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Kaylee's new toy

Kaylee had hit the jackpot, she would never have to work a day in her life
all because of the man she'd married. You'd think she would be happy not having
to work ever, to be able to buy anything she'd like and live in luxury, but no.

John was a worthless soul, in the eyes of his wife, Kaylee. He wasn't the most honest
man, he earnt money from the suffering of others. His unlawful businesses had
netted him 800 million by the age of 25, he could buy anything but to his wife,
he was worth less than any of his money and not worthy of having the money.

This thought had prompted her to hatch a plan. She had spent a year now gathering
evidence against him that would make his life be one that would be spent in prison
if the evidence ever got out. Kaylee had planned to reveal her plan to her husband
on his 26th birthday. He'd just hit a billion in wealth and was planning a grand
celebration for both his birthday and his new unparalleled wealth.

Kaylee is a name I chose for this story given this womans stunning similarity to
a certain lady from a tv show called Firefly. Her mannerisms, her body, even
her laugh was the same. It was scary and you could see at least half a dozen
people mistake her for the real celebrity every time they went out. Tall, brunette,
pretty beyond words. There are far too many words that we can use to describe
this stunning woman.

We join our couple on the cusp of John's 26th, the night of the party of his life.
He's about to enter his mansion, expecting a surprise party in his honour.
John finds the car park strangely empty, the driveway absent of cars aside from a
handful of vehicles. He wonders if his wife had perhaps forgotten his birthday,
but there's no way that could happen. John feels like he's the world to Kaylee,
how little he really knows of the truth, though.

As John enters he see's Kaylee and a few of her friends. They stop mid conversation
as he enters and watch him eagerly, a smile on their faces as if they know something
that he's not aware of. "Hello dear" says Kaylee as he enters, "How was your day,
anything special happen today? I do have a surprise for you today. Come and sit down,
I'm sure you'll love what I have to show you!". John sits with the women excitedly,
wondering what they've got to excite him so. He finds a drink sitting ready for him
when he sits, and takes a few sips before he opens the folder on the table. He looks
down on the table to see some photos, documents, transaction records and enough
evidence to put him in prison for a few lifetimes in the folder. He feels the blood
drain from his face as he wonders what's going on.

"See, darling I don't like you, I never have from the moment I'd met you. I just wanted
your money. I could see some potential in you as someone who I'd love to break, to make
my own and mould how I please. I waited for 5 years now for you to get enough money
to make it worthwhile for me, for me to make sure you're really broken when you lose
it all to me. I will break you, torment and torture you after I take everything from you.
You will beg to die some day and I'll just keep you around until you no longer care
about life or death. You will be around as long or as short as I see fit."
Kaylee said all this and John couldn't comprehend that someone as beautiful as her could
be so cruel. After 5 years of what he thought was a happy marriage it had fallen apart
in a few short minutes and turned in to something awful.

"The women at this table are my lawyers, the document that is directly in front of you
is your contract, which you will sign now or face prison for the rest of your life. I'm
sure I could get you tormented in prison with the money I have, too. Don't think that's
an easy way out. That would be if you would make it to prison after drinking the poison
that was in your drink. See I wanted to make sure you sign this contract. To ensure that
you stick to it's terms we have the prison sentence that you'll face if these documents
ever got out. Not to mention this contract says that you are now legally my slave, that
you sign all assets and power of attorney to me. That you are mentally incompetant
and need special care which I will provide." Kaylee mentions all of this with a cold
smile on her face, as if all care which he thought she had for him had never been there.
John was beginning to wonder if there ever was anything between them at all. He had no
choice but to sign to contract, he'd be broke but it was the only option, otherwise
he dies. If he does sign and behaves perhaps he will be treated well. Kaylee surely
couldn't be that cruel.

