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DISCLAIMER: Greetings again my favorite readers. This one is my first attempt at fiction, AND writing in the third-person, so please be nice. ;) Explicit sexual material and 18/21+ only as always! This is quite dark and nonconsensual in nature, so obviously it's fantasy and fiction only! I hope you enjoy!

Leave comments if you liked it, or suggestions if you didn't! :)


Jennifer never imagined herself being attracted to a woman. She was 5’8”, in reasonably good shape at 135 pounds, with shoulder-length straight blonde hair and brown eyes—a step above girl next door, but certainly not the most gorgeous girl on campus. She was a sophomore at Arizona State University, majoring in finance. Her rather uncouth boyfriend Zane was a washout from the football team and full-time frat boy at one of the more notorious party-focused frats on campus. He majored in communication just to keep his GPA above passing with minimal effort and to maximize his free time. Vanilla sex was the name of the game for the two of them, and Jennifer felt like she and Zane were destined to become the perfect little college couple. She envisioned marriage, kids, and two boring jobs quickly looming on the horizon, once Zane got the childish frat boy attitude out of his system.

At that moment, though, she was focused on struggling against the leather straps tightly fastening her body spread-eagle to her bed, whimpering into the duct tape covering her mouth, and desperately trying to wiggle free of her blindfold.



Jennifer never rushed a sorority. While Zane was a big partier, she preferred to focus on her studies. Finance at ASU was no easy task, and unlike her idiot boyfriend, she had great ambitions. A high GMAT score, Wharton, investment banking in New York: her future was tantalizing to her, and Zane was going to shape up or ship out. She was sure the promise of seven figure yearly bonuses on Wall Street would make him grow up plenty fast.

Zane certainly had his silly trepidations, however. A greek life boy dating a non-greek life girl was a source of contrived controversy in Zane’s asinine little world, but he was too enamored with Jennifer to leave her. He had cheated on her in the past a couple times while drunk, but true to form, he never fessed up to his transgressions. He was a little too immature to understand Jennifer’s potential, and poked fun at her constantly for being a workaholic.

Jennifer lived in a nice apartment off-campus with Ashley, a sorority sister in one of the more popular sororities at ASU. Ashley was a junior, freshly booted out of the rigorous business program in which Jennifer was now wildly successful. Like many sun devil sorority girls, Ashley was gorgeous. She was 5’10”, in perfect shape with abs so fit they could make men jealous. She had golden brown, tanned skin, long light brown straight hair, and piercing green eyes. She also sported a beautiful, perfectly pedicured pair of size 9 feet with deliciously proportioned toes. Her toes were painted bright blue for the summer, and she wore a platinum toe ring on the first toe of her left foot.

On a campus full to the brim with stunning, gorgeous girls, Ashley would turn heads daily. Her sorority had provided her ample opportunity to date gorgeous greek life alpha males, but she secretly wished she was dating the brainiacs, as they had a reputation for openness to kinks and perversions. As it was, she was a girl with many perverse sexual secrets she rarely shared with others.

One of them in particular burned inside her. Ashley’s feet, while gorgeous, had a serious issue with excessive sweating. It was a source of constant embarrassment for her. She tried to maintain regular pedicures to offset the disgusting, intense odor that her feet would build up in a relatively short period of time, but she could not find any way to keep her feet from getting absolutely drenched in the Arizona heat and reeking. The deep inner conflict, however, came from the fact that although her feet were disgusting and sweaty all the time, the scent made her incredibly wet. When her sorority sisters used to tease her about how bad her feet smelled and demand she wash them immediately upon coming home, the embarrassment would actually make her even more wet. She would regularly lock her bedroom door, take a pair of her sweat socks out of the laundry, still damp, and lay them over her nose while she worked her vibrator on her clit to a mind-blowing orgasm. She was getting to the point where she could not have a satisfying orgasm without the scent of her disgusting foot sweat invading her nostrils. She found herself too embarrassed to share this fetish with men she dated, especially since they would often tease her about how nasty her feet would smell after a day in her flip flops. Greek life men were assholes.

