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25-09-2011, 06:41 AM
DISCLAIMER: Like all my stories, this is sexually explicit and only for people over 18 (or 21 in some jurisdictions). Come back and enjoy it when you’re of age. ;)

This story is, shall we say, “based on true events,” with a few events modified here and there to keep things interesting and fresh. Let’s just say that it was an…interesting chapter in my marriage. lol. Even though the ending isn’t “positive,” necessarily, the whole situation, positive and negative, is simply one of the hottest set of collective memories I have. If you find the concept of a threesome/love triangle offensive or taboo, I’d appreciate it if you don’t waste your time reading on or flaming me.

This is the longest story I’ve ever written given that it took place over a 6 week period a few years ago. I hope you enjoy it. :)



Like any red blooded male, I have secretly fantasized about trying a menage a trois since I was old enough even to understand what one entailed. The concept of two women and I together was positively tantalizing to me. Now, I didn’t develop a foot smelling fetish until I was with my wife, as I’ve said in the past. My wife and I sort of came to this fetish together, what with her dominating nature and how hard I would cum from being forced to smell her disgusting foot sweat and lick them clean.

Never did my private threesome fantasy wane, though. Instead, when I fantasized about a threesome, it started including my wife and another girl, dominating me with their disgusting smelly feet, humiliating me because of how addicted I was to their different scents, and making me cum while worshipping their smelly feet.

In the past, mostly while drunk, I had jokingly suggested the idea to my wife a few times. She would usually just grin and tease me about it, maybe dangling her sweaty foot out of a pair of high heels and whispering about the things she would do to another woman, or the things the two would do to me. She brought it up a couple times when her sweaty toes were in my face filling my nose with their scent as she was giving me a handjob to push me over the edge.

Fast forward a couple months, and allow me to introduce “Halley,” as I will call her. My wife had a very good friend in graduate school, and Halley was the grad student’s friend. Halley was about 5’7”, in decent shape, with light brown shoulder-length hair that was somewhat wavy and piercing green eyes. She was the cute girl next door type, much like my wife. The four of us went out to dinner at a Japanese place. As soon as we met her, the vibe got very interesting, very fast.

Halley stayed quiet for a bit, but quickly became involved in the conversation. I’m a bit of a flirt, even sometimes in front of my wife (knowing she would likely punish me for it later, of course), so as Halley became more involved in the conversation, I became more flirtatious with her. Halley and I talked and flirted a bit on our own while my wife chatted away with her grad student friend, and sometimes we would all be talking about random stuff. It was your typical mid-20s evening out, more or less.

Things changed quickly, however, when the topic at the table turned to sex and relationships. Perhaps partially in response to my flirting, and partially due to the lightly risque topic at hand, Halley unflinchingly dropped a bit of a bombshell in front of the entire group. Her last relationship was a full on menage a trois with a man and woman who both were in a serious relationship with each other. It lasted about 6 months before she broke it off with the two of them. She was now single, but really enjoyed the experience. She described this with a particular twinkle in her eye, focused not just at me, but my wife as well. My wife picked up on this and gave her a bit of a suggestive smirk back. My heart was thumping in my chest at this point. I wondered if I could really engineer my fantasy to come true. Fuck, if only I knew what was going to happen over the next 6 weeks.

THE BUILDUP (part 1 of 4)

I got Halley’s facebook information and phone number that night and wrote her a few times. Almost immediately, she was quite suggestive in some of her texts and facebook messages. I could tell that she was, at the very least, interested in me. Of course, I knew that was meaningless unless I could get her interested in my wife, AND get my wife interested in her, and navigate the tricky shoal of jealousy that might arise at the potential of sharing each other’s “company,” so to speak.

After a few days of heavy texting and facebook flirting, Halley and I decided to go out for coffee together one afternoon. The chemistry was absolutely electric almost immediately. We sat close together on a big oversized couch in the coffee shop. Soon into our conversation, the topic turned to sex again (this seemed to happen every time we would talk). Without any prodding from me, she started talking about my wife and me. “You know, if you keep talking to me like this, I might have to try and steal you from your wife.” I couldn’t help but grin like an idiot at this comment. “Well it’s a good thing I’m happily married then, huh? I don’t know how my wife feels about sharing.” “Hmm…well she’s not the only one with something to worry about. I might be tempted to steal her too.” Holy fuck, I thought. The conversation kept on like this, with her dropping hint after hint about her attraction to both of us. I could tell she was gunning for a threesome with both of us, and I was amazed at how little I had to prod her in that direction.

Maybe I’ve got a one-track mind, but I hadn’t thought to check out Halley’s feet until this point. They were covered up when I first met her at the Japanese place. That day at the coffee shop, however, I noticed she was wearing expensive designer flip flops, and decided to steal a brief stare when I thought she wasn’t looking. As soon as I saw them, my eyes must have bugged out of my head. I think I must have built up a few lifetimes worth of good karma I was cashing in at this point, because Halley had the hottest pair of feet I have EVER seen, even to this day. I’m including foot fetish porn, as well. I am not exaggerating in the least. Not even my wife’s beautiful, soft, sweaty high arched feet and long toes were as hot this girl’s feet. They were size six, flawlessly shaped, with perfectly proportioned toes. While I couldn’t clearly see her soles because of the angle of my view, her feet had just the perfect amount of arch; she didn’t have a single callous or crack, not even on her heels.

And oh my god, her fucking pedicure. It looked like it must have cost her $100. The toes were painted a flawless, glossy base of black, and the pedicurist must have had a degree in art design, because there was some sort of crazy, multicolored modern-art type set of color streaks making a complicated tangle pattern on the toenails of the big and fourth toe of both feet. The pattern was incredibly complex, but was IDENTICAL on each toe. I have never seen a pedicure pattern that breathtaking ever since.

If you’re wondering how I picked up that much detail from a “brief stare,” it’s because it ended up NOT being a brief stare. As soon as I saw her feet, I was mesmerized. My dick was getting visibly hard in my pants, and I didn’t even try to adjust it or hide it. After staring for a while, I noticed her start dangling her flip flop, and I snapped out of it. Oh fuck, I must have been staring at least 20-30 seconds, I thought. I noticed how hard I was, tried to deftly adjust my seating position so it wasn’t as obvious.

