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07-10-2011, 01:30 AM
Well then, ladies and gents, turns out the inspiration hit me hard and I managed to crank out the final installment in just a day. Yippee! :)

DISCLAIMER as usual: 18/21+ only, please. Dark, explicit, and fantasy only. Don't read this until you've read the first part, silly!

Enjoy, and please leave comments. :o



Jennifer renewed her begging once more, but the muffled babbling fell on deaf ears. Ashley was on a mission to program Jennifer's mind to love the scent at any cost.

Ashley plopped her still-damp disgusting sweaty feet down on top of Jennifer's ample breasts and wiggled herself into some sort of different position. The sound of the vibrator was making Jennifer visibly quiver all over. She refused to find any pleasure in the torment Ashley was inflicting upon her. “You are going to love my feet by the end of this, baby. Aren’t you excited? I’m going to make you have a foot fetish whether you want one or not.” Jennifer was determined to resist—Ashley's feet were absolutely disgusting and no matter what Ashley did, Jennifer’s resolve would remain steadfast.

Ashley drug both of her sweaty feet up to Jennifer’s face and gently placed them under her nose again. Jennifer groaned. The scent was still intolerable. Ashley then pressed the vibrator up to Jennifer’s crotch. The jolting feeling of the vibrator buzzing on its highest setting shot up Jennifer’s whole body like electric sparks and she got goosebumps all over. “Hmm, someone likes that huh?” Jennifer moaned unwittingly and took a big inhale through her nose, then groaned from the extra dose of stink she received.

No, I will not submit to her god damn it. I refuse, Jennifer thought. She did everything she could to block out the feelings shooting through her clit and all around her pelvis. She desperately tried to wiggle her butt away from Ashley’s vibrator, but her spread-eagle bondage held her tightly in place. She would have no choice but to feel the vibrator for as long as Ashley desired. “Keep sniffing honey, or I will never let you go. You want to be free from this, don’t you?” Ashley taunted with a sultry teasing voice. Ashley’s voice distracted Jennifer from her intense concentration momentarily, and she found herself instantly overwhelmed by the scent pouring into her nostrils and the incredible waves of pleasure shooting all over her body focused on her clit.

Jennifer moaned deeply, unintentionally. Her resolve was breaking. Somehow, the disgusting odor of Ashley’s feet was increasing the intensity of the vibrator. It was even more intense still because of the blindfold and inability to resist in any way. Ashley was intently studying her captive, making subtle movements and shifts of pressure with the vibrator, watching for involuntary signs of sensitivity. She found that the left side and tip of Jennifer’s clit brought forth the best shaking and squirming from her trapped pelvis, and kept that knowledge for later on in the session. For now, she was forcing Jennifer to inhale the scent from in between each of her sweaty, neon blue painted toes, slowly and methodically, while vibrating all around her clit and on the less sensitive parts to drag out her agony. Jennifer’s moaning forced her to inhale more and more of the stink, and her head was swimming from it. Ashley was sopping wet again and began to touch herself slowly.

“God baby, your reactions are so fucking hot. I want you to love the smell of my feet, so we can sniff them everyday and cum together.” Jennifer was barely cogent of Ashley’s verbal teasing. The vibrator was driving her absolutely wild, and as much as she fought to resist, she was beginning to associate the scent she so reviled with the feelings pulsating through her clit and giving her goosebumps all over her body. She was using every inch of resolve to keep from inhaling more strongly as the orgasm began building from deep inside of her.

Ashley was incredibly perceptive, and could sense Jennifer’s inner conflict from the intensity with which she was inhaling her scent. The smell of her feet had long since filled the entire room, and it was only adding to Ashley’s own sensations from her rubbing her clit. Ashley was moaning along with Jennifer, and the two of them were approaching orgasm together.

Jennifer felt the orgasm coming, off in the distance, but approaching like a freight train. She had to resist, but she couldn’t. Ashley began focusing Jennifer’s sniffing on the base of her toes, which were sweating heavily due to the heat in the room and renewing their disgusting odor. Jennifer hated it, but she began to have this awful feeling that she needed it too. The humiliation, the odor, Ashley’s dominating presence, and her own helplessness to resist all rolled together into the potential for one of the most powerful orgasms of her life.

