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12-10-2011, 10:09 PM
Suzi: Day 2

Tried several times to post part 2 again. Editing, saving, deleting, re-posting, nothing seems to get more than a page of the story up. Anyone have any suggestions? Part 2 is actually shorter than Part 1 so it can't be the length unless something has changed. Let me know.

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Suzi: Day 2

I woke with a start, instantly regretting it.

My body screamed in protest at the sudden, jerky movement. Sudden as I had not moved, little if at all since sometime late the night before, and jerky because there was nowhere for my body to go. Muscles in my legs cramped in agony, drawn back and held immobile to the rear legs of the folding metal chair that had been my makeshift bed for the previous night. My shoulders moaned and throbbed as my arms started to tingle, equally pulled back and down. I could barely feel my hands and feet now, though there was a tight cutting rawness in my wrists and ankles. A sharp stabbing pain shot through my neck as I started to raise my head too quickly. I sucked in air and started to gag…

It took awhile coming awake, slowly, and things occurred to me in dribbles and drabs. I was still bound to my favorite chair, a folding metal thing that up until last night I had considered moderately comfortable. Now, tied to it as I was it seemed more of a medieval torture device. My legs were pulled far behind me, with my ankles bound to the rear legs. My arms had been hauled back, my wrists handcuffed and tied off to the metal strut that ran between the two legs in the back as well. And as if that was not enough, there was more rope twining about my chest and stomach to hold me tightly in place and barely allowing me to breathe, let alone move.

There was a shoe dangling between my spread legs. Not such a horrible thing, just a dirty white Nike high top, but over the course of the night, however many hours that I had been bound to the chair, the shoe seemed to have grown heavier. Worse, it was tied tightly to my penis, cutting off the blood flow now and stretching it out. And to make matters worse, the beer that I had drank the night before was now screaming for release, even more so than me. That Nike had a mate you see, and that was taped to my face and stifling my cries.

All through the long and restless night I had had to breathe in the horrible stench of sweat, leather, powder and simple foot odor that had seeped into every nook and crease in the old, worn shoe. It had been cupped over my nose and mouth quite thoroughly, after the latter had first been stuffed with a smelly pair of balled up and crusty socks that had probably not been changed or washed for a couple days at least. Between the awful, rancid taste in my mouth and the foul stench that I was forced to suck air through all night, I had been delirious and gagging when I was not passed out from exhaustion or lack of fresh oxygen.

I moaned lowly into my shoe gag, trying my best to wiggle some feeling back into my fingers and toes. My feet were both asleep and numb, my hands almost though as soon as I started moving I could feel the pinprick awareness of the blood starting to circulate again, though slow and restricted. I looked up again, slowly this time as I worked my dull and deadened muscles. Through puffy, bleary eyes I saw that it was still dark mostly, though there was the dim glow of false dawn easing through the window shades behind me. I had apparently survived somehow and made it to morning, though why that mattered I couldn’t say. I was still trapped, bound and gagged in my own home, a place that up until a year ago had been a happy place and full of wonderful memories.

My girlfriend had died almost a year ago you see. Since then I had been living alone, struggling to get by and finally starting to feel the need for companionship again after so many months. And so, trusting and naive, the first person that I had made a date with had screwed me big time.

Her name was Suzi, and she worked in the deli not so far away from my building. She seemed nice to me, friendly and talkative, and I had known her for years in that way that you know people at the market. Yesterday, hours ago now, our conversation had worked around to a point that I had invited her over after her work shift, just to hang out, have some beers and maybe watch a DVD. Nothing elaborate, as I was new again to the dating thing, and I found out that she had a husband anyway. She was Korean, as was her husband, and he had had to return home to serve in the military there, and would not be back for two years at least. I thought at the time that we were both just looking for someone to relate to, a friend maybe. And we were I suppose, though not to the same degree that I first thought.

I had always had a few fetishes, and ones that my girlfriend had indulged me on many an occasion over the years. Bondage was one, though that she did not really like, as she was always worried about me the entire time she had me tied up. Another that she DID like was my foot and shoe fetish, and many times she allowed me to lick and kiss and smell her feet, shoes and socks. She actually enjoyed the special attention, and let me lay at her feet for hours sometimes while she simply watched television or worked at her computer, which was what I really liked about it. I got hot knowing that she was free to do whatever she pleased while I was relegated to the floor tongue polishing her shoes or licking the dirt from between her beautiful toes. When I was tied, that feeling multiplied a hundredfold easily, watching her walk about the apartment, almost flaunting her freedom. She had had me writhing many a time by simply sitting in view, watching a movie on TV and swinging her crossed leg, dangling her shoe.

