyly extended each leg out and over my head as she pulled the long socks way up to her knees. Once both feet were adorned she planted them on the floor right in front of my face and wiggled her toes playfully at me. I stared, trying to show my anger, but if she saw it she also ignored it, lifting her right foot and planting it on my upturned face. She pressed down hard, her foot mashing on my nose, then my eyes.

“Don’t pout, puppy,” she said, grinding her sock-clad foot into my clenched shut eyes. “I’ll be back soon, but I have a surprise for you too. You won’t be bored, or lonely. I-“

The door buzzer broke off her sentence and Suzi quickly jumped to her feet and trotted towards the hall. For my part I paled, suddenly terrified. I felt a gush of warmth as I pissed myself in horror, wondering who was here. My mind’s eye flashed through every one of my friends coming by to pay a visit only to find me trussed up like a turkey on the floor. What would they think? What would they say? I flushed with humiliation as I heard Suzi answer the second buzz.

“Who is it?” she asked, and a second later I heard a staticky response. The voice sounded female, but the intercom was always harsh on voices, so I did not recognize it. I heard Suzi press the buzzer though, letting whoever it was into the building.

I heard a soft, short knock soon enough, and then a quick gush of cool air as the front door opened. There was a quick rush of Korean as Suzi greeted whoever it was and I felt a wave of dread wash over me. Not one of my friends then, but one of hers. I waited, but the thin sheet between the main room and the hall blocked my view, obscuring the two shadowy forms into silhouettes. I recognized Suzi of course, but the other seemed feminine as well, shorter maybe and carrying something. I heard Suzi cooing in baby talk as she shut and locked the door.

As Suzi returned she was holding and nuzzling a baby in her arms. Her son I figured, as I could see that the baby looked Asian, though it was fairly well bundled up to the black-haired head. Suzi stepped right up to the bed and sat, kissing the baby and holding it close as the second woman stepped into the room. I heard a gasp as I looked up at the newcomer.

The woman was an older version of Suzi. Thinner and shorter, older too but I could definitely see a resemblance even beyond my Caucasian bigotry that they all looked alike. She was pretty in a plain and unadorned sort of way. Her black hair was cut and coifed, a few streaks of gray throughout. Too, there were a few wrinkles here and there, though for the most part her skin seemed fairly smooth. She seemed in good shape, thin but shapely. She wore a knee-length gray skirt and black Vee neck tee shirt I saw after she removed her jacket, first setting down a heavy looking baby bag. I watched for a moment as she slipped out of the baby harness that she had been strapped into, my eyes drifting to her legs and feet. She had on dark hose and a pair of low-heeled black leather clogs that shifted a bit as she moved. I felt my erection stirring once again to be helpless now in front of two women, humiliated as never before. I watched wide-eyed as the older woman finally stepped past Suzi and sat in my chair, her feet just inches from my face.

So close, I could smell the worn leather instantly. I could see that the shoes she wore were old and scuffed in places. There were creases in the leather from her natural foot movement, and there were spots along the toes that showed the leather to be getting thin. Too, I could smell her feet after a few moments, a bitter smell that was far stronger than Suzi’s. It was that corn chip smell that I heard spoken of on the Internet web sites devoted to smelly feet. I stared as a feeling of submission shot through me like a bolt of lightning.

“This is my mother,” I heard Suzi say from somewhere far away. I blinked, trying to focus and saw Suzi still sitting on the bed. She had put the baby down, surrounding it with pillows and my girlfriend’s old stuffed animals. She was still scratching at the baby’s stomach as she smiled down at me.

“I told Mama about you last night, and she wanted to see you. Queens is boring, so I told her to come.” Suzi shrugged. “She’ll be sitting you while I’m at work today. You be nice. Show her respect. She doesn’t speak good English, but she knows enough.” Suzi grinned and said something in Korean again and both women laughed.

The mother simply sat there and watched me, making me blush as Suzi made a big show of gathering her Nike sneakers and slipping them on, lacing them one at a time. I watched, sweating now as my excitement built higher and higher, writhing just a bit for the enjoyment of both women. Finally Suzi stood and picked up her purse. She dropped her cell phone into the bag and stepped up to me, actually straddling my head. She raised her foot and placed the sole of her shoe on my face.

“Kiss me goodbye.”

I couldn’t of course with my face wrapped tightly in duct tape, but I made the motions and she seemed satisfied. She stepped away, speaking in Korean as she headed back into the hall and towards the door. Her mother stood and followed. After a bit of talk I heard the door open, then close and the locks sliding into place. Soon, the mother returned.