I cleared my throat, and smoothly turned to face Halley. She was staring directly at me, and had a subtle, EVIL smirk on her face, and this unbelievably hot sparkle in her eyes. She was piercing me with her stare, and honestly looked kind of turned on. “Do you like my pedicure? You were staring at my feet for quite a while,” she asked in a sexy, flirtatious tone of voice. I am normally a pretty composed person, but it was obvious I was completely embarrassed by being caught and taunted by her. I even felt my face get a little flushed, which almost never happens to me. She giggled at my reaction like a naughty schoolgirl. “I love my feet—I think they’re my favorite feature on my entire body. I spend a lot of money keeping them looking and feeling great.” I cleared my throat to maintain my composure. “Yes,” I replied, “they are really nice. I mean, your pedicure is gorgeous, and they look pretty soft too.” “Oh, you think so?” she replied, “I can show you how soft they are, if you’d like.”

I sharply inhaled involuntarily and adjusted myself a bit as I felt shockwaves going to my dick. There were at least 50 people in this coffee shop, any of whom could start staring at me. She knew it too, the evil little bitch. After letting those words hang thick in the air for a bit, she giggled again. “I really could use a foot massage actually. Would you mind?” God damn it, I thought. My wife would kill me if she walked in on me right now, but I absolutely cannot resist the opportunity to touch those feet, and maybe catch a sniff if I could surreptitiously get them close enough to my face.

She wasn’t giving me much of a choice, because without me answering one way or another, she slipped off both her flip flops and stuck her feet in my lap, giving me a full view of her soles. I looked over at her, and she had made herself comfortable on the couch cushions. She looked back at me with that evil smirk on her face again. It was pretty obvious this was turning her on as much as it was turning me on. I didn’t pay much attention to this for long, though, because my gaze quickly shifted to the pair of feet now resting on my lap. Her soles, dear readers. Holy god, her soles. They were sort of wrinkly, a little meaty, with the perfect amount of arch. There wasn’t a callous to be seen on her soles, heels, the balls of her feet. They looked perfect and baby soft. I don’t think there is a foot fetish man alive who wouldn’t pay money to worship Halley’s soles.

After a few seconds of taking in the flawless perfection on my lap, I took her left foot in my hand and began giving her a foot massage. She practically purred at this attention. Being the footstool I am, I give regular foot massages to my wife, so I am quite skilled at them. Halley’s feet were just as soft as they looked, with no rough patches anywhere on them. It was like she did nothing but wear closed-toed shoes for her entire life. They were sweaty from the flip flops, which made them even softer. As though she was reading my mind, she asked me “Do you like them? Are they soft? They’re pretty sweaty from running around all day in my flip flops…I hope they don’t smell too bad.” I again inhaled involuntarily in reaction to this. Had she been going through my computer or something? Was this really happening right now, in a public coffee shop?

Halley is an exceptionally perceptive girl apparently, because she was able to read the reactions I had to everything she was saying to me—either that, or I was just being exceedingly obvious. She started flexing and wiggling her toes after my reaction to her comment on her foot scent, revealing how wrinkly her soles get when she curls her toes up. “Oh my god, that feels so good. Does your wife make you give her foot massages all the time? You are better at this than anyone I have ever met. Rub my other foot would you?” Obedient as always, I gently placed her left foot down on my lap and grabbed her right one, beginning to massage it, feeling how soft and sweaty they were. I had been staring at them intently the whole time. “You really like my feet, don’t you? I can tell…in more ways than one.” I froze as I realized how hard I had gotten. She giggled again. Her giggle was so naughty that it was turning me on a little just hearing it. “Don’t worry silly, your foot fetish is safe with me. Like I told you before, my feet are my favorite part of my body. I won’t make you suck on them…at least not today.” I think I was trembling a bit at this point. She adjusted herself a bit, and placed her left foot flat on my lap right over my dick. “Keep rubbing.” While I was rubbing, she started stroking her baby soft left foot across the length of my dick through my pants. This crazy girl I had only known three weeks was giving me, a married man, a surreptitious footjob through my pants, in a busy public coffee shop. What if one of my wife’s friends was here and saw me? Honestly, though, I was too enthralled by Halley’s gorgeous feet to notice. My fetish had taken over, and I didn’t care if I got caught at that point. Halley knew that, too.

After a couple eternal minutes of this teasing, Halley sat up and pulled her feet toward her. “It’s 3 o clock and I have class in an hour. I should go home and get ready. What are you doing on Thursday?” Oh fuck, I thought. I have been here almost two hours. I was so horny at that point that I could barely think straight, and as my erection was slowly dying down it was making me even more frustrated and aggravated. Without really thinking about it, I replied “Halley…you are one evil bitch, you know that?” She laughed out loud at me. “Oh, I know. You deserve it, though.” She let those words hang in the air for a few seconds while we locked eyes in pure sexual tension and frustration. “I’ll text you later. I have ‘something I need to do’ before class.” It was obvious she meant she needed to get home and cum as badly as I did. God damn it. She leaned over to me and whispered naughtily in my ear, “We’ll talk soon.” Her sexy voice gave me goosebumps. She put on her flip flops, got up, and started walking away. She stopped suddenly and turned around, “By the way, I’m excited. I’m finally meeting your gorgeous wife for dinner tonight. Just the two of us.” She smiled for a second, said “Bye!” cheerfully, and walked away, leaving me with my head spinning.

It took me a second to realize one key piece of info: my wife had told me earlier that she was going out with her friends from the grad school that night. She said NOTHING about dinner with Halley. She was hiding it from me.

THE BUILDUP (part 2 of 4)

I quickly began to realize what was going on, or so I thought. My wife at that point was a little bi-curious, and I think she was genuinely interested in trying something with a girl. She was in a sorority in college, and had made out with a few girls at parties, but never went beyond that. She was unsure, though, if she was actually attracted to girls, or just interested in trying something new and dangerous. Halley, as she freely admitted, was no stranger to the dynamics of a menage a trois, and seemed to be working on playing both sides of our marriage to establish the love triangle and make her move on one or both of us. My hypothesis wasn’t entirely accurate, though, as I would come to find out soon.

After going home and having a quick, wonderful orgasm thinking about Halley’s foot model soles and toes and dreaming about how incredible they must smell after a nice long workout, I noticed my phone flashing indicating I had an SMS. I pulled out my phone and noticed it was from my wife. “We have to talk when I get home. You had better be there when I get back.” I froze up. Was Halley trying to torpedo me by telling my wife about the foot tease session she gave me at the coffee shop earlier that day? I was genuinely freaked out by the terse tone of her text.