Suzi it turned out- at least at first- was the same way. She loved having her feet and shoes licked and kissed. She had said that her husband had done it for her quite often, but she had not had the chance since he went away. I of course had jumped at the chance and soon, after much teasing on her part, was on the floor debasing myself and struggling to clean her grimy sneakers with my tongue. And they were filthy, and smelly, and she laughed at my efforts.

At some point she had kicked off a shoe (using the back of my head) and had me bury my face into it to lick up the sweat from her insole while she took an impromptu tour of my apartment. It was then that she found my meager stash of bondage equipment hidden in my dresser, which was basically some bits of leather and lengths of rope and a pair of handcuffs, and those quickly came into play.

Things got worse for me then, as Suzi cuffed my hands behind my back, then eventually got me into my chair and tied me off, finally gagging me with her ragged, smelly sneaker. After that she rifled the pockets of my pants (she had me naked by then, before tying me up), and took my money, credit cards and ID with her, along with my keys. It was late when she left me, probably midnight, wearing a pair of my girlfriend’s cowboy boots that I had saved, home to replace the shoes that were adorning me at mouth and groin. I was actually glad that she had locked up behind her.

I spent the night in pain and uncomfortable. I slept in spurts, my head bobbing up and down all night long. I kept waking up, sometimes in agony as the bonds bit deep, sometimes when I heard a noise, most often just gagging on the stench that I was inhaling. It was horrible and seemed to seep into my being. My stomach was churning all night long, and eventually I started waking up with my bladder ready to burst. It was hell.

I jerked again, hearing the locks on my apartment door sliding back. I craned my neck to check the time on the bedside clock and saw that it was just after seven. I sagged, realizing just how long I had been held captive. Suzi had left me trapped and bound for seven hours at least, gagged and smelling her shoe. I had been afraid- really afraid that she had no intention of ever coming back either. Why would she?

She had my money, my credit cards, my bankcard and all the access codes and PIN numbers. It would take awhile, as there was a limit as to how much money she could get through an ATM, but if she was patient I figured that within the space of a week she would be fairly wealthy. Maxxing out my credit cards would net her well over a hundred thousand dollars easily as my credit rating was good. Not too long before my girlfriend had passed away unexpectedly I had taken out a bank loan to pay off my bills. I made all my payments on time, and as such the credit card companies simply kept increasing my card limits. Couple all that cash with the money in my checking account and she would be sitting pretty for some time to come. And of course, best of all for her, the new bills would come flooding in to me. Trapped as I was, there wasn’t a blessed thing that I could do about it either.

Worse, I wondered how long it would take anyone to even find me. How long before I died, and my bound and rotting corpse would start smelling enough to bother my neighbors. The few friends that I had would call of course, but would they come by, or persist enough to get into my apartment if they even suspected that anything was wrong. I doubted it. My job would try to get a hold of me of course, but would anyone there stop by to try and find me? I would be fired eventually, maybe after a couple weeks for abandoning my job. Two weeks and I would be dead by then, my body stiff and cold and bound in my chair.

And Suzi would get away with it. If she had no criminal record, how would the police ever find her? DNA aside, if there was nothing to match it to, she could easily go on and live out her life if she remained cool and levelheaded, which she definitely was.

Proof of point and to my surprise I stared hard towards the hallway as the front door opened and saw her silhouetted in the outer bright light. I blinked, waiting for my eyes to adjust as she stepped inside, and I saw that she had what had to be an umbrella in hand. Apparently it was raining out, as I saw too that she wore a raincoat before her shadowy form succumbed to the darkness again as she shut and locked the door behind her.

I wriggled about in my seat, straining at my bonds again as I sat and waited, wondering just what she was up to. Had she had a change of heart? Was she coming to set me free, or was she simply returning to the scene of the crime so to speak? Coming to torture and humiliate me some more?

I heard the jangle of metal as she slipped my key ring back into her purse or pocket, and then the familiar thump as her umbrella hit the carpeted floor of the hallway. I moaned at the sound of her approaching footsteps, straining to see her beyond the flimsy curtain that separated the hall from the main room. I saw her slim; painted nails slip into view as she pulled the curtain aside and her wickedly smiling face appeared –

“Hi, puppy,” she cooed, her voice soft and melodic. “I’m home.”

She giggled, a sound like tiny bells as she stepped into the room. She was wearing a long, black coat that was dotted and streaked, wet with rain. Beneath that I saw that she had on a tight shell top that cut in a low arch and showed off her breasts and chest invitingly. She wore a ragged pair of flare legged denims that seemed to hug her hips and legs before draping over her feet like a tent. I could just see the pointed, black leather of my girlfriend’s cowboy boots, now Suzi’s I supposed. Right at the moment, everything in my apartment – including myself – belonged to Suzi.

