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Part I

It had been a long week for Emily, who was in the first semester of her sophomore year at the local state university. Although she was a hometown girl and her parents only lived seven miles from her apartment, Emily decided that it was time for her to move out. She currently worked at the local Starbucks, which was an all right job, and really the only option she had because she was also a student. Emily was still in summer mode, after all a week earlier she had been on a cruise with some of her friends from school in the Bahamas, having a great time. Emily was white but because she had been on the cruise had a great tan, was thin and stood at about five foot seven inches. She had your basic college girl attitude, meaning she enjoyed learning but also enjoyed looking good. Doing things like getting her nails done or having a massage every once in a while. Emily was also in great shape, due to her disciplined running every morning at 6am running five miles every day. She was glad the weekend had finally arrived, her roommate Jennifer who was from out of town was going home for the weekend, so she thought she would go hang out at the local coffee shop not Starbucks where she worked and so some reading and then get a good nights rest. Nothing to crazy especially after the stressful first week of school. Little did she know that what would happen that night would affect her for the rest of her life.
Emily who looked good all the time was wearing a nice white skirt and white tee shirt with white flip flops. Obviously the theme was white, which accentuated her dark brown hair and tan. She put on a little makeup on her face but her finger and toenails were not painted. She was obviously going for the more natural look, which she could easily pull off. She got to the coffee shop with no problem and enjoyed a good two hours of getting lost in a novel, while sipping some mixed coffee drink. It was on the way home that the action started. Emily had to walk eight blocks to get to the coffee shop and as she was walking to or from passed a street for of sorority houses full of students from her school. Emily really did not care much for sororities, she thought they were a waste of time and money; they just distracted students from their studies. As Emily was walking down the block of sorority houses she was approaching the mother of all sorority houses, the one Emily hated the most. It was a coed sorority where the upperclassmen did not have to do any work; they made all the underclassman do it all called Alpha Alpha Gamma. Although Emily did not care too much for sororities she did know about them, and she knew it was the end of pledge week, where underclassman had a week to prove themselves as pledges in hopes that they would become full pledges and soon members of the sorority of their choice. It was with this in mind that Emily quickly noticed a girl named Tiffany, a very popular junior and head of Alpha Alpha Gamma this year screaming her head off at a guy and a girl on their knees before her on the front porch of the house. Emily already put off by Tiffany’s behavior she decided to stick around and see what was going on. Tiffany was screaming at them “you worthless pieces of crap, I’ll see to it that you never get into any sorority at this college or any college you try and transfer to. You will never cut it, your are both worthless.” The guy and girl begged profusely say things like “Please Miss Tiffany give us another chance we have no where else to go.” But to no avail, Tiffany did not care, and simply turned around and slammed the front door in their faces. Emily approached the two and asked, “Are you ok?” They both looked at Emily both noticing how beautiful she was and said “No we are in real trouble, as you can see we’ve just been kicked out of Alpha Alpha Gamma and as part of pledge week we had to get rid of our apartments in order to prove that we were dedicated to joining.” Emily was mad and thought that that was one of the dumbest requirements. She asked each of them their names and they both introduced themselves as Megan and Steve. It was at that point that Emily realized that Jennifer was away for the weekend and so that meant that there was plenty of room at her place. So Emily told Megan and Steve that they could come and crash at her apartment for the weekend so that they could have time to find somewhere to live. There was not very much conversation on the walk back to the apartment, but once they got back Emily pulled out some grape juice and had them sit at the kitchen table. Emily then asked “So what happened with you two to get that girl Tiffany so mad at you?” They both replied, “it’s a long story!” To which Emily replied, “It looks like we have all weekend, so get explaining.” With that Steven and Megan told the story that they were originally prime candidates for being picked to be a pledge and after while full members at Alpha Alpha Gamma, but after they had met each other and gotten to know each other, them had both come to the conclusion that they enjoyed being treated like pledges all the time. They both had no desire to be in charge, they both actually liked to be bossed around by the members of the sorority. Then earlier that afternoon they had built up the courage to tell all of the members and pledges of Alpha Alpha Gamma, thinking that they would be well received, however obviously the opposite had happened, and they had been kicked out forever. Then Emily asked, “What do you mean you liked being bossed around.” Megan answered, “Well Steven and I are what we have come to know as being naturally submissive. Meaning we like to be bossed around and made to serve dominant people. We also each realized that we have huge foot fetishes.” Emily now understood the submissive part, but still had no idea about the foot fetish part. So Emily asked, “What do you mean foot fetish?” Steve handled this question, “It means we are attracted to feet, like other guys for example like women’s breasts. Except Megan and I are only attracted to female feet.” Emily was extremely interested what Steven and Megan had just told her but did not let on. She then said, “Well it’s been a long night and tomorrow is Saturday. Lets get some rest and we will see what tomorrow brings.”
Everyone got up on Saturday morning, and by the time everyone was ready to go searching for apartments it was about 11am. Emily drove Steven and Megan to three different apartment options in the area, however they were all very far out of Megan and Steve’s price range. Steven and Megan had no jobs and considering the situation that they had gotten themselves into with Tiffany the chances of them getting a job with in 30 miles of the State University was doubtful. All this combined was really frustrating Emily, after having taken care of Steve and Megan last night and driven them around looking for apartments for most of the morning and all of the early afternoon basically killing her Saturday and nothing coming of it. Emily was beginning to think why she had even opened her big mouth and offered to help these two. After having been turned down by the third apartment option Emily decided that the best thing to do was head back to her place and think of other ideas. After all Steve and Megan could only at the most stay one more night, Jennifer her roommate would be back Sunday afternoon. Mean while over the same time period Steve and Megan had their own ideas about what they actually wanted to happen. Since they had met Emily at the sorority house they knew that she was a special person. After spending some time with Emily their presumption that she was a special person was proven true. Although both Megan and Steve where submissive people, they did not like serving someone who they thought did not care about them. As long as they knew that the person they were serving genuinely cared about them they would do anything and everything they could do to perfectly serve them.
