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01-09-2011, 10:54 AM
well, unfortunately for all you guys i like to do intros to my stories. since this website got hacked back in july (it felt like longer) i've had two foot experiences, yes only two but they were both brilliant, so amazingly fantastic its hard to put them into words but i will, and i lied it was three experiences :p so as you can tell by the name of this thread i am going through a tough time, i recently dumped my girlfriend for someone else (dont tell me im mean i know) for another girl who dumped me the day after ( i deserved it) but in that time i was in a relationship with her i had two foot periods of foot fun (we only had two dates ;)). but were getting ahead of ourselves, lets start back at the beginning.

foot experience 1

her name was Simona, she is 18 years of age, has blonde hair, quite petite and size 5 feet that smelled, and when i say smelled i mean reeked. we had been friends for a number of years and i had slowly been building up the courage to ask her if i could worship her petite feet. but before i was even able to do that she came around to my home, left her shoes at the foot of the stairs and proclaimed that she needed to use the toilet. she left these slip off shoes, with dirty insoles that had the imprint of her heel and toes on the inside, at the foot of the stairs and asked if i would wait their for her. i could only be too happy to have a few moments with her trashed trainers. as soon as i heard the door of the toilet close, i made a bee line for the shoes, i grabbed them and immediately buried my nose into the mouth of the shoe, i inhaled deeper and deeper, feeling the slightly pop-corny scent assault my nose, i instantly got hard and then took it upon myself to attempt to clean the dirty heel stained insole of the shoe, an eruption of flavor hit my tongue and spread itself through my mouth, the flavor and scent of her shoe slowly infecting my senses, i came without even touching myself and my body began to spasm in pleasure, this was all in five minuets, i heard the toilet flush and placed the shoe back on the floor, grinning wildly from ear to ear, hoping she wouldn't notice the wetness of it when she slipped her sexy socked foot back into her shoe.
"whats up Matt, why the grin," Simona asked smiling back at me as she made her way down the stairs, her feet flexing and and flatening as she walked.
"nothing Simona, absolutely nothing," i replied banishing the thoughts to the back of my head for later................use.

okay so that's all i got for you for now, there are actually going to be four parts now, i wasn't going to include the shoe story but i did so,yeah.
comment with some ways to improve and tell me what you liked

from the land of matatron with love