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20-01-2013, 11:38 AM
Hi, this story is about my wife, she's at work at the moment, and I have to go soon too,
I'm afraid I can only start this thing, but anyway, there is a lot to say, so one step at
a time will do I hope.
We are together for 12 YEARS, I'm 38, she's 35, and I told her I love matures,so can't wait,
for her to turn 40, and I will have sex with a 40 year old! Well, it was years ago, and I didn't
realize how old I'm gonna be then, but fuck it, we still look good, so bring it on! :)
I love my wife, she is the sexiest woman for me, with sexy, slutty, and always smelly feet.
Square toenails, golden flat toering, yellowish soles we are talking about here, so you
get the idea, in this forum anyway.
Before we met whenever she went on a date, washed her sexy feet, cause she was
ashamed of the smell. It's a sweet, lurking smell, very womanly, crazy.
She was working as a dancer at a club for two months after we met, I never told
her to quit, but she never liked it, it was good money, but it wasn't for her.
The only 'good thing' came out of the two months, that she made me a foot fetishist.
Before I was always looking at her feet, I remember her toenails in the sand at the beach,
but never new what to do with the feeling. All the other girls I was going out with, I never even looked at their feet. - It's funny now, what a waste, isn't it :)
I did look at her feet all the time though, and she has this effect on everybody I think, a lot of times friends, and her co-workers comment on her feet, or shoes, gives them an excuse to keep looking at them, you know the drill.
Anyway, I remember the exact moment, when we were talking on the phone, and she was telling me how an old man was paying her big money to get her tights and smell her feet.
She was actually laughing how much profit she made on the tights and they were very smelly.
That very second I was caught.
I told here, when we meet again, I want to smell her feet too.
She was laughing, and said that is stupid, but if I really want it, why not?

I'm sorry folks, but I really have to go know, it was a pleasure - dam right it was :) - writing
here and if you want I will continue another time.

20-01-2013, 11:31 PM
And I'm back already with the rest of the story.
The next time we met she took a shower already, and I couldn't smell anything really.
I asked her not to, but she said she was not gonna let me smell her feet when it's stinky.
I had to wait until we went on a bus-trip where she was wearing the same shoes for about 24 hours.
I was nagging her for the whole time to let me smell her feet, and other body-parts as well, which are not relevant here, in this forum. She said OK, but when we get there she went to the washroom and cleaned herself a little bit. I was a bit disappointed, but I could smell a bit of her feet, and we had one of our best sex ever.
She's got confident since, she knows already what kind of power her feet have on me.
Whenever we have sex, she puts her stinky toes under my nose, spreading them, and let me inhale her.
I'm not exactly sure if she's doing this because she gets a kick of it, or just making me pumping more inside of her, or both, but to be honest, I think she likes her feet smelled.
That's what she says anyway, and I believe my lovely wife, why not. :)
It got to the point, when she didn't mind even if other men could smell her feet.
Years ago we lived with other people together - we rented a room in a house - and I think because I loved her foot-smell, she got the idea that everyone else loves it too. She was walking in her slippers every day, and they got really smelly.
I could actually smell them sitting at the table. When I mentioned it to her she started laughing, and said she though so, because when she passed the phone to one of the fellas who lived there with us, he kind of made a face, like something had hit him.
She said she actually spread her toes to make sure the smell would get him.
When I asked her why she did it, she said he was such a loser, he hadn't been with a woman for like a year, at least he could smell one.
She loves her own foot-smell, she always had, she always smells her socks before put them in the washer.
She convinced herself - with some help from her husband :) - that every men does too, and as far as I'm concerned, she's dead right.
She works as a waitress in a hotel, and we live in a very humid country, so you get the idea what kind of treats I'm getting when I'm lucky.
Years ago she had a very comfortable pair of work-shoes, and for some reason I can't remember, she didn't wear any socks for work for a whole summer. It got to the point, when I could smell her shoes in the hallway.
She wanted to throw them out, but couldn't find any comfortable enough new shoes for months, so they stayed for a long time, thank God.
One day they were under pressure, and called the waitresses in the hotel to help doing up some rooms, and with her manager she went. When she had to squat in order to make the bed,her soles were hanging out she could smell her feet, and her manager, - about forty year old business-woman type - must have smelled them too.
I said don't be silly, they are not that bad at all, but I lied, you see, I loved the idea of her feet being smelled by her boss.
It was a five star hotel, and I was sniffing the waitresses stinky feet every night, I'd say some of them wealthy old fucks would have changed places with me when they saw her feet without socks in the hot, humid day, wondering how they must smell.
She got rid of them shoes eventually, and she was wearing nylons when she decided I deserved it, but they were the best, nothing makes her feet smell like them since.
These days she's wearing socks at work, I was very lucky today, she came home from work, no shower, we went shopping, she got a dress, we came home, she tried it on with high heels and let me smell her sexy, very smelly, after-worky, after UGG bootsy, cheesy feet for a couple of minutes, and that's all what I needed my friends, that's just all what I needed.

21-01-2013, 01:01 AM
pic plz dude :)

22-01-2013, 06:56 AM
I will get some pics, but it will take a while,because it has to be herself to upload them, - I have no clue,how to - and so far she has no idea of the forum.
We'll get there, but I have to bring it up at the right time :)