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cocks up :rolleyes: well done

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that was really really good, i cant wait for more of the same stuff :D

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Great detailed story, a classic to say the least.
Who wouldn't want to be in a situation like this? Poor lucky guy!
There is missing a little bit at the end of the story though, allow me to complete it.
You can also find a bunch of random pictures at the bottom that I have included in my own Word copied version (to stimulate the imagination).
I think they match the description of Kate and the situation quite well!

Jack was obviously feeling humiliated by now and struggled more and more as best as he could, the bed made a creaking noise to accompany his futile struggles, the sweat drenched nylon pantyhose remained taut over his head, creating a silhouette that oozed repugnancy from having to sniff Kate Austen’s foot sweat on a permanent basis. He could barely see her through the nylon, as she walked over to the wardrobe and pulled out a pair of very well worn high heel sandals that were sandy in colour.

“I’m going now Jack, but just let me put these on first. I’ll need to add my secret recipe before I can go walking in them.”

Jack tried to watch and listen carefully and as he did, he could hear Kate spitting. She was spitting onto the leather insoles of the high heel sandals to increase their overall pungency and also as an extra way of making Jack even more disgusted at the behaviour of such a feisty and sexy woman.

“There! That’s a lot better,” Kate slipped both of her bare feet into the high heel sandals, feeling her own saliva squelch underneath both of her flat soles as she pressed the juices down into the atoms of the leather insole, letting it soak in. For Kate, saliva and foot sweat was a delicious combination, men could just not resist such a concoction on a beautiful girl, spitting and foot worship were the two greatest forms of contempt known to man and to subject Jack to both at the same time, only increased her power and control over him, as well as his own humiliation, suffering and reverence of her.

“I’m going to the store now bitch, but I promise I’ll bring you back a few doggy treats to play with.” Kate let out a small mocking laugh as she finished patronising him, but she was going to remain true to her word and find items to buy so that she could continue the humiliation of her new male doggie. Every time she incensed him, it caused him to struggle and fight against his imprisonment, which is why she did it, she wanted to watch him fight and struggle with every breath and ounce of energy in his body, just so that she could watch him fail miserably and then demoralise him further by adding a new layer of punishment on top.

Jack could see Kate leaving, but as usual, she turned the bedroom light off, as she loved to leave him alone in the dark with nothing more than the contrails of her foot sweat for company.
Jack hated his new nylon prison; this was an even more torturous experience than the popcorn bucket because the popcorn bucket didn’t smell as much, but this time, Kate’s soggy and sweat crusted nylon was wrapped around his face tightly, leaving his face to bask in her pungent sweat, every sniff up caused a foul stench of vinegar to enter into his nostril holes. Since being put into the nylon prison, Kate had rightly predicted he would keep his lips tightly closed and she was also correct when suggesting that his lip muscles would begin to ache and get tired, but he was very determined not to let the wet sweat get into his mouth and smother itself all over the taste buds of his tongue.

Jack was a strong competitor and was determined to endure his suffering, but eventually, his lips began to creak open, at first a small hole and then his tired lips widened even further, to the point where they gave in completely. He suddenly felt a new taste, as the pungent sweat coated unexplored territory at the edge of his lips; it was as punishing as he imagined it would be. He pulled his tongue further to the back of his mouth so that it wouldn’t make physical contact with the smooth sweat-coated nylon. He felt like his head was a retreating army, being backed into a corner, one by one, his tongue being the last remaining survivor. But he knew that it was only a matter of time before his tongue was subjected to more than regular service of Kate’s crusty pungent sweat. Once this realisation hit home, it motivated him to escape once more, but it was no use, he was going to remain a prisoner in Kate’s house, alone in the dark, in his bed prison for the foreseeable future.

Meanwhile, Kate was at the local super mart, stocking up on goodies that were going to become an integral part of Jack’s servitude to her. She had bought peanut butter and chocolate spread, both were perfect for spreading across bare soles, her soles were wide and long and feeding Jack from her feet would be both nurturing and humiliating. She had bought various fruit, such as bananas, grapes and strawberries, so that she could squash the life out of them and make Jack eat the mangled slimy remains.

She had purchased chips, in particular, chips that had tangy or pungent flavours, Doritos, pickled onion and salt and vinegar flavours. Kate knew that Jack was her dog and what better treat to get him, than a large tin of dog food. Everything she purchased had a specific purpose and she even bought straws, so that he could experience what it would be like to actually drink the contents of her nylon stockings.

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Ah okay, I didn't know you wanted to write a second part, that's cool :)
But the original story is not yours, is it?

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Nice, didn't expect this!
Keep up the good work then, I can't wait for the next part! :)

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Yes indeed, I can't wait for Kate to return home from the store!!!