John picks up the pen and signs the contract. He has no other option. Perhaps some day
he thinks, Kaylee will return his wealth, forget this as some joke and fall for him
again. This couldn't be permanent, no one could be that cruel. As he signs the contract
the ladies at the table all laugh. The lawyers are all Kaylee's friends, and find it
immensely amusing and gratifying to see this scum sign his life away in an instant for
Kaylee. Kaylee just says "Good boy! now get under the table and we'll start our new
life together, pig! If I have to ask you again you will regret it" She emphasises this
with a hard slap to John's face, drawing blood and putting him into a daze. "Oh let me
try that, too!" "me, too" "oh don't forget about me" John hears all the women start to
chime in. He see's the contract taken away by one of the ladies out of the house with
all of the evidence, away from his life and out of his reach. "Knock youselves out,
ladies, or even better knock him out!" Kaylee says as the ladies all gather around him,
dragging him to his feet against the wall.

A tall, blonde 6' woman in 5" heels is first, with shapely legs to die for and the
body of a young, mid 20's gorgeous swedish woman. Her name is Isabella. A few women
hold him by his arms to the wall while another ties his arms securely together and then
ties his arms to a heavy bracket on the wall. This pins him to the wall and makes it
impossible for him to move as he's having to stand on his tip toes just to take the
weight off his tied hands.

Isabella moves towards John, slaps him a few times playfully and then really gets into
it, slapping him time and time again, until he feels his cheeks swell and bruise. She
finishes him off with a swift kick to his unprotected balls. "Oh that was fun, let me
try again!" Isabella says while nearly doubling over laughing. Kick, Kick, kick. A few
more kicks land on his balls, and a few more and so on until he's screaming in pain
and begging for mercy.

The other ladies look on with a jealous look in their eyes, while Kaylee just stays
seated at the table, still finishing off her drink and looking at him with a smile
like he's never seen on her face. She looks truly happy for the first time in her life.

The other ladies start to complain that they want a turn. There are two other women.
Jessica, an early 20's red headed woman with the perfect body that would make most men
kill for a moment with her. Her mother is also there, Lauren has a very good body for
someone in her mid 40's, she's single and hates men with a passion much like her daughter,
she is tall at 6'1", always wears high heels of at least 4" and loves to abuse men.
Lauren and Jessica both have always scared John, now that they had him tied like this
and have just seen him lose everything to become a slave he is scared for his life.

"Don't worry pig, we lied about the poison. See we want you to endure all of our pain
for as long as possible. We want you to beg for poison by the time we're done, I hope
you know that this torture will be a daily occurance. Tonight's just our way of
welcoming our new pig to our lives. You're shared among all of these ladies now."
Lauren says as she spits in his face, kicking him with such strength that he hears
something crack. "Oh that sounded painful, don't hog him mom, I want to have some
fun too!" Jessica says in a playful tone. "Not until your mom is done beating this pig
senseless, sweetie. I want to welcome him after all!" Lauren says, and adds "Maybe we
should say break him in, we need him to be our slave, after all. Not run away, not fight,
we want his will broken and his balls need to break to let us start that!"

With that John feels all three women start to kick him repeatedly in the balls, leaving
him seeing stars. Kaylee stands, walks to him and slaps him again and again, harder and
harder each and every time to make sure he doesn't pass out from the pain. She then
takes her first kick in tall, 7" platform boots. He hears another break and feels a warm
pain in his crotch. Lauren and Kaylee both take turns kicking him while he moans and
screams in pain. In another 15 minutes he feels more warm, painful sensations down there
and after a few cracks and a lot of tears on his part masked by the laughter of all
of the women, he is left to stay tied up in pain. Wondering if he will ever have the
use of his privates again. "I don't think you'll have kids after tonight, pig. Nothing
personal, well maybe a little but I just want you to be broken. Think of us as fixing
you, like a vet would to an unruly dog, you pig!" The women leave as John passes out.

