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01-09-2011, 08:20 AM
Well finally I have time to write my first foot fetish stories after I posted some of my favourites that i have read earlier. Of course more stories are to follow since I have got a few to tell.

I know nobody wants my introduction so I’ll begin straight away though some facts need to be told.
• This is original story except for the change of names
• Those who like torture foot worship may find it bit boring because this one is sexy, seductive with some sweet trample scenes

Well as usual my foot fetish like many started at early age. One day i was watching a movie where the guy had female feet on her chest. I began to get hard. i had got hard sometimes but this was really the first time i noticed testosterone barking inside me. I still do not know how it happened but that was start of my foot fetish. I knew by then the feature i desire most in a female is their sexy feet. Well i must admit i was kind of shy or may be frightened to say anything related to that anybody and also for some time i considered myself weird but then obviously i knew i have no control over it.

Well starting with my story. When i was 12 or something i bought a CD and was watching it when my heart stop beating at a scene which anybody can guess was foot worshipping scene. I played that again and again keeping it secret from my parents of course!!! Sure as hell i had started to expand my limits by looking for feet in movies, photos in newspaper and everything i could lay my hands on.

This went for maybe 3 years before i finally had my first breakthrough in foot worship mania. Since i was 15 i had started to know a bit about sex too. But mostly i dreamt about feet of course. Now i had one of my cousin sister staying at my home for vacations. Having a good looking 16 year old cousin in your house was never something to be excited about in special way. Well yeah she was good looking starting to bosom into a sexy chick. Well i know i shouldn’t be like this about my cousin but that is a fact.

So here i was playing video game when she asked me to stop for she wanted to watch TV. But i refused then she asked me again to which i refused again. Since no one was at home except me and her, she thought she could boss me around as she was older than me. She tried so to no success. Then suddenly she lifted her foot and kind of kicked me very lightly in my back. Current flew through my body. I looked at her and asked how can you kick me. She again kicked me slowly and said “like this i can kick you”. And started laughing. I got a bit annoyed and grab her foot and threw it away after few seconds because i do not wanted her to know about my fetish. She lifted her foot again and was moving towards me where i caught it again and grabbed tightly. She said “leave my foot please”. And i said “why”. She laughed and said “so that i can kick you again”. i was laughing and wanting that to happen inside my mind. I pretended to be angry and said” if you do that i will bite it hard”. She said “really! Are you going to do that bro”? I said “sure as hell i will bite it”. Now she challenged me to it and said “you will not bite it i know you are not that angry”. I said “ i am angry as hell”. Meanwhile my game was over as nobody paid it attention. When i saw it i pretended to be real angry saying that now i am going to bite your foot as this is responsible for my game over. She said “go ahead my little brother. I want to see how this happens”. She thought i was just lying about it. Well i did not needed anymore of my pretending and took a bite from her sweet foot. To describe her foot: it was size 7 or 6 maybe with stunning arches and very fair skin. Now she kind of laughed even harder saying that the bite has not disturbed her at all and saying that she put her other foot on my face and said “ want to bite some more”. Well this was it. i was on to her foot like hungry tiger biting it slowly of course not to harm her beauty really here and there. She was laughing and playing with her foot on my body especially on my chest so as to stop me from coming to her. Suddenly videogame was forgotten as though it has never been there and both of us were laughing and playing this footbite game. Well i was playing and she was only laughing.

Unfortunately after 10 minutes of this lovely game we both got a bit tired and game of my life came to an end. I leaned back on wall while she had her gorgeous feet on my chest resting as if my chest was her property. Of course i wanted it more than anything else. I took her feet in my hand and started to feel and massage them. And smiling she said “yes you do that because i do not want your teeth marks on my feet”. I was more than happy to do it. Then she said “ok let me watch my serial first and then you play your game as you please”. I said “ok sis but beware this time i am leaving you and your feet in shape next time you will not meet your brother but a furious lion biting and eating everything he lays his hands on”. And she was laughing.

So this was it my first foot worship breakthrough. Tell me how you like it. If response is good i will post some of my other experiences as well. I have 2 more with the same cousin, 1 with other cousin and quite a few with my girlfriend.

01-09-2011, 10:29 AM
i remember this from the previous site, i loved it then and i love it now