Three agonizing hours passed, and I heard a car roll up to the driveway at around midnight. It was Halley’s. I peeked out the window and saw my wife talking to Halley for a bit. She then leaned in and kissed Halley on the cheek, then got out of the car and walked toward the front door. I hastily returned to the couch to pretend I was doing something else other than spying. My wife walked in and said “Good, you stayed home like I asked. We need to talk, but I need to shower first.” I was disappointed that she was showering, because I really wanted to have a good foot session with her given how horny I was from Halley’s teasing earlier that day.

She went to the bathroom to prepare the shower, leaving me sitting in the living room to think. At this point, I knew she was teasing me on purpose for some reason. I hoped it was because Halley had brought the threesome idea up at the dinner.

She got out of the shower and told me to go the bedroom, sit on the bed, and listen to what she had to say. I did as she said, and she sat next to me. She got to the point immediately. “I think Halley would be the right girl for us if you still want to do a threesome.” She smiled at me as she gauged my reaction to that comment. I was like an excited schoolboy. “There’s just one problem,” she said. “Okay babe, I’m listening.” “Some stuff happened tonight between Halley and I, and I realized I’m not bisexual in the least. I am straight as an arrow, and I really don’t find women attractive.” My heart sank into my stomach. God damn it, I thought. This was setting up perfectly, and now it’s ruined. I felt like I woke up on Christmas morning to a lump of coal in my stocking.

Obviously, my wife is pure evil and in tune to my reactions. She fully intended to fuck with my head like this. She continued, “Halley and I talked, flirted and played footsie for a while. Wow babe, I have to say, her feet are magnificent. I think they’re even hotter than mine. I’m sure you must have been pretty hard when you were playing with them at the coffee shop today.” What the fuck?? I thought. “Oh don’t you try to deny it. I know a filthy footstool like you wouldn’t be able to resist. She told me ALL about it, and I told her ALL about you. But, I’ll get to that later.” The adrenaline was really pumping now.

“We were both really turned on at dinner. We were flirting, talking about naughty sexual things we liked to do, and just generally messed with each other’s heads.” I was enthralled by this entire exchange. Who was this woman I married? “Needless to say, we went to her car and made out pretty heavily. But, then I realized something.” She paused for a second for impact. “As she started rubbing my crotch through my pants, it actually started turning me off. I wasn’t guilty to be doing this behind your back or anything because I knew you were rooting for it to work out between the three of us. It was just not doing it for me, having a woman touch me. It was sort of this deep rooted reaction I had to it. She could tell, too, because the chemistry died out almost immediately. We quit making out awkwardly at that point. Halley looked really disappointed.”

I must have looked like a disappointed kid whose ice cream cone fell apart before he could eat it, because she smiled at me and said “Oh, don’t worry. You’re going to like how this turns out.” I was genuinely perplexed at this point. “We talked a while about everything, and she confessed that she was really attracted to me, and also really attracted to you. She told me about the foot play she gave you at the coffee shop earlier. After she told me about that, I realized something. I don’t want to have a threesome in the…normal, stereotypical way.” I looked at her puzzled and replied, “What does that mean?” She replied, “I want to watch you and Halley.”

I thought I was hallucinating. “Wait a minute, come again?” I said. She smiled calmly. “As Halley and I talked, babe, I realized what my fetish is. The thought of another woman getting you off and driving you crazy makes me so wet that I think I could seriously finger her and get her off myself if the three of us were doing that.” “Okay, wait a minute,” I interrupted. “You are seriously telling me that the thought of me being with another woman makes you horny?” “Yep. The thought of her teasing and humiliating you in public, and the guilt you must have felt at having your foot fetish exploited like that, turned the chemistry between us up threefold at least. I felt wet just thinking about giving Halley orders on what to do to drive you the most crazy while I watch and finger myself.” I had to resist the urge to pinch myself to wake up, because this couldn’t possibly be happening. “And you know why that is, baby?” she asked. “Why?” I replied. Her demeanor instantly shifted to her evil dominatrix persona.

“Because, you worthless footstool, I am still your fucking mistress and you are my property. After she is done with you, you and I are going to dominate her and make her cum. Then this threesome business is going to end as quickly as it started.”

THE BUILDUP (part 3 of 4)

My wife had ended the conversation abruptly with that bombshell of a pronouncement. Apparently in addition to being dominant as hell, she was also toying with being a voyeur and exhibitionist. I felt like I was in a different universe. The weeks ticked on toward, I hoped, the realization of my fantasies. Given the deep foot fetish basis of it, and how taboo it is even in today’s liberal society, I felt like I couldn’t explain it to anyone.

I would sit in class with my good friends next to me and get dirty messages from Halley on facebook, then have to dim my screen and adjust myself to prevent my friends from seeing. Halley once sent me a picture of her feet over gmail, and I had to quickly shut the window because the thumbnail popped up in the email. And yet, the secrecy of the whole situation seemed to make it even hotter for me.

I met with Halley a few times for lunch or coffee off and on for the next couple weeks, and she would flirt with me and make me give her foot massages. She also revealed that, just as my wife had mentioned previously, she knew that my foot fetish involved, specifically, forced foot smelling and worship of smelly sweaty feet. While she had never done that to a guy before, she thought it would be pretty hot to torment me given how badly I would tease her and mess with her head all the time. She wanted to torture me.

She would talk about how hard she would work out at the gym, and how she would wear the same pair of socks several days in a row. She told me she was keeping a pair buried in her laundry bin around a bunch of other sweat socks that she might make me smell later. She only talked about this over facebook and in person when we were in a public place and I was rubbing her feet, because I couldn’t just bury my nose in her sweaty toes and addict myself to her scent. I didn’t even really know how her feet smelled, and she knew that. I could only slightly smell them on my fingers after giving her foot rubs when her feet were smelly from the gym. She would also make me jerk off to pics of her feet and dirty texts about how bad her feet smelled.

One time she had teased me so bad that I practically begged her to at least give me those socks she wore for days and kept in the bottom of the laundry bin. She giggled like an evil schoolgirl and replied, “Your wife has told me expressly that the first time you’re gonna smell how badly my feet stink is when the three of us finally hook up.” “Yeah, well, when the fuck is that going to be? You’re killing me!” I replied in exasperation. “Soon, baby. Real soon. Your wife and I have something special planned for you.”

