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rev lover
01-03-2013, 11:36 AM
Hi Guys, this is my first post and as you guys seem open minded I'd thought I'd share a story from my youth and absolutly 100% true.

I have known I had a foot fetish from a really young age, I was always fascinated by womens' feet and shoes. Since my parents sent me to all boys schools, the focus of my fetishism was always my mum's feet and shoes. And my mum's feet and shoes always stunk - a kind of sweet, dry skin sort of odour is how I'd describe it. As I reached early teens I spent a lot of time masturbating to their smell, a particular pair of slippers had such a strong odour that you could smell them from a few feet away. While these slippers were in use I'd sometimes pretend to be ill so I could stay home while my mum was at work. I'd masturbate 4-5 times during the day smelling them.

All during this period I found that I was really turned on when my mum struggled to start our car. I loved watching her foot on the accelerator. We always had shitty cars with chokes that were really hard to start. After a couple of minutes of trying to start the car, when it started my mum would rev the hell out of it, often foot to the floor. Hearing the car scream while it revved, watching her foot pumping the pedal in shoes I knew stunk was an incredible turn on.

When I got to 18 I decided to make a really bold move. I would unwittingly Involve my mum in my fetish. I was In my last yr of A-levels and pretended I needed help with school work. I told her I needed to test how your ankle diameter changed with driving and how it differed wearing shoes and not wearing shoes. She happily agreed as it was for school. I chose a time when my dad was away on business and it was just me and my mum.

At this time she wore a black pair of court shoes to work, with an aprrox 2 inch heel. These shoes stunk, even by foot fetishist standards. When she got home this particular day we started my project. First she got in the car - which I had flooded by leaving the choke out while the engine was running. She was unaware of this. I was bent down by drivers seat watching her pumping the accelerator with tape measure in hand to measure the change in ankle diameter. She struggled to start the car, pumping the pedal furiously. Finally it caught, with lot's of foot to the floor revving. Wow, was I so aroused! I then got her to take her shoe off and rev the car, again while pretending to measure her ankle diameter. The stench from the shoe wafted to my nose as she revved the car - I thought I was going to cum there and then. Finally we finished and she put her shoe back on and we went inside.

My next plan was to get an unwitting foot job. At this point I was more aroused than I'd ever been, I felt light headed and dizzy. At this point I put a condom on and went to phase 2. My mum sat at the dining table, reading the paper (to keep her distracted) while underneath the table I would keep measuring both her ankles. She would continue to pump her right foot on my "hand" under the table while I measured. She couldn't move as it would ruin my scienitific results.

I got my penis out and lay on the floor in a position that I could get her foot with the shoe on onto my penis ready to pump, her thinking it was actually my hand. I then told her for control purposes she'd have to take the other shoe off, which she did. At this point I was next to her stinking bare foot, had a stinky shoe in my hand and had her other foot with the shoe on, on my penis ready. my arousal level was at 100/10. In all my life I've never been as aroused, before or since.

I then asked her to pump as if she was revving ,holding her stinky shoe on my nose. About 2 seconds later I came - absoulutly tonnes of the stuff. I was glad I was wearing a condom or there would have been a hell of a mess. I was disappointed to have cum so quick after all the effort I'd put in. However, I found out something new. When masturbating myself I had to stop after I came. My mum unware she had just given me a footjob carried on pumping. Because I'd come so quickly my penis wasn't at all sensitive. With someone else doing the masturabting I could continue. I put the stinky shoe back to my nose while she carried on pumping. Very, very quickly the lust arrived again. After about 30 seconds of continued pumping I came again, only a trickle this time. She still carried on pumping, unaware that she'd given me 2 orgasms in less than 60 seconds. Again I let her carry on, my penis wasn't sensitive at all yet. She started complaining that her ankle hurt, so I said slow down, but don't stop, another 30 seconds will do it. I was wrong, about 20 seconds later I came again.

I told her she could stop, I'd got all I needed! 3 orgasms in less than 2 minutes was incredible. Despite now being happily married for 12 years to a woman that happily indulges my foot fetish, that afternoon with my mum has never been surpassed.

01-03-2013, 10:18 PM
You lied to your own mother in order to use her for sexual thrills. Why, oh why, does this tale not thrill me?