“Take huge breaths. I want to feel your nose taking in every last bit of my sweat and smell,” Ashley moaned in a commanding voice. Jennifer obeyed eagerly, feeling the orgasm coming. “Do you want to cum, baby?” Jennifer whimpered affirmatively. She was desperate. Her whole world was the scent of Ashley’s feet, the sound of her sexy voice, and the incredible feeling of the vibrator pouring wave after wave of pleasure into her helpless body. Jennifer continued whimpering, begging to cum. Ashley saw the orgasm coming, and for a brief moment, pushed the vibrator intensely into the most sensitive spots on Jennifer’s clit. Jennifer screamed in pleasure, and was moments from exploding, but then to her dismay and anger, Ashley turned off the vibrator and took away her feet.

“What the fuck???” Jennifer screamed into her gag. Ashley cruelly laughed at her. Jennifer’s body involuntarily convulsed as the waves of unfulfilled pleasure washed over her. She felt that incredible orgasm, so close to exploding from deep inside her, slowly drift away just as it slowly built from the vibrator teasing. Jennifer was making animalistic growls and angry incoherent screaming, thrashing against her bonds. Ashley watched with glee and continued teasing herself slowly. After a minute or so, Jennifer exhausted herself and the denied orgasm had completely subsided from her body.

Ashley crawled up beside her and removed her duct tape gently. Jennifer was drenched with sweat, so the tape removed with no pain or resistance. Jennifer wanted badly to scream every obscenity she knew at Ashley, but she was too exhausted from the ordeal. Ashley giggled. “You know I can’t let you cum yet, you dirty girl. My feet are still sweaty, and I refuse to go to bed with sweaty feet.” Jennifer breathlessly asked “What are you talking about Ashley?” Ashley laughed again. “You need to lick all the sweat and stink off of them before I let you cum.”

Jennifer was mortified. What kind of a sick fuck is this girl? “What in the fuck are you talking about? That’s disgusting. I refuse to lick your feet.” Ashley expected this response, and the resistance was only making her wetter. “If you don’t lick them, I’m going to deny you orgasms all night. I might do it for days. I won’t stop until you agree to lick them clean, then I will make you cum when I think they’re clean enough.” Jennifer was so angry she could strangle Ashley to death. “Stop doing this you crazy bitch!” Jennifer screamed.

Ashley scoffed. “There’s really nothing you can do but what I say, if you ever want to be released.” That shut Jennifer up quickly. “Whaddya say babe? Are you game, or do I have to put the tape back on?” She turned the vibrator on medium for emphasis, making Jennifer cringe against her bonds. Jennifer had no choice. She would serve Ashley or be tortured and teased forever. Ashley could tell that Jennifer had assented. “Great!” she bubbled, and plopped her sweaty feet back on Jennifer’s face. Jennifer groaned again and tried to turn away, prompting a slap upside the head from Ashley’s left foot. “No you don’t. Stick out your tongue.”

Jennifer hesitated. “Oh, and if you even think of biting my feet, I have a surprise for you.” That couldn’t be good. Jennifer then felt fabric dangling over her face, and smelled the most horrible mix of Ashley’s foot sweat, leather, and cheap nylon material imaginable. It was at least twice as awful as Ashley’s bare feet. “I told you I wore nylons for 4 days and kept them around. I usually masturbate while sniffing them. If you do anything other than lick and suck on my feet lovingly, I will shove the foot end of these in your mouth and tape your mouth shut.” Jennifer groaned and begged “Please, fuck, just stop Ashley.” Ashley continued, “Then you will suck all the sweat, dirt, and filth out from them for an hour with no vibrator. I have a couple pairs of sweat socks you could clean for me as well if you disobey.” This was even worse than the earlier torture. Those nylons smelled absolutely terrible, and Jennifer was terrified.