In addition to being unfulfilled sexually at this point in her life, Ashley was in a pickle career-wise. She had failed intermediate calculus twice in a row, and even with a few excellent attempts at seducing her advisor, she was eventually dropped from the program permanently. She was adrift at the largest university in the country with no direction in life, her ambitions of a powerful future in finance dashed. She found herself jealous of Jennifer, and yet, strangely attracted to her as well. The jealousy made her more attracted to Jennifer, as though she were a prize to be won. For all Ashley’s good looks and bubbly sorority charm, she wished she were Jennifer. It was apparent to everyone that Jennifer was destined to be a powerful player in just a few years time, and likely have a blast along the way. Jennifer was oblivious to Ashley’s inner turmoil, though, and thought of her as nothing more than a roommate—a business partner reducing rent costs—and not a friend or acquaintance. This drove Ashley even crazier.

The night in question, however, while high on whatever illicit substance her sorority sisters deigned worthy of consumption at their weekly house party, Ashley felt particularly horny. Her thoughts drifted to Jennifer—her sexy, but understated demeanor; her gorgeous perky tits; her sexy legs; her incredible prospects in life. It was in this haze that Ashley hatched her master plan.


As usual, Jennifer had passed on going out when Ashley invited her to the sorority house party. It wasn’t that Jennifer did not ever want to go out, it was just that she preferred to hammer out her considerable workload in advance. Her philosophy was work hard, then play hard. The hours ticked by, and at some point she had fallen asleep on her large four-post bed.

She was unsure what time it was when she awoke, but when she opened her eyes she found herself staring into a solid black blindfold, tightly fastened around her head. She immediately panicked, and tried to scream, but quickly realized her mouth had been taped shut. When trying to move, she noticed her limbs were strictly fastened in a spread-eagle position. She was only able to move her head around. She was about to panic—had someone broken in? Who had done this to her? What was going on? She was struggling to try to get some sort of understanding of her situation.

After a few eternal seconds, to equal parts shock and relief, she heard a familiar voice. “Hello Jenny.” It was Ashley. Only Ashley called her “Jenny,” which annoyed the hell out of her. She thought it sounded so pedestrian. And what the fuck was up with the restraints? Was this some kind of bitchy prank she was pulling with her idiot sorority friends? “Sorry to wake you up like this, but we need to talk, girl to girl. I need your undivided attention.” Jennifer tried to mumble some sort of angry response, but the duct tape was tightly fastened.

“Shhhh,” Ashley reassured. “I’m not going to hurt you. Just listen before we begin.” Her empty words were little consolation to Jennifer at this point. “I have a confession to make to you.” Jennifer was all ears. “Zane tried to have sex with me last semester.” What the fuck? Jennifer thought. That bitch! She put me in this humiliating position and now she’s taunting me about trying to fuck my boyfriend? Jennifer began screaming obscenities, muffled entirely by her duct tape gag.

“Shush. We didn’t go any further than making out.” Ashley said. “Zane is a fucking douchebag.” Ashley’s tone of voice perfectly mirrored the disgust Jennifer was feeling. What was Ashley up to? “I’ll cut to the chase, because you’re obviously angry at me, as well you should be.” Jennifer was all ears. “I want you to understand something. By the end of tonight, you are going to leave Zane. You are going to call him up and dump him on the phone while I’m sitting there listening to you.” Jennifer seriously doubted that last part, as she intended to press charges against Ashley for this, but continued listening. “And then you and I are going to start our relationship together.”

Ashley let those words hang thick in the air, and Jennifer was understandably dumbfounded. Was this bitch completely insane? Jennifer barely knew her, and the thought of being with a woman was absolutely not in Jennifer’s frame of reference. Not to mention, even if it WAS, it certainly wouldn’t be with this psycho woman who took advantage of her while asleep, restrained her to her bed, and humiliated her about her boyfriend’s infidelity.

