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28-03-2013, 01:14 AM
Note: This is a very short, and only mildly foot fetish centred, story that I wrote out of boredom while awaiting for apt-get to finish updating. I have other material in my texts folder, but this is one of the few I consider finished ( although this is not my best achievement, as I am aware ). Still, hope you guys like.

You looked at your timetable, seeing the most loathsome of all disciplines was next on the agenda. You had enjoyed Mathematics while in high school, but you didn't intend to have Statistics during a Computer Science course! At least, it was still Summer and all girls in the campus seemed to exhibit their new sandals and flats, so you could entertain yourself peeking at your female classmates feet while the short, stubby professor narrated about the probability theory. The students apartment you lived in was filled to gills with mathematicians, so you could probably find someone to aid you in Statistics. More importantly, you were in the same lesson as Carla.

Carla was a mix of an old-acquaintance, a friend and a possible girlfriend. Despite not being from your course, she nevertheless had to endure Statistics and Probability as well. You knew she would always use sandals during Summer, for you couldn't lose the chance of admiring her feet. Ironically, she was your crush's former best friend, but you could say that you felt mildly attracted by her. But you didn't have time to think about your relationships, for you had to hurry up if you wanted to get a seat with a clear view of Carla's sandals!

You zigzagged through the crowded corridors, taking quick looks at the sandals, sneakers and even high heels of all girls you could find, and it didn't take too long to reach the large room where maths professors usually delivered their long, monotonously boring lectures. At the entrance, you crossed path with Carla, throwing a joyful 'Hello' to her and discretely tickling the back of her neck, making her giggle in an amused manner. You found your seat in the row above Carla's chair, slightly to the right so you could see her feet well. As usual, Carla's skin was slightly tanned, giving a nice, sexy touch to her long, deep-brown hair and slim body. Her eyes added a bit more brown to the mixture, and although her cheeks kinda reminded you of Mona Lisa, her face was cute. Carla's breasts, while normal-sized, had a nice format that complemented her body and legs.

In that particular day, she was wearing an orange sweater and tight jeans that made the beauty of her legs stand out from the crowd. And, much to the delight of your fetish, she was wearing a pair of old sandals she possessed since the 9th grade but that had astonishingly survived to that point. A few minutes later, Carla crossed her legs in a weird masculine manner, but that allowed you to see her foot in delicious detail. Her arches weren't very pronounced, but the toes introduced a lot of beauty to her feet and the ball was simply gorgeous, ending in a smooth heel. Like the rest of her skin, the feet had a tanned colour and their top was plain, without any imperfections or veins protruding. If you could simply kiss them! Or even smell them. Seeing how Carla left behind a flowery odour wherever she passed, it was likely her feet smelled like apple and roses. Or maybe the contrary, by the look of the marks printed on the sandals by her perfectly-sized toes. Either way, you would kill to worship her feet!

Unfortunately, your fantasy was ended by a rough, dog-like voice:
"My boy... yes, you, young man! Wouldn't you be clement enough to spare some of your attention on my course and deliver us the explanation of what is a null hypothesis?"

"False!" you exclaimed, surprised.

The classroom erupted in loud laughs, except for the professor, who seemed less amused with the situation:

The class took some seconds to calm down, period during which somebody in the row behind you slipped a small piece of paper onto your desk. You read the sheet quickly and then responded to the teacher through the newly-settled silence:
"It is the general position when testing an hypothesis."

The room was filled yet again with a loud sound, this time from dozens of hands clapping and screams of sarcastic support:
"Good one, kid!... Mui bien, mui bien!... Don't forget: graduation in two years!... Thanks for the help, Doc!..."

The short, fat man took another moment to silence the amphitheatre. He then spoke in his stupid, doggy voice:
"At least you take notes. But I can see you are not specially bright."

For a moment, you thought about replying to this challenge to your intelligence, but then you didn't need to martyr your already remote possibility to pass in Statistics. So you breathed slowly and waited for the professor to turn around, so you could thank your savior. Much to your surprise, you found Eduardo in the seat just above yours. Eduardo was a Spanish interchange student and one of the people with whom you shared the apartment. As far as you could see, he was a nice guy and quite intelligent, albeit somewhat shy. But you couldn't expect that he would help you, specially with some promptness.

"Thanks, man... you saved my skin." you whispered over your shoulder.
"It's alright. When this crap ends, you can pay me a bottle of Coca-Cola and we can share how much we hate Hagrid down there..." he answered, moving his head covered in short, black hair toward the fat professor.

You chuckled a little in reply and returned to observing Carla's sandals. She had moved her feet from place and you now had to try and scan the darkness to admire the beauty of her feet.

28-03-2013, 03:57 AM
I really enjoyed reading that, even though the topics are not of particular interest to me. You made a (to me) boring situation entertaining with the way you wrote it.

28-03-2013, 04:20 AM
That was very interesting! I'm always glad to read a story that isn't purely sexual- this was more like a day in the life kind of gig, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I welcome you to write and share more!

28-03-2013, 08:31 PM
Nice story Kamiyl, you write very well x