Now having just arrived back at Emily’s apartment they were all a little tired and hungry. It was at this point that Megan had an idea. She said, “Emily will you allow Steve and I to make you lunch? After all you have done so much already for us, the least we could do is make you lunch.” Emily replied, “Sounds good to me, I’m sure you guys will fine everything easily in the kitchen. If you don’t mind while you are doing that I’m just going to sit, relax and watch some TV.” With that Steve and Megan got to work on lunch and Emily made herself comfortable in the TV room. After about ten minutes of watching TV Emily began to think boy could I get use to this. I hate cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning the house and doing laundry. I would not mind some help around here with that stuff. After another half hour had passed Megan announced that lunch was ready. They had made some grilled BBQ chicken breasts with a salad. She walked into the kitchen and sat at the table, then looked up and realized that Megan and Steve were still standing around the table. Emily then said, “So are you guys going to join me? Come on sit down and dig in.” Both Megan and Steve obeyed and the three of them began to eat lunch. After they had all served themselves and had started eating lunch Emily more and more interested in the alternative lifestyle that Megan and Steve do badly wanted to be a part of began to ask more questions. Emily began with, “So what exactly do you both mean by wanting to serve a dominant person?” Megan again fielded this question, “We mean that we want to be the dominant persons slaves very literally. For example when we were pledges in Miss Tiff…I mean Tiffany’s sorority we had to do everything from laundry to giving massages to giving pedicures and manicures.” Emily replied, “Wow you two are talented. What is your definition of the perfect dominant person?” Steve took this question, “Well I think that what we look for in a dominant person are these. First the person has to show that the genuinely care about us and value the fact that we are willing to serve them. But at the same time the person has to think of themselves as being true royalty, and be really bossy. Knowing that they are truly deserving of owning slaves and reaping the benefits. And finally they have to be alright with the fact that we love feet.” Emily responded, “Wow! Very interesting. Here’s what I suggest we do for the rest of the day. First we clean up after lunch then we just take it easy for the rest of the day. Maybe go out to eat in a few hours.” Megan replied, “Sounds good to use, only we would like to clean up and you can just go and relax if you don’t mind. And also we have no money to go out to eat so if you would not mind we would like to cook dinner for you as well?” Emily responded, “No arguments for me, if you need anything I’ll be in my bedroom.” With that Emily headed towards her bedroom and Megan and Steve got started cleaning up. Emily was starting to get more and more interested in this alternative lifestyle stuff that Megan and Steve were talking about. The idea of having people around to serve you 24/7 was very intriguing to her. So Emily got on her laptop and googled “dominant/submissive lifestyle. Before she knew it three hours had passed and she had read a ton about dominant/submissive lifestyles, some things she liked, some things she did not like. But she increasingly sure that this was something that she might be interested in giving a try.
It was now 5:30pm and Emily walked out of her bedroom to find out what was behind the wonderful smells coming out of the kitchen. It turns out that While Emily had been in her bedroom Megan and Steve snuck out to the store and bought pasta, all the ingredients for homemade red sauce and a bottle of wine. By now they were just finishing up and mentioned that they were just thinking of coming to get Emily to let her know that dinner was ready. Emily sat down at the table and before she knew it Megan and Steve had served her a plate of pasta and a glass of wine. Then they served themselves and they sat down to eat. Over dinner the three mostly just enjoyed small talk, they spoke about their lives and got to know each other better for the most part. After they were all finished eating Steve cleared the table and began to wash the dishes. Then Emily said, “Before we do anything else tonight I have an announcement to make. I think that I’ve figured out another way to fix your predicament. While you two were cooking dinner I was researching dominant/submissive relationships and I think I understand everything now. Therefore I would like to offer you two the opportunity to be my slaves. Know that if you agree to this it will be on my terms and you must be completely obedient to me. But also know that I am not like Tiffany, I’m not cruel and I will appreciate your service to me.” For about 30 second both Megan and Steve were speechless. Emily then asked, “So do you accept?” Both Megan and Steve both realized that they had not said anything and enthusiastically responded, “Yes Emily we accept.” With that Emily continued “Very good then, so a few things are going to have to change around here. From now on you will address me as Princess Emily in private and Miss Emily in public. Whenever you see me you will bow to me, and whenever you enter into my presence you will kiss my feet. You must obey my every command without question, from now on as far as you are concerned I rule the world and you are here to serve me. As long as you understand that then things will go smoothly. Now I think you both should be on your knees right now.” Both of them immediately dropped to their knees and to Emily’s surprise each of them kissed one of Emily’s feet. Emily continued, “Very good slaves, so I’ve decided that until further notice Megan will be my personal slave. This means that you are to be at my side 24/7 ready to follow any of my commands. You will be performing tasks like massages, pedicures, manicures, dressing me in the morning, giving me baths and so on and so fourth. Steve you will be more like my butler/male maid. Sorry but I feel more comfortable with a female performing the more personal tasks. So any way you will be responsible for the cooking and cleaning. Keep this place looking spotless and continue to prepare me well-cooked meals. You will also be responsible for things like doing my laundry, shining my shoes and carrying my bags when I go shopping. Is this understood?” Both of Emily’s slaves responded, “Yes Princess Emily!” and Steve went straight back to work on the dishes. Emily then said, “Alright Megan I could use a body massage, manicure and pedicure. Follow me to my bedroom and get to work.” Megan followed her new Princess to her bedroom and got to work. Emily thought as she was being pampered how today had actually turned out not to be so bad after all. After about an hour-long body massage Megan was busy working on Princess Emily’s manicure when Steve walked in and kneeled at the foot of her bed. She noticed and asked, “Steve have you finished cleaning the kitchen?” He replied, “Yes Princess Emily.” Emily responded, “Well done, now go into my closet and work on licking all of my shoes clean until I decide I’m ready for bed.” Steve obey and this is exactly what Steve did until Megan was finished giving her Princess a pedicure. After Megan was finished Emily ordered her slaves to sleep on the floor in the kitchen and told Steve to be up by seven preparing her breakfast and that Megan was to be up at 9 to be ready to wake her up by 10 the next morning.