Jennifer’s introspection was quickly stifled, however. The only senses available to her at this point in time were her senses of smell, hearing, and touch. She was thoroughly blindfolded and her mouth was sealed shut. As expected, those other senses were heightened, just as Ashley intended. Jennifer noticed a strange smell emanating from somewhere in the room. It smelled awful, but was not overwhelming. She felt Ashley shift around on the bed and get into position on her right side. The smell quickly intensified, and Jennifer instantly recognized it. It was Ashley’s disgusting feet.

Jennifer was well-acquainted with how raunchy Ashley’s feet would get, and it was one of the things she hated the most about sharing an apartment with her. Jennifer would regularly demand that Ashley leave her shoes outside or put them in her closet so she wouldn’t have to smell them after a long day of classes or partying. Ashley was embarrassed, of course, but Jennifer had no idea that her hatred of Ashley’s feet was adding fuel to the fire of her smell fetish. Jennifer began mumbling more obscenities into her gag to no avail.

Although Jennifer couldn’t see it, Ashley was sopping wet from the sight of Jennifer tightly bound and helpless, unaware of what was to come. Ashley had an evil grin on her face, and she was quivering a little bit from the prospect of fulfilling one of her darkest fantasies with the girl on whom she had one of the biggest crushes of her young adult life. She resisted the urge to start fingering herself, though—she wanted to savor the experience.

“I wore my UGG boots with my cute little Urban Outfitters miniskirt and sorority tank top today.” Jennifer was puzzled by the small talk. “One thing I’ve noticed about my UGGs, though, is the wool inside makes my feet even more sweaty and stinky than they normally are.” Not in Jennifer’s darkest nightmares would she have seen this coming, but the dread of what was about to happen began to fill her mind. “I have worn them for 2 days and didn’t shower today.” Jennifer groaned in disgust through the duct tape. “Aw, you don’t like them? Well, I have a secret I want to share with you. I have a HUGE smell fetish.” Jennifer began struggling at her bonds involuntarily. What the fuck is a smell fetish? “The scent of my feet makes me so wet I can barely stand it…I can’t last more than a couple minutes when I’m smelling my own feet and fingering myself.” Jennifer began to beg through her gag: “No, please don’t do this. Please,” but the sound was thoroughly muffled.

“Aw, are you scared sweetie? Well, you really should be. I have dreamed about doing this for years, and there’s no way I’m letting you go now.” With that, Jennifer heard the sound of Ashley’s soft, sweaty, horrid feet sliding along the bed covers toward her head. Jennifer screamed as loud as she could, but there was no one around to save her, and the duct tape prevented the sound from being loud enough to reach the neighbors. Ashley’s demeanor turned dominating. “Shut the fuck up. You are going to smell my feet, and if you keep screaming, I am going to shove my dirty 4 day old nylons into your mouth to gag you.” Jennifer began trembling in fear. She was completely helpless.

Without further ceremony, Ashley plopped her sweaty, smelly, disgusting size 9 foot right on Jennifer’s face, with the base of the toes right under her nose. Jennifer instinctively screamed again, and Ashley smacked her with her other foot. The smell was absolutely horrifying and disgusting, and the sweat was practically dripping onto her face. “Take a huge sniff of that, baby. I am going to program you to love the smell of my feet as much as I do.” Jennifer couldn’t bring herself to do it, until Ashley smacked her again with her free foot. “Do it, or I’m getting the nylons.” Jennifer exhaled, and took a huge deep whiff of Ashley’s horrible essence. She groaned audibly and coughed involuntarily in response.

Ashley started laughing at Jennifer’s misery. “That’s right, it’s horrible isn’t it? My sorority sisters always used to tease me for how nasty my feet get, and you would do the same by making me put my shoes outside. No more, babe—you are going to be addicted to this smell just like I am.” Jennifer couldn’t stand it. She would do anything to be released. What had she done to deserve this torment? She felt Ashley start dragging her soft toes slowly back and forth under her nose, wafting the scent deeper into her nose and lungs. “You are going to smell each and every toe thoroughly.” Jennifer tried begging again, which only made Ashley wetter.

