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26-09-2011, 02:57 AM
Hey guys I would like to share an experience with smelling feet I recently had with two cousins of mine.

Now I've had each one on separate occasions but I'll start with how I've engaged into smelling their feet first.

Well on Thursday, my younger cousin asked me could I take her to her house to get some clothes for the weekend. Truthfully I really didn't feel like going anywhere after work. I didn't even want to move, and then I asked did she have gas money. Of course not, didn't want to go if she didn't make it worth my while. Then she closes the door in my room and says "what if I..you know do something else?" At this point it was obvious she was going for my foot fetish but she needed to come out with it. I asked her "you want me to smell your feet?" (arousal spike!) Well if she wanted me to I told her I wanted to smell her feet for 10 minutes, and I wanted her to rub her feet on my face. Now this seems to be a pattern for when I ask or want to smell one of my cousin's feet for something they want they would always say "my feet stinks", let me be the judge of that.

So she agrees to do it and I lie down on the floor next to my bed and she sits down on the bed takes off her shoes and starts rubbing her sweaty and moist feet on my face. For ten minutes I've had a slight arousal, I wasn't completely hard, maybe because her feet really weren't that smelly, I mean her feet really smelled like she just put on lotion so that explains the moist feeling but I still smelled a standard smell of feet which is a smell I like to smell, somewhat of a female natural scent. I've actually managed to get 15 minutes because she stopped rubbing her feet, I told her to rub it in circles and up and down. At this point I realize how much more arousing it'll be if I had a female who already would know to do this in fact wanted to engage in the activity and it gets her aroused. It's like more enjoyable if both parties enjoy it, not saying she didn't enjoy it at least I've managed to get her to giggle sometime as I started licking her feet.

I even told her like just make it seem like I've stole your money and now you've caught me and are gonna make me smell your feet. If it she thinks her feet are stinky then she should make me smell them as a punishment or revenge. I've gotten in between her toes, a few times. Her soles were soft when I started to lick down and up, and then I began sucking on her toes. When I do this with my cousin I don't want to seem like I'm self pleasuring myself, so it's why I prefer to be a little submissive with my fetish, but then when I'm lying there, I find myself closing my eyes, I hate that, I want to enjoy it!

I finally took her feet and stated rubbing them up and down my face myself as she had said that her feet were getting tired. I told her if her feet really were smelly, she wouldn't have to move her feet as much because I would just want her toes planted right over my nose to sniff the smell from her feet.

The second occasion just a couple of hours ago; I have an older cousin that goes to college. My sister said she needed a ride back to her dorm. Her dorm is 35 miles away, I need some gas money. My sister tells her over the phone that she needed gas money. She replies saying she had only $10, not nearly enough, I want more money, $20, and that's being generous! She doesn't have it, so we both beat around the bush; because she knows my history and I ask her what she was willing to do for the compensation. She kept asking what do I wanted, and then both my sister and cousin were laughing. She seems like she don't want a ride then oh well back to flight Sims, then she asks again, I say

26-09-2011, 11:26 AM
Hm loved the first story, the second one seems to have cut off though... looking forward to reading the rest!

26-09-2011, 04:55 PM
Nice work with the first one :D though can you re-post the second one? Thanks

26-09-2011, 09:15 PM
hope the older one is wearing smelly stockings

27-09-2011, 12:33 AM
Unfortunately what I thought was the complete post was cut off, and I don't know why the hell it did that. Damn! I though the auto save feature held all of what I've typed. Well to re-continue...

I say fuck it; I want to smell your feet for the 10 minutes. She says “your still doing that feet stuff?” I tell her it’s a part of me, why can’t you accept that?” So she agrees finally and I make my way to pick her up along with my sister in the front seat.
We get on to the express way and 35 miles later down the road, we arrive at her dorm. Outside in the parking lot, I pull in to a spot and halt the car, my cousin goes “So…” and I go “so cousin…” She really grossed out at the fact that I want to smell her feet and she goes “who does this like who likes feet?” I tell her there are probably 130 million people on Earth that likes feet. She starts to take her boot off very slowly. She’s wearing them Taylor Swift boots so I expect her feet to be really sweaty. This cousin of mine known for having really smelly feet as the last time I’ve smelled her feet was when they smelled like onions, if was a rare smell but a big borner to sniff as they were powerful, she didn’t have on socks and was wearing air forces. She says “OMG you want to smell my feet and they stank!” I tell her that her sock needs to come off as I wanted to smell her bare foot. She puts her foot up on the arm rest and I took my nose and dove right in between her smelly and sweaty toes rubbing them up and down and in between her toes feeling that moistness of her soles.

She thinks that her feet are so ugly and smelly that why would anyone want to smell feet at all. I ask her why she paints her toe nails. “Why even bother painting your toe nails?” “Sometimes I wear flip flops.” “So if your feet are so gross and ugly why do you wear sandals and show them?” She tells me it’s to match her outfit with her shoes, so I ask her “Why not wear closed shoes that don’t show your feet that match, if your feet are so ugly and gross? I mean if they’re so gross and it’s so weird to like feet, why would people like you would want to see your feet open in your sandals, why even tempt a person that may actually like feet to look in your direction if it’s so gross?” As I continue to rub my nose over the tops of her feet she responses with “who does that, feet are gross and are meant for walking on, they’re just gross.” I say “cousin you believe your feet are ugly and it sounds like you have low self esteem, I mean if your feet were so damn ugly why am I smelling your feet right now? I obviously don’t find them ugly.”
I tell her to take off the other boot and sock, and with a fresh smelling foot she goes “ewww, they stink! Look at all that lint on my toes” “Toe jam!” I say. I went in on her other foot and dug my nose in between her steaming toes rubbing her feet all over my face. And to tell you the truth they’re not as bad as the last time, in fact they only smelled of just really sweaty, not that strong smell of onions or garlic something like that, I just remember her having some stronger smelling feet back then. It was also note that she didn’t really care for her feet now only think even more negative about feet.

Yeah her feet aren’t the best looking, she has a big bunion on her right foot, but I remember sucking that part of her foot and she just hated it. She asks me “are you done?” I reply “I’m getting my full worth of a 35 mile drive on $10 of fuel plus the other half of money you didn’t have that’s compensating with this.” She tells me that was all the money she had. I tell her that if she’s really stressing for money, why not be more open minded as they are people in this world who would pay to smell her feet, of course I’m doing it to get $10 worth of fuel compensation for pleasure of smelling her feet. I asked her “You think your feet are gross, what if someone gave you $50 to smell your feet, would you still think it’s gross?” She goes “I could really use the money but I think I would pass because it’s so gross.” At that point I cannot believe what she just said and told her “You mean to tell me you would pass up $50 for someone to smell your feet but instead you would allow me to do it to make up for compensating $10???”
After that I was done, because she was being really difficult but as you can imagine I had a rebuttal for every foot bashing remark she had to say. She’s just really closed minded, and can’t even accept her own cousin that has an innocent foot fetish. I told that if it wasn’t for me wanted to smell your feet you wouldn’t be here now. Of course that wasn’t much to her she said thanks and she went up to her dorm with my sister and that was the end of the experience. Yeah I was on a university campus and I wondered how open people here were.

27-09-2011, 12:38 AM
Also after 2 attempts I've finally got it to post all of it. I had to click paste as plain text although that shouldn't have to be the way you do it, it should automatically save. and go auto save doesn't seem to be working. Any way I suggest what was suggested before, notepad wordpad, or microsoft word.