She strolled right up to me as I squirmed, my breath coming in short gasps through the confines of the sneaker duct taped over my mouth and nose. I felt dizzy as I stared at her, my heart pounding madly as she smiled almost warmly, looking down. Her dark, almond eyes seemed to sparkle with mischief as she looked me over. I jumped, broken from her mesmerizing gaze as I felt the coolness of her smooth hand caress my cheek.

“Miss me?” she asked, purring with amusement as I grunted with wide, imploring eyes. I felt a sudden stirring between my legs at her touch and presence. I was getting aroused, and coupled with my need to take a good, long pee I could feel a hardness rising. And pain of course as her shoelace bound so tightly about my member started to cut into me again with a new fierceness. I saw her glance down and she giggled again.

“Well, I missed you,” she said as she tossed her leather purse down to the floor beside my bed. She stepped back a bit as she shrugged out of her raincoat, draping that on top of the bed, ignoring the fact that it was still damp and dripping. She fluffed her shining black hair from her neck, raising her arms and giving me a show I suspect, her dark red top clinging to her breasts and along the slight bulge of her tight blue jeans. She was just a bit overweight, but still hot – at least to me – and she knew it too I think. “I thought about you all night long, puppy. From the moment that I left here and walked to Citibank and all through the long cab ride home. Thinking of you here like this kept me warm all night.”

Her hand was drifting about my face lovingly. It was almost as though she was petting me, sticking with the dog motif as she scratched lightly at the nape of my neck, then behind my ear. I shivered as a shocking tingle shot through me and set me to squirming again. I heard her silver laugh as she stepped away.

“I love the way you squirm for me,” she hissed with a breathless excitement. This was turning her on as well, I could see it in her smile and the slight flush of her skin. “But I’m not totally heartless,” she continued. “I bet you’d like some water, hmm?”

I nodded my head and she smirked, her pert little nose bunching up with the amusement of the situation. “Okay,” she said, stepping up to me again. “Let me get this gag off.” I sighed with relief, then gasped – or tried to as her fingers shoved onto the shoe pinching over my nose and flattening it. I could still get air through my mouth, but not much, and as she laughed I was soon writhing again and straining at my bonds.

“No screaming for help,” she said, her other hand planting at the back of my head to hold me still. “And no begging to be set free. I’ll let you go when I decide, and not before. Got it?” She shoved on my nose again and twisted grinding the insole of her shoe against my skin. A fresh wave of her foot odor rose into my nostrils as she released the shoe and I felt her picking at the duct tape.

She was none too gentle as she ripped at the tape, unwinding it from around my face and head as she continued to hold me steady. I did not fight or struggle. I needed fresh air and wanted to be set free. Hopefully she would give me water and then I could plead with her, despite her warning. I had nothing to lose after all.

She undid the last layer of the stiff and sticky tape and finally pulled her foul smelling sneaker away. I gasped for clean, sweet air as she tossed the shoe onto the bed, then came at my mouth with her fingers. She poked between my parched lips and snagged her socks with a grimace. They were damp and it took a bit of tugging to get them out, but she finally did and tossed the wadded ball by the discarded shoe.

“Yucky…” she giggled as I sucked in fresh air. I sagged with the slightest relief, bent on breathing normally while I was allowed. She stood there watching me for a moment, finally stepping away to the kitchenette. I stared helplessly at her feet, her boots as she opened the refrigerator and withdrew a bottle of Poland Spring water. When she shut the door and turned I glanced up at her smiling face, meeting her amused gaze with my own despair. I saw no pity there. It was all just a game to her, a bit of fun to pass the time.

She strolled up in front of me, popping the cap on the bottle as I strained forward for my drink. Suzi smiled as she tossed the top onto the bed and cocked a hip, striking a sexy pose for me. She licked her lips, and then her teeth as she tilted the plastic bottle and poured a bit into her cupped hand before holding it out to me.

“Lick, puppy,” she said, easing her hand forward to the limit that I could stretch. “Lap it up, but not too fast. Don’t want you getting sick.”

I looked at her with pleading eyes but saw no mercy there. I strained, leaning forward as far as I could and finally stretching out my tongue to lap at the water in the cup of her hand. She giggled as I lapped at the meager bit of water, all too soon licking at the soft palm of her hand trying to get every last drop. She pored a bit more, enjoying her little game and I licked again with a new determination. After a third, she finally set the bottle aside and walked away.

I licked my lips for every last vestige of the water, not knowing when I might get another drink. I wiggled a bit too, feeling my bladder starting to swell and scream again, pressing on my every thought. I needed to piss like a freight train, and the fact that I was hard from her attention made it all the worse.