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To be Continued, Please share suggestions!

stocktons fines
08-10-2011, 06:06 PM
Absolutely love where this story is going. I hope Emily gets used to the treatment and becomes more cruel. Thanks for sharing, please continue

09-10-2011, 12:11 AM
make emily a stinky feet giantess!

09-10-2011, 05:16 PM
wonder what her roommate will do when she arrives back home

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I absolutely love the way this story is going plese go on!

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Part 2

It was now Sunday morning and Emily had now gotten the hang of being in charge or so she thought. When she woke up she was served breakfast in bed by Steve while Megan massaged her feet. After she was finished she had Megan draw her a nice warm bubble bath. Once she was situated Emily had Megan massage her back while she read a magazine. While she was reading to began to think about how she was going to explain things to her roommate Jennifer. When she was ready she had Megan was her and then got out of the tub. Megan then dried Emily, brushed her teeth, did her hair, polished her nails and got her dressed. In the end it took about an hour. Mean while Steve was down stairs cleaning up after breakfast and doing house chores. For the rest of the morning Emily enjoyed a lazy Sunday. She sat on her sofa enjoying a foot massage from Megan while every once in a while ordered Steve to bring her a drink or to do something else for her.

When lunchtime came around Emily decided that it was a good time to ask her two new slaves whether this was what they imagined a good life of service to be. Emily walked into the kitchen where her two slaves were putting the final touches on her lunch. When they saw her they immediately got to their knees and kiss her feet when she got closer. At that Emily said, “Alright slaves its about time we had a chat, come sit at the table and lets talk.” They obeyed now Emily was sitting at the head and Steve and Megan were sitting on either side of her. Then Emily asked, “So what do you two think so far, are you enjoying serving me?” Megan answered, “Yes Princess Emily, we do enjoy serving you and for the most part it’s exactly what we want. But we think you need to be a little less kind and act a little more royal and regal. You see we have both decided to dedicate our lives to being your slaves so we need to feel like you are truly deserving of our service. Do you understand what I mean?” Emily replied, “I think I understand, so what you are saying is that you want me to act as if I was God’s gift to the world and that you two were created to serve me?” Both Megan and Steve reply with a resounding Yes! To which Emily replies, “I think I can handle that, now enough of you two sitting at my table! You’re my slaves aren’t you! Kiss my feet and serve me my lunch, Now!” To which the two slaves responded to positively. This would turn out to be the most relaxing lunch of her life. She had Steve fetch the footstool from the living room so she could put her feet up while she ate. Then she ordered Megan to feed her, and then had Steve begin giving her a foot massage. Emily did not even have to lift a finger to eat, as this was going on she thought, “Boy could I get use to this!” After lunch the rest of the afternoon went by with no surprises. Steve cleaned up after lunch while Emily returned to the TV room where she put on a movie and enjoyed more pampering from Megan.