She stopped at the bed, bending over to adjust the baby’s surroundings a bit. I didn’t hear the boy, so figured he was asleep as the mother sat back in the chair and looked down at me, considering me. I felt like a piece of meat that she was deciding how best to cook. Finally she leaned forward, her hands reaching out.

Her touch was tentative at first, and her hands were cool on my flushed skin, but soft. She ran her fingers over my skin lightly, tickling a bit and sending a tingle through me. She giggled not unlike Suzi as I shivered.

“Mmmmnnn…” I moaned into my gag. “Mmmmn- Iii- Eeee!”

If she understood, she ignored me as her hand drifted down to my privates. She cupped me in the palm of her hand, frowning at first, then smiling as I grew for her amusement. She whispered something in Korean, wrinkled her face and let me go. She was apparently disappointed as I had reached my maximum, even though I had achieved new heights in my arousal. She said something else, chuckling to herself as she continued to probe my body and bonds.

After awhile she finally huffed and stood. I watched with anticipation as she looked at the baby again, then started to snoop about my apartment. She glanced in the bathroom, then moved to the kitchenette, opening all the cupboards as she commented to herself in her native tongue. She sat at the desk for a bit, going through all the drawers, then moved on to the dressers. She looked in the closet next, digging through the clothes and boxes for awhile, then I saw her looking over the bookcase in the hall and finally the file cabinets.

Satisfied I supposed, she finally returned after maybe a half-hour and stood over me. She looked down casually, as though she were scrutinizing a stain in the carpet. After a bit she knelt down, folding her legs beneath her.

She rolled me back onto my stomach, and I felt her fingers picking at the knots that were holding my wrists and ankles together. It took some doing – Suzi knew her knots – but eventually I felt the strain ease as my legs came loose and unfolded. My feet hit the floor hard as I groaned into my gag with relief. It was ecstasy as I rolled my shoulders and arms, feeling the sharp tingle as blood started to rush freely again. I whimpered as I rested my forehead on the floor and heard her giggle.

I felt her fingernails as she scratched at the scar of the cigarette burn on my butt cheek. I writhed as she fingered it, the wound was still raw and had not started to heal. She did not seem to care, muttering to herself. I felt her hand then drift down along my legs, tugging at the knots about my knees, then my ankles. She checked my cuffs then, and the leather cord binding my elbows, but tugging the knots tighter. She was not going to release me.

I felt one of her hands in my back as her other caressed my face. It was soft and smooth, rubbing along my cheeks and over my gag. She ruffled my hair, and then with a laugh her fingers closed about my nose.

My eyes shot wide as I started to struggle, writhing in her grip. She held fast though, and easily as I tossed my head from side to side, or tried to. She said something, but I was fading already.


Smooth and sweet, I gasped through my nose as she leaned back on her heels, watching. She smiled as I looked up at her, my eyes tearing, but she kept a stern look about her. Finally she leaned in again and started to pick at the duct tape that was wrapped about my face and head.

It took some doing, but finally she was unwrapping the swaths of tape, round and round. She tossed the used wad of silver tape aside, then started prying at my lips with her fingers. Her nose wrinkled as she slipped her fingers into my mouth and she shook her head as she pulled Suzi’s damp, now clean socks out. I gasped for breath as she tossed the socks aside.

“Thank you…” I said, and was rewarded with a quick, sharp slap. I yelped, wincing as I looked up. The woman leaned in and clamped a hand over my face and nose, my mouth, cutting off my oxygen again and so soon. I struggled for breath, everything going gray and muddy at the edges of my sight.

“You be still,” she said, frowning down at me. The words sounded forced and chopped as though it took some doing to get at them. “Quiet!” Eyes wide, I nodded.

She held me thus for a moment, then released me. I gasped for air again even as I felt her hands at my sides. There was a pressure and I sensed that she was trying to roll me onto my back. Not wanting to piss her off more, I did my best to help her. Satisfied as I settled onto my back and arms, she eased back onto her heels again, folding her hands in her lap as she considered me.

“You be good, we be good,” she said, and I sensed that it was more a command than a statement. I nodded, and she did as well before standing and sitting back in the chair. She looked to the baby again before returning her attention to me. She shifted her foot, sliding it forward until the soft toe of her clog was pressing right up against my nose.

“Lick!” she said, and I did.