And then it happened. My penis twitched, and a second later I was writhing in agony. I was starting to pee, just a trickle at first but soon a strong and steady stream came shooting out and splattering on the floor. I moaned as it drilled into the carpet, burning as it forced past the lace tightly binding my member. It was both agony and ecstasy and I groaned as it finally started to ease, sagging again to the limits of my rope.

When I finally had the strength to look up again I saw Suzi standing near the kitchenette, her hands on her hips as she shook her head. She was grinning widely though.

“Baby had an accident?” she mused, reaching for something off of the boxes I had piled near the stove. “Maybe mommy should bring some diapers from work, hmmm?”

When she turned back and approached me again I saw that she had a bit of newspaper in hand, and was rolling it up. the Village Voice I imagined, as that was about the only paper I read. Before I realized what was coming though, Suzi had raised her arm, paper high and swatted it over my nose.

“Bad dog!” she shouted, hitting me again and again as I twisted, trying to move away. There was nowhere for me to go, bound as I was, and she got in five good hits before she finally stopped. “Bad dog!” she snapped once again as she tossed the paper aside.

“I should rub your face in that,” she said pointing at the damp puddle on the floor at her feet. “Teach you not to make a mess. Puppy needs to learn.” The stern look faded as she grinned and I quailed in fear suddenly. She stepped away and slid the other folding chair before me.

Sitting, Suzi planted her right foot into the puddle of urine, sliding it back and forth as though crushing out a cigarette. I started squirming, getting an idea of what was to come as she crossed her legs.

“No…” I pleaded, staring at her foot, the boot dripping with my piss. “Please…”

Suzi laughed as she lifted her leg and extended it straight. She mashed the sole of the cowboy boot up against my nose, twisting it a bit again and shoving. I turned away, but she kept pressing, smearing the urine and dirt from the carpet about my face no matter which way I turned. The smell was horrible, the pent up beer from the night before almost burning with intensity and making my eyes water.

Suzi laughed as she pulled away, and when I turned, gasping for breath I saw her foot dabbing in the puddle again. In a flash the sole of the boot was in my face once more, pressing and smearing. Suzi was making certain that I was covered as she dipped into the puddle three more times, dirtying my face and coating the smell into my burning flesh. Finally I felt the toe of the boot at my lips.

Suzi shoved forward, pressing against my lips and teeth straight back. I had to open my mouth at the pressure and as soon as I did the toe shot in and scraped the roof of my mouth. I gagged as she kept shoving, dragging the sole of her boot on my teeth.

“Lick!” she commanded, and I did.

I whimpered of course. It hurt and she showed no mercy as she kept pressing. I could not get my tongue extended too far as she had the toe of her boot firmly planted in my mouth, but I licked as best as I could in short, affectionate laps. Suzi simply settled back, holding her leg up and watching me with a look of amusement and consideration.

Three more times she dabbed the sole of the boot into the puddle and brought it back to my lips. She held her foot out straight, allowing me to lick the length of the sole, and to pay special attention to the heel. Besides the urine and carpet dirt, there were other things there; the grime of the street and something slick and dark that smelled like rancid cabbage. It did not matter to her, whatever she had stepped in. I was there to clean her boots, and despite the pain and gagging, that’s just what I did if I wanted to see freedom again.

Finally she leaned back and recrossed her legs. She settled in, staring as I licked my lips and simply breathed. When I looked at her again she was smirking, her head cocked slightly to the side as she casually kicked her crossed leg. She looked beautiful, almost innocent with her raven black hair cascading about one shoulder. She crossed her arms under her breasts, grinning as I watched her flip her hair back over her shoulder.

“Good dog,” she praised and I blushed, hanging my head.

“Please…” I started, my voice catching in my throat. “Suzi, please… let me go- “

She was on her feet in a flash, the palm of her hand slapping against my cheek. My head spun to the side as I yelped out in pain, and she simply hit me again and again.

“I warned you!” she shouted. “No begging!”

Her mood had shifted and she stepped to the bed. I was crying from the pain in my face now, but watching, attentive as to what she was going to do. She finally picked up the discarded sneaker and turned back to me.

She looked me over, holding the Nike up for me to see. I saw her gaze drift, glancing at the clock before she turned to me in full force again. She stepped right up, her knee pressing against my groin as her empty hand cupped the back of my head. She held me tightly as she shoved the toe of her dirty sneaker against my lips, holding it there as I smelled the worn leather.

“Open!” she finally commanded, pressing harder and after a moment’s hesitation I complied. Without effort she shoved the toe of the shoe into my mouth. I felt her release my head, her free hand slipping under my chin as she eased my mouth closed about the sneaker. When she was satisfied that I had it in a good grip, she stepped back and away.