When John awakes he finds he's under the feet of all four women, acting as their foot
stool. They've taken off their shoes and all have stockings on with an odour that can
only be described as strong and pungeant. Kaylee has her feet on his face, rubbing his
face constantly to massage her feet, while Lauren does the same to his now damaged
manhood. Making sure he's in pain and will wake to feel what it's like to be beneath
all of these women. "So welcome to your life as a pig, pig! You no longer have a cent,
I'm 1 billion dollars richer which is what I deserve, and you have nothing, not even
your manhood anymore. Even if you did manage to escape you'd be imprisoned and you're
declared mentally incompetant. Good luck with the rest of your life if you don't obey
us. We want you to service our feet. The one part of our body that I know you hate.
You will learn to love our feet over the rest of your life, nothing else will ever
bring you pleasure, pig." Kaylee said with such a joyous tone while stomping my face
with her stocking clad feet.

"Let's bring him our shoes and make him lick all of them clean!" says Jessica excitedly.
"Maybe we could rent him out to our friends, too. He's not going to give us anymore
money any other way and it would be fun seeing him tortured by more women" suggests
Lauren to the girls. They sit and contemplate this while Jessica starts to drag
load after load of shoes to make a pile of dirty, filthy footwear in the room.
"I have your dirty gardening shoes here, too! Let's make him start with those, mom!"
Jessica is holding Laurens filthy, dirt ridden gardening shoes, the room is filled
with a stench of corn chips from the pair that Lauren has gardened in for 10 years now.
Lauren would be embarassed normally over these but she's proud to have something
to really torment John with. The ladies all push John to roll over and get up with
their feet, kicking him as he crawls towards the pile of shoes. Lauren throws the
gardening shoes at him "Lick away, pig. I'm sure you'll love every bit of dirt and
filth on them." John looks at the shoes that hit him, they're white keds that have
become brown from the amount of dirt on the outside, the insole is stained from wear
and the smell is horrendous. He knows after the beating he received that he'd better
follow their orders so he sticks his tongue out and starts to lick the toe of the shoe
at first, feeling the grime stick in his mouth and give him the sensation of eating
sand imbibed with the stench of Lauren's feet for 10 years.

"Oh my god, he looks like he's really enjoying being a pig, doesn't he Lauren!"
exclaims Kaylee excitedly "Thank you for giving me such a nice pair of shoes for
him to start on, I couldn't imagine a more fitting start for the pig!". John is
struggling to lick away at the dirt, the more he licks the more he feels like he
is slowly becoming something not human, maybe he really is a pig. As painful as
his crotch is he is somehow getting turned on by all of this, he can feel his
battered manhood start to harden up the more he licks away the filth on the shoe.
He licks the sole next, scraping away the dirt with his teeth, making sure they
have no reason to beat him further. Finding all of this strangely arousing and happy
that maybe he will find some happiness in his future as their pig.

"Oh my god, is he getting hard over this Kaylee? I didn't know he was such a freak!"
blurted out Isabella, doubling over laughing at the pig. John was embarassed
but continued to lick with more vigour to hopefully not anger the ladies.
"Well maybe we will let him keep his pathetic manhood if only to prove to himself
that being our slave is the right decision even by him" says Kaylee confidently.
John finishes making the outside of Lauren's gardening shoe spotless, his tongue
is caked in mud and filth and he feels dirty but her shoe is clean and once again
white as it once was long ago. Lauren gives an approving look, but feels like
having more fun after seeing John's enjoyment in cleaning her filthy shoe. She
grabs the shoe off John, kneeling and prostrate on the floor and shoves the shoe against
his face, using the shoelaces to tie it to his head so that the opening of the
shoe is cupping his mouth and nose in, forcing him to inhale 10 years of horrible
foot scents with no escape.

"You are a genius Lauren, that is the absolute greatest thing I've seen in my life"
Isabella exclaims excitedly. "Way to go, mom. I love how you treat this pig" chimes
Jessica as Kaylee just watches on in amusement and see's John's obvious arousal
over all of this. She wonders, maybe this can work out after all. Everyone could
be so much happier with John as our slave permanently. He's so much better as a
pig after all.