On top of Halley teasing the shit out of me, my wife was fanning the flames. She was, I quickly realized, the one orchestrating my entire torment. She would blindfold me and make me smell her feet after a long day at work and describe how it was going to be when I had to smell and clean two pairs of beautiful feet. She jerked me off while filling my head with her disgusting foot scent and making me imagine how it would be to worship Halley’s beautiful sweat soaked soles while getting a blowjob. I came dozens of times over the next couple weeks from this incessant teasing by both of them.

THE BUILDUP (part 4 of 4)

My wife arranged dinner at a nice restaurant with Halley and I. This was the first time the three of us were going out together without a larger group. I was so fucking blueballed by this whole situation that I desperately hoped this would be the night that the threesome would happen. My hopes were about to come true.

We had a bit of a wait before we could be seated, and I noticed both of them were wearing really old looking high heeled closed toed pumps with no nylons or socks. They caught me staring at them and giggled, whispering things to each other and dangling their shoes. I both loved it and hated my life, because I had been teased for over a month at this point and was getting desperate. My wife, evil puppet master she was, decided to sit next to Halley and have me sit by myself across from them in a small booth. The booth was designed to be intimate and it was a bit awkward for a guy as tall as I am to position myself comfortably without my long legs hitting the girls in front of me. The booth was tucked away deep inside the restaurant in a single small room, with a curtain pulled across the entrance for privacy. Our drinks came and we were chatting away and flirting a bit, quite carefree.

A few minutes into our drinks, however, Halley leaned over to my wife and whispered to her. The two of them smiled evilly and looked at me the whole time they were whispering back and forth. I stared back at them with a look on my face like a doofus in headlights, I’m sure. Halley eventually quit whispering to my wife, and I heard two high heels drop to the floor under the table with a distinct “thud.” Halley and my wife adjusted themselves a bit and, given how close together we were, easily reached my lap and crotch with both their feet. I was thankful that we were sitting in a private room separated from the rest of the restaurant by a curtain. They resumed chatting with each other.

My wife’s high arched size 10, and Halley’s mindblowing size 6, were resting right between my legs. They were glistening with sweat, and a little dirty on the soles. It was apparent they hadn’t washed them in days. They were both staring at me intermittently. “Play with them and feel how sweaty they are while Halley and I talk,” my wife commanded. Halley giggled her evil little schoolgirl giggle. I began gently running my fingertips over them, rubbing them a bit, playing with the toes. Halley and my wife were talking about random things while I worked, but I could not care less what they were saying. I was enthralled by their perfect feet, and they both knew it.

I immediately noticed they both had received new pedicures. My wife went for a solid, glossy coat of dark purple, which was unbelievably sexy. Halley, true to form, had solid black toenails, with an intricate freehand pattern on multiple toes. After a couple minutes of playing with them, Halley told me to move closer to her foot. I complied, and she started rubbing her foot gently over my dick through my pants, while I played with my wife’s foot. I was hard as a rock by this point. I was enthralled by their feet, and could lightly smell their combined foot sweat wafting up toward my nose while they wiggled their toes to show off their wrinkles to me. I couldn’t handle it, and I unzipped my pants and maneuvered my cock so it was out of my pants for Halley to stimulate. She giggled evilly again and whispered about it to my wife who feigned a shocked look but also looked incredibly turned on. I was so completely into their feet that I didn’t really notice how long I had been sitting there, cock out through my open zipper getting a gentle footjob from Halley, until I suddenly heard the privacy curtain get thrown back abruptly by the waiter. I visibly jumped, and somehow managed to maneuver my rock hard dick back into my pants, but couldn’t zip up in time.

Halley and my wife grinned at me briefly and refused to move their feet. Halley kept rubbing my dick with her foot. The waiter looked at me awkwardly given my abrupt reaction. He had to have known I was hiding something. Thankfully, he didn’t look down at my crotch because he would have seen my dick hard as a rock through my pants, my zipper wide open, and Halley’s sweaty dirty foot cruelly but secretly stimulating it.

“Are you folks ready to order?” he asked after an awkward silence. I chimed in immediately, “No, I think I need a little more time—“ “Oh don’t be silly,” my wife interrupted, “you are so indecisive; you know what you want. We are both ready,” she said, gesturing to Halley. God damn it, I thought, I haven’t even looked at the menu yet. Halley began rubbing my dick more furiously, and I was thankful it was so dark in the private room because the waiter would otherwise easily have seen Halley’s foot gliding over my dick. It took every ounce of my focus and composure to confidently pick up the menu, flip through it, and choose the first thing I saw that looked decent. When I opened my mouth to speak, Halley pushed her soft foot into my dick, and gave one long slow stroke. I jumped a little and my voice waivered a little bit as I was speaking, but I powered through it. The waiter looked really puzzled, but he didn’t ask questions. I’m sure he knew EXACTLY what was going on, but probably didn’t care because we just ordered a $300+ meal. Out of sight, out of mind, I guess.

After the waiter left and pulled the curtain shut, I exclaimed, “God damn you two. I hate you both so much.” Halley and my wife burst out laughing at me, and I felt utterly humiliated. “Just for that,” my wife said, “you will be cleaning all four of our feet thoroughly with your tongue for dessert. I hope you’re ready. Now be quiet and rub Halley’s feet.” My wife took over gentle footjob duties and I began rubbing Halley’s perfect, sweaty foot. I felt myself precum at least 2 times throughout, and hoped there was no indication of it through my pants. I’m sure both of them hoped there WAS.

This footsie/footjob torture went on, off and on, for the entire two and a half hour dinner, with occasional long breaks where they put their shoes back on to make their feet got nice and sweaty again. They never took their other shoe off to ensure that one of their feet would be absolutely soaked with sweat and stink for later. I was in heaven and hell at the same time. I believed my wife and Halley were succubae sent from the black abyss to sexually torment me and provide me scarcely enough release to function. I’m sure the waiter eventually figured out what was going on, but I was long past the point of caring.

The bill came—a hefty $360 with tip, thus explaining the waiter’s tolerance of my surreptitious foot fucking—and we got in the car and drove back to my house. They made me drive because I was the least intoxicated of the bunch, given the intense attention I had been giving to their feet for the better part of the evening. They were both buzzed and giggly, and kept leaning over to grab my dick through my pants, or whisper in my ear little teases about what was coming.


