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Part 2

This opportunity comes along once in a lifetime, so while her eyes were closed, he made the hasty decision to sniff a nose full of her extra scented socked toes. Ssssnniifff. ? At the end of his inhale, he was so intoxicated. His dick was dizzy and completely enchanted by her light vinegar-scented foot smell. Natalie’s stinky socks really demanded all his attention. It’s so funny, how her foot odor could make him feel so weak and take down all his moral defenses. His dick came alive like never before as it twitched from the heady smell, dancing obediently in his loose uniform pants. Oooooh... Her blue eyes closed, smiling big, her long legs extended out at him in approval, her wide size 11's simply controlling him, made his cock swoon remembering that heavy scent that always seemed to impair him with ease. Natalie didn't see him take a quick whiff. If she had, who knows what she would have done. This is information she needs if she is to get him away from his shrewd of a wife. She thinks to herself how well this is actually going, 'He may like rubbing my feet, but is that it? What else does he like? Well I know he likes watching, hehe. He can't seem to keep his poor eyes off of my socked soles and toes! Maybe I'll email him a special video of just me and my bare feet? I wonder if he would like that? I'm sure he would appreciate the effort.' She had to know, so she could use all the loving assets of her big feet on him, but she didn't know what to do really. She only had knowledge of what she saw on the internet which was actually a lot. She just needed to channel her inner foot princess. She was younger than him, and besides, what footboy wouldn't want a foot princess controlling his life, a giantess foot princess lol. She said,"Oh, that feels so good. You are such a great foot rubber! Mmmm, you can rub my feet every night! I work so hard at school and here at the hospital, and to know that my lead nurse will gladly rub my achey feet whenever I ask...that would be great, my feet would love you for it!"

She smiled a toothy grin and wriggled her toes in her work socks. Jason just melted in lust and confusion hearing these words, staring at her waving toes. Devastating scenes like this made him seriously think, ‘What is the use in fighting?’ Her feet were so soft, he didn't want to leave, but he did still feel embarrassed. Natalie was big and not his type at all, but he couldn’t dismiss her. She was not a person he ever considered intimately. Her large feet were starting to change all that. From the first time he saw them, he couldn't get em out of his head, or his hands lol. The way she coherced him into massaging her big, supple soles, how freely she gave them to him, and the musty smell of her sweaty work socks was strong enough to fog his judgment and remind him of his wonderful, old foot fetish that he had long forgot. In satisfying it, was to just give in to the wrinkled sole watching again, the torturous flip flop dangling, seductive forced foot smother clips. It was a wicked lure he had overcome, not by choice, but none the less. He had never had too many occasions with a girl's feet. He only had a couple dates where he gave a foot rub or something playful like that. He only knew fantasy through video clips he'd purchased online. The only serious and real times he had with female feet were with his mom. This is where his fixation and fondness for a woman's pretty feet began. Natalie was offering him a whole new world at her pretty, scented feet. Unlike his wife, she promised unlimited opportunities to give her foot massages.