“I need to go to work,” she said as she reached for her coat. I watched, biting on the shoe as she slipped her arms into the sleeves and shrugged it onto her shoulders, flipping her hair out of the collar. “I may be back tonight. Maybe tomorrow.” She grinned wickedly as she picked up her purse from the floor and shouldered it.

“I expect you to be holding my shoe for me.” She slapped at the shoe, making me groan. “If you don’t have it right there, like it is, you’ll be in BIG trouble, puppy.”

She patted me on the head before stepping off, back towards the curtain leading to the hall and the door beyond. She pulled the flimsy curtain aside, then paused before passing through, turning back to me.

“And no teeth marks. Understand?”

I moaned, tears filling my eyes as I writhed again. I was screwed, totally in her grasp and power. Worse, I was throbbing again, so turned on.

Suzi laughed as she stepped into the hallway. A moment later I heard the locks on the door sliding open, then saw her sexy silhouette again outlined in the frame of the doorway. She shut the door and I heard the locks slide home, followed by the sound of her heels fading as she descended the stairs.

Alone and helpless, I started to cry…


And the day drug on…

I sulked, squirming in my bonds, straining at the rope and leather and steel that held me as effectively in place today as it had all through the previous night. Suzi knew her knots, and no matter how I struggled I could not even get to the point where I thought that freedom might be a possibility.

She had left a little before eight, heading off to the deli less than two blocks away for another shift. How many hours she might spend there, I had no idea. Eight at least, but she was sort of a manager so it could be more. I glanced at the clock and whimpered, realizing just how long and boring the upcoming day might be.

It was Saturday; a day that I would usually do some writing and maybe touch up my Website. Not a big deal really, but it was a little bit of release for me since my girlfriend died. It kept me busy, and kept me from thinking of her for the most part. I wondered if any of my online connections would notice my absence. Probably not as we were fairly loose knit and active in the Real World. All but me of course…

I twisted about and looked at the clock –

8:43 the red numbers glowed…



Suzi had been nice enough to leave the television on the night before. She was also so sadistic as to leave it tuned to one of the home shopping channels. I had watched through my fitful sleep the night before, and now as I sat there sucking on the toe of her dirty leather sneaker I watched again, trying to stay awake. It was cruelty beyond imagination. The entire day was devoted to jewelry, and they were showing rings.

I was starting to nod out again before 9:30. Over and over my head would jerk up in pain and I was forced to chew a bit to get a new grip on her shoe. It was slick with drool and I was really starting to taste the leather settling in on my tongue. Just the day before it had been heaven, licking her shoe. Now it just left a foul taste in my mouth. I dared not drop it though. If – when she returned, I did not want to face whatever devilish punishment she might think up. I worked my jaw and bit down on the sneaker, trying to stay interested in the ‘Deal of the Day’; a sexy little violet gem set into a silver band.


I jerked awake again at just past noon.

I almost yawned, almost dropping the shoe. Near panic I worked my mouth, biting hard between the leather and rubber. My eyes were wide as I worked my jaw, trying to almost swallow the sneaker, or at least get it wedged back into my mouth again.

After a few minutes of frantic work I was once again sucking on the worn leather, and feeling the taste of the thin rubber on my tongue. My lips were touching the base of the tongue again and it seemed firmly wedged in. I sighed through my nose, sagging just a bit and realizing just how close I had come to messing up.

I could only imagine the hell that I would endure if I dropped the damn thing. Suzi would beat me in the least, but I had a fairly good idea that she was creative enough to come up with something far more imaginative than a simple whipping. I moaned, just to hear my own voice and anchor myself back in reality.

I looked to the television to find a woman named Shannon smiling at me and expounding on the positive aspects of something called the ‘Clustered Broach’. I had no idea what that might be, perhaps the gaudy thing that the dark haired woman had pinned to her lapel, but I knew that I had to stay awake.

I stared at the TV, watching the beautiful Shannon and listening as her voice rose in excitement as her bit of jewelry sold. She was almost hypnotic, mesmerizing in the least the way she droned on and on…

God, I had to stay awake, but my eyelids were drooping already again. So heavy…


I woke to the sound of a door slamming somewhere, loud but muffled. I looked about blearily, hearing the clack of heels as someone stalked across the hardwood floor in the apartment overhead. I moaned, craning my neck, trying to get some comfort.

“God…” I whispered, then froze.

I stared at the Nike lying on the floor at my feet. It must have fell from my mouth as I dozed. Now it just lay there on its side, mocking me with its tongue hanging out, its worn sole flashing me.