Ashley wanted to rub it in more. “God damn, I don’t think my feet have smelled this bad in my entire life. I wore leather flats for the first half of the week, and my UGG boots the last two days. I never washed my feet in the shower, and I didn’t even shower yesterday.” Jennifer was in hell. She couldn’t tolerate another second of the smell. Jennifer’s incomprehensible muffled begging began to reach a fevered pitch. Ashley couldn’t hold back any longer and began to finger herself. Ashley started moaning in between taunts. “That’s right bitch. Smell my scent. I don’t even know if I could tolerate it…you must want to die right now.” Ashley was already getting close to cumming and was moaning hard. The feeling of Jennifer’s breath in between her sweaty toes was sending chills up her leg to her clit, intensifying every stroke of her fingers.

Jennifer was incoherent. The scent was horrible, and intensified by the fact that she couldn't see through the blindfold. Ashley switched feet, and focused on forcing Jennifer to sniff the fresh sweat in between her toes. "I wish you could see my feet, baby. My pedicure is so hot that it's making me even crazier right now." It was truly hard to believe that feet could look that beautiful but smell that horrid. Her perfectly pedicured, beautifully shaped blue-polished toes wriggled furiously under Jennifer's nose, forcing the scent deeper into her nose. "My UGGs are so comfy but they make my feet so terrible, I can seriously smell them from here." Jennifer was desperate to escape, but her bonds were too tight. She was nothing more than Ashley's plaything. The scent of Ashley's feet had fully filled the room and was intensifying Ashley's wetness. She had chills with every stroke of her fingers across her incredibly sensitive throbbing clit.

Ashley was teasing herself as long as possible to savor Jennifer's torment. She began dragging her entire foot around Jennifer’s nose, giving her a whiff of fresh sweat and stink at every moment. She felt Jennifer’s soft skin and breath gently tickling her sole, and watched Jennifer’s moaning agony and suffering from the intense smell. Jennifer was already close to her breaking point and babbling incoherently into her gag. Ashley was unbearably close to cumming from Jennifer’s reactions. Without missing a beat, Ashley leaned over and grabbed one of her UGG boots from the floor, put it over her nose, and inhaled the unbelievable stink deeply while furiously fingering herself. The intense sensations overwhelmed Ashley and she came harder than she has ever cum in her entire life. Then she came again, and again. Ashley must have cum three or four times from that scene, her greatest fantasy realized.

After hearing Ashley's mindblowing orgasm, Jennifer thought she was about to start crying. All she wanted was the torment to end. Ashley cumming loudly at her expense finalized her humiliation, and she would do or say anything to be released and spared another second from those disgusting feet. “Oh my god baby, that was amazing. I’m sure you want a break, though, so I’ll be right back.” Jennifer mustered up the power to scream again and try begging, but Ashley got off the bed and left the room. A few eternal minutes later, Ashley returned and hopped up on the bed. Jennifer felt her pants being stretched out, and heard a pair of scissors cutting through the fabric. She struggled as hard as she could to get away. “Oh hush, you’re going to like this part.” Those words were of little comfort to Jennifer, who continued struggling. Ashley lovingly, carefully cut off Jennifer’s clothing despite the resistance, and soon Jennifer found herself naked and helpless.

She then heard, much to her horror, the sound of a vibrator being switched on high.

* * *

Part II is in the works...do you guys want to read what's in store for poor Jennifer at the hands of her merciless mistress? Let me know! :)

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Yes, yes I do in fact. Please do continue this awesome story.

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Awesome writing, Outstanding. In fact, outstanding, Outstanding. Can you please include some foot worship in Part II?

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hey thanks guys! :)

The inspiration took hold and I banged out part II which I posted just now...I think it's one of my favorite pieces I've ever written, honestly.

I hope you guys agree :o Leave plenty of comments if you do! :)