The way she got him this far, was by drawing his eyes to her socked feet. He also showed he had little restraint when it came to her mind-numbing back rub. As he rubbed some more areas of her massive soles, like the soft ridge that starts right below her pinky toe and goes all the way down the side of her foot and meets her rough socked heel, he was strangely thankful to how open she was with her feet. And the funny thing is that she wasn't that confident...that is until he blurted out a couple comments on her feet. She grew in confidence at Jason's encouraging words and masterfully got him to massage her feet. The longer he rubbed, the more subdued he became. She joyously wiggled her stinky, floppy socks around with her long toes, only making her foot smell lightly tickle his nose and tease him more. She laid out, legs spread out, with her feet in his face, naturally resting on a pillow like a big princess. She had Jason trapped and time had got away from the both of them. The shift was coming to an end and the new employees would be showing up. Jason realized the time and knew he had to get up before someone saw him! He nudged her legs to alert her to the fact that they could be caught any second. But Natalie was totally relaxed now and she didn't want to move. She said,"Come on Jason, just a little while longer. You've got to finish doing the bottoms of my heels." Jason was loving the words coming out of her mouth, but was also terrified that he would be caught with her feet in his face. He said,"OK Natalie let me up. I gotta get ready for the oncoming shift." Natalie dismissed his plea, thinking of something quickly to keep him there saying,"Oh calm down, the next shift doesn't start until an hour from now. Rub a little more. Rub my heels, they're so sore and dry. They're probably all pink and flush." She wants to see what his reaction to her bare feet would be. He says,"I know, but there are other things...besides I can't have people seeing me rub your feet..." Natalie giggles and says,"Lets see..." She leaned forward to reach her pillowed feet and began to pull up on the toe ends of her socks, forcing the the top of the sock to slide down her calves out from under her pant leg. "Please Natalie, you've got to let me up. I...can't.." Natalie laughed at his plight and said,"Just stay put for a minute. You're paranoid. Check out my how pink my heels are." He just wanted to get up now, that is, until she raised her foot up to his face and kept pulling on the sock. As Jason was trying to get her to let him up, he stammered as his hungry eyes saw something they shouldn't have seen. "Oh yeah, let me stretch my leg out and my foot :)" He involuntarily watched her take her time tugging on her sock, while he waited to get up. Oh God, the more he told her no, the more she pushed. She put her socked sole in his face while she basically performed a stinky sock strip tease right before his eyes. His staring wasn't so involuntarily anymore, as he kept looking, gazing, and waiting...for her meaty bare heel to pop out. He sat in his chair thinking, 'What do her bare feet look like?' It was killing him. And then they came up enough to expose her heel and a small amount of the lower end of her sole. What? Nooooo! She's wearing nylons! Sure, they were sheer, sexy, and lightly tan, but he was crushed. He had his heart set on her pink heels. Unknown to her, she was now tormenting him with his desperate need to see her bare foot bottoms by sticking her stinky work feet in his face, being shrouded in odor, mystery, shoes, socks, and nylons.

Jason knew very well, if he saw her bare feet, he might lose his head, but he failed to look away from Princess Natalie's big feet. "Haha, oh, I forgot. I sometimes wear nylons under my socks. They keep my feet warm and toasty. I didn't realize I had them on. No wonder why it’s so greasy in between my toes, hahah, eeewww!" She felt so comfortable now as she wiggled her sweaty nylon toes. He salivated as big Natalie watched his eyes look on her 10, long toes... "Yeh they're all sweaty, trapped in these nasty nylons and socks. I can't wait to get home and peel them off and let the fan in my room blow on my feet. I like to spread my toes at the fan and feel the air go in between, aaaahh." She said this as she demonstrated her foot drying ritual, spreading her socked toes out in his face. The rest of her white work socks were bunched up mid-sole, just enough to display her wide nylon heel. Jason was captivated as her smelly socked toes flopped around in his face and he smelled some more of her feet. What he wouldn't give to be in that room, as the fan circulated the smell of her feet in his face, making him her silly foot prisoner. He just sat and stared as she tantalized him til he was buzzing. He tried to be the adult in this and make her follow the rules as her superior, but she didn't listen. What more could she do to him? She was getting the long, overdue attention that she deserved, but was not quite as confident about the bottoms of her feet and didn't want him to scare off from seeing her musty, stinky work nylons in full effect. What would he think of her soles? She did remember her feet had the sexy shape of most the foot princesses online. That made her feel better that she had the kind of feet that men were going ape shit for online. But what guy would be turned on by her big, stinky, wrinkly foot bottoms!? lol She gained more and more guts, as he didn't protest to his position at her feet anymore. In fact, he still looked dazed and he was very agreeable, while he complimented her feet several times. She timidly lifted her leg, so that he could better answer the important question about the integrity of her tan nylons. She gently waved her big nylon heel in his face, showing him the up angle, the down angle, the pressed-square-on-your-nose angle, hehe. Natalie’s foot power was evident as she used her pretty upturned sole to point her heel in his face. What a sight. He was so weak and hard now. She carefully watched Jason, hoping he would not push her away like he had so many times before. He just looked overwhelmed as he sat still. She hoped he would not be disgusted by her feet or the way they smelled. She always had big, sweaty, smelly feet. The other girls in school would tease her about it in gym and also some of the guys would be amazed at how big her feet were and make comments. These memories caused Natalie to hide her feet by bundling them up. She never had a guy that was interested in her large peds lol. Jason was in a daze as she extended her other nyloned heel too. Then she asked,"Do my nylons look dirty? I hope not." Without thinking clearly, he soflty stated,"Oh no, they're not dirty. You're heels are...perfect..." Haha, there is no telling what he will say when he's under the influence of her feet. The little stinky whiffs he was being subjected to when he was rubbing her feet were subtle and controlling, making him stay. The smell didn't seem like it would have any effect and he was getting used to it, but it is such a satisfyingly, cheesy scent that made him curiously want one more sniff, then another, then another. The longer he sat, smelling her foot perfume, the more intoxicated he became. It was like he was tied to the chair as her prisoner. Her feet have a captivating scent that she still knew nothing of. If she ever finds out... Natalie laughed pulling her heel out of his face to look him in the eye. "Jason, I asked you if my 'nylons' are dirty, not if my heels are perfect, but thank you for the compliment. You really think so?" She chuckled and softly bit her bottom lip, enjoying the compliment.