Halley and my wife were sopping wet and I was only just starting to get over the last of the ten or so full erections those evil women had given me all night, and none of us could stand it another second. Once we were in the house with the door shut and locked, I came up behind Halley, grabbed her by the ass, and started kissing her neck. She moaned audibly and guided my hand to her perky B-cup tits, which I began gently rubbing. I also tweaked her nipples gently while she moaned and whimpered. Without missing a beat, my wife started sucking Halley’s nipples and rubbing her crotch through her pants. I thought Halley was going to cum then and there given her reactions, but after getting her heated up, my wife stopped and grabbed me by the hair, pulling me toward the bedroom. Halley bit her lower lip gently and grabbed my ass while I was being pulled.

My wife shoved me on the bed and told me to be quiet and watch. Halley had goosebumps from my wife’s somewhat harsh, dominant treatment of me. My wife roughly undressed Halley while making out with her, and I started undressing myself. My wife stopped and barked at me, “Don’t you fucking dare. We will undress you when we’re ready.” Halley was flabbergasted at my wife’s demeanor, but obviously very turned on. Not too many people have seen my wife in her dominant mode, given how relaxed and upbeat she is in mixed company.

After Halley was naked, I was certainly enjoying myself. My wife didn’t seem to care or notice that I had my hand down my pants playing with my dick. Halley had the perfect, sexy girl next door body that I love so much. It was the first time I had seen her naked. My wife started to undress while continuing to give me a lesbian make out show. They kept their shoes on throughout the make out session. After they were both naked, it was obvious how wet they were.

My wife grabbed Halley forcefully and shoved her onto the bed, making her land on top of me. She began kissing me as soon as she landed on me. I didn’t know this at the time, but my wife had pulled up the oversized chair in our master bedroom and sat down in it, putting her feet up on the foot of the bed. She started playing with herself slowly. “You may undress now, footstool.” I was overwhelmed – Halley’s gorgeous body was up against me, she was making out heavily with me, and my wife’s sexy dominating voice was controlling the entire situation.

Halley took off my tie while nibbling on my earlobe and neck. She then unbuttoned my shirt and exposed my chest, licking and sucking on my nipples. I have very sensitive nipples, and every lick and suck was like a shockwave down to my dick. I was so hard it was driving me absolutely insane. I heard my wife moaning while she masturbated. Halley removed my suit coat and dress shirt, and threw them on the floor. I pulled her close to me and started kissing and nibbling on her earlobe and neck. I whispered in her ear, “Do you want me to fuck you baby? Do you want to feel me inside you?” She trembled and moaned “Oh god yes.” My wife said, “Halley I want you to suck his dick. Take off his pants.” Halley was more than willing to comply. She took my pants off as fast as possible, yanked my pants off and threw them on the floor. My dick was hard and standing straight up. Halley wrapped her lips around my head and started sucking while bobbing her head up and down. Every muscle in my body clenched. Halley was very good with her mouth.

My wife couldn’t hold out much longer, and told Halley to start fingering herself while blowing me. Watching this happen pushed her over the edge and my wife moaned and yelled as a huge orgasm coursed through her. Halley came soon thereafter too while focusing on tonguing and sucking on the head of my dick. I was unbelievably close too. The orgasm coursed through Halley like a lightning bolt, and I could feel it in the way she sucked. My wife climbed into bed next to me and started licking and sucking on my nipples, and snuck her hand down under my ass so she could tickle my balls. I was completely overwhelmed with sensations—her tongue on my nipples was sending lightning bolts to my dick, amplified by the sensations from her tickling my balls. All of this was radically intensifying the feeling from Halley’s amazing blowjob. Halley stopped for a second and gave me a handjob, asking me “Do you want to cum baby? I want you to cum on my tits.” I babbled some kind of affirmative response, but was largely incoherent. She giggled sexily and resumed her blowjob. It didn’t take long – my entire world was overwhelmed by the different sensations Halley and my wife were making my body feel. Finally, Halley sucked just on the head while running her soft tongue all over, and I moaned incredibly loud. Immediately, Halley pulled my dick out right as I came load after load all over her. It must have been 4 or 5 loads given how badly I was teased through dinner. It was unbelievable. I think I might have passed out because everything is a blur for the next couple minutes.

The next thing I remember is my wife and Halley watching me with this unbelievably sexy look on their faces, and I noticed Halley had cleaned up all my cum. “Now that you’ve released all the pressure from us teasing you,” my wife said evilly, “we can start your real session.” Oh holy fuck, I thought, are you kidding me? I then noticed that through all the sex and sweating, neither Halley nor my wife had removed their sweaty, nasty pumps from their feet.

Like many guys, it takes me quite a while to “recharge” after cumming, especially when it’s a particularly hard orgasm. My wife planned the session out with that in mind so I would really have to take my time with the foot worship before cumming again. They were going to take their time teasing me and make sure I cleaned every inch of their nasty feet.

“We both came really hard,” Halley said with this evil little smirk on her face, “and we left our shoes on the entire time, knowing you would have to really take in our foot stink.” My wife laughed tauntingly and said “You have no idea how nasty these feet are. We have been planning on doing this to you for like two weeks, and we haven’t washed our feet in about a week.” Halley nodded and said “Uh-huh. I’ve been to the gym in the same pair of socks, the thinnest I own, for the whole week, and I’ve been avoiding washing my feet in the shower each morning.” My wife added, “I have been wearing my brown flats you hate so much, and my ratty work sneakers without socks around the house and with the same pair of socks to work all week.” I was visibly trembling at the thought of smelling those feet, and they knew it.

“Awww, look Halley, he’s shaking a little. He will love it by the end though. Isn’t he a disgusting man?” my wife asked. Halley giggled and agreed. “Whose feet should he smell first?” Halley asked. My wife asked me “Which feet do you want first? Mine or Halley’s?” I didn’t want either of them, but I knew if I said that I would be in deep shit. “You’re taking too long to answer, so you are going to smell Halley’s feet first,” my wife stated. Halley moved into position so she could comfortably wipe her nasty feet all over my face.

After she found a comfortable position, Halley took a commanding tone and said “Look at me. I want you to watch me take these shoes off.” I have to admit, her pumps were hot as fuck even though they were obviously quite old and a little worn out. They were the conservative businesswoman-style black closed toed pumps you would see at an office most of the time. I love/hate those because they show off the legs while still making the feet nice and smelly. They didn’t look cheap, either.