She kept me there, underfoot and licking for some time. I licked to the best of my ability, getting harder and harder as she shifted her foot, directing me along the path and contour of her shoe. The leather was soft and old as I had suspected, and filthy with dirt and grime from the street, not that I cared. Suzi’s mother had shown me some compassion by letting me free of the hog-tie, and I wanted to show her my gratitude, so I gave my all as I cleaned her shoe.

She shifted her foot and presented me with the crepe sole. I did not hesitate as I stretched out my tongue and started in, licking furiously at the accumulated filth, all the grit and grime that she had walked in. There was a dark stain of something ground into the sole, and I dug into it with a relish, gagging on the foul taste as I swallowed, then renewed my licking when I had freed the last little bit. She simply sat in contentment, watching as I did her bidding.

Satisfied after over a half-hour, she exchanged one foot for the other and I started anew. The second shoe was not quite as soiled as the first, but I licked just as hard as she maneuvered her foot over my face.

I got a short reprieve when the baby woke and started to cry. Suzi’s mother quickly pulled her foot away and stood to tend with the baby, ignoring me as she checked the diaper, then started to dig through the baby bag and produced a bottle from a silver hot/cold bag. She cradled the baby in her arms and sat again, feeding the child as her foot drifted out and onto my face again. I licked as she fed the baby his bottle.

Suzi’s mother stood at the bed, looking down at her grandson for a long time before she finally turned and sat again. The baby was asleep once more, so the older woman was returning her attention to me.

I watched as she extended a shapely leg, then raised my head to lick at the shoe that hovered overhead. The woman simply dropped her foot on my face, the heel hitting my nose hard and causing me to moan. The woman laughed as she caught the heel of the shoe on the side of my face and pulled the clog free.

I was immediately overwhelmed by the rancid smell as she dropped her foot onto my face. It was that corn chip smell, the odor trapped in her hose as she rubbed her damp sole over my face, finally prying at my lips with her pointed toes.

“Lick,” she said once again, and I did again, once again.

My tongue slid over the soft and slick material of her hose. I tried not to gag, but it was hard. I don’t know just why or how her feet had gathered such a stench, but it seemed the worst smell that I had ever had to endure. As I licked, her other foot joined the first and she played at my nose. There was no fresh air as she pressed her toes together, cutting off my air then letting me gasp in her aroma. I tried to turn away, but she held me fast and continued to command me to lick... lick... lick.

It was probably noon when my phone rang.

Suzi’s mother looked to the phone, then down at me.

She had her foot shoved into my mouth, making me suckle her toes up to and including the ball of her foot. I looked to her, moaning about her foot as she stared at me with a withering gaze. I understood that I should stay silent as Suzi’s mother picked up my phone.

“Hello?” she asked, hesitantly. Then she started rambling in Korean. I assumed that it was Suzi checking in.

The mother talked for a bit, fussing with the baby’s blankets for awhile, then jamming her foot deeper into my mouth. She giggled, and I noticed her voice rising in pitch as she spoke, letting me gag and suck on her foot. Finally she hung up.

The woman leaned in with a cruel grin.

“Suzi says ‘hello’.”

I was sucking on the balls of the mother’s feet when we heard the locks turning in the door. I sensed the mother tense for a quick moment, but she did not remove her feet and I did not stop suckling.

I had spent the rest of the day like that, on my back and licking and sucking at her feet. For her part, Suzi’s mother simply watched television, stopping only when the baby needed her attention or when she needed a snack or drink. She said little, and when she did it was generally in Korean. I don’t know if she was pleased with my performance or not, but she did not seem cruel as I licked away at her smelly feet.

Still, she jammed her toes into my mouth as the front door opened then closed, the locks sliding back into place. I grew hard – harder as Suzi stepped into the room and started laughing. She staggered a bit as she tossed her bag to the floor, then looked to her baby as she calmed. The baby was still asleep, and she did not want to wake him. Suzi stepped over and gave her mother an air kiss, speaking in Korean. The mother responded, rubbing her foot over my face as Suzi giggled. Both women seemed pleased.

“Mama says you’ve been the perfect slave. You should be proud. She’s much more harsh than me.”

Suzi grinned as her mother stood and slipped her feet back into her clogs. Together they readied the baby, getting the mother back in the harness, gathering the bottles and the soiled diaper that she changed at one point and thankfully did not think to torture me with. I watched as the mother slipped into her coat, then settled the baby into the carry harness.

I saw Suzi produce my wallet and extract two twenty-dollar bills, which she handed to her mother. The older woman took them as she shouldered the baby bag and together they went into the hall and to the door. There was more conversation, but eventually I heard the door open and close and lock. When Suzi returned she was alone.