He didn't care what time it was anymore. She had him serving her feet and thank God for him, the slideboard was right over his member so she couldn't see that she had teased him to a record breaking stiffness. His cock was in shock, swollen and trembling from her impromptu sock tease and nylon heel flashing. Natalie didn't know Jason was so hard and desperate, but she was new to this whole foot thing. She could kind of tell she was making progress, but then other times within the shift, she felt like she wasn't getting anywhere. She relentlessly began flashing her nylon heels before his eyes and he crumbled in their presence. He just reached up and cradled Natalie's heel, and she was surprised. She laid back with her arms hanging down by her side and let him touch. He began rubbing his thumbs all over her heel, without being told. He couldn't fight the teasing, heels were one of his greatest weaknesses and she had the prettiest he had ever seen. They were almost as big as the ball of some girl's feet lol. The nylons were a little moist, and there was a small runner in them that exposed just the smallest peak of her foot flesh, running up until it disappeared under her socked sole. He felt so lucky, that she had a runner, thankful that he got to stare at even the smallest glimpse of her bare heel flesh. Her big meaty heels looked a bit calloused, but rosey pink. He deeply massaged her 'perfect' heels making her moan in approval. Even though his thumbs hurt from rubbing this long, he was giving his all on these size 11's. It was obvious to her that he had rubbed feet before, lol. He was doing her feet like a pro and her groans of pleasure only fueled his efforts. She was enjoying having a man at her feet, pampering, admiring her soft socks and feet. The fact that he appreciated their size was a plus in her book too, because no one else ever had. She smiled saying, "You did such an amazing job Jason. I am surprised at your foot rubbing skills. You would make a good manicurist/pedicurist", she points her toes at him, "I need to get mine done. The polish was black before, but now it’s all chipped. Do you like black toenail polish?" He wasn't thinking, letting her make his eyes focus on her feet. Then he foolishly said,"I like maroon..." She was watching his eyes give in to her interrogating toe point, wondering if he'd like to see her painted toes. His poor dick had never had to handle anything like this, such beautiful, big feet in his face. It was all too much and then the way she was taking her sock off, and then backed out, only left his feelings unresolved. At the start, he wanted so badly to see her bare feet, but now she had him ready to give almost anything just to see her perspirant nylon soles. Who knows if he would even be able to handle that. And all this time, he didn't think once about his wife. Sadly, this was the most excited he'd been in a long time. He nervously reached out and asked,"Do you want me to take off your sock? or..." She clinched her toes and scrunched her feet, withdrawing them from his reach. She was leaving a little mystery as to what her feet look like was fun to her, and it only made Jason a slave to curiosity. Natalie cut him off, "Hmmmm...nah, your right it is getting late. People are gonna start coming in and I think you've done enough...for now, haha.” He so badly wanted to see her sweaty, tan nylon soles! She slowly pulled up her crumpled socks over her nylon heels, hiding them for good as Jason watched his opportunity slip away. He knew this kind of thing only happens maybe once in a lifetime for a foot guy. He didn't want her at first, but now she had sweetly stimulated him with the sight of her soles and toes. Things were a lot different now. A sweaty, smelly foot rub is the softest and most subtle of humiliations. It is a silent contract where one surrenders their dignity and self respect to every moist squeeze and every cheesy toe whiff lol. It can't be helped really. Once they experience how weak they feel, being introduced to the wonderful sights and smells of feet and toes, they may never be the same. Some are not effected by it’s lure, while others fall head over heels into foot addiction. It's just not natural, having the amazon girl at work wave her large toes in your face and demand you owe her a ped squeeze.
She figured that was enough feet for now, but she didn't realize she was slowly unravelling the will of a recovering foot addict. She brought him back to his childhood, where as a young boy he received his first dose of smelly feet. She paused saying, “Will you rub my feet tomorrow night? Oh wait, we're off tomorrow. That new schedule change made us have the same days on and off remember? My cousin and me are having a small pool party after the staff meeting tomorrow. You should come have a good time."