She slowly, cruelly removed the shoe from her left foot, holding her foot high in the air so it was close to my face. I caught a whiff of her feet and instinctively turned my head away in disgust. Her feet REEKED. My wife leaned in and slapped me. “You will keep your head still, footstool, or I will punish you.” “Yes mistress,” I replied obediently. Halley was obviously getting turned on with this mistress/servant dynamic between us because of how intently she was staring at our interplay. Halley finished removing the shoe from her smelly, sweaty, nasty, beautiful size 6 foot, and wiggled her toes a bit to feel the cool air in between her toes.

“Oh god that feels good. My feet are so unbelievably hot from being in those shoes all night. I can feel the sweat in between my toes,” Halley said. I was enthralled by how unbelievably sexy her foot looked. “Do you like how wrinkly they are?” my wife asked. She started stroking my nipples gently with her fingernails, sending shockwaves to my dick and balls. I felt my dick stirring again. “Halley, scrunch your toes so he can see them.” Halley complied, treating me to the perfect view of the sexiest fucking feet I have ever seen. Her soles wrinkled all the way from just below the balls of her feet down to the heels, and her unbelievably sexy, expensive pedicure design was right there for me to stare at. “Do you like them baby?” Halley asked. “Oh god, yes.” My wife smacked me again. “Yes WHAT, footstool?” “Yes mistress,” I immediately replied. “Good boy,” she said. Halley giggled again – she was obviously loving this.

“Are you ready to service her feet, footstool?” my wife asked. I stammered – they were so flawless and perfect, but I knew they were going to smell absolutely horrid. Halley, not giving me a chance to respond (as though that would have made a difference), lowered her left foot onto my chest. I could feel the sweat on her sole. She slowly dragged it up my chest, over my neck, across my cheek, and up to my nose where she rested her arch. “Take a big sniff of that, footstool,” Halley said. She was learning fast from my wife. I tried holding my breath. My wife slapped me. “Smell her fucking feet, you bitch! Do it right now or you will lick our feet clean for the next three hours.” “Oh god, please don’t,” I mumbled, my voice muffled by Halley’s soles. I took a big, deep whiff, and moaned in agony. Unlike my wife’s rather musty scent, Halley had a strong scent of pure vinegar. It was brutal—I absolutely hated it.

I tried to pull away instinctively again, and my wife grabbed me forcefully by the face to force me to keep sniffing. “You should punish him for resisting my feet,” Halley suggested. “My thoughts exactly,” my wife replied. She then demanded that I move further down the bed, and shuffled around until she was sitting directly above my head. My wife then clamped my head in between her strong legs and squeezed noticeably. I was now completely trapped and unable to move my head at all. “I told you to submit willingly…now you have no choice.” I groaned in agony. Halley responded by slowly dragging her sweaty sole down until my nose was directly underneath her toes. I took another breath and it smelled even more horrible. “What the fuck? Please stop, I can’t stand this another second,” I complained. Halley laughed at my misery. “His reactions are really making me wet, actually…do you guys always do this?” Halley said. My wife smirked and replied “Yep. I personally hate the way my feet smell, but he hates it even worse than I do. Start rubbing your clit again – it makes it even more satisfying to watch his suffering while you’re building up an orgasm. You will cum so hard, trust me.”

Halley bit her lower lip gently. “Yes, good idea,” she said, and started rubbing herself again, slowly. For me, this whole exchange was drowned out by the intense, nasty odor of Halley’s feet invading my nostrils. Halley then reached down and removed her right shoe, then moved her left foot so it was covering my vision and stuck her right toes directly under my nose. She moaned a little, “Inhale again, footstool. That’s all you’re good for, you know that? Oh god, yes. You are here to serve our perfect fucking feet and hate it every second.” My wife laughed at me. “I can smell her nasty feet all the way here. How can you possibly get off on this you disgusting pervert? Start rubbing your dick.” I tried to protest, but Halley kicked me in the face. “Your mistress told you to rub your dick, so start rubbing your fucking dick.” I felt her shudder a bit from her masturbating while she was watching my agony under her disgusting feet. My reactions were driving her nuts.

I reluctantly began rubbing my dick, which was beginning to stir again after the massive orgasm I had a few minutes before. “Oh yes,” Halley moaned, “rub that dick and get it hard again.” My wife was fingering herself too. “You will become as addicted to Halley’s scent as you are addicted to mine, footstool. Do you understand? Inhale again.” I groaned. I could feel her sweat on my nose and face. I took a deep inhale and started stroking faster. Her feet smelled so strong that I could barely stand it. I honestly didn’t know whose feet were nastier—they were equally horrible for completely different reasons. Halley, taking cues from my earlier explosive orgasm, began gently teasing my balls with her free hand while making gentle circular motions over her clit with her other hand. She was sopping wet, as was my wife.

My wife, as if on cue, began teasing my highly sensitive nipples while Halley teased my balls and I masturbated. I was being overwhelmed by the intense odor of Halley’s disgusting, soft, gorgeous feet. “I have owned those shoes for like 4 years baby. You hate this, don’t you? Tell me you hate it. Beg me to stop.” Halley was really enjoying this, and she was getting pretty close to cumming again. My senses were absolutely overwhelmed. My vision was obscured by Halley’s soft, wrinkly, perfect foot. My nose was being assaulted by the intense stench from Halley’s unwashed right foot. My nipples and balls were sending increasingly intense shockwaves to my dick while I was stimulating it. Halley’s feet were so beautiful, but so disgusting. I couldn’t believe feet could look that good but smell that terrible. Suddenly, I heard Halley yell out “Oh god, oh god, I’m going to cum. Inhale my feet you bitch! Do it now!” My wife slapped me and I took a deep inhale. Halley dug her nails into my thigh as a huge orgasm shot through her entire body. I could even feel her feet shaking from it. She collapsed in satisfaction, but left her feet on my face. I then heard my wife cum right above me, shuddering all over and moaning loudly.