I was done. Suzi had warned me not to drop the shoe, and I had. I moaned, struggling ineffectually in my bonds again, simply becoming winded and making my wrists burn again from the strain. I could not get away, but struggling seemed to make me feel as though I was trying. Now though, it hit me hard. I was done, and I would feel it when – if Suzi came back…


It hurt, but I struggled, shifting my weight back and forth. I pressed with my toes against the carpet as I tried to get some leverage. It took a few times, but eventually I got the rhythm and I felt the chair that I was tied to tilt just a bit before falling back into place.

I tried again, gritting my teeth and grunting. The chair rocked a bit more before falling back and settling again.

I had reasoned my options. I was not about to escape. Suzi had tied my knots way too tight, and beyond that she had taken the handcuff keys with her. I could therefore either sit her and await my punishment when she finally returned, or I could try to retrieve the shoe lying there just a few inches from my chair on the floor.

I chose the latter, hoping to get some brownie points for effort by tipping the chair and worming my way around until I got the shoe back in my mouth. I hoped that she would not think that I was trying to escape. I’d explain to her of course, if she would listen, but in the end I was a victim of her mood and tender mercies. God, I hoped she had a good day at work.

I shifted my weight and started to rock the chair again. Side to side was hard, but if I tried to tip over backwards I would crack my skull on the radiator. To my right was the bed, so I was hoping for a fall to the left. I grimaced, pressing with my feet as I leaned as far as the ropes would allow…

The chair settled back again. Almost though, that time. I just needed a bit more effort, a little more force.

I screamed as I slammed hard against my bonds, shoving my mass to the left, then screamed again as gravity took hold and I went tumbling over to the side. There was just a moment’s panic of freefall, then I smashed down to the floor. Pain shot through my left arm and shoulder when I hit, and my whole body slid, hung up in my rope bindings on my side. I could not imagine how ridiculous I must look.

But I had done it. Breathing hard I congratulated myself in my head for my little victory. I was not done yet however. I glanced down my body and stared at the shoe lying there well out of reach. I sagged, then took and let out a deep breath. Time for part two…

I clawed at the carpet with my fingers and the one foot that touched. Pins and needles seemed to shoot into my arms and legs as circulation flowed, but I ignored the pain as best as I could. I rolled my shoulder, used my head for leverage as I tried to maneuver the chair about, inching closer…



It took forever it seemed, but eventually, straining my head and neck and tongue to their respective limits, I was finally able to touch Suzi’s shoe. My first attempt to grab it, I was so excited that I actually spun it about and just out of reach again, forcing me to struggle closer. Grunting and sweating, I did, making damn certain that I would not do THAT again.

I was close enough that I could smell the leather now, and see clearly the creases and folds that were worn and stained with dirt. I could see the rough scuff marks on the toe as I eased my mouth out and open. I was sweating as I eased my lips about the slim toe, tasting immediately the leather and rubber and smelling the scent of her feet once again. Heaven and Hell…

I bit lightly and drew my neck back, then worked my jaw and bit again. It was a battle of inches – millimeters, but I had won finally, sucking as much of the shoe back into my mouth as I could before I sighed and closed my eyes, heaving with the tension and effort.


I woke to darkness, breathing hard.

There was a dampness between my legs again, and the acrid smell of urine.

It was wet under my cheek too, where I had been drooling around the shoe still lodged in my mouth. My right arm and leg were numb and dead beneath me.

I didn’t care. I was more terrified of the punishment that I might receive if I lost the shoe, than the humiliation of how I appeared. Hell, she would probably like it.

I craned my neck, twisting as far as I could, careful not to lose my prize as I looked up to the clock:




I moaned, waking to a pounding, rushing in my head. There was a pressure, and it hurt and as I struggled to move, to see what was the matter I found that I was pinned to the floor. Something pressed down on my cheek and temple, and as I came awake I started to feel the grit and smell the rough, worn leather –

“What’s this?” I heard Suzi’s voice, loud and harsh. The pressure on my cheek increased and I realized that she was stepping on my head. “You trying to escape? Hunh?”

Suzi ground the toe of her boot against my cheek as though she were crushing a bug. I moaned, feeling the pain, the friction and weight causing tears to well in my eyes. I grunted into my gag for her to stop, and she did after a bit, but left her foot on my face.

I looked up at her, she towering above me as a giantess by the worm’s eye angle that I had. She was evil and magnificent all in one, still wearing her long, black coat, her hair wild and cascading about her shoulders. Her dark eyes sparked and smoldered as she stared down, contemplating me. I whimpered, trying to explain, but nothing legible came out.

She pressed down again, once more until I screamed into the shoe that was gagging me, then finally she stepped off and back. I sighed, moaning, then saw her booted foot shooting my way. I winced as she kicked the sneaker, knocking it roughly from my mouth.