He had forgotten that they had the same schedule now and that he would be seeing her more often. This was a situation he dreaded, because of her come-on's and constant attention. Of course that feeling had changed a little, because her big feet were all he could think about recently. She had him excited and frustrated all at the same time. But he knew he couldn't blow his cover as a foot guy, so he had to keep his cool from now on and try to resist Natalie's innocent foot rub requests before it went to far. For one, because he was married and that would be innappropriate, much worse at work. What if she told somebody else too? Would she even understand what a foot fetish was if he told her? He knew that most girls didn't have a clue, which he also assumed Natalie knew nothing of it. Plus, he couldn't have Natalie knowing his big secret. It was embarrassing and if she knew, she may not want him to massage her feet anymore due to his association to it sexually. Then it would just get weird. More than anything, he wished he was free to have the satisfaction, but was not allowed by his wife. He never thought this was a huge injustice until he got an eyeful of Natalie's wrinkly, socked soles. She had innocently begged for a foot rub, then so proudly placed her hard working foot bottoms in his face, but only after he gave her the confidence she needed to expose her feet to him. This put a slow and steady strain on Jason's underprivileged penis. He knew she didn't know what she had done and she knew that he was willing to rub her big, achey feet during work hours with a little coaxing.

The next day the staff meeting started. Jason attended the meeting and represented his station as head nurse. Natalie came in next, as she was from the same station along with others. She smiled at Jason, thinking of the wonderful foot massage he gave her the night before. Then she said playfully, but low enough to where no one else could hear, “There’s my little foot rubber! Hahaha.” Her teasing laugh rang in his head. He smiled an uncomfortable exchange back, knowing that he had just jerked off to visions of their encounter when he got home last night. She waited til he sat down and then made sure she sat in front of him. She wanted to make certain that he came to her swim party today. She thought he would be reluctant to come, so she knew it might take a little action on her part to make sure he showed. Natalie was a smart girl and very ambitious. She didn’t have the most flattering body or the Playboy boobs, but she did have a couple things going for her that Jason could not deny. Her big hands, her soft, jiggly belly, her chest-crushing butt were great for sure, but her most dick-enslaving asset was her size eleven, princess feet. She planned to tirelessly foot tease him, so that after the meeting, she could make him promise to be there.

She crossed her legs, and flipped her permed brown hair back. He got a whiff of her hair, a fresh and flowery scent. The meeting ran long as the head honchos rambled on and on about hospital policies and such. Jason’s mind began to wonder along with his eyes. He looked upon her beautiful long hair flowing down her back. Her big, chubby body was suddenly easier on his eyes than before. She looked soft, even her little tummy rolls covered by her pink shirt weren’t so bad. Her thighs were large, shapely calves covered in tight blue jeans. Then of course, he had to look down at what was covering her peds, hoping for flip flops and bare feet. To his delight, she was wearing these leather clogs that looked as if they had been housing her mammoth soles for a long while. As he walked behind her, his eyes following her every step, he was catching flashes of what looked like nylons! She was what you’d call a BBW. Jason struggled with his past when he looked at Natalie. She reminded him so much of his mother. She was a big lady with big feet too. An all too familiar feeling of infatuation came over him as Natalie stirred restlessly in those hard office chairs of the conference room. She tried to get comfortable as Jason watched her fidget. She instinctively began slapping her tan nyloned heel against her brown leather clogs, exposing a glimpse of her sole, slowly raising her heel out of her shoe. This move mainly showed off her large heel, the heels her head nurse had been thumbs-deep in just 12 hours ago. She dangled as he tried not to stare, but honestly, it was hard not to drink in the obvious sweaty heel indention in the leather sole of the clog. Slap…slap…flip…flop… With every foot slap she attempted to air dry her moist foot bottoms. He watched her soft, rhythmic sole slaps and was lost in the beat. The clog was barely hanging on now, keeping his attention captive. Jason thought he was gonna go out of his mind, and just then it fell. And now she began to get both shoes involved, slipping her nylon feet in and out. She wiped her feet all on the insides, in and out. She generously wiped her tan brown foot bottoms, back and forth in her big clogs, marrying the two scents of her greasy leather shoe sole and her sweet foot musk. She had such dangerously playful feet. He couldn’t help but be transfixed on her beckoning feet.