I was rock hard at this point, but still a long way from cumming due to the intensity of the orgasm before. I would have given anything not to smell Halley’s nasty feet anymore. Mercifully, Halley removed her feet from my face, and sat up. “Your turn, baby?” she asked my wife. My wife laughed, “I don’t think he can take much more of our feet,” she paused. Oh please dear god I hope she’s going to show me some mercy, I thought. “But that’s just too fucking bad, isn’t it?” she and Halley both laughed cruelly at me. “Oh my god, just please fucking stop. I can’t cum again for a long time and your feet are absolutely disgusting. Please stop and let me go.” Halley, picking up her role as mistress well, slapped me even harder than my wife does. “OW, what the fuck?” I said. My wife laughed, “holy fuck, she packs a punch. You wanna keep disobeying us, you filthy footstool? We’re not going to stop until you love our feet so much you cum all over from their intense odor. We don’t care how long it takes for your dick to recharge.”

The whole time I had been stroking my dick at a regular pace, and began to feel the distant rumblings of a second orgasm beginning. “Okay, I will do anything you wish mistresses. Just please make me cum and stop tormenting me with your feet.” Halley clamped her legs around my head and my wife went in for the kill with no ceremony. She yanked off her shoes and slapped her feet right under my nose so I had to smell her raunchy toes. She then slapped my hand away and started giving me a handjob. I moaned immediately, half in agony, half because the feeling in my dick was slowly starting to build to the forefront.

“Oh, that’s it baby. You feel it now don’t you? Smell these toes, you dirty footstool,” my wife taunted. I started deep inhaling her scent. The scent was immediately becoming associated with the orgasm I felt building in my dick. Halley said “Wow, her feet smell terrible. Do you hate it footstool? Or are you starting to love it, you filthy boy?” Halley and my wife had the sexiest fucking voices, and knew that dominating my hearing with their dialogue was turning me on even more. Halley started stimulating my nipples, and my wife grabbed my hand and returned it to my dick so I could continue stroking. My wife then started teasing my balls again. “That’s it baby, give us another load of cum like a good little footstool,” Halley taunted. I was getting closer and closer, and it felt like I was going to cum even harder than I did earlier that day. “Aren’t my toes just fucking beautiful? You are an addict to our nasty scents aren’t you? That is all you’re good for is sniffing our beautiful, disgusting foot sweat,” my wife continued taunting. I moaned loudly as I felt a wave hit me. The orgasm was almost there. “Stroke it faster,” my wife demanded. I was so unbelievably close.

Then, suddenly, my wife forcefully grabbed my hand to stop my stroking. I was five seconds from cumming unbelievably hard, and the bitch denied me right at the apex. My dick was throbbing in agony. I tried to yell out an insult, but my wife muffled my mouth with her foot. “Shut the fuck up. You haven’t cleaned our feet yet, footstool. How could we possibly let you cum before you at least do that?” my wife said. Halley laughed out loud at my predicament. “Oh you poor thing, you must be in agony right now since we blueballed you, huh? How about you beg us to cum?” I immediately tried begging, but my wife pushed her foot against my mouth forcefully to prevent the words from coming out.

“Here’s the deal, whore. You are going to have all four of our feet in your face. First mine, then Halley’s. We are going to take turns sucking your dick slowly. If we feel like you’re going to cum before you’re done cleaning, we will stop and make you wait again. We will continue this as long as it takes until you have licked and sucked every inch of our feet.” Halley was so ncredibly turned on by my wife’s domination of me, her dirty little bitch footstool. “Since I know you hate the scent of Halley’s feet so much, you are going to wait to lick her feet last. Her feet are much sweatier than mine, so you will really get a good taste of her scent.” I groaned again. Halley slapped me hard. “Quit complaining, bitch.” My face was getting red from getting smacked around.

My dick had gone somewhat soft at this point. Halley scooted over to my dick so her feet were close enough that I could see the soles clearly, but she was in a comfortable position to suck me off. She took me in her mouth and started slowly, gently, teasing my cock with her lips and tongue. It was enough to make me incredibly hard, but it wasn’t going to make me cum. “Stick out your tongue, whore,” my wife commanded. I immediately complied. I had no fight left in me. These two had made me their servant.

My wife took her musty, sweaty, dirty left foot, placed her heel against my tongue, and dragged it slowly up to the toes. I could taste the sweat—it was a mix of salty sweat and a taste that was similar to her disgusting foot scent, but more potent. I groaned and begged her to stop. In response, Halley stopped sucking my dick. “Do you want me to continue? The better you clean, the better your blowjob will be.” Jesus christ, I thought. I resigned to my fate once again and stuck my tongue out. My wife repositioned her foot slightly so I would get a mouthful of fresh sweat and stench. She did this a couple more times, heel to toe, making me take long slow forced licks of her stink. It was absolutely horrendous and I completely hated it.

But then, as she kept it up, Halley started sucking my dick faster and harder, and focusing her tongue on the more sensitive areas of my head. The longer my torture went, the more I felt an even bigger orgasm start to build. Halley was taking her time, though, to drag out my agony. Lick after lick covered my tongue and mouth with my wife’s disgusting foot sweat and stink. She shoved her toes in my mouth and made me lick in between them, the smelliest sweatiest part. The closer I got to cumming, though, the more I desired to clean her feet. As much as I hated it, I was loving it as well. It was assaulting my senses, but I needed it too. My wife then switched feet to give me fresh sweat to clean off. I had licked every inch of her left sole multiple times. Halley was becoming very in tune with the parts of my dick that drove me the craziest. The sensations were absolutely overwhelming. My world became the flavor of my wife’s disgusting unwashed feet and the phenomenal blowjob Halley was giving me.

I was getting so unbelievably close, but I had another set of feet to clean before they would let me cum. I was desperate to finish cleaning my wife’s right foot so I could avoid being denied right before orgasm again, but the orgasm was coming quickly. My wife could tell how close I was by how frantically I was tongue-bathing her disgusting toes. “He’s about to cum. Get him as close as you can before we switch.” It became a race to finish worshipping my wife’s feet clean in order to avoid the agony of feeling my dick throb in painful denial. Unfortunately, it was a race I could not possibly win. Just as I was focusing on the sweat in between my wife’s pinky toe and her fourth toe, I felt the orgasm suddenly spike within me. Halley immediately noticed it and pinched my dick hard and stopped stimulating it. If she had gone another second, I would have exploded. It was absolutely horrible—my dick throbbed and pulsated, begging to be stimulated just a little bit more.

