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13-02-2013, 04:12 AM
Brooke Miller vs. Kelly Smith
Kickboxing match

Both competitors enter the ring. Kelly at 5'6" 130lbs surely seems to dwarf the compact powerhouse Brooke Miller who is 5'0 110. But closer look that with exception of maybe a reach disadvantage, Brooke's power packed physique is more than up to this challenge. It's said that few in world can match the body density of Brooke Miller, making her a formidable opponent in the art of kickboxing. Her dark brown skin only served to accent her well-defined body. Her quads were solid, but her waist only 20inches. Her abs are ripped. Only way Kelly has a chance is KO blows to the head.

Round 1
Brooke appears to take her time in the ring, smiling, with her guard up, forearms around her ears. She circles her taller opponent. Kelly appears to grow impatient and begins to take the target that has been offered to her, Brooke's muscle tone body. With lightning speed, Kelly lashes out 3 snap kicks to at Brooke's thigh and a knee to the front of her abs. Kelly hits with quickness and power but to her surprise and the audience's, the smile never left Brooke's face, nor did her guard drop even the slightest. All the strikes just bounced off like a brick with a rubber cover. No penetration at all "Oh this bitch thinks I can't hurt her" Kelly thinks to herself, "She's shorter and 20lbs lighter, she can't take much more of this". Kelly attacks Brooke's legs again, looking to take the kick and speed out of her. Repeated kicks to her thighs and shins, Brooke expertly parries the shin strikes, while allowing the thigh blows to strike as Kelly pleased. A testament to Kelly's speed, the blows were fast and very precise. 10 shots landed before the bell rang.

Kelly's corner: "I don't think you are making any headway going after the legs, you may need to mix it up with the torso and abs, to keep her off balance. Save the head for when we've worn her down a bit" Kelly's coach says

Brooke's Corner: "How are you feeling?” "Great, she hasn't caused any damage at all. But I don't think she will necessarily tire out. I'll keep being patient and wait for my opening. “Brooke says, "Good, stick to the plan, everything she is throwing at you is just bouncing off. Just keep awaiting the opening" her coach says

Round 2:
Brooke and Kelly circle each other again, this time Kelly is more aggressive, starting with a leg kick and following with a sidekick to the abs, driving her smaller opponent back toward the ropes. Kelly moved in smelling blood, and grabbed Brooke by the neck and began kneeing her repeatedly in her 6-pack of abs. “It’s like hitting a fucking telephone pole, what do I have to do to break this bitch" Kelly thought to herself. Just as Kelly finished her thought, Brooke slipped one of her knees by turning her body and delivered a side kick to Kelly’s midsection. The kick caught Kelly by surprise, and Brooke followed up with a jab cross combo to Kelly's face. Kelly was dazed immediately, and her guard went up to protect her now bleeding nose. Brooke follows up with a snapping front kick right between Kelly's guard, her creamy white sole lands flush on the face…Ki Yaaa!! Knocking her backwards. Brooke goes on the attack and drives 2 brutal knees to Kelly's hard but unprepared body, bending her at the waist and then Brooke hit her with a right uppercut to the face. Kelly fell back to the mat not knowing left from right. The referee began to count…. DING. The bell saved Kelly.

Kelly's Corner: "What happened out there?" "She's like hitting a tractor tire, I'm not getting through at all. I’m still spinning. What do I do?" Kelly complains, "You've got to protect your head, only use quick strikes. Going too big too soon will leave you open" her coach says "But the quick stuff isn't making a dent" as the coach looks over at the other corner Brooke is looking directly at him and gives him a quick upper body chest and abs flex with a wink.

Brooke's Corner: "She can't hurt me in the least" Brooke says, "I love how her blows just bounce off of me like nothing!" "That’s good but, keep your head protected and pick your openings, you can end it this round if you like…this is why we did the body toughness training for so long.", "I know, I love it. Below the neck I feel absolutely invincible" She smiled "From the looks of this match you probably are" coach says

Round 3:
Kelly is visibly slower now; she seems in a bit of a fog. She caught the brunt of Brooke's power and has not shaken the cobwebs out yet. She throws some quick jabs, but Brooke blocks them pretty easily, no counter yet. Some quick snap kicks either blocked or bounce off Brooke's leg and abdominal development. Kelly starts to get impatient "I don't know how much I keep up. I have to find an opening", With that Kelly Ramps up her offense and seemingly tries to overwhelm Brooke. Brooke picks off the headshots with her guard, and lets kicks, knees and punches rain on her flexed body. This continued for about a minute, hard slaps of almost impenetrable flesh being hit by hard fists, filled the arena along with Brooke's taunts and laughs. She pushes Kelly away and flexes her torso and abs for her, "you can’t hurt me, my body is impenetrable HAHAHA!!" Kelly enraged charges her wildly.. Then Brooke sees her opening. The first imprecise punch Kelly throws, Brooke dodges, and drives a knee into Kelly's sternum. Followed by a left hook to the ribs, and a right uppercut that stands the taller fighter up. With the lighting speed many are aware that Brooke has, she starts to land kicks to the body and head at will. Each blow rocking Kelly. Kelly with her last gasp of air manages to catch one of Brooke's legs and proceeds to drive her elbow into the outstretched thigh of her shorter opponent. Brooke shakes her leg loose and pivot’s on the ball of her lead left foot twisting her body around delivering a spinning back kick the moist sole of her right foot plowed into the face of her opponent, WHAP! Blood flew out of Kelly’s mouth along with her mouth guard as her body crashes hard to the mat. Brooke walked slowly towards her, the gorgeous blonde stood over Kelly admiring the knockout. Brooke didn't just win she simply dominated Kelly with her sexy feet!

14-02-2013, 09:03 AM
LOVE THIS! Love how she dominated her with her sexy, beautiful feet! I wish she got to step on her face after the knockout too! HOT! THANK YOU!!!!