“This better be good,” she said, planting the toe of her boot right in front of my face.

“I…” I started, but my voice caught. I had to clear my throat and start again. “I dropped… the shoe. I wanted to make you happy… so I tipped the… chair… to get it back…” I tried to sound sorry, apologetic as best I could. I hoped that she would show me mercy.

God, how pathetic had I become?

Suzi stared down at me, her hands on her hips and her foot just inches from my face. I could see that she was considering, and I prayed then and there to every god that I had ever heard of to help me. After an eternity she stepped away and turned…

She stepped back, her booted foot swiftly shooting out and driving up into my groin. I screamed bloody murder as she planted the sole of her boot on my face again, waiting calmly until I stopped writhing about and squirming, holding me down underfoot. Waiting until the pain subsided…

“You think I’m stupid? Think cuz I’m Asian I’m ignorant? Bitch! You trying to get away. Not gonna happen, puppy.”

Suzi ground down on my face again and soon had me whimpering for her to stop. She didn’t. Not for a long while. Eventually though the grinding stopped and there was just the pressure as she leaned in. I heard the sound of a cigarette lighter. I smelled the smoke as she exhaled in my general direction. I did not know that she smoked.

“Maybe,” she started, and I saw her bleary image looking up and away. “Maybe you’re telling the truth.” She looked down, blue smoke roiling from her lips in a smooth stream. She pressed in. “I dunno. You kept the shoe like I said, but, you dropped it.” She shrugged. “You tried to get away, or not. Whatever. You have to be punished, far as I can tell.”

“Nnnn…” I moaned and she just pressed all the harder. I felt the heel of the boot in my throat, cutting off my air and started to panic and squirm again. She slid her foot off of my face, basically scraping the sole along my cheek, allowing me to breathe again.

She towered over me, one hand on her hip, the other holding her cigarette butt up near her face. She seemed to be considering it, focusing her attention between it and me. I whimpered, trying my best to play on her pity, but Suzi simply grinned and squatted down beside me. I felt her cool, soft hand resting on my leg.

“You need to learn your place, puppy,” she cooed, rubbing my thigh. Her fingers eased up, tickling about my butt. I don’t want to punish you, but you gotta learn…”

I looked at her as she took a long drag on her cigarette, and then my eyes grew wide as she stared at the glowing tip with a wicked grin. I started to squirm and struggle, knowing what was coming. I was trapped though, and at her mercy.

I screamed as Suzi eased the tip of her cigarette at me, then screamed all the harder as I felt the burn sizzling into the flesh of my butt cheek. I thrashed about in my bonds, the metal chair creaking with my efforts but holding fast. I could not get away, or even ease the pain a bit as she held me fast and pressed the burning tip of her cigarette into my flabby, tender flesh…


I woke again to a flashing light in my eyes.

I felt the sharp pain in my butt cheek immediately and started to whimper and whine in pain, rolling about in my bonds as best as I could. I barely moved.

Through tear-filled eyes I saw the channels on the television changing. There was a pressure digging into my shoulder, another on my hip as I tried to come awake, wondering what was going on. It took a moment to get my bearings.

Suzi was flipping through the television channels I realized after a minute. She had her legs extended, one foot on my shoulder, the other on my hip as she sprawled on the bed with the pillows at her back. I could smell chicken and my stomach growled and churned, realizing that she must have ordered take out while I was unconscious.

I was still tightly bound to the chair – that much had not changed. I had been gagged again though, I swiftly realized. I could taste the foulness of her socks balled up in my mouth again, and my cheeks hurt as I tried to work my tongue, so I knew that she had wrapped my face in duct tape to hold the socks in my mouth. I was glad that she had foregone the sneaker gag this time, but none the less I was not happy or comfortable. I took a deep breath through my nose and felt her feet shift.

“Back with me puppy?” she asked, digging her heels into my skin. I tried to look up and back, but all that I could see was the tips of her boots hanging out over my bound form. My entire right side was numb now, and I could not move if I tried, I knew, and I did want to. Move that is. It hurt…

Suzi shifted her feet again, stretching out her legs and crossing them at the ankles as she continued to flip through the TV channels. I was little more than a footstool for her now, simply there for her comfort.

I stared at the television and saw that it was after ten by the TV clock as she shifted to the Cable Guide to check the info on a movie. Within seconds she flipped on again, basically ignoring me as she would any other piece of furniture.

She settled finally on a movie on TCM, watching that for about forty-five minutes. She got up and got a beer from the refrigerator at one point, then returned to her seat and settled in on me again. She watched the movie until the credits started rolling, then started rubbing the soles of her boots over me.