My wife laughed tauntingly at me. “Aww, too bad. You have an even more disgusting pair of feet to clean before I let you cum. But, it’s not that easy this time, foot slut.” “Oh fuck, please let me cum. I will do anything, I swear to god.” “OK then, you’ve earned a reward.” My wife got up for a moment and rustled through a drawer near the bed, producing her bullet vibrator. “Halley, my husband is going to be dead as shit after this orgasm, so I want us all to try and cum at the same time. You are going to use this, and I am going to finger myself.” Halley was so unbelievably wet from watching my suffering. She replied “Oh god baby, I could seriously do this to him all night. This is so fucking sexy.” She was a closet sadist like my wife, apparently.

My wife began giving me one of her legendary, unmatched blowjobs. It wasn’t going to take very long for me to cum with her working her mouth on my dick. Halley put her feet right down in front of my mouth and demanded I lick them. They tasted just as horrible as they smelled, but they were so unbelievably soft and satiny that I couldn’t resist. I eagerly licked and sucked on her sweaty soles and cleaned in between each toe. The sounds in the room became louder and louder—three people in the throws of ecstasy, moaning, yelling, practically babbling, about to cum unbelievably hard together.

I eagerly devoured the vinegary, nasty sweat from Halley’s feet and toes, paying special attention to her soles. My wife was fingering herself, and I could feel the waves from her pending orgasm coursing over her from her clit, across her body, through her mouth and hands, and onto my dick. Halley had the vibrator on its highest setting and was driving herself absolutely nuts. I was overwhelmed by the sounds of these two gorgeous women bringing themselves to orgasm while forcing me to cum and inhale and taste their essence. It was like the three of us were connected together. I felt a spike come deep from within me. Right as that occurred, I heard Halley moan incredibly loudly as she exploded in a huge orgasm. That pushed me over the edge, and I felt the orgasm power through me. I shot at least 4 feet in the air. My wife immediately came with me at the same time.

After a few minutes, I weakly cleaned myself off with a few Kleenexes and rolled over. We were all sweaty, smelled like sex and foot sweat, and were completely satisfied. We collapsed into a pile of spent sex and flesh on the bed and promptly fell asleep.

When I awoke, however, I found only my wife in the room with me. Halley was nowhere to be found.


I didn’t hear from Halley until a week after her secretive pre-morning exit. She contacted me after the week had passed, and confided in me that she felt guilty. The morning after our session when she woke up, she realized she was becoming incredibly attracted to me, and that the fetish stuff we did had made her cum harder and more often than she had ever cum in any of her previous relationships. She was starting to develop feelings for me, but also wanted to stay friends with my wife. So we tried to work out some kind of compromise. As crass as this may sound, I was more in love with Halley’s feet than Halley herself, seeing as how I barely knew her, so I really wanted to get at them again. She wanted me at least to service her feet even if she couldn’t fuck me, so whenever we hung out we would keep things innocent and never go beyond any foot play.

At first, this arrangement worked out fine. My wife didn’t care if I hung out with Halley alone, and my wife knew perfectly well I was likely worshipping Halley’s feet at least sometimes when I was at her house. She would be angry if we had sex or if I jerked off or did any sexual things in any of the foot sessions, so I didn’t cross that boundary. The most we ever did was kiss once or twice, and while that was fine and fun in the beginning, it got more and more awkward the more we hung out. Even playful foot worship became awkward after a while because it turned her on more and more when I played with her feet, but I wouldn’t cross the line and have sex with her, no matter how hard she pushed for it. I stopped even giving her foot massages or sneaking in quick foot tickles because it was getting so awkward with us.

Eventually we started arguing and fighting over really stupid things. It was obvious she was taking issue with the boundaries we had mutually imposed, trying to stay friends but still messing around innocently. She wanted more. I didn’t care to go any further than I was going, because my lust was almost entirely focused on her perfect feet. It was selfish of me, but that’s just how it seemed to work out. It annoyed her that I was even backing off foot fetish stuff because of how uncomfortable the dynamic was getting.

That’s probably why my wife didn’t care that I was spending time with Halley alone, because she knew it would fizzle out quickly and trusted me enough to control myself and satiate just my desire to worship a gorgeous pair of feet and play around innocently. My wife also genuinely wanted to stay friends with Halley, even though she had no interest in doing anymore lesbian stuff again. It was only something she felt like trying that night because it was new, and she enjoyed it because it mostly focused on tormenting me.

Finally, a big fight erupted between Halley and I over the phone and my wife was present. I put it on speaker and my wife got involved in the argument. It was becoming obvious that Halley was on the path to becoming a homewrecker, so my wife bitched her out pretty harshly. Halley was flinging insults at me and my wife, so I also joined in, and after a particularly unpleasant set of exchanges, she hung up on us in a huff. I guess that was sort of like a break-up phone call, as weird as that seems. That was the last time I talked to her, unfortunately. I didn’t really want it to end badly, but it did, much as many menages a trois have ended throughout time, I’m sure.


My wife and I enjoyed it all in all, but it was sort of like ending a chapter—almost a “coming of age” in our marriage and personal lives. The temptation to do anything like that has completely faded into oblivion for both of us at this point, and we are completely satisfied with each other. It actually brought us even closer together sexually, because as good as Halley was, it was really my wife running the show.

Halley eventually blocked me on facebook and never contacted me again. lol. It couldn’t be helped, I guess.

Still, in the privacy of my own dark thoughts when I jerk off, I think back to that evening and one of the best foot fetish fantasy experiences I ever had. It was totally worth it.

25-09-2011, 08:12 AM
I hope all that posted ok...the board was cutting off my posts whenever a french accented e showed up. :/

26-09-2011, 07:09 PM
wow...that was a long read but my god it was hot!! I'm surprised more people haven't commented by now!

absolutely delicious..the sneaky footjob humiliation, the description of the smelly feet, everything...you are def one of my fave authors! :) keep posting!

27-09-2011, 01:02 AM
Thanks lovefootsniffing! It was an intense six weeks, for sure.

As much as I'm glad the whole threesome thing is out of my system, I certainly miss Halley's feet. My god they were fucking awesome. As much as they looked flawless and felt like silk, they smelled awful in equal proportion, so it was like heaven and hell put together. Totally intense.

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Yikes, this wasn't as popular as the other story was it? lol

Hopefully the next one I'm working on right now will get a good reaction.

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Lol it just requires being in the right mood to go through such a story length. I actually only read through half and am saving the other half for another day. But don't misunderstand, this story was so far absolutely amazing. One of the best I've read in a long time.

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Hey thanks for that sonicmerlin :)

Next time I'll post my stories in segments if they get too long, lol.