She walked right out of her shoes and stepped on top of them. He had a poor angle from her back, but he could see that her feet had no problem covering the length and width of her extra-large clogs. Man, this was so hot, he couldn’t help but watch. He never noticed her before, but that was because she never showed off one of her best and biggest assets. Not her huge boobs, or her large bottom, it was her big, giant feet. Jason tried to hide his eyes from others in the room as not tip people off to his pervy ogling of Natalie’s nylons. People would think, ‘Eww, gross!’, but not to worry. Normal people didn’t even notice feet like that…only Jason. No one knew what he was looking at. That was all the better for the two of them.

Natalie repositioned, raising up her long legs and feet, then pointed her toes straight down. For the first time he finally laid eyes on her soles in full view. It left him breathless. Rosey pink, wide, and long…his cock throbbed as they wondrously wrinkled in his sight. Even though they weren’t bare, he didn’t care at this point. ANY little piece of her feet she could show would be sufficient to him. The scrunch and point caused her knee-high nylon soles to crinkle from heel to toe. He never wanted to stop looking now lol. She dove her pointed toes and rested them on the sweat stained soles of her leather shoes. She rolled her toe knuckles under her feet, leaving her perfectly sized toe pads in full view. They were large and perfectly proportioned. She balled her feet up nice and tight, innocently flashing her wide, moist stocking bottoms to whoever dared to watch. Her tan shrouded soles were dirty from thoroughly foot wiping her greasy clog insoles. Those shoes seem to collect foot funk and toe jam like no other. She always seemed to have moist, sweaty feet. The sweat and grime was accumulated around her foot’s pressure points, like her meaty heel,the commanding ball of her foot, and her precious toes. She sat there relaxing her big body by airing out her sweaty, dirty, stocking feet under her chair. Poor Jason. All it took was one look at her giant soles and he felt like he had been clubbed over the head. He was powerless to resist her innocent nylon foot scrunching. It was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. How could her feet so easily subdue him without her even trying? Why didn’t he notice her feet before? In any case, he noticed them every time she whipped them out now. He was mesmerized as she manipulated her toes to wiggle slowly as they pointed causing her soles to respond in waves of pretty tan wrinkles all over the huge bottoms of her feet. She held her foot scrunch pose a while longer and turned around, only to see Jason staring dreamily at was going on under her chair lol. She giggled at him, now making eye contact. As his eyes met hers, she had a cute smirk on her face and blinked her big blue eyes at him. He was immediately embarrassed as he looked away. ‘Oh shit, she totally saw me. She probably thinks I’m a freak!’ He was horrified and couldn’t even look her in the eye anymore. She saw his withdraw and turned back around. She knew that he was checking out her feet and he knew she knew. The cat was out of the bag. She thought to herself, “Look at him stare! He can’t get enough of my big ‘ol feet lol.”

The meeting came to an end and as Natalie quietly slipped her silky nylon feet back into her clogs. She approached Jason right away with an all-knowing smile and said, “So you’re coming to the party, right?” Now Jason knew that he was having strange feelings for Natalie and it was probably not a good idea for him to go to this swim party. He struggled to say no, but knew he must, “I can’t go Natalie, I just have too much going on..” She cut him off and said please, “I’m cooking and there’s not gonna be a lot of people there.” Jason fights back with, “I just don’t have the time.” Natalie pouted saying, “Come on. It’s you’re day off. You gotta relax every now and then. That’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna go home and strip off these hot nylons off my aching dogs and get into my flip flops and swimsuit. I’ve been cooking in the kitchen all day!” Jason thought he was debating well, but when she mentioned she was going to be in flip flops, he had no rebuttal. He could only imagine her laid out on a lounger with her size eleven sandals smacking against her pink soles. Her long toes fresh out of her special foot perfumed knee-highs. And at the thought of that image, he bowed to her wishes. It was all his foot teased dick wanted to hear, “Ok, ok. I’ll be there”

Natalie smiled with joy. She turned and left him as he listened pathetically for her clogs as they softly slapped her feet while she walked away.

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Once again best story going in the den! Keep it up man great stuff here.