“I won’t bite you I swear to god, get those fucking nylons out of my face,” Jennifer begged in desperation. Ashley giggled, feeling her own wetness pouring onto her hand while she slowly fingered her clit. “Okay slave, stick out your tongue for me.” Jennifer hesitated again. “Do it, bitch! Do you want to clean my nylons?” Adrenaline shot through Jennifer at the prospect of tasting those nylons, and she immediately stuck her tongue out. She soon wished she hadn’t done that, however.

Ashley positioned the heel of her baby-soft left foot on top of Jennifer’s tongue, and slowly dragged it across Jennifer’s tongue, so the entire part of her tongue got a huge helping of her scent and sweat. Jennifer yelled out in agony. The taste was stronger than the smell! After one long, slow stroke from heel to toe, Jennifer put her tongue back in her mouth. “Jesus Christ, I can’t do it. Please stop, your feet are absolutely disgusting.” Ashley laughed out loud, and began fingering herself faster. “Maybe this will motivate you.” Ashley held the vibrator up against Jennifer’s most sensitive spots on her clit, and turned it on medium-high. Jennifer’s entire body tensed at the incredible lightning bolt she felt everywhere, her aching clit desperate for the release it was denied just minutes before.

“Oh my god, YES!” Jennifer screamed involuntarily. Then, as soon as it started, Ashley shut off the vibrator. Jennifer violently yanked against the bonds. “God damn it, stop it! I can’t stand it anymore!” Ashley grinned, “Then lick my fucking feet. Stick out your tongue and the vibrator goes back on.” Jennifer couldn’t tolerate another second of the teasing, so she stuck out her tongue in earnest. Ashley made good on her end of the deal, and turned the vibrator back on high, opting instead to focus on the less sensitive spots. That worked fine for Jennifer, though, because she instantly began moaning.

Ashley would have none of that, though, and began another slow, torturous drag of her sweat-soaked foot from heel to toe, making sure Jennifer’s tongue hit fresh sweat on every inch. Jennifer groaned in agony, but needed the vibrator to feel the release she so desperately craved, so she continued licking as ordered. Ashley was losing her mind with pleasure at this point, but was determined to hold out and extend Jennifer’s torture as long as she could.

Jennifer’s tongue was in agony. She thought Ashley’s feet might just taste sweaty and salty, but Ashley’s scent was so powerful that she could actually taste it all in her mouth. It was vile, and she hated every long drag of Ashley’s soles across her tongue. “That’s right baby, keep licking them. You are such a good slave.” Ashley turned up the speed of the vibrator, which immediately brought Jennifer remarkably closer to cumming right then and there. She moaned in the throws of pleasure, and began willingly kissing and sucking on different parts of Ashley’s soles. Ashley was shocked at Jennifer’s reaction, and nearly came from the unexpected change. “You’re beginning to see why my feet are so delicious, aren’t you baby?” Jennifer moaned in agreement.

Ashley then shoved the toes of her freshly sweaty right foot in front of Jennifer’s lips. “Lick in between each toe.” Jennifer obeyed. The vile odor and taste of the sweat filled her mouth and covered her tongue as she licked, almost overwhelming the intense orgasm building from deep within her, but she didn’t care. She needed to cum, and she would do anything Ashley’s asked of her. Ashley knew it was almost time.

Ashley again pushed the vibrator firmly up against Jennifer’s most sensitive spots, sending electric pleasure all around Jennifer’s body and giving her goosebumps all over her pelvis. Her butt was desperately wiggling around, trying to force the vibrator to work faster. Jennifer felt an even more powerful orgasm than the last one building, and prayed that Ashley would let her cum this time. Ashley was painfully close as well, and furiously rubbed her own clit.

“Suck the sweat from my toes baby. I want you to taste it. Does it make you even wetter?” The damnable truth of it for Jennifer was, of course, that it did intensify her pleasure. Significantly. Her boring idiot of a boyfriend had never even remotely brought her this far with her body, and as repulsive as Ashley’s sweat tasted, it also tasted amazing. She wanted to suck the sweat and dirt completely off Ashley’s feet while cumming all over the vibrator and her bed. She sucked with greater intensity and eagerly devoured the sweat and stench from Ashley’s toes. Jennifer needed Ashley’s scent; she needed to cum while serving as Ashley’s humiliated helpless foot cleaner.