“I’m spending the night,” she said, giggling as I tensed underfoot. I craned my neck and looked up at her as best as I could. I saw the clock said eleven as she stood and hovered over me. But let’s get you a little more comfortable…”

I felt Suzi, her hands at the knots as she untied me. To a point, however. I was never released fully as she undid my leather and nylon bonds, untying me from the chair and quickly retying me. She wrapped a cord about my elbows, drawing it tight and leaving my wrists clasped in the cuffs. She undid the ropes about my chest and stomach, then started in on my ankles and legs. One by one she untied then retied my ankles together. She added a leather cord about my knees, then folded my legs up behind me and lashed that cord to the chain of the handcuffs, hog-tying me. I moaned as she leaned in, laughing, then finally drawing back and standing again. I squirmed for her pleasure.

“I like that, puppy. You do good tricks,” she said, and I felt the sole of her boot on my butt, pressing down. I was still gagged and effectively hog-tied there on the floor of my apartment. Suzi giggled.

“Stay!” she said as she stepped over me and into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. I heard the TV come on in there after a moment (I had had TV in the bathroom for years, as I had gotten up several hours before my girlfriend everyday), and then the water rushing into the sink.

I struggled at my new bondage while she was gone, knowing even as I started in that I would not escape. Suzi knew her knots, and I was tied thoroughly in my new position. My fingers could not quite reach the knots, and my body was effectively immobilized in my hog-tie. I thrashed about and rocked from side to side, but when the bathroom door finally opened again I was just as thoroughly helpless as I had been when she had disappeared within.

Suzi smiled at me from the doorway, striking a pose. She had donned one of my undershirts to sleep in; an over-sized black undershirt that on her hung well below her shapely hips. Her hair was loose about her shoulders and her dark eyes sparkled with mischief as she looked down at me. My gaze of course drifted to her feet, and I saw that she was still in the cowboy boots as she finally strolled forward.

“Hope you don’t mind,” she said as she slid a foot under my face and nose. The boots smelled of leather for the most part, but no foot odor. Apparently she had washed up a bit. “I didn’t bring a nighty.”

“Mmmmnnn…” I said, meaning ‘Oh no, not at all’.

Suzi rubbed her foot over my face. It was hard and cold.

“Mama’s taking care of the baby tonight. I told her I’d be staying over. I do that sometimes- the job, y’know.” She leaned in, pressing her booted foot into my neck, forcing my head to the floor with me gasping and shuddering, trying to breathe.

“I’ll call her in the morning, but we have all night.” She eased off the pressure and I moaned. Suzi ran her foot through my hair, then finally pressed my face into the floor. I could feel the grit ground into the sole of the boot.

“But I’m tired…”

Suzi stepped right on my head with all of her weight, then off again just as fast. She strolled over me and turned to sit on the bed. I looked to her, saw her looking at me as she smoothed out the sheet covering the mattress. Finally she grinned and crossed her right leg over the left.

Suzi slowly and tauntingly worked first the right boot and then the left off of her feet. Each dropped to the floor with a thunk, and as I watched she stretched her legs up and out, lazily drifting them to hover just over my head and wiggling her toes. She had not cleaned at all I learned; rather the boots had masked the odor. I smelled the bitter reek of her feet now, still swathed in my own socks that she had taken the night before. I could smell her odors as well as my own mixed with the slight taint of worn leather.

Finally she stretched and got up, her body seeming to uncoil like a cat just coming awake. She stepped over me and placed the two boots on the floor, the openings both near and pointed at my face. In afterthought she shoved one forward, cupping the opening right over my gagged mouth and nose.

“Enjoy,” she said with a laugh, turning away.

I heard the ‘click’ as she shut off the light, then stepped on and over me again. I shuffled, turning my head and caught a glimpse of her feet before she drew them up as she settled into my bed. I watched as she pulled the sheet over her sexy body, shifting a bit to accommodate the stuffed animals that shared the bed; the faux family of my girlfriend and I. The light of the television flickered a bit until I saw her arm snake out and she turned it off at last with the remote. Darkness enveloped me.

“Nightie-night,” she purred, settling into sleep as I writhed and moaned in my hog-tie. I was already feeling the effects of the binding; my legs cramping up, my arms screaming to be so tied off to my ankles so tightly for so long. It hurt, and I could barely breathe from the gag she had employed, but I tried to remain calm. I tried to breathe normally and calmly through my nose tasting the stale odors of the boots. I looked up and barely saw her body outlined by the sheet as it disappeared under the covers, she settling in for the night. Suzi easing into my bed, warm and comfortable while I squirmed and writhed in my hog-tie, there on the cold hard floor beside the bed.

I strained to see there in the darkness, but finally gave up, gazing at shadows out of reach. My head thumped against the floor…

To be continued…


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