The night was a blur for John, it shall remain that way for what happened later that

They had left the shoe tied to his face for over an hour, only taking it off to replace
it with the other gardening shoe to as they said "Freshen him up". After a couple of
hours of being tormented beneath their feet with the smelly gardening shoe tied to
his face, John was to celebrate his birthday.

"It's the piggy's birthday, maybe we should give him a drink!" said Kaylee excitedly.
The other girls whispered a few words to each other and then all burst out laughing,
they selected the next dirtiest shoes from the pile, Lauren's work pumps that had been
worn to the office for 8 solid years, smellier than the gardening shoes and actually
making the room smell subtly more and more as time grew on. Jessica hated Lauren
taken them off around her because she knew how much they smelt the room out. They took
the pair out and put them in front of John "Stay piggy, don't touch these at all yet,
we have a birthday surprise for you!" said Jessica as the other women giggled together
at the thought of what was to come. They left the room while Kaylee watched on in
amusement at her new pig. "I'm glad you enjoy being a pig for me, it makes it so much
easier when you enjoy it and accept your new position in life for me!" said Kaylee
with a big sweet smile.

The women came back with a few bottles of champagne, and a few glasses. They filled their
glasses and said "Cheers piggy!" in unison. Lauren then said with a grin "But piggy needs
a drink for the toast for his birthday! Let's give him something to drink!" With that they
laid John down and Isabella cupped her smelly soles over his face, blocking his vision and
rubbing his face with her soles. She slapped him a few times before covering his vision for
good measure and said "No peeking, it's a surprise!". John heard a few laughs and then
Isabella let her feet drop away from his face. "Okay piggy, we have your birthday drink!
You'll have to serve a few of our friends to afford to buy Lauren new work pumps but at
least you can make good use of her old ones!" John looked up and saw them pouring
the champagne down their ankles and dirty feet, pointing their toes towards Lauren's work
pumps and filling them with champagne. "Drink up now, you can't waste a drop and the
'glass' for you is almost edible, you'll lick it clean and suck the insoles, too!"

John stumbled towards the pump, hesitant about drinking from a dirty work high heeled shoe
that Lauren had been wearing for around a decade. He knew what he had to do as their pig
if he wanted to avoid pain, so he tipped the glass towards his mouth and drank away.
He could taste what could only be described as an alcoholic foot stench, with dirt and
grime from years of Laurens feet soaked into the champagne. "Oh my god I'm beginning to
think we can really do anything to him and he'll like it! He is a total foot slut. We
really picked the right guy to serve our feet for the rest of our lives, girls!" screamed
Kaylee rauciously. He finished one pump's contents, and looked to see the other pump waiting
for him. "Come on piggy, plenty more for you tonight, it's your birthday after all!" said
Lauren as Jessica forced his mouth open while Lauren poured the other pump's contents
into his mouth, making all of the girls laugh wildly and cheer for their pig.

"I think it's time you sucked on those insoles, too pig! I've added the gardening shoe's
insoles to make a nice treat for you to gag on tonight. We're going out on the town to
celebrate our new wealth and you need something to do after all!" exclaimed Kaylee and
Lauren almost in unison. Jessica again forced his mouth open while Lauren and Kaylee
forced the four insoles into his mouth, filling his nostrils with the stench of feet and
champagne. They then took all of their pantyhose off, using them to tie him to the
railing in Kaylee's shoe closet with her 300+ pairs of shoes, tied the insole gag in place
with pantyhose to make sure he couldn't remove it and covered him in worn, smelly shoes until
he could not see a thing. All that the girls could see was a large pile of smelly shoes now.

"Have a happy birthday, pig. Today is the first day of the rest of your life!" Was all that
John heard in between laughing and discussions on what they want to buy first.

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