Jennifer’s renewed vigorous sucking pushed Ashley over the edge, and she screamed in pleasure, cumming three times. Jennifer was so unbearably close, and hearing Ashley cum pushed her to the very edge. Ashley came to her senses and saw Jennifer hadn’t cum yet, so she pushed the vibrator more firmly against Jennifer’s clit. “That’s right baby, you belong to me now. You are going to cum all over me and this vibrator. Cum to the taste of my scent.” Ashley stretched herself a bit so Jennifer was sucking her left toes clean, and inserted a finger gently into Jennifer’s ass while working the vibrator against her most sensitive spots. That was the last encouragement Jennifer needed.

The orgasm hit Jennifer like TNT. She practically screamed bloody murder as the first one hit her. She pushed her body against the vibrator and Ashley’s finger as hard as she possibly could as the waves crashed over her entire body. Ashley thought Jennifer might break the straps from pulling against them so hard. Jennifer wasn’t finished, however, and felt three more similar orgasms slam into her, one after the other. The lingering flavor and smell of Ashley’s feet all over her face and in her mouth intensified each orgasm as they exploded from within her in succession. Jennifer then collapsed, thoroughly spent, completely soaked in a mix of Ashley’s sweat and her own. Ashley crawled up and lovingly released Jennifer from her bonds, rubbing each strained limb, and kissed Jennifer deeply, tasting her own dirt and sweat. It was intoxicating.


With Jennifer’s help, Ashley finally passed calculus, and the two jointly “convinced” her advisor to reinstate her in the program against University policy. She wound up with phenomenal grades and a partial scholarship to Wharton after dominating the GMAT, where she and Jennifer went together. Ashley and Jennifer went on to become addicts of each other’s foot scents, and Jennifer found a love for her own nylon foot sweat after work each day at a powerful investment banking firm. She spent many an evening sniffing her shoes and nylon soles and fingering herself silly. Ashley took up consulting, learning to use her feet and legs to her advantage when she noticed her clients checking them out to satiate their secret foot fetishes. Ashley joined in her love of Jennifer’s feet, and the two of them shared many a night cumming furiously to their foot scents.

Zane, on the other hand, ended up a dropout pouring coffee at the local hipster joint for $8.50 an hour. Oops.

Happily ever after?

07-10-2011, 04:46 AM
Your screename says it all Stand. Great job and I love the humorous ending.

08-10-2011, 05:53 AM
I wish she had forced her to clean her nylons and socks, but still an amazing story!

09-10-2011, 08:51 PM
Great story, thank you.

10-10-2011, 04:04 PM
To be honest i didnt think i would like your story. im not really into girl on girl..but after readin...my god...its made me so turned on and feeling an powerful O waiting to come out and i havent done anything except read. i think that in its self says how wonderful you did

11-10-2011, 12:37 AM
thank you all very much for your kind (stimulating?) feedback. I really love this story and love how it formed in my mind...it was hard to sit still while writing it because the image, scents, dialogue, everything was so powerful in my mind...

I hope you all lost yourself in it reading it as much as I did while writing it. :o

What were your favorite parts?

11-10-2011, 05:57 AM
It's not often I find a story that goes into enough depth describing the torture of breathing in the foot odor. The more descriptive the hotter they get. I feel you nailed that pretty well!

19-10-2011, 07:16 PM
I wish others would go down this stream of a person who hates feet but forced through t&d to like em. I loved the story

04-11-2011, 02:32 AM
you know, im not into the girl on girl much either, but that was an excellent story. very well done :)

10-02-2012, 09:27 PM
i wish she had taken the girl prisoner someplace far away and tortured her with her feet over and over. But it was a great story it definitely made me hot.

15-02-2012, 05:34 PM
One of the best stories ive read on this forum. I like the forced to fetish angle I wish others would write from this direction also.

Woudl love to see your write more along the same thread. Or write a story about a person who hates feet but is humiliated with them through blackmail over and over...office invironment or school etc. just a thought...look forward to more of your work