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My face lit up as soon as I saw the words Led Astray combined with Part 2 in the threads section. I've been eagerly awaiting this installment for too long - though in all honesty any amount of time would have been too long for this story. I quite often find that when I'm waiting for a continuation on something, I will gain a certain expectation of it during the wait. That happened with this, I thought it would be scintillating and tantalizing, sensual and seductive. I hoped it would be these things anyway. I am immensely pleased to say that I was not disappointed in the slightest, I was blown away. This is high praise on its own, but when you take into account that one thing I wanted to see in this chapter were Natalie's bare soles and didn't get to see them...amazingly I didn't care. The extra build up works for me, you've done it admirably well in fact. I'm now increasingly eager to experience those soles, which I didn't think was possible just a few days ago.

The overall quality is excellent, but there are a few singularly outstanding aspects that I'd like to congratulate you on. Firstly, I love the fact that Jason is drawn to big, stinky, sweaty, wrinkly feet. There is no part of that description that I do not agree with wholeheartedly. Natalie's display of her scrunched up, wrinkled soles(even with a nylon casing) was magnificent. The sweat and stench of those huge feet is so perfect, a discombobulating, disarming, alluring and over-powering scent that brakes down the mental barriers of those subjected to it. I imagine that that smell could render even a co-worker who needed to be silenced completely broken and subservient - it does seem that Kim may attempt to hinder Natalie's plans; it would be interesting to see how Natalie would handle a situation such as that ;). I also love the use of Jason as a character. He is essentially being 'led astray', not the most admirable of paths to tread upon whether you step voluntarily or led by the nose(literally in this case lol). But Jason is still a completely likeable and relatable protagonist because his situation is so understandable. He can barely be blamed because he has almost no choice in these matters. A repressed desire reborn, giving it double dose of naughty; it is adulterous in more ways than the usual obvious one. It is dangerous at work, Natalie's feet check every box that Jason has on his list of foot attractions and she is deftly manipulating his sense of sight, smell and touch. Let's be honest, Jason does not stand a chance.

This is a wonderful piece of writing, the best that I have read in the world of feet to be sure. You deserve applause and commendations aplenty. Kudos to you good sir and please, PLEASE continue this story, it is incredible.

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Excellent work, my friend. Like others have said, it's the best story on the Den right now

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Thanks guys. I feel rejuvenated as I write these new parts. I have lived parts of this story, so I really appreciate positive feedback and kudos too :) Its cool others are reading and relating so well.

Just so you know, Kim and Andrea get more involved. Natalie gets even more aggressive. Can Jason fight off her big, sweet, foot advances? You're right, he doesn't stand a chance.

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Fantastic writing and characterization make this a stellar story. I really enjoy it and am glad you have come back. I know how hard it can be to find one's calling again, so to speak. Good for you to come back to this story. I know Natalie is overall nice but I also like the idea of Jason being overwhelmed by the sheer smell and size of her feet, too. He may regret his fetish a little bit when it's against his will!

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Indeed, another great chapter and well worth the wait. Everyone's praise above is well earned and deserved. For my part I love the introspection of both the characters throughout; Jason's constant inner turmoil as he slowly loses his will and Natalie's mischievous manipulations as she slowly takes control. The angle that you are approaching the story from makes it a more interesting read than the usual Third Person style.

And of course your writing is as good as ever. The sentences flow nicely and lead us through the story at a good pace. Grammar and punctuation is pretty good throughout, and the characters speak like real people, which is always a plus. My one minor complaint is I would like to see the paragraphs broken up a bit more. Not a big thing, but it makes the reading a little easier on the eye. Overall though, a fantastic chapter and I am looking forward to the 'Pool Party'. Thanks for sharing your work.


PS: Thanks for the clogs! :D

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Yes I am back and grateful that you are all still enjoying the story. Your responses are priceless and gracious.
I agree, smaller paragraphs are needed. I can deliver that :)

I'm working on the Pool Party now and it is going well. Natalie is powerful in this scene, bringing back great foot memories from my teen years :)

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Excellent writing, just marvelous. You have a way of writing that just transports you there. Cannot wait for part 3

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Yes I am back and grateful that you are all still enjoying the story. Your responses are priceless and gracious.
I agree, smaller paragraphs are needed. I can deliver that :)

I'm working on the Pool Party now and it is going well. Natalie is powerful in this scene, bringing back great foot memories from my teen years :)

dude .. been waiting for the next part since 3 yrs :/