She stepped right up over me, straddling me with one foot on either side of my head. She looked down with a wicked grin, and she almost seemed to glow as she appraised me there at her feet.

“Mama was happy. Thank you…” she said as she raised her foot and let it hover over my face. I stared in horror at the brown stain on the sole of her shoe. “As a reward, I found you a treat.”

Suzi laughed as she lowered her foot to my face. She pressed her tennis shoe down, forcing the worn, soft rubber harder and harder until my mouth opened. I gagged as I started to lick at the foul, rank treat that she had brought home.

“Yuppie bastards just won’t curb their dogs, puppy. This should get you hot though. Better’n sniffing dog ass I guess.”

I licked at the crap that she had stepped in, especially for me apparently. I gagged, but tried as hard as I could to make her happy. I wanted my freedom, and need her to set me free again. She just laughed and pressed down, making sure that I got every scrap of her special gift.

She finally stepped off, leaving me to retch and gag. She let me be in my discomfort, and when I was finally able to focus on her again, I saw her looking down at me, licking her lips.

“I want you…” she whispered, her hands and fingers fumbling at the clasp on her jeans. Even as she undid the button and buckle, sliding down the denim she dropped onto my chest and eased forward. She was fighting with her panties, pulling them aside as she settled on my face.

“Lick!” she said, and I did.

Suzi was hot, burning almost and dripping as I stretched out my tongue. There was electricity at first contact, and she almost screamed as she leaned back, sprawling over my bound form and bucking to meet my tongue. She settled in, scrunching forward until my face was wedged between her legs, pinned by her thighs. She gasped as I licked, straining to get at the damp warmth between her legs, struggling to please her. Why I did not know, I was so caught up in the moment. I was afire, burning with lust and I licked with a ferocity that made my kidnapper scream with ecstasy in the end.

Suzi collapsed, sprawling over my bound form. She lay there gasping, breathing hard as her orgasm subsided. If she realized that I had spurted into her back, she did not care. It had been hot and intense, and we were both suddenly exhausted and spent. Finally she moved.

She rolled off of me, still breathing hard as she knelt at my side, fixing her pants. With some effort then she rolled me over onto my stomach and surprisingly started to untie me. It took awhile – she knew her knots as I’ve said – but eventually I was free, sprawled on the carpet and rubbing at my wrists. I sensed more than saw her as she stood.

“That was fantastic…” she gasped, and I heard her breathing hard. She nudged me with her shoe, poking me as I turned to look up at her. “Hope you had fun too.”

I stared up at her in confusion as she smiled, stepping to the bed. She picked up her purse and reached in, finally extracting my wallet. She tossed it onto the bed, followed by my keys.

“I hope you liked it. Figured you would, when we talked. Seemed you liked the humiliation of being totally under control. I took maybe a hundred bucks for cabs and stuff. Sorry. Hope you don’t mind.”

I looked up at her smiling face. She had totally played me. I had thought that she had emptied my bank account and ran up my credit cards to the max over the weekend. A hundred dollars? Jesus.

“I thought,”

“Shh,” she said, putting a finger to her lips. She grinned as she donned her coat and shouldered her purse. “I know what you thought. That was the idea. I wanted you scared every minute, every second. Thought I was gonna just leave you, hunh?” she said with a shrug, grinning. “Good. That’s what I wanted.

“Did you have fun?” she asked, cocking her head again and looking at me expectantly. I thought for a moment.

It had been hell, thinking that I was being used and going to die in bondage when Suzi had finally finished with me. Thank god it had not turned out bad, but thinking back I had never experienced such an intense situation in sex, love or bondage. I loved – still loved – my girlfriend, but she had never brought me to the point that Suzi had. Finally I nodded.

“Yes…” I whispered, getting hard at her smile again.

“Good.” Suzi grinned down at me, then of a sudden she reared back and slammed her heel into my groin. I screamed and started writhing as she stepped back, me holding my privates while she laughed.

“Look me up,” she said casually. “You know where to find me.”

I stared through my tears as she turned and stepped towards the door, laughing. I was rolling about in agony as she opened the door and walked out into the hall. I heard the door ease shut behind her.

I moaned, writhing about and holding my groin.

Despite the pain, I was hard, thinking of her and all that had happened.

I would definitely visit Suzi again.


Story Carnaj 2006/2011

15-10-2011, 10:56 AM
Amazing story, loved every part of it!
sad to see its ended though

16-10-2011, 01:57 AM
Another great story from Carnaj. Thanks.