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thaught id do a fantasy iv'e been having for a while, if you haven't watched doctor who, go and check it out on you-tube and you will understand why i am wildly crushing on yet another TV personae but allon-z ,geronimo, here we go.
part 1- domestication

the doctor whizzed around the main console of the TARDIS hitting buttons and pulling levers wildly. spinning around like a mad man hitting things seemingly at random and hoping for the best. "right so i was thinking a dip in the seas of the diamond oceans of kaath'taal followed by an ice cream on the planet blatrosoth, they do a fabulous vanilla flake," he finished of with a final lever, a spin and finally the TARDIS landed.
"well doctor, i was thinking we could maybe do something a little different," Amy pond smiled, the ambient glow of the TARDIS console causing her hair to shimmer and refract the light, so that it almost looked like a red halo.
"and what would that be pond," the Doctor, for once looking confused "and ive been meaning to ask, where is Rory," he continued starting to feel slightly unnerved, which for the doctor was something VERY new.
"come with me and i will show you" amy replied, her grin widening even further, crinkling her hazel eyes slightly. she grabbed the doctors hand and led him down one of the many extensive corridors of the TARDIS, until they reached a door with the sign "Amy and Rory's room" she opened the door and straight away shouted "RORY, GET OVER HERE, I WANT TO SEE HOW YOUR DOING WITH THE TRAINERS" then, much to the doctors astonishment, rory crawled out from the adjoining toilet, with amys scummy trainers in his mouth, just hanging there. "hmmm, could be better, but i guess i had been wearing them for most of our journeys with the doctor so i can let you off, now foot stool position," she said, and the doctor just stood their and stared as amy sat down on the bed and placed her muddy, shoed feet onto rorys face.
"amy, what's going on?" the doctor questioned, slightly worried now
"wow, and your ment to be clever," amy giggled, shifting her feet over rorys face, treading mud and dirt into his features. " rorys my husband, obiously, but he has a foot fetish, and personally i find it kind of kinky as well," she continued, now rubbing the toe section of her dirty shoes over rorys tongue, spreading the mud and dirt all over his taste buds and he slowly moaned in seeming pleasure.
"but that still dosent explain why you braught me to watch," the doctor stammered watching amy tease rorys mouth with her dirty shoe
"actually doctor, as fun as having one foot boy, i would quite like another, and that is where you come in," amy said seriously now, looking a little nervous herself
" but amy, this would go against every rule in the book," the doctor said
" what rule says that you cant worship a girls feet?" she asked whilst slowly grinding her toes into rorys mouth
" i cant believe im going to say this amy, i want to but it just wouldent be right" the doctor shrugged
"shut up and get down on the floor" amy said and the doctor almost automatically responded by practically throwing himself at her feet and allowing her to place her other shoed foot on his face
"thats better doctor, just relax and do as i say" amy said smiling

thanks for reading that, there will be more to come soon, once again leave reviews and improvement notes below and tell me wat you think, more actual foot action to come, a lot mote, thanks for reading

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part 2- an insole

As amy rested her shoed foot on the doctors face she observed at how soft it was, she also thaught that she saw the doctor momentarily pucker his lips to place a kiss on her sole before it was engulfed buy her size 6, converse.
"see wasnt that hard was it doc," amy giggled as she dragged the shoe down his face, seeing the mud from around 40 different planets smear itself over his face. "right boys, time to take theese bad boys off" she grinned.
"yes mistress" rory murmered and began to remove her converse.
"come on doctor follow his lead" amy prompted by shaking her foot in his face, gently clipping the scuffed toe section on his chin. as he started to untie her tightly done shoelaces he started to shiver in expectation almost as if he wanted it as well. meanwhile Rory had successfully removed the shoe to see a well worn white ankle sock, there were toe marks and heel marks, and the smell coming from it would have made any non foot fetishist choke and gag, but not rory williams, he just let the scent wash over him and he enjoyed it, he pushed amys now empty shoe too his nose, letting the flavour of his nose's captor flood his senses. amy then lifted her socked foot and pushed it down harder onto his face, burying him further into her shoe. "thats right baby. lick that sweaty insole" amy gasped "and you doctor come on, follow his lead" amy continued, taking her other shoe off and placing it over the time lords nose, he wriggled uncumfortably at first but soon got into his stride and took deep inhales off the shoes, "oh doctor you seem to like it" she said her voice starting to sound heavy with lust, she let the shoes drop off her boys feet, winked, and slowly lowered her sweating socked feet toward her two boys faces "here we go boys, your in for a smelly ride" she grinned, sweat visibly dripping from the socks.

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