It was about 6pm when Jennifer got home and found Emily sleeping on the couch and Megan slavishly licking her feet and sucking her toes. To which Jennifer almost screamed, “Emily, what the hell is going on here?” Before we continue Jennifer is drop dead gorgeous. Almost a spitting image of Kate Bosworth, only a little shorter and her face is a little bit more round. Continuing on when Jennifer shouted her question it scared Emily right out of her nap. When Emily saw Jennifer she immediately knew what was going on and first calmed herself down then Jennifer. Emily replied, “Relax Jen I can explain everything, everything is ok.” Emily then yelled to Steve, “Bring me two glasses of wine.” Steve followed her orders and in two minutes was on his knees before Emily. It was then that Emily introduced her two new slaves to Jennifer. Emily then asked Jennifer, “Would you like a foot massage while I explain the whole situation to you?” Jennifer agreed and Emily ordered Steve to give Jennifer a foot massage and then Emily ordered Megan to continue licking her feet, to which they both replied, “Yes Princess Emily!” Jennifer still feeling a little uneasy and surprised allowed Steve to remove her flip-flops and begin the massage. After that Emily began explaining what had happened to her that weekend while she was away. Emily ended with, “and now I’m a Princess with two slaves, although I’m really new at this so I have a lot of learning to do.” Jennifer who now understood anything responded, “Ok this is freaking awesome, I did not know you were into this stuff. I also think it would be fair if I were allowed to use the slaves as well, I do live here to and I pay half the rent.” Emily agreed and Jennifer continued, “I can also help you learn how to be more dominant, believe it or not I have had two boyfriends who were submissive and I acted as their Mistress for much of our relationship, so I know what I’m doing. There is just one catch, you see on the side I am still a professional Mistress for a few clients and I have also on occasion taught some women get in touch with their dominant or submissive sides. The thing is if you want my help the one thing I require of women who want to be more dominant is that they go through at least a week of living the life of a submissive. You see this separates the truly dominant and those who are just covering up their inner submissiveness by wanting to be dominant. I had to go through it and I made it, this also helps to solidify a 24/7-dominant/submissive relationship. So what do you say Emily?” In listening to Jennifer, Emily was shocked that she had so much knowledge on the subject, and was not sure about being a slave for a week. Emily asked, “If I were agree to go through with your suggested week of slavery what would I have to do?” Jennifer responded, “You would have to do whatever I say without question. I would be Queen Jennifer and you would be no better than the girl lapping at your soles now. You see the whole reason I went home this weekend was because as you know I live with my mom and sister my dad left. But any way my mom and my sister are both submissive and serve me while I’m at home, I needed a relaxing spa weekend so I went home and was pampered and spoiled for the weekend. See check out my new mani and pedi. So what do you say Emily?”

(To be continued, suggestions always welcome)

10-10-2011, 03:45 PM
I prefer stories with submissive slaves, maybe with romance but only from slave, not from domina, and of course give us nylon feet, please. Nice story thanks for posting it, more please!!!

10-10-2011, 11:10 PM
love the direction it's taking. Emily as a footslave would be an interesting change

15-10-2011, 09:52 PM
its going good. the idea of emily as a slave really changes it. sugggestion is have the twins go with jennifers mom and sister and have emily alone as jennifers slave.

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Nice one as usual from you, but your style seems too predictable imho.

I was a lurker here before the reset and your other stories, despite the varying plots always took the same turns, someone gets slaves, enjoys, says "Boy i can get used to this", and then you either start switching (domme becomes slave and viceversa) or the domme starts getting a lot of slaves. So your stories are entertaining and the style is good enough but usually one can tell when your stories are going to, that's why i'm not a fan of you "continuing" stories from other authors, because you quickly push your style over the original author's.

That's not to discourage you from writing, as i said your stories are in general very entertaining. However, my suggestion would be to try and switch focus from time to time, try new styles of writing and such things.

And btw do you have your old stories saved? you could upload them here :)


stocktons fines
15-11-2011, 01:31 AM
This story absolutely great. I hope you continue.

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Please continue!

19-06-2012, 03:11 AM
was a nice story to bad he never continued it